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Posted by: Nobuyumi Feb 3 2018, 11:16 AM
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It was early in the morning, at the start of the hour of the dragon as a large group of Edo Bugei students, both scions and traditional students, gathered at Edo's docks. The students had gotten a message a few days prior that the Chinese diplomatic group would be arriving today and that the school wanted to have a proper showing. The morning fishing crews had already come in with their catches of various fatty fish far off the coast and had started locking down their boats as crews carried off the fish they would sell later in the day towards warehouses with large coolers in them. The sound of seagulls and ocean waves hitting the shore would block out most sounds as a cold breeze moved between boat and student alike, with the scents of water, fish, and salt filling the student's nostrils.

In the distance a large, wooden boat with four sails. Each sail was beautiful red cloth. Looking at the boat from the shore, smiled.
"Students, this style of boat is called a Sampan. Though normal sampan aren't usually this large. I see our visitors have decided to arrive in style." standing next to him two teachers had come with him. The head combat professor,
and the head foreign language and archery instructor as she prefered to be called. As the boat got closer two Chinese students, around the age of the Bugei students, could be seen gazing at the students. gazed out at the city in the distance.
"So this is Edo. I guess it isn't all that different from Shanghai." said Zihao. He then turned to, wearing a rather serious face.
"I simply hope they don't act hostile towards you, lord Zihao." she said as she seemed to glare at the gathered students on the docks. The man couldn't help but laugh a bit as he backed away from the front of the boat, knowing his guard wouldn't move unless he did.
"It will be fine, Yiting. Though, I think I want to say hello." and with that the black haired boy began to glow with a bright blue aura as he held his hand up. A massive amount of energy gathering in his palm as the ball of blue light then left his hand, shooting straight up and exploding in mid air with the symbol.
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"Let them all understand, the inheritor of Cao Cao, first lord of Wei, has arrived upon the land of the rising sun." he said with a large laugh as he deactivated his relic. Back on the shore Headmaster Hosokawa sighed a bit
"The inheritor of Cao Cao, first lord of the kingdom of Wei, during China's Three Kingdoms Era. As well as his bodyguard, Xiahou Dun of Wei." he told the students.
"On the mainland, Scions are referred to as "inheritors". Since they "inherit" the abilities of another." Mizuha-sensei explained.

A few minutes later various crew could be heard speaking Chinese as the boat finally docked. First off the boat came a man who looked older than Headmaster Hosokawa. He was a serious looking man who couldn't help but smile when he saw the Headmaster.
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he didn't introduce himself yet, instead waiting for the six people he had brought with him to follow. Right behind him stood the two the students had seen a few minutes prior. The smiling black haired boy and his rather serious looking bodyguard. The older gentleman seemed to look at the smiling boy with a glare that clearly told him to settle down.

Following them came two older looking boys. They appeared to be around the age of third or fourth year students. He gave a polite bow to the group from Edo-Bugei as he stood by the group's leader. The boy with the spear also gave a bow to the group.

Finally, the last two came off the boat. Two girls who couldn't be more different if they tried. The other was As all seven of the delegation had come off the boat the boat's staff began docking and unloading the boat as the group's leader loudly declared.
"BOW!" he ordered. All six gave a deep bow as Headmaster Hosokawa looked at the assembled students to do the same. Thuse both groups gave each other a deep bow as the Chinese delegation's leader stepped forward.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, students of Edo Bugei. My name is Sun Yi Huang. Leader of this expeditionary group and Head Teacher of Beijing Academy." he then looked at the stuck up boy from earlier who had created the massive symbol in the air. He stepped forward, lookin at the assembled group as though everyone was beneath him excpt the woman next to him.
"Zihao Men. I am the inheritor of Cao Cao, Lord of Wei." he said, half expecting those around him to bow. Stepping forward and lightly elbowing him in the ribs the serious looking woman from earlier also bowed.
"My full name is Yiting Deng. Inheritor of general Xiahou Dun and personal guard to my lord Zihao." she said as the two quickly backed away from the front. Following that up the two older looking boy. The one with the eye patch who had been polite bowed and smiled at the Bugei students.
"I am Chao Guang. Pleasure to meet you all. I am the inheritor of lord Liu Bei of Shu." and with that the boy with the spear also stepped forward.
"I am his guard, Fai Cheng. Inheritor of the Shu general Zhao Yun." and with that the two stepped back. The final two girls just side eyed one another, as though daring the other to be the first to step forward. As the two kept glaring the Headmaster, looking slightly irked, pointed at the girl with pink hair and then pointed to the spot the others had been standing at. This caused the pink haired girl to huff a bit and glare harder at the girl with the red headphones as she moved forward.
"Jiao Meili. Lu Bu." she said with a fierce glare back at the other girl as she stepped forward, graceful as looking at the assembled Bugei Students with determined eyes.
"My name is Fangyuan Yen. It is nice to meet you students of Edo Bugei. I am the inheritor of Lu Xun, strategist of the kingdom of Wu. The Sun family extend their condolences for the losses you have suffered at the hands of the rebel monks." she said and gave the deepest bow of the group as the delegation's Head Teacher stepped forward again, extending his hand to Headmaster Hosokawa.

Edo Bugei's leader shook his hand with a deep smile as he looked back at his own group. The students had been asked to assemble at the docks a few days prior in order to put on a good showing for the Chinese delegation. Every student had been sent a text and they had all arrived by train to Southern Edo before the boat had arrived.
"I trust you all to introduce yourselves as well." he ordered.

Posted by: Mikachi Feb 4 2018, 12:11 PM
Having gotten the message a few days prior allowed Mikachi to prep for his trip with the other students of the academy, as well as a few of the faculty members and the headmaster of the academy. It was in these few days that Mikachi began to get a better grasp of the school’s scheduling, along with the various differentiating students within the academy. It was quite the perk to find a place where Mikachi could use his advantage at waking up early to start his training, classes, and skills.

Prior to the days that the Chinese diplomats were to arrive at Edo’s docks, Mikachi had been previously preparing for a short introduction speech with his room mirror. A good greeting and introduction, followed along by a bow, then allowing whoever was next to continue right after him. It was one thing to be good in practice, but to present aloud to a group of unknown people, foreign people at that was another. He had to make a lasting impression.

On the day of the actual arrival of the diplomats, Mikachi had awoken two hours earlier beforehand in order to cook up a bit of soup, rice and a slice of salmon. Soon after he finally showered and set on his uniform, confident as he looked into the mirror. He had set on a bit of lotion on his skin to give off the smell of cherry blossoms which had been an added bonus. Finally setting on his boots, along with a few other essentials, Mikachi took a moment of thought to ensure that everything had come out perfectly.

Heading out from the men’s dormitory, Mikachi made his way on out towards Southern Edo. His focus was making his way there as early as possible. Upon finally reaching Southern Edo by train, the sights of foreign shops and even people were quite interesting to Mikachi. Something he would have to come back to in the future. Although the various other students might have been conversing amongst one another, Mikachi simply went over his mental notes in hopes of being able to relay his small speech aloud.

As the school group finally made their way towards the docks, Mikachi kept a close distance near the faculty to ensure he’d be able to speak as soon as possible. He watched as the Chinese diplomats finally arrived, and their boat was quite the sight to behold. As they made their way towards the shore, Mikachi squinted as the ball of blue light emitted a symbol in an explosion. Were they apart of the academy? Who knew there were more scion to begin with? Mikachi certainly needed a bit more studying after this.

He glanced at the headmaster’s sigh, then back to the one who created the explosion. He emitted a faint grin, noticing that they were actually people full of personality. Inheritors. That’ll be something to remember for a future mission. It was at the sound of the abrupt ‘BOW’ that had caused Mikachi to jump a bit. After looking to the headmaster, he did so without question, along with the various other that had bowed. Soon after the last bowing figure introduced herself, the thought of the rebel monks being a lethal threat began to arise in his mind.

To think that the monks would do so much had shaken even Mikachi at his core. He shook his head slowly to himself, focusing on the task at hand. Upon the order of the headmaster calling forth for introductions, Mikachi stepped forward. His palms began to shake a tad bit, having the nervous tension grow in his body. He began speaking aloud for anyone in the surrounding area to hear. “My name is Anegakoji Mikachi. I am the Sc-” He paused in remembrance of the new word.

“Inheritor of Lady Tsukiyama. It is a pleasure to meet all of you.” The sides of his cheeks began to sweat just a bit before he finished with a deep bow of his head before stepping back and allowing the rest to continue. Mikachi then began to recollect himself in short breaths, attempting to keep a cool head. “Practicing is easy, speaking is harder.” He emitted in a quiet voice to himself.

Posted by: jinn kuki Feb 5 2018, 03:32 PM
Jinn was calmly waking up from a long sleep in after he was staying up late last night to chill out in the forest around the school. Jinn never really cared about the curfew and was good enough in stealth to get past the guards although he just a second year. He was a second year for a reason though and that was because he can't choose a direction he wants to specialize in. He doesn't want to specialize he wants to be able to do everything and not only study one simple direction. He doesn't see the challenge in it. He was stuck in the second year now for a couple of years because of that reason and it made him lazier than he already was. His grades were top of the class while he never really went to classes and when he went he was mostly sleeping through them.

Jinn looked around his dorm room wondering what time it was before he stretched himself fully out and slowly made his way out of bed. Jinn calmly grabbed some old clothes from his chair and put them on before he walked out of his dorm towards the docks.

Jinn arrived calmly at the docks and saw the signal in the air. He rolled his eyes a bit and mumbled to himself "Show-offs." He looked at all the students infront of him and decided he didn't want to be in such a crowded placed. He looked quickly around himself and saw many docked ships at the shore. He calmly walked to one and started to climb into one of the many masts of the ships. calmly started to sit ontop of the topsail of the ship he sat on so he had a great view of what was going on without being around too many people.

Jinn was watching everything that was happening although his eyes told everyone he didn't give a damn about anything that was happening since he eyes had a lazy, tired and uninterested tone. Jinn was always carrying this look in his eyes since he never really cared about anything in his life. He looked at all of them introducing them self. He sighed a bit with a couple more that he was hoping this would be over soon. When they all introduced them self he heard the headmaster say they should introduce themselves also.

Jinn sighed ones again and stood up. He calmly removed his hoody and from upper body revealing his athletically trained upper body built before he jumped off the topsail. He leaped forwards spreading his arms a bit before he dives head first into the sea. Jinn calmly swam through the water towards the ship with the red sails. Jinn would climb up the docs there.

Posted by: Alida Feb 6 2018, 01:11 AM
The rumors were true after all. Some foreigner students would be coming and a lot of speculation circled about the forums and student body. Most people hoped for someone from Europe since we have the local Dutch Embassy. An Englishman was another idea with the romance of a dandy type. Others guessed it would be someone closer such as Taiwan or India or China. A Russian was thrown into the mix just to spice things up or an someone from Spain. An American was suggested but was put down by the long travel time they would take by boat so all thoughts were in the air.

Suishoku accepted the message to welcome these people to the country mostly to find out just who they were. The rumors had her curious about it for the most part in just finding out who these people were. Another thing she wanted to learn about was what type of people they were. Their principal hinted at a sort of event with other schools in a history of Bugei lecture as well as their exchange programs. The exchange program had a more of a 'try it once in your life' sort of appeal to it so, with that in mind, she hoped that maybe the students from whatever country they're from would server as a guideline.

So here they were in this chilly morning out on the docks with ocean spray prickling the air. She tightened up her coat over her school uniform thanks to the wind kicking up the coastline as the red sails came into view. A large sampan bobbed its way to the docks with some murmurs of the vessel being a sign of the Chinese. It did look to be that way where her passengers then confirmed it. Mizuha-sensei explained terms of 'Inheritors' to the students present which explained how the students addressed themselves in introduction.

So they are mostly combatants, Suishoku sighed in disappointment after bowing on given command to their guests. Of the members of the group present, the boy with the spear and the headphones girl looked the most pleasant of the bunch while the rest looked either imposing or just waiting to scrap on the docks. Keeping those two in mind, she kept her hands held together before her in observance of their Principals interacting with each other in a warm manner. Upon being told that it was now their turn to return the greeting in kind, Suishoku paled a bit in concern of what to say in terms of rank or her Scion position. Due to this, her words formed like a hastily made jinga tower as she held her hands tighter.

"Ahm, welcome! Suishoku Yuubae. Kato Tsune's inheritor," she spoke in rigid format with a greeting that may have come off a bit louder than the rest of her words. Hopefully she said that correctly as well for using inheritor like the student a few names before her.


Nearly on the docks did another girl frown at the display of the blue emblem fired from the ship. So full of show that made them more stuck up than the royals around the school. The emblem was also met with nothing on their part as a gaggle of students gathered to greet/spy on their guests. Mika thought the same as well, to spy on them, but couldn’t find a better vantage point than at the front of their arrival. From that emblem did their guests arrive as any haughty royal blood would. Each one expressing control in some way that even their instructor, supposively a friend of the headmaster, had that same air.

The group of sic or so scions of China introduced themselves to the crowd before them. None of them looked exactly thrilled to be here as if something else is on their mind. Half of them had eyes searching the crowd for prey. Mika stared back at them but her rigid posture was out of contempt than showing an obedient face. Of the ones introduced, Mika wondered if any of them would be worth forming a contract with as a vanguard for her personal use. The time will be short and tight on being selective on which one so long as this trip is temporary. Once it came her turn, the Honda princess bowed liked the others and answered in role of names, “Honda Mikazuki. Currently working with Honami Koetsu,” Mika spoke to let this power game of Scions and Inheritors play itself out if these mainlanders want to keep up a show.

Posted by: Moby Dick Feb 7 2018, 03:33 PM
"Hatto-san, are you in position?"

"Yeah. Are you all...assembled?"

"Somehow, I managed. Let's do this."

Like everyone else, Roshi had heard the strange report, that a ship bearing foreign visitors was headed for Edo. This concerned Roshi, for he had had a nasty run-in with a foreigner. In fact, it was a crazy foreigner, who was a general of the Ikko Ikki and wore a big hat...and was a Scion. That madman with the exploding knives and illusion-making scythe nearly killed him and everybody else around. He was a complete lunatic that still, on occasion, gave Roshi the shivers. Well, he wasn't going to take this lying down. Absolutely not. Roshi got to work on a project, and then he called Hakuro Kuroda - better known as the Hatto-san - to help him. Why? You'll see.

Right! So, the students had indeed been asked to assemble, and that was why Makoto Shiyo was here, dressed in her usual long-sleeved and knee-high boot attired to hide the scars she'd gotten from the earthquake. She stood with Relic in hand, the Bunkatsu Kami Yari. However, while she was waiting like everyone else, and this red-sailed ship was in view, heading for the pier, she heard something else, a heavy sort of thud, like a footstep. Looking back, Makoto saw and...she wasn't sure what to think.

What...the hell? Wait, don't tell me...

It was a highly-armored figure, or seemed to be. This was full samurai armor - head to toe, including the helmet and mask - but...the black-and-red ensemble appeared to be... Yes, it was! The whole thing, upon closer inspection, appeared to be expertly-shaped-and-painted cardboard. It was made to be just a bit bigger than life, so as not to be confused for the real thing, but it was at the same time...intricate and well-made.

Of course, the written kanji for 'Art' on the chest gave away who it was.

Roshi Bento had cut, painted, and origami'd cardboard pieces in such a way that they were able to be worn, assembled piece-by-piece on the body The gloves were his own designer white gloves, and the staff in his hands was his own metal staff...with a large hat - Jack's big hat - on top of it. Makoto glared, sort of dumbstruck by the creation. Was he doing another public display? What was with the hat? Just then, it was Makoto's turn to introduce herself.

"Makoto Shiyo, inheritor of Maeda Toshiie!"

Unlike Suishoku - a few students down - she had intended it loud, mostly because Toshiie was a fierce individual, and she at least had that spark within herself. Names continued to be spoken out, and then at some point, Roshi muttered to his communication with Hakuro, "Do it.", and a remote-control device in the back of the cardboard armor began to unleash a dry ice the faux-samurai stepped into a dramatic pose while putting on the hat, and bellowed like the deep-voiced Boss Osato of the Fish Mafia!


Way far back at the beginning of the harbor - where he could see all of this - a young man with a hat and trenchcoat, holding a remote control, busted out laughing. It was a little hard to tell what Roshi was going for here, to be artistically intimidating or intimidatingly artistic. As far as Hakuro was concerned, it was funny as hell!

Posted by: Shoy Feb 8 2018, 07:42 PM
Mirai hadn’t had the chance to really meet foreigners before. It wasn't that she'd never seen or spoken to someone from overseas - there were enough foreigners around Southern Edo that of course you’d run into one eventually - but she'd never been able to consider one to be a friend or an acquaintance so the prospect of Chinese students not only visiting but staying for a length of time was both new and exciting.

She wondered whether she would ever get the chance to speak to them or befriend them properly. If they were from China, wouldn’t they only speak Chinese? Mirai wouldn’t be able to understand what they were saying if they spoke any language other than Japanese. She hoped that the students would be able to speak Japanese so that she'd be able to interact with them.

The ship they arrived on was majestic - the red sails were beautiful, and they really stuck out against the rest of the boats and the rest of the ocean. But that just made it more beautiful. Headmaster Hosokawa said it was a special boat or something like that but even if this wasn’t a normal Chinese ship Mirai still wondered how amazing it would look to see a whole fleet of such ships.

Blue light shot up, making a character. Mirai wondered what it was and who caused it - but the Headmaster explained that it was from an important lord from China, with Mizuha-sensei adding that the Chinese had a different name for Scions: inheritors. It was strange to think of calling them by a different name. Even though it was technically as good a name as any other it felt weird to Mirai.

The ship arrived, and the students and the head teacher from the Chinese school came onshore and introduced themselves, and thankfully they could speak Japanese so at least communication wouldn’t be an issue. All of the students that had come to Edo had impressive-sounding titles and names of relic owners that Mirai only vaguely recognised if at all. It seemed they were really important people that had been sent to Japan.

Mirai bowed to introduce herself, just like Headmaster Hosokawa ordered them to. After the Chinese students’ grand introductions it felt strange for Mirai to introduce herself with just a name and no special titles. “I’m Okada Mirai. It’s an honour to meet you all.”


There were not many times that Ripley could claim to have been happy to get up before ten, no, eleven, a.m. Rare as the occasion was, today was such a time.

Ripley eagerly awaited this morning since the moment they learned that Chinese students were going to visit Edo Bugei. It would be a interesting change not only to meet and maybe even get to know them, but Ripley was keen to watch and see how the other students and school life in general would adapt. It would say a lot about various individuals to see how they reacted to the influx of new students from an entirely different culture.

And besides, the more people you knew the better. Not just in terms of how it gave you opportunities to network, something ever-important when you planned to go into a creative industry like Ripley did, but also in terms of simply making friends to have good time with.

Though they were dressed in the male uniform, with their relic folded in a pocket, they were wearing a padded bra to give the impression they had breasts and had taken especial care with their makeup to get it neat and precise, with the eyeliner and lipstick in perfect, crisp lines. It was a special occasion, after all; dressing up a little in fancier makeup was called for.

The ship drew into the docks. Ripley whistled: it was an impressive ship, with bold red sails, and larger than usual. Ripley knew it just a show of power to say to the Japanese, “Hey, we’re rich and powerful too”, though they appreciated the beauty of the thing in its own right.

As the ship approached, blue light shot up from it; it had a character on it, though Ripley wasn’t sure how it ought to be pronounced because likely would be using a Chinese pronunciation and Ripley knew that that wouldn’t necessarily line up with the Japanese way of saying it. Though the Headmaster seemed to know what it was all about, and explained what it was - Ripley didn’t recognise the name, sorely aware that they needed to brush up on their Chinese history and Chinese politics. They’d probably have a look and see what they could fine online or in the library as soon as this was over.

When the ship finally reached the docks, Ripley could hear the crew babbling along in Chinese - and it was very, very confusing. Their relic passive ability meant Ripley could sense the meanings of the words, but Ripley couldn’t understand a single thread of the conversations because all they got was the meanings of individual words and without the grammar it was scattered and meaningless. It would have hard enough to understand if only one was person was talking but with so many talking at once everything blended together and it was impossible.

A procession of Chinese students, as well an older man who seemed to be the leader of the students - he said he was the head teacher of something like that, did that mean he was the Headmaster? Almost certainly. It seemed like an interesting mix of students who had come to Japan - they each seemed to have their own little thing going on. That girl with headphones was kinda cute: Fangyuan Yen was her name, Ripley would put in extra effort to remember that one.

The prompt was given for Bugei students to introduce themselves: Ripley bowed deeply to the Chinese students. “Akagi Ripley, at your service. Inheritor of Nishiyama Soin. He was a poet, not a warrior, but words are how the biggest wars are won, dontcha think?”

Posted by: Hikari Feb 9 2018, 11:18 PM
It had been a dreary year. For her, not for the other students here. While they were off fighting a war...she was being put through a grinder. Book learning, academic learning, scion learning. She learned how to read and write properly, and hated every second of it. The prospect of physical practice had been something she had looked forward to. Then the actual thing happened and she hated that too. Reika just hate everything about being a scion. She hadn't gotten the free ticket to go out and beat more people up, or kill them, or anything for that matter. She had never been good at sneaking, and she quickly found out that the Yagyu compound was under ridiculous security.

She'd gotten out just once. The minute her foot hit the ground on the outside of the wall, she was completely taken aback by the sheer number of ninja around her. She actually threw up her hands, more in defeat of the effort than fear, but they still knocked her out. The whole year had been excruciatingly boring. Then she finally got the go ahead to be transfered to the bugei...and she hated that too. A bit less, but still...not fun. Physical education was the only class the only class that she was good at. The rest, she either slept through, or didn't attend.

On this day, she woke up, messy hair and dry mouthed, yawned and flopped back into bed. Her room mate however threw something at her...and she groaned awake. She pulled on a pair of tight sports shorts, put the skirt on, put the rest of the outfit on messily and headed out towards the docks. It was cold...but she was used to not having the proper clothing for this sort of thing. The ship was arriving right as she got there, there was some weird blue orb...and then she was being told to bow. At first she hadn't bothered. Then there was an elbow in her ribs. She looked down, and noticed one of the damndable ninjas was there, motioning for her to bow.

She did it, and he whispered that she had better start actually going to class. Or...steps would be taken. She gave him a quizitive look, and he mouthed...steps. She didn't really ask anymore. The principle spewed some sort of diplomatic rhetoric, and then told everyone to introduce themselves. She sighed and yawned at this. "Reika." She gave with a flippant, don't bother me attitude. This time the elbow to the ribs was a lot harder and sharper. She looked down and the ninja wasn't there anymore. She sighed and a grin on her face.

"Kagutsu, Reika. Murderer. Ex-Yakuza Enforcer. Inheritor of....some guy." She said it with the pride of someone listing off their degrees, or like the rest when they said who their inheritor was. She stood there, almost defiant, daring someone to do some thing.

Posted by: Darkhawkin Feb 10 2018, 05:20 PM
As Rin looked on at the spectacle happening below her, she could only curse the others that had put her in this situation. Jun was still on his business in Kyoto, Toki had no interest in what was happening at all outside his workshop and the trio were off dealing with a request from the knights. This left Naya Rin as the only available person to witness the arrival of the Chinese delegation, personally she would have just stayed home however orders were orders. Lucky she was only ordered to watch which mean she didn’t have to partake in the meet and greet everyone else was told to do. From her perch upon a row of warehouse she could see the whole thing which started with a rather arrogant show of might, or maybe it was just showing off but either way it still looked dumb to her. it did however give her some insight into the new arrivals, as she looked on she could hear the headmaster. Inheritor, Scion it means the same thing.” Rin though to herself not seeing why the headmaster was making a big deal out of it.

It was in that moment that her phone started to go off, but she ignored it, she already knew who it was and honestly, he had no desire to talk with him. Again, and again it continued on until she finally broke and answered, “No I wasn’t ignoring you… yes I at the dock… no not yet however they did announce their presence very loudly… hold on it looks like they are about to come to shore.” the first to leave the docked ship was an old man followed by what looked like six students, the group bowed the welcoming committee Rin could not help but wonder what their intent was or for that reason what anyone intent was at this point, regardless it was probably poorly though out and hastily implemented like everything else. Regardless Rin watched on as the group moved to introductions; first was Sun Yi Huang Head Teacher of Beijing Academy and expeditionary leader, which Rin did not like the sound of, why would they need and expeditionary force at all were they not guest. Next was Zihao Men and Yiting Deng, lord of Wei and his bodyguard both inheritors of some very important Wei figures, with each introduction that feeling Rin had was getting worse. The following pair being Chao Guang and Fai Cheng, they were much like the last pair lord and bodyguard expect these were of Shu, anyone with any bit of foreign knowledge would know just how important these people were thus bagged the question, why here, why now. The final pair Jiao Meili and Fangyuan Yen were different then the first two or at least they presented themselves that way. Lu Bu and a strategist of the kingdom of Wu, they sure picked an interesting bunch to round out the set.

With her side how giving introduction Rin returned to the call.
“It seems they brought out some heavy hitters for whatever it is they’re planning… Yes, there are six of them… Sending you the names now.” instead of simple repeating the name Rin found it easier to just text the names with pictures she had just taken to accompany them. “Ya that’s they including their headmaster… like I said the big guns… no the only information we were given was to assemble here… students from our academy are introducing themselves are attempting to quite a few of the problematic ones decided to show… no, there just being themselves so you know what that entails… yes, I keep observing till the end and only act if need be and don’t worry if they want a show I’ll give them one. and with that Rin hung up. For now she would simple watch and only show herself if she felt it necessary.

Posted by: Aideen Feb 10 2018, 06:24 PM
How the hell did he end up in this mess? Kire was dressed up in his best clothes, which weren't all that great but he wasn't some fancy clan born kid with a legacy, he was just Kire. Honestly, he hadn't wanted to come but apparently his actions in rescuing the wives and daughters of a great many diplomats in the rebellion. He hadn't planned on doing that, he just stepped in against a fat guy kidnapping a girl. Things always seemed to escalate since he came to the academy though. What an absolute pain.

In direct contrast, Jugemu was dressed in the dress version of her school uniform, accessorize with a great number of beautiful fabrics including a very clean, crisp, white apron, though she wore no armband as was common to her path. She'd debated so many different things to wear this morning, what did you wear to meet a delegation from another country? Common sense to some degree had won out, she was a student and a teacher, so the clothing of the school would be the most appropriate.

Neither of the two of them were particularly impressed by the pyrotechnics from somebody on the boat. Kire because he thought it was stupid and pointless, Jugemu because it was unnecessary showboating. However, Jugemu, at least, clapped politely and pretended to be impressed. They were foreign and new, best to make them comfortable and to make them feel welcomed. Kire just rolled his eyes at everyone around him. This was not going to be an uncommon gesture through the day, he could already tell.

As the foreign students disembarked, the two non-scions standing to welcome them were carefully eying them, though Jugemu was hiding it better than Kire. Kire was far more interested in what weapons these newcomers had brought onto their shores. He definitely would love to get his hands on them to take them apart and see the skill of the Chinese blade smiths. Jugemu was examining the way the newcomers walked, held themselves, and even what their eyes were looking at. An assassin had to be able to read people, what those people cared about on first glance was a good clue.

Kire's prediction had come true. As more people introduced themselves headed down the line, he couldn't help but feel irritation at some of their nonsense. It was embarrassing, almost as much as that spectacle the foreigners had shown from the boat. Actually, maybe it was worse. He couldn't hide the irritation but mostly he did his best as his turn came around. He stepped forward and bowed. "I am Bou Kire. Inheritor of nothing." Inheritor, what a crock of shit, for once he almost wished he had been a scion so he could throw that word back at them. Still, at least headphones had been polite. They were the ones imposing on Japanese lands and taking up his valuable time.

Jugemu stepped forward as Kire stepped back. She had her biggest, friendliest smile across her face. "It is a pleasure to meet all of you." She bowed. "I am Soma Jugemu, I'm not an inheritor, or scion as it's commonly called here but I like to think I've inherited the strength of all who led the Soma before me." She held her hand against her cheek. "I am both student and teacher at the academy. I do hope to be given the chance to cook for you during your visit." She stepped back into the line.

Posted by: UKIYO Feb 15 2018, 12:42 AM

Hana loved beautiful things, crafts, paintings, poetry- they were symbols of though and peace- a stark contrast to her purpose in life. Yet she found this spectacle unpleasant to look at, of course, she wasn't allowed to be impolite- especially not in the presence of the Headmaster. So as the bright blue light of the foreigner's power seared her retinas, she did her best not to complain. Frankly, she was mostly concerned with her lack of knowledge as to whom most of these people- her schoolmates- even were. She'd been so caught up in matters that for a second, she may have forgotten just how much she was missing out on.

Her outfit for this particular day, was a pale shadow of what a clan leader's daughter could've adorned herself in. Instead she wore a heavy, kimono, the last layer to a furisode with a extremely detailed, formal pattern as red as the bold ship on the dark blue sea. Apart from that intricate detail, what she wore underneath was quite mundane, a dark, sleeveless turtleneck, jeans and low heeled boots. She'd avoided wearing any form of black- as she wasn't sure what the colour meant for the Chinese. She was well aware of the context behind her daring red, fortunately.

Hana sighed, wondering where Junko was. He fixed her hair beautifully, straightened and exquisitely cut, extending down the small of her back like a river of fresh snow. She could never do that on her own and sadly, he wasn't anywhere to be found to admire his work. If anything, she felt the need to be close to the boy at all times, he was like a little brother she may have wanted but never found in her own. Maybe he could've calmed her nerves.

As the ship docked, she bowed on command, though it was more reflex than actual thought, her blood moon eyes however, glanced at the headmaster quizzically.

Inheritors ?

She supposed there was room for it to come into play. Truthfully, you inherit a part of the original owner's being and carry it with you forever- she gripped her twin yari at that. The term made sense. Yet- she hated it, the 'inheritor' per say, wasn't some mindless extention of the original owner's life. In fact, they were more like individuals who have a likeness with their firsts, so much that they are granted a change to carve their own names into history with the powers left in their care. To Hana, 'inheritor' took away from the stress, blood, sweat and tears that went into even being a samurai, much less a scion. It sounded like the powers they'd been granted just...

Fell into their laps.

"My name is Sanada Hana, "Inheritor" of Sanada Nobushige,"

She was quite polite and well spoken in her own right, sure, she got into some gritty business- but she was still a lady, a princess at that. However, as she raised her head she seemed a lot sharper and snarkier than she normally was, possibly not to anger her Headmaster.

"However, in the land of the Rising Sun and not your home- it seems more courteous to use our terms- right?"

Posted by: Suzu Feb 18 2018, 07:44 AM
Shinsuke had spent a lot of his time before arriving at Edo Bugei learning some of the basic foundations of diplomacy. His family's role was that of high level advisers to diplomatic policies within Japan and to the outside world as well. Most of his early steps into studies about such things had dealt with relations between the various clans that made up the ruling classes. It was hard to realize sometimes, due to the relative peace the nation had been in, but the current power structure had been formed out of war. A long and bloody war that hat seen would-be unifiers die before their dreams were realized, the nation fall into civil war upon their death and grudges run deep. It'd been hundreds of years but the proud clans wouldn't have forgotten what had happened. There had simply been little time for international relations courses in much detail.

Today was probably the first time he'd ever had a chance to exercise his diplomatic responsibilities in any official capacity. As a second year student he was looked to a bit more to provide some leadership and context for these things. Yet he'd only had a few lectures here and there and what information he did have was spotty at best. Japan had been fortunate enough to avoid all that much in the way of foreign trouble making unlike some of the other countries in Asia. Still, he was more excited than anything to have the opportunity to be involved in the official visit of a delegation from China.

What he knew about the mainland empire was that it had been powerful enough to fend off Western attacks in the past. It was also a powerful neighbor who had as yet not tried to cause trouble with Japan, but could be a threat to do so. Given Japan's weakened state he understood it was probably best to be overwhelmingly hospitable to the Chinese visitors when they landed. A good first impression went a long way to building a rapport with people. And a good first impression meant dressing up in proper formal attire and grooming oneself well.

He'd taken extra care to brush out his gradually growing locks so that there were no tangles or even hairs out of place. Regardless of what persona he presented to the world his locks would look immaculate. As many other students were, he wore his best clothes for this event. A formal man's kimono with hakama, the Todo clan happi over it as a symbol of his family's long tradition and his role as their Scion. Inori was there with him in a formal furisode that she'd had to be convinced to wear.. well, bribed really. She hadn't been in the mood to be overly girly but some promises of a big meal later had won her over to the idea.

Their first interactions with the foreign visitors were a bit tense. Shinsuke did his best to keep smiling politely and listening for any clues as to their intentions. Inori meanwhile was looking to her brother for hints on how to behave, though she kept fiddling with her braid out of habit. When the term 'inheritors' came up, Shinsuke nearly smirked - it seemed very fitting that the Chinese should call it that, paying more respects to the ancestors who'd carried the relics than those who bore them today. A girl standing just behind the Todo siblings frowned at the remarks herself. Taking a glance over his shoulder revealed a rather stoic girl with shortish hair and.. wearing what appeared to be a shrine maiden's simple garments. That was odd in itself, but the hairpin she wore was fairly fancy for a simple miko. The plot thickened!

When at last the time came for students to introduce themselves, Shinsuke awaited his turn and then bowed formally, "It is my honor to welcome such esteemed visitors to our shores. My name is Todo Shinsuke, heir to the Todo clan of Agata and inheritor of Todo Takatora. If there is anything I can do to help you feel at home, please do not hesitate to ask."

Inori nearly forgot to follow suit, but a glance from her brother reminded her of where she was. The girl wasn't feeling all that interested in formalities, though she did appreciate how confident and strong some of the Chinese girls looked. Ladies after her own heart! She did bow, though it was a little clumsier than her brother's, "I'm Todo Inori of the same Todo clan.. it's nice to meet you." Nothing else escaped her lips as she struggled to contain her dialect in favor of speaking standard Japanese. It was quite a bit harder than she'd thought it would be.. especially when she wanted to just run over and ask a bunch of questions to the gruff looking girl who mentioned Lu Bu.

Right after them the shrine maiden stepped forward and nodded, "My name is Nakamura Kumori, and while I have no clan I am the Scion bearing Lady Oichi's power. I'm a third year student of common birth and training at the holy site of Ise. I hope your visit is peaceful." Kumori knew she was taking a risk by identifying herself as a commoner rather than as being sponsored by the Oda. As things were she didn't really feel like she could identify with those sponsors, and felt a deeper connection to the place she'd grown up. Besdies, Lady Oichi hadn't been only an Oda anyhow - it was a disservice to refer to her exclusively by her brother's clan name.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Feb 18 2018, 11:51 AM

As the sun rose in the East three students from Edo Bugei looked quiet tired. In fact, most of them looked fairly asleep. After all everyone had been asked to get up extremely early to receive the students. In the distance a beautiful ship rarely seen in Japanese water approached. It had massive red sails and appeared to be made of fine wood.


"Oh, I see. So they came on a Sampan." Masato said. His hair was finely combed for once and his school uniform had a sweater vest and tie over it. Both colored in beautiful red. Masato wasn't the type to simply study Japanese ships and warfare. After all the mainland was always a place of both threat and curiosity.

In the distance two figures appeared at one of them shot a large blue crest over the docks, forcing Masato, a man who had always taken life in stride, to laugh a bit. It was the crest of the kingdom of Wei, and thus of Cao Cao, or Cao Pi. As some of the students looked disgusted, and others confused, Masato couldn't help but feel amused by this reaction. After all, it wasn't that different from flying clan banners, or wearing clan crests on one's outfit. However, it also meant that the people arriving had no intention of hiding whom they happened to be. With Japan having both ninja and rebel monks Masato questioned if this was the right course to take, and also questioned how long it would take for him and the other Bugei students to try and defend their new arrivals.

As the ship made land and the group of seven came out Masato did his best to analyze the group, just as he had no doubt that the young strategist Fang was doing the same. All of them seemed to be scions, or inheritors as the mainland called them, and seemed to have come to present a strong face to the school. Though a few key figures Masato had been looking forward to clearly seemed missing. He also wasn't sure he was ready to believe that only seven of them had come. A large flashy display to distract, and seven people coming off of the boat, made him wonder what else was still aboard.

He was pleased with the young girl's greeting though. Even if he didn't believe her words she at least seemed kind and well thought out. Giving a bow back to the group he stepped forward after the others.
"My name is Katayama Masato. It is a pleasure to meet you all." he said.
"I am a strategist student of Edo Bugei." and with that politely backed away.


"Wow!" was all Yumiko said. The beautiful red sailed ship started moving towards the now fully awake young girl. She was dressed in her school uniform but currently did her best to engrave the appearance of the ship in her mind. A beautiful red ship moving towards Edo was surely something unique that she could write poems about later. Even as the beautiful blue crest appeared in the air her mind had already started working on ways to write about it all in Haiku form.

Watching as the students came off of the boat all of them looked fairly strong in their own right. She recognized the names of course, she was well taught in the classics of Chinese literature and poetry. Though the fact they all came from the Three Kingdoms and one of them happened to be the famous Zhuge Liang or Zhou Yu was a bit depressing. She really wanted to meet someone similar to Zhou Yu and talk of poetry with them.

The men did certainly look pretty though, and the young strategist who apologized for the losses at the hands of the Ikko seemed nice enough. Stepping forward she bowed politely.
"I am Tagami Yumiko. I am not an inheritor. I am a poet." she said and slowly backed away.


Nobuyori was much like Yumiko as he looked at the large ship. With it's massive red sails it was beautiful and he quickly imagined himself sailing upon it. It looked to rival the Azai clan's own vessels and he hoped he could sail upon it later. He also wished he had more sailing appropriate clothing instead of his school uniform with an Azai Clan long coat over it. No doubt he would tell his father about it in a letter this evening.

As he contemplated the ship a large blue burst of a crest appeared above the boat that made Nobuyori hmph a bit. Slightly in jealousy. As someone who constantly showed off his clan he looked at the crest as a challenge. If not for the words of the Headmaster to welcome the guest he gladly would have created a massive Azai clan crest in the air made of water to retaliate. The closer the ship got the more Nobuyori was curious. After all he knew about the Three Kingdoms and that crest from his video games. What was CaoCao's "inheritor" like? How well could they get along, or even be rivals? The thoughts circled as the seven people from the boat got off on the docks.

To Nobuyori they all seemed fairly regal, even Lu Bu's inheritor in her own right. Though his focused stayed on Cao Cao's inheritor. The Azai Prince would make sure to speak with him later. As the Headmaster asked them all to introduce themselves Nobuyori stepped forward, giving a shallow bow. After all, he was a prince.
I am Azai Nobuyori, inheritor of Azai Nagamasa, and prince of the Azai clan, lords of the province of Omi." as he rose his head up and he made sure to make eye contact with CaoCao's inheritor, Zihao Men.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Feb 18 2018, 12:59 PM

(Three Rounds Remaining)

Starting off Headmaster Hosokawa stepped forward and gave a bow.
"A pleasure to meet you all. I am Headmaster Hosokawa of Edo Bugei. This is Yagyu-sensei, our school's primary combat instructor, and Sato Mizuha, our senior teacher and archery instructor. We also have a student teacher, Ms. Jugemu with us here today." he announced as in the distance some of the students would notice a splashing sound.

As the students introduced themselves the Chinese delegation looked at each of them. Some of the Chinese students clearly being interested in some students over others. After all part of the reason they had come was to meet Edo Bugei students and hopefully make friends. It started off peaceful enough. Mikachi's introduction was polite. Chao Guang, Liu bei's inheritor gave a polite bow back and smiled. He could sense the kind aura that Mika seemed to carry about him. He smiled at Suishoku as well. Both of them seemed nice and he thought he would chat with them later.

Meanwhile as Mika introduced herself, at the mention of her family name Lu Bu's inheritor, Jiao Meili, seemed to perk up and show interest. She had heard a lot about the Honda clan and had been curious about them for a long time. She also wanted to see how strong they would be in a head to head fight. Around this time Mizuha-sensei looked at the students and Yagyu-sensei sighed a bit. Mizuha-sensei walked over to Mikachi and lightly patted his back.
"You did fine." she said to him in a comforting tone. She also looked at Suishoku.
"You as well." after all in spite of the early morning and the cold she wanted the students to feel more relaxed than this.

Around this time, however, would be when things went slightly south. As a girl named Makoto Shiyo introduced herself, being met another look from Jiao as she realized another famous combat clan, fake fog rolled over the dock as Roshi appeared. All seven of the Chinese delegation looked at him as though he was insane, causing a rare laugh from Both Jiao Meili and Zihao Men.
"THIS ONE HAS SPIRIT!" Zihao said with a laugh and smile. It was because he actually appreciated Roshi, however. In Zihao's mind the people assembled resembled rowdy children that someday might began to equal a lesser powered Chinese Inheritor. To him it was as though an eight year old had made a nice drawing. Though the laughs came to a sudden end. As a boy climbed out of the water behind the Chinese delegation Fai Cheng, inheritor of Zhao Yun, was first to act. The butt of his spear left the ground as he swung his body around, leveled his spear, and quickly thrust it towards the dock's edge as gasps suddenly left Mizuha-sensei's throat. Yagyu-sensei quickly put his hand on his katana and started to move towards the Chinese delegation as Yiting Deng, Xiahou Dun's inheritor moved in front of her lord. With a loud yell the moment ended as the Head Teacher from Beijing shouted.
"停!" in that moment Fai Cheng's spear stopped a few inches from Jinn's face as the boy fully climbed out of the water. Yagyu-sensei and Yiting both settled down as well as Fangyuan shook her head a bit and spoke to her group
"奇怪的魚" she said with a bit of a grinn. Yiting giving her a nasty look as Yagyu-sensei walked over to grab Jinn.
"Idiot. Are you trying to make them think they are under a sneak attack?" he growled as the delegation moved a few feet away from Jinn and Headmaster Hosokawa gave a deep bow.
"Excuse him. Please. I'm very sorry." he said as Head Teacher Sun Yi shook his head a bit.
"It appears Edo had many strange fish." he commented as Headmaster Hosokawa quickly looked at the rest of the students to finish introducing themselves.

Mirai gave a small introduction, slowly returning the pace back to normal as Yagyu-sensei tried to have a "casual chat" with Jinn. Following her Akagi Ripley gave an intro and said a few words about poetry, causing Fangyuan to gaze upon them a bit. After all she certainly enjoyed poetry and artisan approaches to many things. Then came Reika. As she introduced herself Yagyu-sensei, always one for ethics and code, shot a hard glare at Reika for her word choice. It was far from the face the Bugei wished to show. He then gave a look at the Headmaster as though mentally scolding him for his open invitation. Yagyu-sensei also gave Jugemu a look that clearly said she should be helping in keeping the students in line. Yiting eyed her up and down, making a mental note to be on guard around her at all times. As everyone seemed to focus on Reika, Rin would notice a pair of eyes focusing directly upon her hiding spot. The young strategist of the Chinese delegation didn't seem to let things go amiss. Though her eye's didn't linger. She had to keep track of all of the Bugei's students. This included the introductions from Kire and the student teacher Jugemu who was met with a slightly surprised look from Sun Yi, still a bit taken off guard that she was in fact a teacher.

Next came Sanada Hana. Her introduction was brief but blunt, and she seemed rather focused on stating that the delegation should be using Japanese terms and not the other way around. This caused all teacher's present to look at her a bit shocked at Sun Yui stared at the girl.
"Yes, surely you are correct." he said and raised his hands up, clasped, in apology. He then looked at the six students he had brought with him, as though telling them to remember this as Fai Cheng eyed her carefully. Both she and Makoto Shiyo seemed strong, and their bodies clearly spoke of spear combat. It made him deeply curious and he began to wonder if spear techniques would be dramatically different in the lands of the Rising Sun.

Then came the last four introductions. Kumori seemed kind and honest, earning a smile from Choa Guang and a thankful look from Mizuha-sensei that she didn't do anything strange or stupid. Meanwhile as Katayama Masato introduced himself Zihao eyed him carefully. It reminded Zihao of the inheritors of Guo Jia and Sima Yi. In a while he was intrigued but also questioned, internally, what kind of a man Masato was.

Finally as Yumiko introduced herself politely Fangyuan gave a large smile. She really did enjoy poets after all. Especially humble ones. Though what wasn't humble was this Azai boy. As he made direct eye contact with Zihao the Chinese noble, having come from a long, purebred family held the eye contact as though issuing a direct fight to the death. How dare someone from an inferior land claim nobility and gaze at him as equals. It was clear that the Azai boy had as much pride as Zihao if not more. It was like looking in a mirror, and Zihao wanted to smash that mirror to pieces.

All seven of the group had very different thoughts on the people in front of them. It seemed the Bugei had picked an extremely eclectic group to show up and almost seemed as though they had just asked anyone who wanted to come to do so. In a lot of ways it felt rude, but was also interest to see so many different types of people. Headmaster Hosokawa quickly gave Head Teacher Sun Yi an apologetic look. It would appear the teachers certainly had their hands full and would have needed to pick better diplomats. Though the Head Teacher didn't seem bothered by it as he stepped forward.
"You have a very high spirited bunch. I'm sure my students will learn much during their stay." his words seemed to have all kinds of meaning wrapped up in them, but that wasn't Headmaster Hosokawa's concern right now.

"So what kind of place are we staying at?" Jaio Meili yelled. Fangyuang rolled her eyes a bit and whispered.
"Expedition to Japan guidebook, fourth page, bottom, paragraph two." she said.
"白痴" she whispered as Jaio whispered back.
"婊子" causing a sharp look back from the Head Teacher, as he turned his attention back towards Headmaster Hosokawa and smiled.

"You all will be staying in Edo Bugei's dorms. They are nicely modeled in Western Fashion and are split between a girl's and boy's side with a common lounge area in the middle." of course this was addressed to the students that had come. Headmaster Hosokawa had no intention of letting his old friend stay anywhere but the finest room in the Hosokawa clan's mansion in Central Edo. He also had plans to drink rather later into the night this evening.

"Chao Guang, Fai Cheng, you are in charge of keeping the rest of the group in line." the Headmaster declared. Both students instantly straightened up and gave extremely deep bows.
"是的先生!" they said before returning to normal.

"Feel free to mingle for a bit with one another, makes plans, ask questions. Those of you that are tired can go back to the academy ahead of the rest if you would like." Headmaster Hosokawa suggested as he and head Teacher Sun Yui began discussing the finer points of the visit and what events would be taking place.

Posted by: Darkhawkin Feb 18 2018, 02:02 PM
The interaction between the two groups went just as well and Rin had expected, semi-polite but still a mess. With things moving into the meet and greet phase of the events Rin was about to excuse herself, however it seemed she had gained the attention of the one called Fangyuan Yen. Rin had to admit that this girl had peaked her interest how, sure Rin wasn’t trying to hide but she want in plain sight either. This girl was the exact kind of person she was told to look out for, and now she had to introduce herself.

Rin’s transition from roof to the group would come around the time the headmaster would instruct people to mingle, which was fine Rin had no intention to make a scene or even talk to the red sails well save one. Slinking her way through the crowd making her way to Fangyuan, as she stood before the girl Rin stared intently into the girls eye as if looking for something (for everyone else it would look slightly creepy), when it looked liked Rin had found whatever it was she was looking for the first things she said was, “You have pretty eyes.” sure it was an odd thing to say as part of a first introduction but compared to the rest it was rather tame, “Naya Rin at your service.” unlike the rest Rin had no intention of mentioning her relic or who it belonged to, not because it was a secret, but the name attracted to it was still a sore spot for many people and without her lord around it could cause a scene. “I bring greeting from my lord Tokugawa, unfortunately he’s away on business at the moment but he is looking forward to meeting you and your country men." Rin didn’t have much else planned than introducing herself and what not, at this point she would just play the rest by ear.

Posted by: Alida Feb 19 2018, 06:12 AM
The welcome could about as well as the group that arrived were. Suishoku dug her nails into her palms to quiver back a laugh from Roshi's introduction then was happy to be praised by Mizuha-sensei. She felt a bit proud of herself for getting that chinese word for 'inheritors' right the first time too. Down a way on the pier was where Mika looked unamused and tired at the pack of fools that arrived. Matters could have gone well between the mixed reactions and praise from the teachers until, well, another fool arrived. Drenched and wet and climbing out from the ocean behind their Chinese guests no less had people jumping into near action. Fear came in with worse expectations coming to mind as Suishoku worried if there was going to be an accidental murder over that idiot Jinn arriving. His arrival wasn't so humorous as Roshi's when causing nearly every combatant to reach for their weapons. 'Please don't please don't pleae don't pelase don't. A hasty prayer was made by the Elite.

Mika closed her eyes and wished today would just end. That sloth? She could have sworn such a person wouldn't even be here at all for how lazy he is. All the more tempting to just leave, get back on the bus, and go to the dorms to write poems or something. She wasn't going to jump and save Mr. I'm-here-to-save-your-asses hero from what befell him. Mika gave an apathetic shrug to show how little she cared if his head rolled into the ocean. His fault and all. Luckily, he got a pass for his actions somehow but it was the largest blunder for Edo Bugei's reputation.

It was after that mess of things was cleared were the students given some leave to mingle, more or less. Mika felt mentally exhausted by Jinn's stunt that she failed to notice that her family name may have caught some interesting winds coming her way. She went for her phone to snap a picture at that drenched sloth before backing away from the pier to a seating area to wait for the next terminal bus to arrive. So these people will be staying at the dorms. The training area would be utterly occupied with them.

Suishoku tugged at her uniform collar and visibly sighed in relief that no one ended up dying today. Another international incident is the last thing they need after finally having a nice downtime in Kaga. The crowd started to drift to whichever they wanted to see or chat with or head back to the school dorms. Since today was made an exception to greet these temporary Chinese students, Suishoku moved her hand to hold her chin to think.

"It is pretty early, wonder what's around this side of the city for breakfast," she wondered aloud before considering the possibility that maybe these new people didn't have that much of a luxury. The large sampan ship was impressive in design but who knows if any of them were actually eating properly the whole way. "Uh, wait," she paused in concern as she looked from the most noble of students to the stern girl that looked ready to scrap with Jinn like that spear guy. "how much luggage did they bring." The Headmaster didn't say exactly how long they were planning to stay in Edo. Somehow the thought of how Nobu's sister, Kaori, traveled with a light caravan of trunks came to mind. She considered the options before nodding to herself and walked over to the group with caution after what happened with that unintentional ambush.

"A, h-hello," Suishoku greeted with her hands open in a wave while also how unarmed she was in case there was another reason. Something about having tours to other students before at the school made her somewhat used to prompting this sort of offering question. "I know ya'll just got off the boat but if no one has any large luggage to carry to the dorms or, uh, any hurry to hit the dorms just yet, how about freshening up with some fruit crepes since we're in the Southern District and all?"

Posted by: Aideen Feb 19 2018, 08:18 PM
Kire had finished his introduction and felt pretty much relieved about it all being over. He wasn't going to end up in any trouble for this whole debacle but what did the Headmaster expect. The school had an overwhelming number of oddballs and weirdos from the clans who probably just wanted to get rid of them or teach them manners. Of course they would go around causing trouble. It wasn't as if they'd had any proper training in how to act around the foreigners. Though Kire doubted that any of that training could have saved this from its collapse.

He shuffled off to one side and pulled out his phone. At the very least, he'd come prepared. He could keep an eye on the foreigners as much as he liked and that wouldn't do a lick of good if he didn't understand their language. With any luck, the headmaster could speak Chinese, or had a few people around who could speak or understand it. But with everything else, Kire was not very confident in his people. So the only recourse was technology. He'd actually purchased a translator program and set it to translate Chinese to Japanese. Let them think he was goofing around, what did he care? Kire had only come to see their weapons.

As it was, he was not impressed. He could probably pop some of their weapons out of the forge in less than three days. And that was without actually getting a good look at them. But they were probably considered very nice back in China or wherever. He eyed their weapons again. Which ones were relics, which just looked fancy. Maybe he could get a chance to look at their weapons later on. He'd have to be friendly though, they wouldn't hand their stuff over to a thuggish guy like him for no reason. Especially not if the weapon was actually an artifact. He needed to think.

Also thinking was Jugemu, though she was having very different thoughts. She had actually been distracted from her assessment of the new Chinese visitors by an idiot. She returned Yagyu's look with a confused and oblivious smile. He'd regret that glare when she ruled over the school's food supply. Let the trumped up swordswinger have oatmeal day in and day out. See how he liked a diet of paste and excessive fiber. He woulnd't shit for a month.

As if she had any power over the students the headmaster invited here. Her powers ended at the edge of the classroom. For all intents and purposes, she was still a student at the school, just with a few extra duties. Sure, maybe she could have poisoned a few troublesome students last night and kept them from coming but maybe Yagyu should have taught his students about behaving the way a soldier or samurai should behave.

She turned her attention back to the foreigners. "I'm sure they would quite enjoy the food of the vendors of our city. They might even find something reminiscent of home, Yuubei-san. And I expect there will be a great meal to welcome them once they've gotten settled in their rooms." She looked at the Headmaster for confirmation. That was true right? They weren't screwing up their side of the host/guest dynamic as bad as the introductions had let on, right?

Posted by: Moby Dick Feb 23 2018, 01:32 PM
The look from the light-haired girl drew a biit of curiosity from Makoto there, for a moment. Was her history well-known, then? Well, it was of one of Nobunaga's generals, after all, and a good personal friend of his, even. Perhaps the head of it was bigger than she thought it was. Hopefully, she could swing with it, still. This could end up being a very interesting year, if this young woman had half the intention of confronting her that Makoto thought she did.

We'll see.

All of this led to her thinking 'Roshi, why...?', when he shouted his name out like that, and in that armor. Of course, it was evenn more surprising when there was actually some approval by the newcomers. The light-haired girl - She had introduced herself as Jiao Meili - who'd given her that look before was now laughing out loud at Roshi's antics. Good, she supposed. They'd have something to talk about, perhaps.

On Roshi's side of things, he was glad to have a mask on right now, because he had a big goofy grin on, with that approval and shout just making him beam like crazy right now. If that wasn't a decent ice-breaker, we dunno what IS. However, the merriment was suddenly LOST as Jinn Kuki made his splashdown. Both Makoto and Roshi reacted instantly. She was armed and prepared to interfere with this, and Roshi was making frantic gestures to stop.

Fortunately, others of higher authority had interceded, as well, leaving the situation to calm down a bit. Introductions continued, with no further threats to anybody's person, but perhaps a few one of the students gave their Riddick introduction. So! Things were finally able to move along, as it was announced that the students from abroad would be in the dorms, and the lot of them had the chance to mingle now.

It was at ths point that Roshi began to remove and dissemble his armor into foldable bits, revealing that there was a human being inside! Anyone paying attention would see that while he was doing this, he was speaking to someone on a headset, because the dry-ice thing on his back was still going on full. So, you'd be seeing him now, shouting into his mic, "Hatto-san, switch off, already! It's not that funny! You know you're taking this stuff back, right? I have to stay here, and it can't."., and then he was finally revealed to be in plain day-clothes. After all this, he stepped over too the gathering about Suishoku, joining in on the conversation with staff and big hat still in hand.

"Well, we should at least show them around Edo, so they're familiar with the layout of the land, food or no food."

Makoto was also nearby, eyeing the Jiao girl now. In a lower voice, but close enough to her so that it would be easy for her to hear her over conversation, she said...

"I'm guessing you hold the Maeda Clan in interest for some reason. I don't know the history well enough to know why, so if there's something you need to say, I'd rather hear it sooner than later."

The funny thing is, Makoto didn't look like the sort of person who'd inherit anything from such a brutal war general, but she had a way of surprising people, including herself. As it stood, she had decided that clearing the air was probably for the best. She wasn't too happy about the threat to Jinn, either. She didn't know him that well, but he was a human being, so getting a spear thrust at him was not acceptable.

Posted by: Suzu Feb 24 2018, 10:59 PM

The situation was quietly tense, all things considered. Shinsuke noted with interest that the teachers on both sides of the exchange seemed to be trying to keep the calm. Perhaps they realized it was a potentially volatile situation with representatives of two proud nations meeting for the first time. Especially two nations which didn't necessarily have the most peaceful of histories, and whom had ambitions for greatness beyond their current status. He flinched a little when Nobuyori spoke in the prideful manner of someone nearly challenging the Chinese visitors. Obviously he knew that his friend was apt to say such things, but it was the timing of that particular type of introduction that made it difficult to stomach.

He decided it might be best to stick close by in case there was an exchange which required some glossing over. After all the last thing they wanted here was some kind of fight breaking out. These were guests, not invaders, after all. The heir of the Todo stepped closer to the Azai, saying nothing at first but nodding to indicate he had his friend's back.

"It's good to welcome such proud representatives of an esteemed nation, isn't it? As proud representatives of Japan, we're ready to help make this visit fulfilling for you," he spoke in general, though his gaze shifted to the boy who'd seemed to react the most strongly to Nobuyori's introduction, "It would do us all well to learn more about each other too, so perhaps some breakfast would be in order that we might discuss such things."

Kumori meanwhile was relieved that nothing awkward arose out of her own introduction. Initial sponsorship from a clan which held such prominence as the Oda might make her omission particularly odd to some. No one had even slightly questioned her decision, though, so she left it at that and wondered how she ought to proceed. Of all the Bugei students present she was one of the most senior ones, so maybe it'd do to speak with a similar counterpart on the opposite side. One of them had seemed to react to her introduction, the one who'd introduced themselves as Choa Guang.

The former shrine maiden gracefully whisked forward to approach him, expression neutral. Though she wanted to welcome these visitors, and she didn't want to seem confrontational, she was still a trained warrior. Much as the visitors might be from a powerful place, Kumori was not about to let that lead to a sense of superiority. She cared for the Japanese people regardless of clan, and as a Japanese warrior-priestess she held some personal pride in claiming Ise as her true home. As such her posture was upright and firm, her eyes showing a pride in her identity that wasn't going to allow challenges to stand. Still, she bowed to the Chinese student again since she was accosting him more personally than before.

"Choa Guang-san, was it? I hope your journey from the mainland was peaceful and pleasant," Kumori remarked while she studied the young man's countenance a little more closely, "I was curious if you might be interested in a tea ceremony at some point. After traveling so far, I thought it might be pleasant to experience some tranquility. It would take time to prepare, but I'd be honored if you would join me."

Posted by: Shoy Feb 25 2018, 06:40 PM
Ripley kept a small smile to themselves as they rose from their bow, noticing that Fangyuan was looking at the them directly. That was a good start.

It was possibly slightly less good for that bizarre kid who emerged from the water. First almost stabbed by a Chinese student (fair enough, too: unannounced people emerging from the water is fair game to attack, Ripley thought) and now being told off by Yagyu-sensei - there was no way that was anything other than being told off. And that Roshi guy with all the fog or smoke or whatever made a bit of a scene, Ripley couldn't guess what motivated him but they thought it was kinda funny either way. It took guts to attempt something like that on such an important occasion, and that was something Ripley could appreciate.

The Chinese students would be staying in the dorms with them, which was actually quite nice to hear. It meant that they would get to spend more time with them on a personal level, especially if they decided to hang out in the common areas with all the Bugei kids. It would be a lot of fun to get to know them.

They were given instructions to mingle with the Chinese students, and indeed make them feel welcome, so Ripley headed for where Fangyuan was standing. Why not? There was already another girl there talking to her, but the Bugei students by far outnumbered the Chinese delegation, so of course each Chinese student would likely have the opportunity to speak with more than one Edo Bugei kid.

“Fangyuan Yen, wasn't it?” Ripley said as they approached Fangyuan and Rin. Despite their earlier introduction, Ripley gave another small bow. “Lovely to meet you in person. Even from the shore you seemed pretty rad but I'm sure it's better close up. Listening to anything good?” They gestured to the headphones Fangyuan wore.
In all honesty Mirai was a bit bemused by how a couple of the Edo Bugei students had reacted and introduced themselves. Roshi, who Mirai remembered from their mission together, pulled some stunt with fog and making pretend that was entirely inappropriate for the situation, and someone Mirai didn't recognise had flat out decided to swim around instead of joining in properly like any sensible person would. Mirai couldn't understand why anyone would want to do that sort of thing when they were doing something as important as this.

It would be interesting to have the Chinese students living in the dorms with them. It certainly be a change of pace and Mirai wondered if it would be significantly different to usual Bugei life.

Mirai thought that it was best to treat the Chinese students as they were - honoured guests. As such it was the right thing to offer them proper hospitality and courtesy. Right?

She picked at random - there was Chao Guang, who seemed fairly intimidating compared to the rest of the group. Upon the call to mingle with the Chinese students Mirai hesitantly approached him and bowed. “Would you like any help, or is there anything you’d like to know about Edo, or Japan?”

Posted by: jinn kuki Feb 26 2018, 01:55 PM
Jinn didn't even flinch from the sprear going his way. He looked straight over it. Towards the guy holding it. His left eye that is covered by his hair was giving away a turquoise colored smoke. Jinn's relic was ready to be used within a second.

The moment the spear stopped infront of him jinn's eye was still smoking a bit. Although it disapeared a second later. Jinn climbed calmly further up keeping his calm yet lazy look with him. It was like it didn't do Jinn anything. Well it didn't do him anything.

One of the teachers walked towards him and grabbed him. Jinn rolled his eyes at the comment he made toward Jinn before awnsering in a calm yet lazy tone "If I wanted them death I would have attacked them while they were still on the ship. Less people to witness en fewer people around me." Jinn calmly pointed towards another ship where his Hoodie was still laying on the top sail. "On the other hand I could have shot arrows from there without anyone noticing I was there."

Jinn looked back towards the sensei with his blue grey eyes and looked him straight into the eyes. "And my name is Jinn Kuki, enhiretor of Kuki Yoshitaka."

Posted by: Nobuyumi Mar 4 2018, 08:05 PM

The other seemed to introduce one another well enough, at least until what looked like a possible assassination took place. As the Chinese students turned around to defend themselves Yagyu-sensei rushed forward with sword in hand. Fortunately, however, it was just one of the Bugei students who didn't seem to carry any weapons. As Nobuyori himself had prepared to move in he fortunately had no need to.

As things settled down Nobuyori took a long gaze at the inheritor of Cao Cao. Something about the boy seemed to mix with Nobuyori like oil and water. As Nobuyori kept his gaze he also moved forward towards the group.
"As a prince of the Azai, lords of Omi, should you all need anything please let me know." he said politely. Unfortunately his words didn't carry as much weight as he wished they could. It sounded as though the group would be in Edo most of the time they where in Japan and the Azai didn't exactly have much power in the city ruled by the Shogunate.

Thus, with his offer extended he back away a bit and observed the rest of the group who seemed to be talking to various members of the Chinese delegation, or heading back to the academy at their own pace. The only true saving grace of course was that both Suishoku and Shinsuke happened to be here and Shinsuke seemed to be standing next to Nobuyori, as though sensing he and the chinese lord's natural dislike of one another. It was a petty clash of egos at first glance, and yet here it certainly was.

Posted by: Hikari Mar 4 2018, 08:19 PM
Reika shrugged a bit. This kind of thing just wasn't for her, and with no pesky shinobi about...she didn't need to stay. "Done my part, time to go...somewhere else." She was in the foreign section of the city, perhaps she could go find some sort of challenge. She looked over at the delegation and noticed one of them giving her the eye. She cracked a grin and pointed two fingers at her own eyes, than at the other's. Then she simply turned and began walking into the city. It wouldn't be hard to find someone to play with, those ones...she doubted would be allowed to get roughed up by some common criminal.

"Same shit, same problems. Just more rules added to crap-fest."

(Reika Exit)

Posted by: Nobuyumi Mar 4 2018, 09:39 PM


The two groups seemed to quickly meet one another as the issue from Jinn's sudden appearance started settling down. The first one to really speak at the suddenly appearing Rin who moved straight towards the strategist Fangyuan. The girl eyed Rin carefully. It was clear that Rin was acting more as a scout for the Tokugawa then anything else. In light of this Fangyuan gave a polite bow.
"I believe we have a formal meeting with the Tokugawa this evening. I very much look forward to it." she said politely, her eyes clearly hiding other concepts. It was her own way of making clear that she had no intention of accepting private meetings or summons.
"Please, give your lord my best regards." she said with a polite bow as she gazed over at Kire. It was hard to ignore a boy clearly checking their weapons from top to bottom. It seemed the Edo students weren't as wild and care free as the other may have believed. They had just all come with their own objectives in mind. Though, before she could consider this further Ripley approached both her and Rin.
“Fangyuan Yen, wasn't it?” Ripley said as they approached Fangyuan and Rin. Despite their earlier introduction, Ripley gave another small bow. “Lovely to meet you in person. Even from the shore you seemed pretty rad but I'm sure it's better close up. Listening to anything good?” They gestured to the headphones Fangyuan wore. Fangyuan recognized them as being named Ripley and slowly slid the headphones off of her neck and over her head before handing them to Ripley to try on. The headphones seemed to be playing a Japanese hard rock band that Ripley would have recognized as becoming extremely popular in Edo recently. The band was called "Sen-Gen 23". It was short for "sinners generation".
"Are you a Sen-Gen fan?" she asked curiously of Ripley.

Meanwhile Suishoku asked about what was available for breakfast as Mizuha-sensei pulled out a rather old model of smart phone and began searching for breakfast places near the pier. The group was in Southern Edo so many foreign shops sat around the bay, since it was usually inhabited by foreign merchants.
"That is a good question. we should look into this." she suggested. A few places around served crepes as Suishoku made the suggestion to everyone around.
I know ya'll just got off the boat but if no one has any large luggage to carry to the dorms or, uh, any hurry to hit the dorms just yet, how about freshening up with some fruit crepes since we're in the Southern District and all?" she asked as the entire delegation. The various students looked at one another and seemed fairly intrigued, even the Edo Bugei faculty seemed fairly interested. Even Jugemu, the assistant teacher, added
"I'm sure they would quite enjoy the food of the vendors of our city. They might even find something reminiscent of home, Yuubei-san. And I expect there will be a great meal to welcome them once they've gotten settled in their rooms." With that said Headmaster Hosokawa nodded decisively.
"It is as good of an introduction as any." Yagyu-sensei agreed.
"Well, we should at least show them around Edo, so they're familiar with the layout of the land, food or no food." Roshi added as the inheritor of Liu Bei, Chao Guang, smiled. In his best Japanese he spoke for the group.
"Thank you for your kindness. I promise. We are not in a hurry." he said as he bowed politely, raising his head with a kind smile.

While food seemed to bet the consensus of most of the people in attendance, however, a few private chats where in fact going on. One was Makoto Shiyo walking up to the red haired girl who had come from the Chinese delegation.
"I'm guessing you hold the Maeda Clan in interest for some reason. I don't know the history well enough to know why, so if there's something you need to say, I'd rather hear it sooner than later." she said bluntly. It was clear that this girl, Jiao, had an interest in her. Jaio gazed right at her without flinching.
"The Maeda, the Honda, the Sanada. I have heard all three are extremely strong. I want to fight whoever is from these clans." her desire for combat was extremely obvious from her aura alone. She was the inheritor of the famous master fighter Lu Bu for a reason. All she wanted to do in regards to her trip to Edo was fight the strongest warriors in Japan, and if possible, defeat them in front of everyone.

Another such incidence was Todo Shinsuke and Azai Nobuyori speaking with Cao Cao's inheritor, Zihao Men. Sadly, however, it was less of speaking and more of a stand off. In spite of the kind words from the Azai boy and Shinsuke attempting to help things Zihao stepped directly up to Nobuyori and gazed directly into his eyes.
"It is a pleasure to meet you, Prince of Omi. I am a prince myself, and future lord of a rather large military regiment. I look forward to seeing, exactly, what kind of place Japan is. As well as the, strength, of it's warriors." he said coldly. It almost looked like the two of them would come to blows as behind him Yiting Deng, his bodyguard, stepped forward and bowed to both the Todo and Azai boys.
"I think it would be best if we all focused on breakfast for now. We have all had a long trip, I am sure we are both hungry and tired." she said very matter of factly as Zihao turned to her for a few moments in contemplation before backing away slightly from Nobuyori. Giving both boys a polite bow.
"Yes. I think breakfast would be a good idea for us all." he said as he looked at the two one last time before turning to walk away from them with Yiting in toe.

On another note Chao Guang was approached by a girl from Edo Bugei. One who had introduced herself as Nakamura Kumori.
"Choa Guang-san, was it? I hope your journey from the mainland was peaceful and pleasant," Kumori remarked while she studied the young man's countenance a little more closely, "I was curious if you might be interested in a tea ceremony at some point. After traveling so far, I thought it might be pleasant to experience some tranquility. It would take time to prepare, but I'd be honored if you would join me." the figure of his bodyguard, Fai Cheng, standing behind him made him look far more intimidating then he likely was.
"Chao," he said politely as he made a kanji in the air with his finger.
"Chao, Guang. Sorry." he said, giving a deep bow after his correction.
"I would be absolutely honored to join you in a tea ceremony. I'm sure many of the others would as well. As Guests, whenever it is best for you, please let us know." with that he pulled out a cell phone and pushed "add contact" so that Kumori could then get his contact information. As he did so the girl named Mirai came over.
“Would you like any help, or is there anything you’d like to know about Edo, or Japan?” she asked both he and his guard. As Chao exchanged numbers with Kumori Fai Cheng approached Mirai.
"Actually, I was curious. I heard that Edo was recently attacked. However, the city doesn't look as damaged as I would expect from a town under siege only a year ago. Are the people of Japan that industrious? Was the siege not as large as we had heard?" he asked Mirai curiously, looking around the fairly well equipped dock. He also noticed two girls, Mika and Reika, both seeming to take their leave from the group.

While this was going on Mizuha-sensei had walked over to the Headmaster and Head Teacher and suggested a local shop she knew well. It was a local French cafe that no doubt could accommodate their group.
As Jinn finally introduced himself, being dragged away by Yagyu-sensei the students all seemed to take note of him. Even the Chinese Head Teacher.
"Thank you for your introduction." he said and gave a polite bow as he went back to looking at Headmaster Hosokawa.
"I feel breakfast would do us all some good. Though, what of our luggage?" he asked more for Suishoku and his delegation than for himself. The Headmaster just waved his hand a bit.
"Come, come. Do you not think I prepared for however much supplies you all have brought? Have the crew of the boat move everyone's luggage outside and it will be transported to their dorms. Though, I feel unpacking may take a while." he said politely. After all, if the question of luggage was being raised it clearly meant they had brought a considerable amount and obviously cared for what was inside of it. Thus, Headmaster Hosokawa acted as diplomatically as possible.
"To let each and every one of you know, a large French Cafe is open this time of day and would like to invite us all for breakfast. It is a very short walk from here. Everything will be paid for by the Bugei." he informed everyone as Mizuha-sensei went to inform Mika and Reika.

"NOW! EVERYONE GET TOGETHER AND LETS GO!" he declared. The entire group seeming to start following the Headmaster as the Head Teacher from China gazed back at his boat, speaking a few loud yells in Chinese as some of the sailors on the boat could be seen moving above and below deck, slowly getting boxes together to move out onto the dock proper.

It wouldn't take long for the group to arrive at a large, brown restaurant with tinted glass windows. The inside was a beautiful cafe style set up with multiple wooden tables. Crepes could be smelled cooking. Both with fruit filling, and actual breakfast food, while behind the counter massive clear containers of various coffee beans could be seen. It was now up to the students to order whatever they would like and gather with whomever they would wish to sit with.

Jiao Meili ordered a very light tea and a strawberry and creme Crepe before sitting at a table near the corner. Chao and Fai both ordered fairly healthy food while ordering light roasts and sitting together at a large table. Fangyuan sat at a table facing the outside window with a medium roast and small salad, while Zihao and Yiting sat at a large table directly in the middle of the room, both ordering extremely expensive breakfast crepes with steak. Deciding it best not to helicopter too much the Head Teacher, as well as the staff from Bugei, all gathered at their own table. All of them ordering fairly black coffee as though to speak on just how long of a morning they had clearly been having thus far.

(I realize a scene change happened. You guys can write about having asked whatever you would like between the dock at the cafe. You all walked for about ten or fiteen minutes-ish. I will make sure to respond to whatever you asked on my next NPC Post)

Posted by: Alida Mar 5 2018, 06:54 AM
Mika raised her head from her phone as the elderly teacher approached her and another that happened to join up. Her wrinkled face looked at the two before motioning back to the group of students to were actively attempting to accommodate the Chinese. "If...," the blonde looked at the few students who had weapons and the one who had that odd look in their eye that seemed to light up after mentioning the Honda clan. It felt like an odd premonition that made her want to leave to avoid a foolish battle for show. Mika weighted her options of going back to the dorms empty handed or take part in a possible free meal for coming out to this fish reeked pier. "you insist." The girl closed her phone and retreated from the bus stop. The bus time sheet listed it as arriving another thirty minutes away and that was thirty minutes too long for her to be patient for.

Mika walked up behind the group and did her best to look as well together and disinterested in the the new students. She didn't offer to come here as a representative of the Honda family; her brother is that title, not some cast off. The prospect of food seemed to draw even the most combat focused to drop the battle pretense for a meal. It took a moment for the arrangements to be made before the group walked loosely together toward the cafe destination to give a large boon to its usual customer count.

Inside, she waited her turn before ordering a light breakfast of a salad crepe of some tuna, onion, lettuce, asparagus, and ham. Today she didn't feel like she could stomach sweets. The wrapped breakfast meal was given to her to which she looked at her table options. Most of those students paired off elsewhere into a few couple corners in booths or sat by themselves. Feeling to put distance between her and the girl in the corner, Mika surprisingly opted for the open table in the center. The choice of a more free and less clustered seating choice was more on instinct than trying to avoid both political and battle lust.

"Excuse me," she pulled a chair and sat an open space away from Zihao's unoccupied section of the large table. A brief nod, if one could call it that, was given to him and his company before sitting down with care for her clothes and meal thanks to her upbringing. "Carry on with your meal," she spoke as if giving them leave to continue as they were. Even if she were discarded from the Honda family's concerns, Mikazuki has yet to stoop to commoner behavior in public.

Posted by: Moby Dick Mar 8 2018, 07:26 PM
Really, she should've guessed. It was as Jiao said. The Maeda, the Sanada, and the honda were indeed strong fighting clans. They were all certainly famous enough for one who had battle in their blood to wonder just how strong, to see if the current generation of clan members were as good as the legends. And in all honesty, Makoto just didn't know. Legends were...well...legends. They were tales of both truth AND fiction. You wouldn't know which part was which, because you wouldn't even know if they had the powers that people did now, back then. And even if they expressly said so, it could just be a tall tale, embellishing their skill.

What this all boiled down to, though, was that they had a pair of battle-ready Scions - or Inheritors - and one of them was really itching for a fight. This was technically alright with Makoto, but in no way was she out to show the world how great she was, per se. It was about accomplishing goals FOR those goals, not for herself. She didn't brag. She just did things and let them be the statement, all on their own. Even still, the chance to fight against another skillful opponent was a chance to learn and grow in her own skills. The more different opponents she faced, the more chance she would have to overcome those of an outlandish nature when it counted. So, to this, Makoto smiled.

"I think I can indulge you. Now is not the time, of course, but it'll be fun to see what the other is capable of."

She was pretty sure that kind of spirited competition and exchange was something the two schools were looking to see, so unless someone of the clans said no, they were probably going to do that, at some point. She'd probably have to find her later. And then, a funny hit her. She looked around the crowd that was around and said to Jiao...

"Of course, there are those who are hiding in plain sight, who are masters at their craft, that hide behind innocent facades, as well. They are quite formidable, in their own way."

She was jokingly referring to Roshi, since he'd gone out of his way to put himself ON display. Maybe the Chinese group would start thinking he had skill and intrigue behind him that they would have to be wary of... That would be hilarious. Roshi was, of course, hanging out with the others, having basically offered to show some of them the city, because what he really was...was a nice guy. After all, hadn't he tried to morale-boost people at the school? And Makoto had seen his commemorative sculptures at the Earthquake Memorial, honoring her and...their dead friends. During the time in which Makoto had spoken her 'warning' to Jiao, it'd been said that they were going to a French restaurant for breakfast. They were already underway when Makoto realized something.

"You know, if we do fight, I think it only fair you tell me about your style, since you can clearly see what I favor."

She had come with her actual Relic, so it was kind of obvious that pole-arm combat was in use. Now, we much step away from Makoto for a moment, because over closer to where Roshi was, Chao had asked about the war with the Ikko Ikki, about how much damage there was...since very little evidence of it existed now. Roshi, having been both in that battle and one who volunteered to help rebuild Edo, decided that he should speak up on this matter. He did so as a deep-voiced storyteller.

"The seige had been terrifying, fire and explosions occurring in every district. The Ikko Ikki wanted none of Edo to survive, not even a memory. The so-called monks had even rigged themselves to explode, at times, to make sure they could take their enemies with them as they died. I can't speak for all the Generals, but at least one was completely mad and bloodthirsty. There is no question that that seige was the most horrible thing to behold since the earthquake that had struck previously."

Then, with a smile, he returned to his normal self.

"The people of this town rebuild as a way to heal. They only feel satisfied when the job is done, so they can say 'We've put the darkness past us and we're ready to go on'. We need Edo, and Edo needs us. That's how it is."

Once they arrived at the cafe, Roshi idea what to order. Well, tea worked, but he needed food too. He ended up asking for something that looked like it was smiling at him, which was Palmier. Makoto had milk and croissant, herself.

Posted by: Alida Mar 8 2018, 09:25 PM
The question of where to eat and how their luggage would be handled direct to their teachers threw her off as the man’s body posture and eyes went to include her as well. Suishoku lowered her hands with a sheepish grin while trying to figure out how she got saddled into making the arrangements. She didn’t have that many connections in Edo save for a restaurant and the Duch Foreign Embassy so it did put her on the spot on how to accommodate their Chinese guests so suddenly. Even then did Roshi came to join her, a gesture Suishoku much appreciated, when he offered a better tour idea to her breakfast. Roshi honestly fit better in that aspect as someone born and rised in the city while her knowledge was limited to the more tourist stuff and local convenience stores. Her shy grin turned to a beaming smile to Roshi as though he just saved the day as Mizuha-sensei came up with a more elegant solution.

“They would seat all of us?” Suishoku asked the grandmother figure of their school. The confident look in her eyes complimented an answer of certainty. Feeling to be once again saved thanks to the combined help from the Edo teachers and Roshi, Suishoku calmed down to settle back into the guide role that ended up in her possession. “It would be a hassle to drag the bags to the restaurant. We’d be imposing enough with out large group,” she lightly pointed out to the Chinese headmaster. Both groups would head off lead by Hosokawa. Suishoku strolled along with Roshi after him with the group of Chinese students keeping in their formation.

The walk wasn’t too dull or quiet with conversation continuing in their wake. Roshi spent a time retelling a sample of what happened in Edo during the Ikko attack. Suishoku nodded in agreement of the assessment. “Would say we got off lucky not every person was armed with powders.” This being the truth of the matter. If the Ikko wanted Edo wiped clean then they could have raised it to he ground or something. Or had every person under their sleeper agents blow themselves up taking put untold numbers in their wake. Having thought these horrible thoughts made Suishoku pale a bit and quickly put a stop to these crazy what-if scenarios. “..The enemy Generals were powerful though they kinda each did their own thing, after hearing how your acted differently to mine. That was a great story teller voice by the way.”

When everyone gathered into the restaurant for their breakfast, Suishoku spent her time looking at the menu of crepes. It is what she wanted for breakfast so she placed an order for something to try a new taste in a differnet form; a chocolate banana crepe. She paid extra for a dash of cinnamon on too before taking the quickly folded treat and took a seat at the nearest table where Jiao sat. Mostly because they has a crepe too. “Looks good,” she complimented Jiao’s choice and took a bite of her own creamy chocolate banana mix with an approving grin upon it. This tasted just as good as the ones at the festival.

Posted by: Aideen Mar 9 2018, 07:34 PM
Jugemu felt like she had some reassurance, all things would be taken care of, the adults would appear to be less impulsive and have everything well planned out. It was all a very big relief, despite the missteps of several of her fellow students. Well, something like fellow students at least. It was gratifying to see them all start getting along more now. Jugemu wasn't sure what she'd do if a fight actually broke out. She'd probably have to dig into her apron for some surprise.

But despite a few people tensing up, and others relaxing, Jugemu felt that she'd performed adequately. So what if they wouldn't want to eat her cooking, that just meant they were appropriately cautious. She wondered if the foreign students had been trained to recognize Edo Bugei students from their arm bands. Or what the lack of armband might signify. That would be a good reason to be cautious around her. She slipped her hands into the front of her apron with a smile and turned around to walk with the group. Her stride was easy and relaxed, she wasn't worried anymore. Though she did keep her distance from a certain combat instructor.

As for Kire, he was not walking with the group, more like he was lagging behind. He'd overestimated the powers of his new phone and now was fighting it to get the results he wanted. Apparently the translation program was designed for a person to speak clearly directly into the microphone, all the background noise and muttering and conversations were playing hell with the translation. He was getting pretty sick of it.

So Kire wasn't paying much attention to what everyone decided on for food, he just trailed along and fiddled with his phone. Of course, once they had arrived, he was not pleasantly surprised. He breathed out slowly, repressing the urge to cuss. "I a thing. Save me a seat." He said to nobody in particular and slipped around the corner to go around back of the restaurant to face a bit of music.

Jugemu had tried a lot of food, she'd made a lot of it too. French food seemed to have some of the most elaborate and fancy desserts. Who else would make a cake of a thousand layers? Who else would make it so delectable? She was excited to have a bit more of it without needing to make it herself. Jugemu took the menu after sitting down and let her fingers dance across the dessert table as she tried to make up her mind.

After awhile, Kire walked back inside, he was obviously sulking and his left cheek was a bright red. Obviously his excusrion had not ended well. He sat in one of the empty seats and stared at the table. He was served water, regardless of anything he ordered, he got water. A brownish water with the occasional bit of soap bubble still in it. He didn't bother drinking it. Instead he just sighed and sulked.

Posted by: Darkhawkin Mar 10 2018, 03:56 PM
I believe we have a formal meeting with the Tokugawa this evening. I very much look forward to it.

Both Fangyuan and Rin’s words so diplomatic they miss well have been scripted, but such way the way of things in these situations in while only fools spoke their mind. For now Rin would leave it at that, she had made the introduction the rest could come later so as the other started to flood in and the next phase of the meet and greet was proposed Rin faded into the back and simple observed. It personalities were becoming more apparent as the two groups continued to interact and curiosity took over during the trip to the café. Upon arrival the rather large group split to their own little areas, something Rin took note of; thus it was up to Rin now to decided who she was going to join. At first, she planned on rejoining Fangyuan decided to follow that tread at a later date so for the time being she decided to join Zihao and Yiting at their table not to interact per say but to simply listen for now as she enjoyed the nice dark roast she just ordered.

Posted by: LDYWHTE Mar 11 2018, 02:02 PM
"You want something to eat too, brother?"

"Not now, I am still watching them."

Hushed, Kayoko looked somewhere else, not wanting to catch any attention from the rest of the students.
The twin kept his sharp gaze at the new arrived from the red boats, and now they're inside a restaurant with those foreign people, the whole time following diligently the crowd.
While the young one looked enthusiast to meet the new guests arrived, Youri looked concerned and sceptic, something that stopped her to do anything as their gazes met briefly.

"For what I am understanding, those guys are Chinese, but I am not sure, I was too far to examine them properly. Anyway, I hope they're not here to make some mess." Youri finally spoke again, low to don't be heard by anyone around them, but deep like a growl, clearly distressed by their presence.

Worried for his aggressive behaviour, she tried to calm him down somehow. "Calm your spirits, brother. For now what is happening are things which go beyond our care. Let's leave them be, we have other things to take care of."

With a short snourt of annoyance, Youri nodded and remained with her on the table they choosed.
They'll eventually keep to watch everything from afar, as they did in these first days in the Academy. Only for him this formal meeting felt unsettling: too much richness, too much ostentatious... Kayoko sighed plainly as she kept to watch him holding stubbornly this worrisome tension, accentuated by both his fists clenched tight on the table.
She must do something, and quickly.

"C'mon, I'll order for us some Sencha. It's been time since I've drank a cup of tea with you!" Kayoko insisted with her smile that finally broke the tensions of her brother.
Won by her attitude once again, he "disarmed" himself from his prejudices and paranoias to have a cup of tea as well with her.
The worse was avoided, and the two continued to enjoy the offerings of this place quietly like the others.

Posted by: jinn kuki Mar 11 2018, 03:00 PM
Jinn felt the hands of the sensei on his body and would push the hands of the sensei off him. "I can walk myself." Jinn said towards the sensei while looking at him in the corner of his eye.

Jinn walked away from the sensei although he still wasn't wearing his shirt making the water that fell from his hair slide over the contours of his athletic muscle built. Jinn may have fought many battles but there wasn't a single scare to be found on his body. His pants clinging to his legs because of the water.

At the cafe jinn would take a seat in the corner of the cafe right next to the window. He was calmly staring outside like he did most of the time in classes. He wasn't paying attention to what was happening in side. He just preffered to look at the clouds and how free they are with nothing to worry about. He wanted to be just like that. Infront of him was a pretty simple fruit crepe with a caramel ice coffee next to it. His pants was almost dried up by now although his shirt and Hoodie where still hanging in the top sail of the ship.

Posted by: Suzu Mar 14 2018, 06:49 AM
Even for the diplomatically minded Shinuske it was getting a little difficult to remain polite and proper in the face of veiled insults. Though he spoke nothing directly it seemed clear by his tone he didn't have high expectations for Japan. Shinsuke just barely managed to avoid dropping his facade in the face of that attitude, though hints of a frown were evident. This was neither the place nor the time for picking a fight with someone, even if it were just a battle of words. Thankfully the bodyguard was a bit more levelheaded than the teenage boys were liable to be and broke things up.

"I do hope we can prove capable by the lofty standards such distinguished visitors must hold," Shinsuke spoke a bit more forcefully than usual as the pair walked away. Almost immediately he turned to Nobuyori and shook his head, "Well, that went well.."

Inori, who'd managed to contain herself to this point, jumped in quietly, "Lotta nerve he's got actin' like that to people who came to welcome 'em all. Maybe I can show him just what a Japanese warrior can do!"

Shinsuke looked to his sister, back to his friend, and then sighed, "Just.. please don't do anything too drastic, okay? That's all I ask."

Kumori, meanwhile, was having a lot more success in speaking to another member of the visiting delegation. This was a far more enjoyable endeavor than any of the battles she'd been through in the past year. That trip to Nara had done wonders for her mind and spirit, and it showed in her serene expression. Some of the Chinese visitors were quite proud as Scions (or Inheritors, depending on the term) could be, based on the lineage of their relics. This young man at least was quite polite and pleasant to speak with.

"It will be my privilege to present the ceremony for everyone who wants to come," Kumori remarked as she took her phone out to make a memo of the need for special preparations. The status of the visitors demanded a proper level of professionalism. Moments later she had the young man's contact information, the first new addition to that since.. well, it'd been a while, that was for sure.

Eventually everyone ended up heading to a nearby cafe for breakfast and caffeinated beverages. Shinsuke stuck with his Azai friend just in case any further sparks flew over the morning meal. Not just to make amends for unfortunate word choices, but also to jump to the defense of the Azai boy and Japan in general. Meanwhile Inori was kind of hovering around the periphery with a pair of overly sweet looking strawberry pastries and a cup of black coffee. The drink choice was the influence of her aunt Suzume on her; the Todo clan's most outspoken warrior refused to allow anything but the beans themselves to be put into the drink. Though it was a bit bitter Inori had grown accustomed to the taste. It'd make her strong like her aunt! Strength was also on her mind as she watched the Inheritor of Lu Bu from a distance. That girl sure didn't look super strong but that probably just meant she was really strong. That alone was enough to keep Inori leaning over her plate as she observed the girl's every movement.

"Lu Bu.. that's pretty darn cool.." she remarked with all the tone of a fan girl in the making.

Kumori, meanwhile, took up a seat near the teachers. She was quite heavily invested in this idea of a tea ceremony now and wanted to review a few things. Not the least of which were the stores of tea itself that she had access to, and whether or not she'd need to go shopping for more.

Posted by: Maran Mar 15 2018, 09:54 PM
The day had proven to be....interesting to say the least. Hoshi had once again overslept and rushed about getting dressed, apparently people from China were coming over for a visit. She was rather curious about what kind of people would they be? Hoshi geared up, strapping her naginata across her back and with a liberal usage of Blinkstep raced to the harbor and watched from a nearby fisherman's stall. Thankfully, there were no crows nearby and the seagulls seemed more interested in things not nearby. At first, it looked like things were going going well, but she must've missed something because one of the boys from Bugei looked like he went for a swim and his body language indicated a foul mood.

Hoshi waited for a couple seconds as the people started walking away before following at a discrete distance. Her small body sliding between people and flowing through crowds until they reached a cafe. Now she had a dilemma. Would she join the group with the gaijin? Or sit by herself somewhere else? She wanted to practice her stealth skills, so going into the cafe where she would most likely be spotted by the Chinese was not the best option. She opted for a place with an outdoor eating area that served gellato. "Itakadimasu." She could barely speak above a loud whisper without hurting her throat.

She started spooning the custard goodness into her mouth. The smooth, cool treat made the near constant pain fade as she smiled brightly. She today was certainly going to be interesting indeed.

Posted by: UKIYO Mar 18 2018, 05:00 PM

As the Chinese leader acknowledged her observation, she noticed on of the students had taken an interest in both her and her comrade. Naturally, warmth rushes through in her in sweet genuineness. Of course, she didn't mean to frighten her teachers with the bold acclamation- but as anyone else could probably imagine, she said the words no one else was brave enough to say.

Smiling, she had motives to address everyone personally out of courtesy, but instead her attention averted completely to Makoto. Humming in wise observation, she knew exactly why she'd captured his attention, if only for a moment. They were both spear-women, and very powerful ones at that. With that she threw a smug glance to the Chinese scion, seeming to know all in those few moments.

Despite the brief exchange, the Chinese had managed to woo her if not for all the wrong reasons, she didn't mean to eavesdrop on the conversation, she was simply going to discuss the boy's interest if that was really what he wanted. Yet she couldn't hold back to chuckle as she made her way over there.

Something about a red head wanting to fight three warrior clans, either all at once or one and one. It was 'laughable' at best- her determination at least. As a Sanada herself, the idea sounded wonderful-on paper.

She knew it was important to the reputation of her school to not indulge her like that. At least not right away. Her main focus at the moment was mingling within the group as much as she could, slowly and methodologically, she imagined it'd be great to make a lasting and, by every Deity, positive impression on the foreigners.

The trip to the cafe was as explorative for the foreigners as it was for Hana herself. Her life hadn't revolved around such frivolity, exploring parts of Japan, not only for recreation but for anything at all, was something of a childhood memory- blurred out and pressed into a diary like a wilting flower.

Kept in mind, she was actually excited to have come to this otherwise, quaint little cafe. Unlike the outside, inside was cheery and bright. With rich and colorful scents wafting through the air from every direction. As the doors swung open to let the band of students and teachers in, what little patrons kept silent for a few rushing moments, just before returning to their own private conversations.

With so much food around her, it was overwhelming to order anything at all, but eventually she'd settled on a few crepes, filled with strawberries and peaches as well as a more traditional style she was used to. With both Nabeyaki Udon and natto, rice and fried egg, it was something she considered very light in terms of the-sometimes- over 6 course meals she'd gotten accustomed to from home. Once she had what she wanted, she made her way back to the two that had caught her eye from earlier.

"Chao Guang, Fai Cheng," She called out, hoping she'd gotten their names right and in the correct order Though she wanted to talk with Fai- she understood that Chao Guang was his superior. Being as polite as she could, the last thing she wanted was for them to have a bitter taste when it came to her. "Would you mind if I joined you for breakfast?"

Posted by: Shoy Mar 19 2018, 07:06 AM
Sen-Gen: Ripley had heard of the band before, and though they hadn’t extensively listened to their music it was popular enough nowadays that it was hard not to have heard of them. Ripley didn’t mind what they’d heard of their songs and when they took the headphones to listen for a moment they found themselves tapping a foot along with it. “Heard of ‘em and been meaning to listen to more of their stuff. They’ve got good beats, I’ll tell you that.” Ripley said, returning the headphones. “Any songs you'd suggest to a Sen-Gen newb?”

Ripley whistled. French cafe, and paid for? Sweet. This would be a prime opportunity to order something extravagant without worrying about the cost.

“How long you guys gonna be in Edo?” Ripley asked Fangyuan as they walked to the cafe.

The cafe was a nice place. It was fairly spacious for a cafe, but the decor was good and the smell was even better. They ordered a strong latte and some kind of breakfast crepe - they didn't exactly know what it was but it sounded fancy and was expensive compared to most of the other things on the menu - and joined Fangyuan’s table. “You into any other Japanese bands or just Sen-Gen?”
Mirai cleared her throat. The question was about the clean-up and that at least was something Mirai could talk about a little - she'd been involved with parts of it after all, and it wasn't something she felt any particular turmoil over.“Everyone worked hard to fix things. I think that's why it seems so normal.”

Edo Bugei seemed to have done all they could to try to make the Chinese students feel welcome - they were taking care of the luggage, inviting them into the dorms with the other students, and now they were even offering an all-expenses paid breakfast. It was nice of the school to offer to do that.

The smell hit her as soon as she walked in. Oh boy, this was going to be delicious. Mirai ordered black coffee and simple lemon and sugar crepes. She decided to try talking to another of the Chinese students, simply to meet more of them than just the one. She headed towards Zihao and Yiting’s large table. “Is it OK if I sit here?”

Posted by: Nobuyumi Mar 21 2018, 05:38 PM

As Everyone left for the restaurant Nobuyori wasn't extremely quick to follow. After all he really didn't feel connected to any of the foreign students in particular as of yet. To compound things he was also from a clan with a strong naval presence. In light of that he couldn't help but want to spend as much time as possible looking at the foreign vessel.

He had seen vessels like this in paintings, and online, but he had never seen one this large and this close before. It was clearly different from the brunes that the samurai used, and with it's four giant sails meant to catch the wind instead of relying on rowing strength, it could likely cute across the ocean at truly great speeds. The problem, however, was that the sails seemed to be most of it's power. If it lost the sails, or worse yet lost the favor of the wind, the vessel would likely be stuck and could easily be destroyed by cannons, fire arrows, or even worse, enemy scions.

Regardless of how he looked at it, it was clearly a travel vessel made for scouting and quick travel, and not for war. Though with seven scions aboard, the ship never had to have firepower of it's own. It's deep haul also could likely fit a large group of soldiers, or in a more positive scenario could fit quite a lot of trade goods. With his quick analysis of the ship complete he looked off into the distance to see the direction the group was going and decided it best to follow.

Arriving at the cafe he looked around and saw everyone having a good time. Well, aside from a familiar face. Kire seemed rather beat up, but didn't appear in the mood to talk at the moment as Nobuyori sat with the Todo siblings after ordering a green tea latte.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Mar 21 2018, 06:12 PM

(Last round of posting!)

On the way to the cafe Makot made a simple request.
"You know, if we do fight, I think it only fair you tell me about your style, since you can clearly see what I favor." at this the Chinese girl couldn't help but laugh and smile. After all she was the inheritor of Lu Bu and would gladly explain all of her power.
"I use a Chinese Halberd. with blades on both side. I also use, raw strength." she said with a wicked grin. In her heart she was sad that they couldn't simply fight in the street, but she knew neither China nor Japan would allow such a thing.
"I look forward to the fight." she said in perfect Japanese. She had clearly practiced the phrase many times before arriving in Edo and the smile on her face was pure, and large. It was clear that Makoto had actively signed herself up for one hell of a battle later on. Meanwhile Roshi loudly explained about the battle for Edo, something that seemed to catch the ear of all of the Chinese students. After al, the entire group had heard about the battle and felt curious to hear about it first hand from a participant. After Roshi's explanation a few quick words would be exchanged between the group, mostly that sounds like agreement on facts. Suishoku also backed up Roshi's words.

Meanwhile Ripley chatted with Fangyuan.
“How long you guys gonna be in Edo?” they asked as Fangyuan looked to her Head Teacher and the others before answering Ripley.
"We will be here for a few months." she said in very polite Japanese. It was vague but the best Fangyuan could think to say. After all even she wasn't sure. It depends on quite a lot of factors at the moment. Though as the conversation shifted back to her much adored Sen-Gen she smiled.
"Bodies" she said as she suggested a song. It was a rather dark song and she didn't look as though she would enjoy death metal, but it was what it was.
“You into any other Japanese bands or just Sen-Gen?” Ripley asked but Fangyuan shook her head a bit.
"not really, no. sorry." and with that they had arrived at the cafe.

At the cafe everyone seemed to be getting seated. The first was Mika, sitting near Zihao. The nobleman looked at her and smiled, politely nodding as she took as eat. It was clear she didn't wish much for conversation and he had no intention of forcing her into such at thing. Rin also seemed to sit at what was quickly seeming like the quiet table. Mirai seemed the only one who bothered to speak.
“Is it OK if I sit here?” she asked Zihao who looked up a bit surprised by someone actually talking.
"Huh? Sure." he said before returning to his food. It had been a bit since either he or his bodyguard had eaten food this unique and he was quite excited.

Meanwhile Suishoku sat with Jiao
" “Looks good,” she complimented as Jiao smiled.
"Thank you." Jiao's face seemed to have a genuine smile over the quality of the food. All of the Chinese students seemed to be rather happy with what they had ordered and reasonably surprised at the quality of the meal. Even their leader nodded to Headmaster Hosokawa.
"This is quite delicious." he said. The Headmaster simply laughed a bit.
"Well now, I can't take you to a bad place when you just arrived can I?" it was clear he was in a great mood at the happenings of the morning, now that the chaos from the dock had settled down.

Jugemu seemed to be trying to adjust to her new position with the staff, fortunately Kumori seemed to sit near by her as Kire slipped out and came back looking rather beat up. More than likely he had just deeply offended someone and as both he and the teacher got dark black coffee, neither seemed particularly interested in talking at the moment. Sitting near Kire would be a pair of siblings, the Kotan siblings, who gossiped and not so quietly watched the Chinese students with curious expression. The cafe was quite packed and surprisingly lively this morning. Even outside the cafe a student named Hoshi sat looking inside at the students.

Near the window Jinn sat, the tiny strategist of the Chinese students, Fangyuan gazed over at him peacefully.
"You are quite daring." she said softly as she took a sip of her drink. Even if she thought Jinn was absolutely foolish, to deny his clearly massive level of guts and bravado would have been foolish. So she gave him the best compliment she could, considering the situation that had taken place.

Over at the Azai/Todo table Inori would catch a smile and look from the inheritor of Lu-Bu, somehow seeming to catch her words as she laughed.
"Of course I am great!" she proudly declared to the entire cafe as Fangyuan shot her a glare and Xiahou Dun's inheritor simply sighed a bit. At the same time Hana walked over to two of the chinese students.
"Would you mind if I joined you for breakfast?" she asked Chao Guang and Fai Cheng. The two looked up and smiled as Chao swept his arm a bit.
"Please be seated." he said with a smile.
"Thank you for joining us." Fai said, practicing his Japanese.

Posted by: LDYWHTE Mar 23 2018, 07:24 PM
"Of course I am great!" The Chinese girl's shout rang also in the ears of Youri inside the Cafe.

"Tsk, what a boor kiddo." He growled in his gritted teeth. That was the last drop which flooded the vase.

"Youri, stop it..!" Kayoko whispered back sharply at the edge of her toleration too.

It became hard even to enjoy this peaceful meeting, with the situation getting more and more tense as the situation kept to remain for him on a razor's edge.
Not wanting to cause any mess in the public place, he finished his cup of tea in few sips, he cleaned his mouth on the napkin and stood up while tossing it on the table indecorously, which immediately alarmed the young girl in front of him.

"And now where are you going? Don't do anything silly--!"

"I need to get out from here, sister, this place is making me sick." He lastly said to her before he actually left the place to chill outside under a different ambient. He felt like lift from his tensions that were only growing in a dangerous way in his body.
Finally a breath of air. He thought as he slipped his hands in his pockets and rested his back on a wall of the building.
The words exchanged inside were of no importance for him now, he'll just wait for the "meeting" to end and to return in the Academy with his sister.

Kayoko remained alone in the end, with her half empty cup held in her hands mid-air and her worried expression pointed in the direction of the exit door. Whatever he saw or felt, it wasn't good, that was for sure.

Huh, guess we'll need to talk later. I can't see him like that again. She thought as her head returned low on the cup with a thoughtful frown, staring at her own reflection over the infused water and wondering how she could handle this situation as well.

Posted by: Suzu Mar 25 2018, 08:06 AM

Everyone in the cafe could hear the Lu Bu Inheritor's laugh and proclamation, and the Todos reacted differently. Shinsuke was embarrassed that his sister's comment had triggered the outburst and blushed at the whole situation. A glance to Inori with a bit of a disappointed look in his eyes said the entire story. Really it was a mix of disappointment at both girls' outbursts and annoyance that his sister had attracted attention the way she had. This was meant to be a nice relaxing breakfast for them all and now it'd gotten a bit more awkward. It was all right to be proud of yourself, but not to the point that this girl was.

"Well, this is going to be an interesting experience for everyone," he remarked, glancing to Nobuyori to check how his friend was doing in the still heated environment.

"She seems neat to me," Inori remarked as she sipped her drink.

Inori meanwhile was pretty satisfied that the strong Chinese girl had actually heard her speaking. She'd always had a lot of interest in really strong girls, and this one was an excellent example of one. Maybe even more powerful than her aunt Suzume with some extensive training! It wasn't clear how much training the Chinese students had undergone to this point, so Inori couldn't say for sure how technically skilled she was. What she could say was that given the girl's relic she probably possessed some raw power if nothing else. While others were reacting in annoyance or anger, Inori grinned at Lu Bu's Inheritor and gave a thumbs-up. Clearly the girl had at least one fan.

Kumori, meanwhile, just watched everyone as they interacted over breakfast. Having only just met all of the visitors she wasn't completely certain which of them would be problems or if any of them would. That one girl seemed like trouble, but then again you couldn't tell just from first impressions. Or at least you should reserve judgement a little bit. Regardless she was at least satisfied that nobody was going to try and disrupt the peace with anything more than words for now. That was enough to allow her to continue mentally planning for a proper tea ceremony.. while humming one of the songs she'd written in her net idol days.

Posted by: Aideen Mar 27 2018, 07:40 PM
Jugemu smiled and answered when she was addressed but she did not volunteer herself to conversation. It was far more interesting to see these foreign students interact with the local students. There appeared to be some friction, some possible friendships, and quite a lot of potential. Jugemu felt quite sure that the Chinese delegation had chosen some of their best students, or maybe just the most powerful ones. There was a difference after all. Regardless, she would not want to fight them in a fair contest.

Her dessert arrived and she examined it with glee. What a lovely little tart. She reached into her apron pockets and pulled out a small paper package which she tore and sprinkled onto the dish. Nothing like a little special addition to make the flavors explode. She took the first bite and chewed slowly, examining all the flavors. A habit that could save a life, or steal a recipe, she'd be quite happy with either.

Kire was not enjoying his offering. The dishwater sat in front of him like the dark cloud over his head. He stared at it and resigned himself to suffering. With little recourse, he pulled out his phone and decided to try the translation software again. It was crowded and he was closer but it seemed that Japanese was the current language exclusively. Well, that was fine, if unhelpful. But nothing seemed to be helpful today.

He frowned when he heard one of the foreign girls boasting. Well, maybe she was, maybe she wasn't. But greatness with artifacts alone was hardly great at all. It took somebody with real skill to become great. But he wouldn't speak up, he was being diplomatic. They ought to give him another medal. Maybe he could collect enough to make them into something that mattered.

Kire pushed the glass away from him. Well maybe he could meet one of them in the dorms and get a look at the kinds of weapons that they made for students in China. Imports just simply were not indicative. Maybe he could show off some of his own work, broaden the market, have his name spread internationally. That would be pretty neat.

Posted by: jinn kuki Mar 28 2018, 06:28 PM
Jinn snapped out of his day dream like state when someone suddenly talked to him. Jinn wasn't expecting anyone to talk to him let stand give him a compliment? He looked at her with his lazy yet tired looking eyes but there was something more in his eyes though. Like a small fire that was burning deep inside of him if someone looked deep enough in his eyes.

"Thanks. You know, you have quite beautiful eyes." Jinn said in a calm yet friendly tone towards her. He smiled a bit towards her before he started looking outside again.

Jinn maybe had lots of guts although he had a brain with it which he didn't show allot unless he needed to. It was funny to him no one really saw it because of his attitude towards everything.

Posted by: Moby Dick Mar 30 2018, 02:03 AM
So, things were doing rather well in the cafe. Good times, for both the locals and their foreign visitors. Makoto was, at this time, thinking about what Jiao had told her. Since the Chinese girl had decided to divulge a bit of info, she was just using this moment to consider that. After all, nobody seemed intent to speak with her, for the moment.

So, she and I may have similar styles... The only real difference is that her weapon has blades on both ends, and I can have effectively two weapons in MY hands.

Makoto actually wondered - She'd never actually tried this - if her yari would reassemble from the two halves back together backwards, as in with the two blades facing away from each other. Probably not, though. They might not line up properly. Still, this was useful to her. Now...they had a basic idea of what to expect from each other, and they both had - most likely - a few secrets that could only be revealed through battle, such as the way her weapon divided itself down the shaft and blade.

Suddenly, someone plunked down into the seat next to her. She was startled, but then calmed down a bit when she saw it was a smiling Roshi Bento.

"I see you're still being yourself, even around foreigners. Though, why were you...? Why did it look like you were threatening them?"

"Oh, I wasn't, really. It was more of...'This isn't where you want to pick a fight'. You know, just in case. I mean, the hat guy was a foreigner. I don't want any bad foreigners getting any ideas from him."

"This was the 'Kill Everyone' guy, right?"


"Okay, I can see that, but ummm..."

She began to chuckle.

"I may have made you out to be some kind of secret badass to them. Spooky, scary artist, hiding behind a friendly mask!"

Indeed? Roshi Bento, hiding something beneath his goofy facade? Huh...

"I've attracted some attention myself, though."

"Oh? Like what? A date?"

"A fight."

"Why're you picking a fight?"

"I didn't! She did, because she likes battling strong people."

Well, there were people like that, all over, but Roshi found it strange that anyone would travel to other countries in the world - without being an enemy to the people they meet - just to fight. Oh well... They weren't going to be trouble. They actually seemed quite nice...for the most part.

Posted by: UKIYO Mar 30 2018, 10:15 AM

So they did know a bit of Japanese, impressive. It made her happy to know at least they were nice enough to try and learn some aspect of the country they were visit. It made the whole experience more...worthwhile.

Unfortunately, whether or not Hana could speak Chinese to them was a mystery. It would've been plausible, as Chinese was the language of the Imperial Court for a period of time- but whatever she knew was basically textbook regardless.

With her request accepted however, she took the seat directly in front of the too, her own hands being careful not to spill any aspect of her breakfast, or raise her hands higher than they should've been. It frustrated her to know end, but that didn't mean she could show it. She wanted to be cultural- she wanted to be fashion forward too, so naturally she'd suffer for it.


She said to Fai, hoping it sounded as good as it did in her own mind, she shouldn't have pushed herself to remember things such as that- especially when it didn't matter now, but the situation found it reasonable and she didn't want to seem like she just didn't care or anything.

"So, how have you been liking Japan so far? Have you seen anything interesting that you'd like to explore later?"

She grew mildly inquisitive, seeing as they'd only just arrived. However, the later of her sentence was a hopeful one, if so be the case, then she'd be seeing a good amount of Japan without an escort or family member for the first time.

Posted by: Alida Mar 31 2018, 05:04 AM
"Chocolate banana with extra cinnamon. What kind you get?"

Sugar in the morning felt wonderful and vital that it was a shame that there wasn't a coffee ice cream styled crepe. Suishoku pondered if the shop took recommendations on combinations but that would be a bit rude. Her eyes looked up from her snack to ponder what the girl in the red Chinese dress had. "There any place you would like to see later on in Edo? My friend and I know a few places but we're not sure what would interest the group," she thought to chat a bit and probe for any guidelines. The tour idea was just a spur of the moment offer thanks to the change in scenery of the boat.

She looked around the somewhat full cafe and marveled at how busy it looked. Teacher and students like this with a few transfer students even. These students must be lucky if not the luckiest to have their first day to hit off at a french cafe than go straight to the school. "It must have been pretty cool sailing on a ship like that."


Mika nodded and ate with mild acceptance that these two were oddly tolerable people unlike the strange looks that one girl gave her. Thankfully that person sat off at a different table as she dined with what looks to be the one with the highest social class of the lot. The person with them a guard of some kind. This reminded her that she still would like to acquire one somehow than turn around getting some nanny from her family. She bit into her meal with a small nod of approval in the fusion of a lunch and a breakfast wrap, an intriguing thing about these westerner fashions, when a girl she had not seen in awhile arrived to the table.

It was...someone that frankly looked familiar but the name was gone. Her name could have been an easy name to remember but after a few attempts to bring it up properly, however, Mika only nodded and returned to her meal as they tried to make light talk with the main Chinese student at the table. There hasn't been many opportunities to talk with them or at all and as frail of a memory that encounter was, Mika began to think that's all it was. Another frail thing with people. She took a bite of her tuna salad crepe and avoided further eye contact.

Posted by: Shoy Apr 8 2018, 07:26 PM
Mirai bowed her head before she sat. “Thank you.” She smiled at Mika as she took her seat. It had been awhile since she’d seen the other girl, too long actually; she made a mental note that they ought to hang out more sometime.

She dug into her crepes and they were the best she had ever tasted. The perfect texture, the perfect level of sweetness - it was fantastic, and Mirai could see why they chose it as a place to introduce the Chinese students to Edo. It must be such a nice treat for them. “It’s so good,” she said after swallowing the first bite.
So they’d be here a few months? That was pretty cool. It was better than just a few weeks certainly. “Exciting. You’ll have a real chance to experience the country. In my opinion you need more than a couple of weeks somewhere to really get the full experience out of it.” They paused. “Say, everything must be pretty different here. Must be a lot to work out on your own. Hell, I know it was when I first moved here from Osaka. If you’d like I’m happy to show you around Edo properly. Might make things a bit easier for you.”

Bodies, huh? Sounded suitably gory. “I’ll have to give it a listen.”

She didn't know any other Japanese bands, though. Ripley supposed she’d be more knowledgeable about Chinese bands. Oh well. "Ah, well. Makes sense that you wouldn't. Maybe you'll find more after being here, ey?"

There was a guy at the table who Ripley could have sworn they recognised - their lips curled into as smile as they remembered with appearance from the water and that whole debacle. Fangyuan complimented his daring and Ripley nodded. “ 'Twas indeed. Not sure why you did it but you livened up the day, that’s for sure.”

Posted by: Maran Apr 11 2018, 04:38 AM
Hoshi watched the group from her bench. The Chinese Scions seemed to be more at ease after whatever had happened at the docks. She casually walked towards the cage, looking in the windows of the buildings as she got closer.

She entered the cafe and sat not too far from from the group and enjoyed a sandwich, listening in. Since it was all out of context, some of it sounded either really morbid, as in the case where someone simply said 'Bodies' Do I really want to know what that's about? Or bizarre, so people from China fight others that they're interested in? She would probably never understand what the flippity flip flap was going on. Still, she glanced at some of the Chinese Scions, handsome, pretty, pretty, handsome, handsome. They certainly looked like what a scion should in the propaganda works. Strong, confident, Hoshi couldn't help feeling a bit jealous.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Apr 22 2018, 09:03 PM

"Well, this is going to be an interesting experience for everyone," Shinsuke remarked as Nobuyori sat down with his drink. In a lot of ways that felt like the understatement of the century. As some of the students yelled and laughed, and others just sat pretending to not know them, it really showed just how diverse the population inside the cafe was. It also made it seem like the Bugei students made up a borderline angry mob. Sighing a bit Nobuyori took a few sips of his green tea.

"She seems neat to me," Inori remarked as she sipped her drink.
"I feel like that is putting it lightly." he remarked to Shinsuke as he looked over. Suishoku seemed to be doing well enough, and that arrogant Cao Cao guy seemed to quietly be taking in the atmosphere. Something about him still unsettled Nobuyori but right now wasn't the time. Shinsuke had already convinced Nobuyori that two lords didn't need to be at one another's throats on day one.
"You should try talking to her." Nobuyori suggested to Inori. After all Inori got along well enough with others. So why not convince her to talk to the super loud Chinese girl? It could cause Inori to make some new friends after all. Plus, if the Chinese girl ended up being violent Shinsuke and Nobuyori could surely protect her.

With that in mind Nobuyori decided to forget about the Chinese boy who seemed to have Cao Cao's power and enjoy the time he had with his friends, escorting the new students to their school.
"At least the Head Teacher and Headmaster are here to keep the peace." he told Shinsuke with a bit of a shrug of his shoulders.


Yumiko hadn't come with the students to the cafe. She had hung out at the dock looking at the water and the Chinese student's massive ship. It wasn't that she was avoiding anyone. It was more so that the poet soul of her couldn't help but observe everything and take notes about what she saw. Observational poetry was a beauty in it's own and she didn't want to allow this chance at inspiration to pass her by.

She did, however, finally make it to the cafe to find the others sitting around. She decided to order a small green tea and sit with Suishoku. She didn't have much to talk about per say, feeling nervous with the large amount of new people around in such a small space. Though at least next to Suishoku she knew nothing awkward would happen. Walking over she gave Suishoku a polite bow and looked at the Chinese students.
"Welcome to Edo." she said again.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Apr 22 2018, 09:39 PM

(Thank you all. This was a solid introduction. Please look forward to the dance and martial arts tournaments coming up in the following months!)

user posted image

As the students mingled with one another the Chinese group seemed decidedly unhappy about their companion's loud outburst as even the cafe staff looked a bit alarmed. Some of the people in the cafe even seemed to storm out. Headmaster Hosokawa took note of one of the people who left being one of the Sotan children. Half surprise the two had even been in the cafe to begin with. Though he had no intention of drawing attention to them when they clearly neither needed nor wanted it. It also seemed that some of the students, such as Kire, where more content simply watching how the Chinese students interacted in Edo for now. One student, Hikita Hoshi, had also seemed to come in just to see the Chinese students. It seemed that some of the students had wanted to see them before they came to school, but had chosen not to be at the formal welcome.

Meanwhile as one of the Edo Bugei students gave Jiao a nod and thumbs up over her confidence the inheritor of Lu Bu looked proud, like a mighty lion that had just taken down a gazelle. She was clearly a girl full of passion. A passion that fortunately Suishoku was their to help mitigate as she asked Jiao questions about her goals in Edo. Sitting down the girl smiled wide.
"I want to see Edo Castle, and the famous battlefield Sekigahara. I also want to see what your samurai training halls look like!" she said with a wide smile as she mentioned the last bit. She was looking forward to training with people who's combat style she hadn't seen before.
"As for the was ok." she said looking around.
"I had to travel in close quarters with mostly guys" she said with a bit of a disgusted look. To which Zihao instantly shot her a slightly offended look. It seemed like a tale that would need to be asked about later on.

At the same time this was happening Jinn was flirting with the Chinese group's strategist, Fangyuan.. As the rather slick boy commented on her eyes the Chinese girl blushed slightly and shook her head.
"No, I'm afraid my eyes are quite normal. Thank you though." she responded rather curtly. As didn't wish to be embarrassed by a foreigner, but the slightly red hue of her cheeks would easily betray her goals. Deciding to avoid further embarrassment she turned to Ripley, clearly keeping her back to Jinn.
"I hope we can talk about our musical tastes more with one another." she said with two small bows. It was clear that she was more flustered than she was letting on at this point.
"Also, I have heard so many things about the trade city of Osaka. Please show me the city while I am here." she requested.

Over at the seemingly mellow table Hana had asked the inheritor of Zhao Yun, Fai, about how he was enjoying Edo. She also thanked him in Chinese which made some of the students in the room look up at Hana shocked and Fai smile.
"Very well done." he said with a kind grinn. The group had clearly expected to speak Japanese most of the time, and not have Chinese spoken to them.
"Your city is lovely so far." he assured Hana as his lord Chao Guang nodded in agreement.
"Truly." he said with a small nod as he looked at the students that had sat down with them.
"I am looking forward to getting to know you all." he said and gave a polite bow.

Not much was said at the quiet table with Zihao and Yiting, but not much needed to be. Everyone seemed to enjoy their food. The same could be said for the teacher's table that was doing less talking and more observing of the students around them as Headmaster Hosokawa puled out a nice pocket watch. The conversation between the Chinese and Japanese students would continue on for a bit as they enjoyed their food and got to at least know one another's names until finally the headmaster stood up. The Head Teacher from China, Mr. Huang, clapped his hands twice to get everyone's attention.

"I want to thank you all for coming and meeting the Chinese delegation this morning. I hope you all enjoyed your drinks and breakfast." he said in fairly slow Japanese so that the Chinese students wouldn't have problems understanding.
"I think that everyone is about done with what they ordered, and we have a lot to unpack and paperwork to fill out back at the school. We will all be taking the train to the station south of school and walking up the hill to the Bugei together. Between now and our arrival at the school dorms, I encourage everyone to exchange phone numbers." he said as Mr. Huang then stood, speaking in flawless Japanese.
"As I'm sure you all are from getting up so early, my students are quite tired from our long voyage. After they fill out paperwork they will likely be resting. Your Headmaster is giving us a tour of the campus this afternoon, and a private dinner at his estate." he then said all of his words in Chinese. The delegation members looked at Head Master Hoskawa, clapping and bowing.
"Thank you sir" they all said in unison as the Headmaster simply bowed back. Mr. Huang then looked at the Headmaster to speak. Nodding a bit Headmaster Hosokawa looked at this students.
"I know it may be tempting to contact the new students today. However, I would request you all allow them a day or two to adjust to their new school life. Let them catch up on sleep, and perhaps allow them to message you first. I am sure they will be eager to make new friends, and be shown around the city." he looked at the Chinese students for confirmation as they nodded in agreement and looked at the Japanese students that had sat with them.

The Chinese group certainly had varying views on the students of Edo Bugei. To their leader Head Teacher Huang the students seemed unruly, and brash, however he could sense their strength. It was clear the students of Edo had been given far more leeway than the rigid structure of the school in Beijing.

Meanwhile the flashy boy who had made the "Wei" symbol in the sky above Edo Harbor, Zihao Men, had his own opinion. Some of the students acted high and mighty, even in the face of someone like him who's bloodline stretched back literally thousands of years. It absolutely disgusted him. They should have bowed deeply to him and stood after he had passed them. He wanted to prove just how strong he was compared to these fools. Which no doubt his bodyguard Yiting knew his thoughts, and internally had already sighed. A lot of the Bugei students looked strong, and in Yiting's mind she was worried she would end up having to save her lord from half of the student body once he began to open his mouth. Perhaps she could get to know the Bugei students before hand and explain that her lord really wasn't a jerk? Or perhaps keep him distracted? She would need to think of something over the next few days.

On the other hand Chao Guang was having a good time of it all. The young lord seemed very mature and composed but polite. His view on the students was probably the nicest of the Chinese delegation. He though that the Bugei students must have been impressive to have such spirit even this early in the morning. Just for the arrival of a few strangers no less! They even had a cardboard samurai with fog! It was truly amazing and he couldn't wait to see even more of the city. His bodyguard, on the other hand, was already assessing who would be a problem both in the Chinese group and of the Bugei students. Fai Cheng was a kind man, but stoic. Like Yiting he took his job seriously, and knew his lord's kindness was seen as a weak spot by others. While he wanted to make friends with some of the more combat focused Edo Bugei students, he wasn't going to let his guard down.

Finally the odd couple. The strategist Fangyuan was taken with the students much the same way Chao Guang had been. The students seemed to have a lot of energy, and already seemed to decide which of the Chinese students they wished to befriend. She didn't have much time to learn about the students of Edo Bugei while on this trip, but she would learn the most she could about them, this city, and the country of Japan as a whole. Jiao Meili, Lu Bu's inheritor, also wished to know about the students. However she would learn through direct confrontation rather than observation. Much like Zihao she wanted to show just how strong her country was, by using herself as an example. She was looking forward to knowing the students and testing her might against the likes of the Honda and Sanda clans!

"Now then, I think we have taken up enough time and space for these generous people for hosting us this morning. Lets go." he told the group as he turned and bowed towards the cafe staff, waiting on both the Chinese and Japanese students to do the same.
"Thank you for hosting us." he said kindly. The cafe staff bowed back at the combined Japanese/Chinese group left. Heading to the train station and returning to the Bugei.
user posted image

The sun had come out and the air felt a bit chilly but nice. Truly it felt like a fresh day had come to Edo Bugei, and this would be the start of an exciting spring and summer, even if the student's didn't quite know it yet.


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