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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 08/05/2018 The school dance is still ongoing as the seasonal news report reveals that a large ship has left England and is moving towards Edo!

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Jan 12 2017, 05:38 AM
Hideyoshi stood in one of the Bugei's firing ranges with a frown on his face as he stared moodily at a wooden box that was laid out before him. He refused to even open the cursed thing just yet knowing what was awaiting him inside. After the events at the family shrine he realised that it might be useful to have a back up weapon that he could carry regularly with him, another sidearm to use for a variety of situations and to always have on him. It had also become quite apparent that his best bet at this stage was a firearm to make up for the range issues he had.

After all, carrying around his bow and arrows all the time wasn't exactly practical.

But still, he hated guns on principle, and the fact that all logic told him to get one was extremely frustrating for the young Tokugawa. Not to mention he didn't really know much about modern firearms, and which ones might be useful for him to carry. He had asked some of the Tokugawa retainers to gather up a selection of the weapons and deliver them here with the appropriate accessories and ammunition so he could pick something out that was... well, less distasteful. He doubted he'd find one that he legitimately liked, but Hideyoshi was a practical young man.

Now he just had to wait for his self-appointed 'tutor' in all things related to the loud and obnoxious.
Mar 19 2016, 11:39 PM
Miyu was always a little amused by how political the various clubs were in the Bugei, it was like a mirror of the life of the major clans in Japan. There were rivalries, alliances, and favours given and demanded. The Bugei Club had decided they were going to go on a day-trip tomorrow and had approached the Home Economics Club to provide lunches for them in exchange for their assistance with one of the Home Ec Club's projects.

It was for this reason that she found herself in the kitchen after class measuring out rice to prep for the bento they would be making and setting out the various supplies that would be needed in order to complete their end of the deal.

The second year student was the only one here so far, but she knew that some of the others would be showing up soon enough to help her... and if they didn't she was going to make sure they would rue the day they crossed her in such a heinous fashion.

But for now she had to focus on what she was doing, tying on her apron and slipping her hair beneath a bandanna to prevent any unfortunate incidents. Humming softly to herself she began to lay out the various vegetables, fruits, and meats they would be using today.
Mar 11 2016, 06:34 AM
[dohtml]<div class="profile">
<span class="name">Date Miyu</span>
<span class="sub1">of the Date</span>
<img src="" class="proficon"> <img src="" class="proficon"> <img src="" class="proficon">
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%"><tr><td vAlign="top" class="content1">
• 17 <br>
• Female<br>
• Third<br>
• Artillery
<td vAlign="top" class="content2">
• Artillery Club<br>
• Band Club<br>
• Home Economics Club<br>

<div class="content3">
<br>HAIR: Short black hair with dyed red tips
<br>EYES: Grey
<br>HEIGHT: 5'3" (160cm)
<br>WEIGHT: 60kg
<br>BODY TYPE: Slender with thin hips and a small chest
<br>STYLE: Miyu tends to wear what she finds comfortable, within the appropriateness of the context she's in. A uniform is no issue to her as it means she doesn't have to think about what to wear, though when she does she tends to lean towards reds and blacks. She will often incorporate red into her outfit where possible. In combat Miyu is known to wear full traditionally styled armour with modern materials and techniques for protection.
<br>OTHER: When armed for combat she is never without a pair of Blakeslee cartridge boxes attached to a harness, holding 10 tubes of cartridges each for her rifle.

<div class="content3">
Miyu is a fairly easy going young woman, she's generally kind and compassionate and prefers to have fun that get angry at people. She likes to joke around and might poke fun at others but it is generally in good humour, unless someone has aggravated her at which point she turns nasty. When someone angers her she will not pull any punches, whether physical, verbal, or mental, doing her best to cause damage to them in whatever manner seems appropriate.
<br>Intelligent and assertive, Miyu doesn't let people walk over her nor is she easy to take advantage of or trick. She can be quite suspicious of people she has only just met and will not take them at face value until she is able to determine whether or not she considers them trustworthy. She is a hard worker who is unlikely to give up or give in when faced with difficulties.
<br>Miyu has a passion for video games but she never really had the chance to indulge in them, often resorting to reading magazines and the like to gain understanding of the sorts of things involved. When she does have access to the appropriate devices she can spend long periods of time playing them without noticing the passage of time, and being able to discuss them with someone is an enjoyable alternative.
<br>STRENGTHS:Intelligent and Analytical, Agile and Flexible, Quick Thinker
<br>WEAKNESSES: Hot-tempered and overconfident, Lower Physical Strength, Overthinks Situations
<br>LIKES: Games, Combat, Weapons, Good Food, Good Friends
<br>DISLIKES: Liars and Cheaters, Bad Food (especially offended at food that looks good but tastes bad), Betrayal, Laziness
<br>AMBITIONS: To bring honour to her clan and go down in history.
<br>FEARS: Being socially alone, small spaces.</div>

<div class="content3">

<br>WEAPON: Spencer Lever Action Rifle with a long bayonet attachment. Carries a Wakizashi as a sidearm.
<br>RELIC: A set of Rosary beads
<br>RELIC OWNER: Otomo Sorin
<br>OWNER HISTORY: Otomo Sorin was a Daimyo of Kyushu who converted to Christianity. Conquering a large portion of northern Kushu he had many famous clans serving under him at the time of his death. He carried out a lot of trade with foreign powers and was one of the first warlords to have western guns and cannons.

<br>ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: Trick Shot - Miyu is able to accurately rebound a bullet off up to 5 surfaces without losing momentum. 1 Post Cooldown.
<br>ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Limbs of the Giant - Miyu creates a single skeletal limb out of red energy emerging from around either of her shoulders (limb is left or right depending on which side). This limb is capable of striking and grasping with incredible strength up to three meters from her. It is tangible and resistant to damage. Active for 2 posts with a 3 post cooldown.
<br>LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: Giant's Endurance - When activated Miyu is capable of healing all serious non-fatal wounds of a single target by touching them, this takes at least a post for the wounds to heal properly. 5 Post Cooldown.
<br>PASSIVE 1: Warrior's Eye - This allows Miyu an enhanced degree of vision, allowing her to almost instantly calculate distance, wind speed, and detail through visual cues.
<br>LOCKED PASSIVE 2: Survivalist - When wounded Miyu begins healing at a rapid rate, blood flow stemming and flesh slowly knitting together. Simple scratches will heal over in under a minute, but more serious injuries will only clot up, scab over, or simply slow the bleeding (depending on severity) and require either medical attention or a Relic's healing power to be truly healed.
<br>LOCKED Awakened Mode Color: Deep Red
<br>LOCKED AWAKENED ATTACK: Crimson Giant - When activated Miyu becomes enveloped in a shroud of red energy taking the shape of an Oni from the waist up. This Oni form is both defensive and offensive, able to take cannon fire without being breached and lashing out up to five meters with it's 'kanabo'</div>

<div class="content3">
<br>• Date Taichi (Father)
<br>• Date Miku (Mother)
<br>• Date Minoru (Younger Brother)

Born to the Head of the Date family as his eldest child, Miyu was raised alongside her (younger) twin brother Minoru in Rikuzen within the seat of the Date. Raised as the heir of the Clan Miyu was trained in all the necessary skills needed for such an illustrious position, though Minoru also received the same training for various reasons. At age 7 the twins were presented with the relics that the Date clan could obtain, trying to see if either of them was capable of becoming a Scion.
<br>While Minoru didn't seem to react to any they had, Miyu startled her family when she held the Rosary once belonging to Otomo Sorin. As she lifted up the crucifix to eye level a red aura began to surround her, whipping through the room before dying down. From then on Miyu's training and education was increased with additional practice utilizing her relic.
<br>As a member of the Date clan Miyu had access to technology beyond most of Japan due to the close ties with foreigners, and she soon came to be intrigued with the firearms demonstrated by the delegates of the United States of America. Presented with an individualised repeating rifle from the US Representative in Rikuzen, Andrew Miller, Miyu soon proved an excellent gunner. She also spent considerable amounts of time onboard the Date ships, learning how naval combat worked and differed from battles on land. Alongside her brother Miyu spent most of her childhood training to become the heir that the Date required.
<br>When they were old enough Miyu and Minoru were sent to the Edo Bugei. Miyu swiftly made a name for herself for her strong personality and excellent aim. Whether it was on the firing range of the artillery club or lobbing whatever was at hand at an irritating student the young Date hit her mark. Garnering a fanclub as time went on, she mostly focused on getting the most out of her education in the Shogun's elite academy, joining whichever clubs caught her fancy and generally being a distant but popular member of the school. Miyu is well known amongst the older students and staff for several high profile missions.
One of her most noteworthy missions was serving as a bodyguard of a Dutch ambassador visiting Edo to solidify trade relations with Japan. The ambassador was a tempting target for enemies of the Shogunate who looked to destabilise Tokugawa power by proving how useless the Shogun's security was. Acting on intelligence gathered by other guards, Miyu served as sniper protection for the ambassador, taking down several would be assassins from ranges practically unheard of with her American-made rifle.
The next highlight of her career came during the peace talks between two feuding clans. Serving as a member of the peacekeeping as the governments tried to resolve the situation, Miyu helped to make sure that the nobody was able looking to stir up trouble. It was her team that discovered a plot by a group of Ikko to sabotage the proceedings. Working behind the scenes, Miyu identified the primary threats to peace and ensured that they were arrested and appropriately dealt with before they could damage the negotiations.
Her first command position came when increased wakou activity around the coasts of Kyushu. Alongside her twin and several other Bugei students Miyu lead a task force of vessels to root out and eliminate the pirates before they became a larger problem. After a month of running naval battles and intelligence gathering missions Miyu's small fleet of ironclads met the much larger wakou fleet off the coast of Satsuma. Between superior vessels and tactics the tiny ironclad fleet decimated the wakou, and Miyu herself shot the pirate chief from the prow of her flagship as the vessels did battle.

<span class="ooc">Oirarana• Ruby Rose, RWBY • Tokugawa Hideyoshi</span>
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Feb 14 2016, 12:52 AM
Sweat poured down Hideyoshi's face as he brought his primary weapon up to knock aside his opponent's blade, lunging forward with the shorter sword in his left hand to stab the larger boy in the gut. His enemy fell backwards onto his rear with a gasp, one hand flying to his stomach to the point of impact in a futile attempt to stem the pain.

Even with a bokuto such an attack hurt, and were they not carefully supervised they could have been capable of killing one another with the wooden blades.

The Tokugawa wiped the sweat from his brow as he bounced lightly on the balls of his feet, glancing around the ring at the many other first years that had gathered for the sponsored dueling practice. There were a few older students as well, but the duels were only for first years. The matches were first to three contacts or forfeit and Hideyoshi had fought three opponents consecutively with an easy grin and polite demeanor.

He would be continuing until he lost or voluntarily left the fighting pit for a rest. This served as both a test of endurance and made for an entertaining competition to see who could last the most fights.

"I'm ready," he announced as he got into a suitable stance, glancing around the pit in search of the next student to be his opponent. Some seemed hesitant which confused him, it's not like he walked around declaring who he was and whose relic he wielded, so they had no reason to be worried about facing him.

Not even the speed of his previous matches or the intense look in his eyes, no siree.
Jan 18 2016, 07:42 PM
[dohtml]<div class="profile">
<span class="name">Tokugawa Hideyoshi</span>
<span class="sub1">of the Tokugawa</span>
<img src="" class="proficon"> <img src="" class="proficon"> <img src="" class="proficon">
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%"><tr><td vAlign="top" class="content1">
• 15 <br>
• Male<br>
• Second<br>
• Strategist Track
<td vAlign="top" class="content2">

<div class="content3">
<br>HAIR: Thigh length long black hair tied up in a high ponytail
<br>EYES: Grey
<br>HEIGHT: 5'2"
<br>WEIGHT: 105lbs
<br>BODY TYPE: Slender, Lithe, Feminine
<br>STYLE: Hideyoshi most commonly wears his school uniform and armour, he is rarely seen without his black and red sode shoulderguard on his left side. When not in uniform he prefers formal attire appropriate to the situation he is in, whether Japanese or Western style. He is not one to dress casually.
<br>OTHER: Hideyoshi's ears are pierced with silver rings, each ear has two rings in the lobes and a third in the upper cartilage. He also has a silver stud piercing his tongue.

<div class="content3">
Generally polite and kind, Hideyoshi is a happy young man who tries to see the best in everyone he meets. This doesn't make him naive however, and behind the cheerful grin and pleasant persona lies the heart of a cautious and careful man. Hideyoshi grew up being taught how to see situations, people, and conversations from multiple points of view and while he prefers to act as though he takes everything at face value he is always seeking for potential hidden meaning or simply use for a situation or person.

While this often leads to him being somewhat manipulative and paranoid, once he gives his loyalty Hideyoshi is as stalwart an ally as one could ask for. He values his family and true friends highly, and will willingly aid them to his utmost when necessary. Hideyoshi lives by a strict code of honour, even if it might not seem like it.

<br>STRENGTHS: Intelligent and good at disguising his emotions
<br>WEAKNESSES: Manipulative and over thinks situations
<br>LIKES: Reading, fighting, music
<br>DISLIKES: Rudeness, intolerance, nagging
<br>AMBITIONS: To become a renowned warrior
<br>FEARS: Losing his family, being a disappointment </div>

<div class="content3">

<br>WEAPON: A daitsho set consisting of a Katana and a Wakizashi. His primary fighting style is the Niten'ichi style developed
<br>Weapon 2: A small pistol.
<br>RELIC: The Wakizashi in his daisho
<br>RELIC OWNER: Miyamoto Musashi
<br>OWNER HISTORY: Miyamoto Musashi is considered by some to be the greatest swordsman to exist. Miyamoto created the Niten'ichi style of swordplay which utilized a sword in either hand, and is claimed to have won more than 60 duels in his life time. Miyamoto was not only an expert swordsman but an accomplished artist, sculptor, and calligrapher. Over the course of his life he was the author of five separate books, the most famous of which being Go Rin No Sho (The Book of Five Rings).
<br>ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: Flying Blade: Hideyoshi is able to throw and retrieve one of his blades with a simple gesture. This can be done in a straight line, a curved line (like a boomerang), or even zig-zagging with a maximum of three changes of direction before the weapon returns to his hand. 1 Post Cooldown.
<br>ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Attract/Repel: By gesturing with his hands Hideyoshi is able to push or pull an object towards or away from himself. He is even able to push vehicles around, though it may take time for them to move. 3 Post Cooldown.
<br>ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: Shiten'ichi: Hideyoshi creates two swords out of energy which float around his body independently alongside his two main weapons. These swords are tangible in every way and controlled by Hideyoshi's thoughts. For the duration of this ability Hideyoshi is able to wield the four blades telekinetically as though they were being used by his arms with a 25% increase to his natural speed and strength. Lasts for 3 posts with a 5 post cooldown
<br>PASSIVE 1: Battle Precognition: Hideyoshi is able to gain a sense of what is going to happen moments before it does, giving him more time to react to something. This does not extend to more than a minute before it happens, and the accuracy of what he senses increases the shorter the time between sense and action.
<br>LOCKED PASSIVE 2: One with the Blade: A skilled swordsman treats his sword as an extension of his body, but Hideyoshi takes it one step further. In his hands weapons become lighter to him, allowing him to swing them with greater speed and strength, though they lose no mass or weight for anyone else. Additionally Hideyoshi becomes acutely aware of his weapons, their durability, strength, and location as easily as he can his own body. This allows him to precisely control his weapons more than a normal person.
<br>Special Strategist Ability: OVERSEER'S AURA: This passive makes it so strategist students can perfectly see the battlefield in their mind. Even as the battlefield gets chaotic and violent the strategist can still imagine it as though having a bird's eye view.
<br>LOCKED Awakened Mode Color: Purple
<br>LOCKED AWAKENED ATTACK: Shitenshi: Hideyoshi traps himself and up to three people within a dome of telekinetic energy for three posts 16m in diameter, ghostly hints of blades forming around the inner surface. Every post that Shitenshi is active allows him to fire off three volleys of four cutting blades from the inner face of the dome. The dome starts out opaque, but becomes more translucent with each post it remains active as it loses energy creating the telekinetic blades. When it becomes completely transparent it has lost all strength and is no longer active. The longer it is active, the more fatigued Hideyoshi becomes. </div>

<div class="content3">

<br>• Tokugawa Hikaru (Father)
<br>• Tokugawa Rin (Mother)
<br>• Matsudaira Takato (Maternal Uncle)
<br>• Matsudaira .Takahiro (Maternal Grandfather)

<br>The firstborn child of the Shogun's younger brother, Hideyoshi grew up with a mixture of great freedom and equally great restriction. Being the younger brother of the shogun Hideyoshi's father was made an upper minister. Where as most people wished to control a single province, Hideyoshi's father was in charge of administrating an entire region of provinces. With little chance to inherit the Shogunate Hideyoshi was free from the restrictions which befell those relatives who are closer in the line of succession, however as a member of the Tokugawa he was still raised to ensure he wouldn't be an embarrassment to his family. Hideyoshi spent much of his childhood in Hokkaido amidst his mother's family, where he was trained and taught by his Father, Uncle, and Grandfather the various things that he needed to know as a samurai and member of his clan, though his father was often away on other business. For the most part his childhood was standard for an upper class samurai child, and was a relatively happy one.
At the age of twelve Hideyoshi's family moved to Edo to continue his education, living amongst the higher ranking members of the clan for the first time in his life. It seemed however that he could not stay out of trouble for long, and within a few days of reaching Edo Hideyoshi got himself into the sort of trouble that could have ended much worse for him than it did. While snooping through the Shogun's personal armoury the young boy was drawn to a particularly compelling Wakizashi tucked away amongst the other weapons. Just as he grabbed it for a closer look he was caught by a pair of guards and brought before the Shogun, saved from a harsh punishment by the realization that he had activated a relic and thus become one of the Scions.
Instead of the thrashing (or worse) that he may have gotten for his actions, Hideyoshi was assigned a myriad of new tutors and forced to go through an extensive training regime to enter the Edo Bugei when he came of age, to ensure that he did not dishonour his family or his illustrious ancestor when he entered the academy.
Hideyoshi was not given a chance to choose what path he would take in the Bugei, none of the tracks except the Strategist was appropriate for him according to his older family members and the young boy was not inclined to argue their choice. Naturally it wasn't appropriate for him to simply ignore the various clubs offered in such a prestigious facility of education, and it didn't take much thought for Hideyoshi to join the Bugei and Cultural clubs. The former was taken simply because it would not do for the Scion of Miyamoto Musashi to seem lax in his combat training, the latter because it was also important that he demonstrate that other important aspect of his honoured ancestor through appropriate methods. This is not to say that Hideyoshi disliked the choices he was given, they fit his own preferences fairly well, even if his eyes did wander to other clubs he felt it was probably for the best if he stuck to those two for now.
While a cheerful and relatively friendly young man Hideyoshi has kept mostly to himself since starting at the Bugei, simply remaining as politely distant as he could. While it may have come across as slightly stuck up it is more due to his lack of experience with peers coupled with the sense of paranoia that perhaps the other students might be using him for something. Despite this he has recently been attempting to break out of this self-imposed isolation to the best of his abilities.

<span class="ooc">Oirarana• Namazuo Toushirou, Touken Ranbu • No other Characters</span>
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