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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 04/01/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. They have come to learn more about the state of Japan, the Shogunate, and it's Scions. We will be having a Lunar New Year's celebration, a school dance, and a combat tournament with them!

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Apr 15 2018, 12:43 AM
If a disruption in your typical style of living occurs, what better way to feel like you're home than continue your style in your new environment, right?

Viola's short time in Edo has allowed her to develop a routine following very closely to her own at home. Her mornings start with preparing for school, a short time for prayers and meditation to prepare her mind, and a small breakfast. Classes were somewhat boring. No surprise there. Even back at home, they weren't interesting at all. She could pay attention to every word the instructor says, but just sitting there and listening seemed like a horrible way to interact with teenagers. She stayed, though, and kept her eyes trained on her sensei to try and retain the information.

After school, she took a small trip to the Shinagawa Ward to perform some training similar to what her mother would have her do. She would run as far as she could to increase her endurance. The track team she was in at her old school, as well as Edo now, gave her what she needed for speed, so it wasn't necessary for any outside training she did. With her school uniform on and tonfa in her hands, she tried as hard as she could to simulate any missions she might take part of to make the act of moving with both easier to her. When the time came for her upcoming mission, she wanted to be ready, and not a disgrace. She put in her earbuds, instructed her phone via touch to start playing her music of choice, and took off.

The roads she ran along all were within close proximity of the ocean. The path she initially chose when she started these runs were done to keep close memories to home, to remind her that she was here to honor her family, to make them proud, and to test herself. With that motivation, she would chase that goal. Viola has the weight of her future job and her own dreams weighing on her. She feels like running and continuing her training will get her one step closer to that goal. It also gives her a bit of time to escape those responsibilities before they set back in and she goes back to Edo, to continue her guard duties and return to her room, where she realizes that it's all real... She is chasing her dreams, but not exactly how she had planned.

Her runs usually ended close to the bus stop to prepare for the trip home, but this time, something told her she needed to slow down a bit and enjoy the view. Viola had already taken time to take the sight of the ocean and scenery in, but today, it seemed a bit more serene and homely. She stopped and observed from a small hill overlooking the beach. The sight of it reminded her of the many trips her family took and of their luck being able to see this as often as they wanted. She began to count her blessings that this school was surrounded by such diverse areas and really gave many people opportunities to enjoy their natural scenery with little hassle.

Viola took a seat on the hill and decided to update her plans slightly. She took her phone and looked at the bus schedule to see the next bus headed for Edo Bugei took off in about an hour. This gave her enough time to engage in some image training before needing to leave and gave time to take in the sights offered. She also contemplated grabbing a snack across the road at the general store, but decided against this in leu of time to continue her training.

She crossed her legs, put her hands clasped together in her lap, and closed her eyes. Almost immediately, her mother appeared before her and the match began.

To those outside looking in, she seems to be slumped over slightly, appearing to possibly be asleep. Her tonfa are laying at her sides, and phone is in her front shirt pocket with the music off, and earbuds out of her ears. She is wearing her Edo uniform, so those who see her know she is a student at the school.

Apr 12 2018, 11:33 PM
Kunishi, Viola: Week 2 Report

Day 1: Second week of my rounds starts off with a good time on my path. I've started to become acquainted with other students here and it seems like I'm not some sort of outcast like I initially thought I'd be. The other members on guard duty seem to enjoy the fact that I signed up for it and think I'll end up being a great help since I managed to stay with it. Guess that means I'm either in for a rude awakening soon, or people just can't manage to do mundane tasks without action, so they quit. Either way, I need the spare money to go out and enjoy my time here. Was thinking about checking out one of the bordering areas of the city soon... I heard there was a nice beach area and a pretty quiet area around somewhere... beach to the north and quiet area south? Hope I don't botch this up. Shift ended without incident.

Day 2: Shift started with no major problems, and maintained time on my routes. Rumors are spreading among the group that the people who arrived from the west have settled in and we're planning some stuff soon to celebrate their arrival... something like a dance and a tournament. Seems a bit contradictory to me that you have a dance with them, then try to beat them into submission the following week, but that could be what those kids are into. But in retrospect, the dance seems like a great opportunity to wear my kimono again and really get involved with some of the people here. That makes me excited! The tournament, I could get involved in to see where I stand with the world. I have been practicing more and trying to figure more out about these powers and understanding ways to make efficient use of them. Seems like this relic has some incredible depth to it, but I can't really reach too far down yet. Maybe with more practice, I can get there eventually. No incidents occurred tonight as of shift change.

Day 3: Shift begins with rain. Wonderful. Nobody wants rain to happen, especially when you have to be in it, even if I'm completely covered now. Routes were a bit slow due to the boots I'm wearing now, but there weren't any issues that came about because of it. Speaking of that, I did finally get boots, so my shoes can have a break and I don't have to wash them every time I run in the rain now. That in itself will cut down on the biggest hassle of this job... well, besides dealing with intruders, but that's only situational. No incidents occurred as of shift change.

Day 4: Things dried up today, so routes were taken at normal pace. I was talking with my peers and my replacement tonight and was told that apparently a pretty huge invasion happened a few years ago. The Ikko made a pretty large attack against Edo and had to be repelled. They ended up making these positions to ensure if one happened again that things might turn out a little better... I just hope it doesn't happen again. I've been keeping a more alert eye on things since hearing that. I want to be sure that this home I just moved into just over a week ago doesn't fall to some anti-government group. Guess I could just shove them off the property if it came right down to it. Doesn't take much to put a palm to their gut and shove... at least I hope. Nothing to report as of shift change.

Day 5: Shift started as normal and routes taken were a bit faster pace than usual. I got a pleasant surprise when my mom called me during my rounds. I unfortunately had to tell her I was working, which she was ecstatic about. Following that, she reprimanded my dad about me finding work while all he wanted to do was grow his vegetables. We all had a quick laugh about it before she told me they both missed me and wished me the best of luck. I thanked them and returned the sympathies before I got off the phone with them. I'll call them back after I'm done, but it is really nice to know I'm being thought of when I'm not around. I guess it's easy to do, though, since I'm a third of the household. I bet they're at least enjoying the fact that the food isn't disappearing so fast... being in track and helping myself to food to regain energy after a run is no joke. I guess I'm helping them in that sense, at least. Though I've adapted myself to things so far, home is still a wonderful thought to me. I wonder how my friends are doing? Perhaps I should starting using that messenger app they were using before I left... I think Snapchat? I'll see about it later. Nothing to report as of shift change.

Day 6: I came into my shift at the end of an attempted raid by a single Ikko member. Apparently, they were trying to sneak in to the headmaster's office and dig up secret information. The one I relieved had just returned from dealing with the invasion and made clear that I should watch for more activity as it was a bit unusual for them to act individually and if one failed, more would come soon. The entire route, I was on an insanely high alert and could not keep from imagining the scenarios in my head of what to expect... would it be a kid? Or maybe an adult? Fat? Skinny? Ugly? Super handsome... nah, I doubt someone involved in treason would be a good looking guy. Or would they? What a conundrum. As I was entertaining these thoughts, I heard leaves rattling in a nearby bush and nearly jumped out of my skin. I tensed up once I composed myself and waited for the worst only to see a cat come out of the bush. Immediately after that, my relief came from behind and put his hand on my shoulder. I instinctively gripped my tonfa and swung my left arm as I pivoted my ankle, turning my body toward the touch and keeping my elbow bent to release a full force blow once I could see my target. As he came into view, I began to relax and try to stop, but it was too late. He managed to dodge the swing, just barely grazing his hair. He let out a panicked, "Calm down, it's only me!" as he stood to look me in the eye. Of course, I apologized profusely and explained why I was so tensed up. He only laughed and told me the so called Ikko raider earlier was only a sympathizer, not an actual member. He had confessed everything once he was taken in for questioning and taken to the local jail. Relief came over me and I put my tonfa away and thanked him for clearing the situation up. I was then relieved of duty for the night after a bit more small talk. No other incidents occurred.

Day 7: A bit of wind picked up today just before my shift. There's a storm coming in off the ocean they say may bring quite a bit of rain and some intense storms with it... great, as if rain wasn't bad enough. The route tonight was normal beyond a couple stray animals looking for shelter. Can't say I blame them, if I was them and could sense the malice in the air from the storm, I'd be running, too. The way I understand, if conditions are too extreme for safety outside, say if there is lightning occurring frequently or strong winds are blowing, like a hurricane, then the guard staff are told to keep watch indoors in certain areas specified to them at a briefing. If the situation becomes dire and the school is in danger, we become the alarm system. An automated system will alert students to the situation, but we are the ones responsible for keeping them under control. Of course, my role may be diminished due to me being a first year at the school, but regardless, I'd like to do what I can. I doubt this storm will become that rough, but then again, we could all be surprised. Beyond being nearly hit by a trashcan on my route that I had to catch and secure, nothing out of the ordinary occurred during the shift.

End of Week 2 Report
Mar 31 2018, 11:22 PM
Viola is requested to write a report on her weekly findings around Edo Bugei while on guard duty. She is only working a few hours after dark until more skilled students and adults are finished with their daily duties to relieve her and some of the other Guard track students to go to bed or do other activities until curfew. She is given a route to follow every night during her watch. Her findings are posted per day. Enjoy!

Kunishi, Viola: Week 1 Report

Day 1: My supervisor instructs me on how I should go about protecting the school, what path I need to follow, and the steps in which I should handle or report an invasion should one occur on my watch. I was intentionally given a time where an attack was least likely due to being new at the school. I felt kind of insulted by that, but understand if something happens to me, it'd be on their hands... If I survived... Ok, not gonna think about death, just protecting the school against one off attacks or perverts. Anyway, after instruction, I was left to my own devices. Maintained path time and had no difficulties. Was relieved an hour later. No incidents to report.

Day 2: Ugh, rain. Didn't prepare to have to deal with that. Managed to maintain path time while attempting to stop under overhangs to stay out of the rain and keep watch for movement or unusual sounds. A stray dog managed to find it's way into the school and was radioed to get it out. Did so successfully, named him Bandit, but didn't keep him because of dorm rules. Released him back into the rain. Finished my watch without further incidents. Soaking wet, but safe nonetheless. Guess I should count my blessings rather than curse my bad luck.

Day 3: Watched weather report for the day, ironically, no rain. Maintained slightly faster than average path time. I realized during my watch tonight that a lot of people who have this job get to stay in one spot while I run around like a mad woman. I suppose I get "special treatment" since I'm a young year one girl. Thanks guys, I appreciate the favor.... Maybe this will help me when the track team finally starts their season. Huh. Works for me then, I get Guard track credit and track team training. So thanks for real...? Nothing of incident to report tonight as of my release.

Day 4: Heard there was a small incident that happened in an earlier shift. A creep had attempted to enter the girl's dorm through the roof, but was found to be locked when the guards came to escort him away from the premises. Why would anyone want to mess with young girls like me anyway? Are my underwear or other belongings really any better than an adult woman's stuff? Where's the benefit? Anyway, I guess that tells me that any plans I have on secret rooftop consultations to myself or confessions of my undying love to the man of my dreams are shattered, haha. Back to business, path was executed on time, and no further incidents arose during my shift.

Day 5: Had my first encounter with an uninvited guest. Taking my path in front of the main building, a drunk man, probably in his early thirties and morbidly obese, had made his way here and demanded to speak to the headmaster of the school. I told him the headmaster had left for the day and he would have to leave because it was after hours and only students or staff could be on school premises at this time. He refused and reared back for a punch. Before he executed his attack, I managed to step in toward his body and finally Force Palm'd my first opponent. He flew back and fell onto his butt as I called for an escort team to take him off the premises. No sooner had the team arrived that the man got up and took off running away from the school. They decided to let him run off as he was no longer a threat. I received head pats and some 'atta girl remarks, though when my relief came shortly afterward, he instructed I show restraint next time unless the person is a real threat to the school and not a random drunk. I concurred and remarked I was just happy to know I could help out. No further incidents happened during my shift.

Day 6: More rain, but I'm prepared! Eat it, Mother Nature! Path was taken at a slightly slower pace, but ultimately completed on time. Umbrella and jacket were the reasons I ran a bit slower, not quite use to carrying something and wearing long sleeves during my runs or paths. Now, just need rain boots... this running in the mud from building to building is ruining my shoes. Makes me feel bad, this is part of my school uniform. Guess I get to take my classes in the morning looking like I played in the mud. Wonder if I need to get light colored or dark colored boots? Probably dark so in case something does happen, I'm not the first person spotted and attacked, though wouldn't that be a good thing? I'm standing in for a potentially defenseless person, right? So it's only natural to draw attention to myself and not someone else. I'll have to think about that and talk with my supervisor about that. No incidents to report tonight as of being relieved.

Day 7: Talked with my supervisor, said neon rain boots are definitely a no go. He chuckled at the idea and concept behind it, but requested I stick to uniform colors, which I agreed without hesitation. Was just a simple idea honestly, no hurt feelings for being rejected. Maintained path time tonight. Seems like this job is gonna be fairly easy considering the circumstances. Sure, rain sucks and some people are really crappy, but if the worst I have to deal with in a week is a drunk man, I should have no problems with whatever occurs. Of course, I say that now, and a member of the Ikko will come and I end up overwhelmed... that would be my luck. But I have God on my side and several battle hardened people on my side who I can rely on if I get a major issue. Though... I'd like to be able to take care of them than the other way around. Only one way to find out, I suppose... just don't happen anytime soon. I still need to figure out where everything is at before I get attacked and taken to an infirmary I've never seen. No incidents to report as of being relieved tonight.

End of Week 1 Report
Mar 30 2018, 12:38 AM
This. Place. Is. Massive.

A very shaken Viola arrives with the escorts to the women's dorm with several bags in tow. Had the escorts not been with her, she fears to think how much of an issue it would have been to even find her room. They quickly find their way to the designated room and after taking a quick moment to drop off her belongings and wish her a warm welcome to Edo, depart and leave Viola to put up her belongings and decorate as she wishes.

The room seems fancier than even the hotel rooms she was allowed to play in as a child. The room was a generous size, with a full bed, entertainment center with a tv, and a small desk in front of a window to place her laptop and some pictures. The walls are a bright color, probably because this was a female dorm. Then it dawned on Viola... where's the washroom? She took a moment to open her door and peek out to see that there was a room a few doors down and, though she was flustered at having to share the space with other ladies, did count her blessings that it was ONLY a female dorm and not a shared living space with guys. The thought of that creeped her a bit, but she relented and returned into her dorm. She took another moment to gauge the room she would call home for the next few years, and stood at her doorway in awe of the amount of rooms there were. She turned around and left the door open as she began to unpack.

Clothes came out first and were hung or folded, then put into the closet set into the wall at the foot of her bed. Next came her bed spread and pillows, with the brilliant purple comforter and pink pillows. Then came her laptop and pictures of her family and home. The laptop was set on the desk and cables ran for it and her phone. She stood up when completed and turned to her picture frames to decide where she wanted them. As she picked them up and placed them, she took a moment and reflected on them before setting them down; A picture of her home with a colorful evening hue displayed in the sky, she placed on the right side of her desk, and a group photo of her and her parents, Viola in the middle and her parents on each side with an ocean view behind them, she placed on the left side of her laptop. She also had a few other photos of friends and some of her parents in their younger days she placed next to her television or hung on the walls.

When she was finished with the final picture, she returned and sat down at her desk to look outside. For miles, she seen nothing but buildings and people going to and from God knows where. And in the middle of it stood her school. She retrained her gaze from the window back to her picture of her family on the desk and rested her head on her arms. A small tear formed in her eye as she remembered the somber goodbye that happened only days before. She missed home. She knew this jungle she had entered would be far from easy, but ultimately worth it in the end. "I'll make you all proud of me." Viola muttered under her breath as she wiped the lone tear away. She sat and thought for a minute on what to do next.
Mar 26 2018, 09:34 AM
Hey guys, new to the forums and figured I'd introduce myself.

I am an irl friend to Kitsu. He was talking about his characters he created for the forums and sparked an interest in the group. I've been a pretty big writing fan since my late teens and thought this would be an opportunity to develop the skills further and meet some awesome people along the way.

Besides that, I am a current moderator and semi-legendary player for a Minecraft server. Which one, I'm not disclosing because advertising is bad (Mmkay). The picture I have as my avatar is a realistic rendition of what my in game avatar looks like by one of the former server players. I plan on getting it colored in sometime in the near future so hopefully it'll look good in color.

Hopefully this'll be the start of a neat hobby for me and I can make a decent contribution to the plotline with the characters I make. I'll meet you guys soon!
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