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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 06/01/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. Making friends and learning about Edo Culture is their current aim! In other news it is also time for the school dance event! Please bring your characters along!

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Jul 23 2017, 02:54 PM
So one idea I have for a character would be that she is not (necessarily) a scion. Is it possible for that to change during play?

I am imagining that she still would be a scion, but she'd be without a relic to empower her, assuming this would be possible. Is everything okay with that?
Jul 23 2017, 01:11 PM
Hello people of Sengoku Horizon! I am endwaar, and I found this site only yesterday. As such, I will be in your care. As a longtime role-player, I am impressed with what's been done here, and cannot wait to get started!
Jul 23 2017, 11:59 AM
[dohtml]<div class="profile">
<span class="name">Asano Miyu</span>
<span class="sub1">of the Asano </span>
<img src="" class="proficon" height="100" width="100"><img src="" class="proficon" height="100" width="100"><img src="" " class="proficon" height="100" width="100">
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%"><tr><td vAlign="top" class="content1">
• 15 year old female <br>
• Hiroshima, Aki Province<br>
• First Year <br>

<td vAlign="top" class="content2">
• Undecided Student <br>
• Cultural Club <br>
• History Club <br>

<div class="content3">
<br>HAIR: Miyu’s hair is dyed black, mostly out of concern for fitting in properly.
<br>EYES: Miyu’s eyes are a pale, slightly unnerving blue.
<br>HEIGHT: Miyu is not an especially tall young woman, at 160 cm/5’3” tall.
<br>BODY TYPE: Miyu’s body has slightly more muscle than fat, and her shoulders are broader than the average woman her age, something that troubles her somewhat. Nevertheless, she is in shape and well toned.
<br>STYLE: Kimono are endlessly delightful to Miyu, and she wears a tomesode when possible, with a variety of floral or celestial designs being her favorite. She often wears sky-blue or the violet of the night sky, but just as often wears the green and white of her Clan.
<br>OTHER: Miyu is remarkably pale, for all that she is an active young woman. She also is never seen outside without a parasol to protect her from the sun’s rays – a curious vanity, to some, but a mark of good breeding to others.

<div class="content3">
Miyu appears to others to be a somewhat humble, rather honorable, and very courteous young woman, the epitome of what it is to be the heiress of a great clan. She is equally comfortable discussing the most recent noh play with theater enthusiasts as she is analyzing the technique of a duelist’s strike with bushi. Gentle, yet with a core of steel, she rarely treats even foes with less than utmost politeness.<br>

Beneath her façade, Miyu is ambitious and fiercely protective of those things and people close to her. While much of her façade is true, it is at best incomplete. Honor only matters if you get caught, and combat, while repulsive, determines not who is right, but rather who is left. <br>

Miyu’s loyalty to her clan is unquestionable, but her loyalty to her parents, who lead the clan, is… conflicted. She knows that she is not the child they desired, and their parenting techniques have left her doubtful of their intelligence and abilities.

<br>STRENGTHS: Miyu is remarkably intelligent and the Asano spared no expense in tutoring her to her gifts – she has studied ikebana, tea ceremony, swordsmanship, naginata-do, and archery, and is mostly proficient in all of them. She is also a remarkable leader, when she is in such a position.
<br>WEAKNESSES: Miyu has a secret: she is an albino, loathed by Amaterasu and deformed by birth. Thus, her eyesight is hardly what could be described as excellent, and she burns like dry tinder when exposed to the sun. For these reasons, she prefers to avoid being the center of attention outside of those she trusts.
<br>LIKES: Reading, history, mythology, kendo, naginata-do, kimono
<br>DISLIKES: Sunlight, mirrors, idiots
<br>AMBITIONS: At the moment, Miyu’s ambitions are to make connections with various influential students to ensure her clan’s continued power and prosperity. In the longer term, Miyu is quietly plotting to usurp the Asano from its current leadership by forcing her parents into retirement earlier than they might otherwise do. However, such plans are for the future – right now she is here to enjoy school life, and make sure others do as well.

<div class="content3">
WEAPON: Katana; although Miyu is proficient in using knives, naginata, and to some extent bows, she prefers the katana, if she is forced into combat.
<br>RELIC: A fan that was gifted by Tokugawa Ieyasu to Asano Nagaakira when the latter married Furihime, Ieyasu’s third daughter. It is decorated with oshidori birds hopping from one tree branch to another.
<br>RELIC OWNER: Asano Nagaakira, the first Asano lord of Hiroshima.
<br>OWNER HISTORY: Asano Nagaakira was the son of Asano Nagamasa, who was himself a retainer of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Though he himself became one of the Toyotomi’s retainers in 1594, he aligned with Tokugawa Ieyasu in the Battle of Sekigahara. After his brother died heirless, he inherited a fief, which he later defended against the Toyotomi forces at the Battle of Kashi. He was later wed to Ieyasu’s third daughter, Furihime.
<br>ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: Snapping open her fan, Miyu either draws all eyes to herself for a brief moment, becoming the center of all attention in the area, albeit for a moment. After that, it is up to her to keep their attention.
<br>ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Miyu extends the fan imperiously, glowing a soft silver, and speaks a single command, which anyone that is affected must obey, if only briefly. She may not totally reshape someone's mindset, and her command is limited to a single task. "Cease fighting" is legitimate (though it may not last long, if she cannot explain why after the duration ends), but "build me a wall" is not. (Three turns cooldown.)
<br>LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: Your second most powerful ability. it draws out about 70-80% of your item's full power. These abilities have large effects and large cooldowns. This can be a fairly large attack or heal. This is your flashy power attack.(Five turns cooldown.)
<br>PASSIVE 1: What is your first passive? A passive power is always in effect when using your sacred item. Usually equal in power to an activated 1 or 2.
<br>LOCKED PASSIVE 2: What is your second passive?
<br>LOCKED AWAKENED MODE COLOR: Please put the color of aura that surrounds your character when awakened.
<br> AWAKENED ATTACK: This is your ultimate attack. This will completely knock you out after use, as well as damage your body. This is meant to be a last resort.</div>

<div class="content3">
<br>• Asano Nagamura, daimyo of the Asano, father
<br>• Asano Yuuki, mother
<br>• Asano Rin, Miyu’s younger cousin and closest friend<br>

When Nagamura and Yuuki of the Asano clan announced that Yuuki was pregnant, the Asano rejoiced, for they had been married for some time, but had yet to produce any heirs. The child that was born, however, was not the hale (male) heir for which they had hoped. Instead, a girl with pale eyes and paler hair had been brought into the Asano clan.

Horrified, Nagamura wanted to cast her out immediately, but Yuuki pointed out that not only was she their blood, she could be raised to hide her deformities. Nagamura was hesitant, but accepted. Thus, the life of the child who became Asano Miyu started in deception.

<br>Miyu quickly grew into a talented young heiress, becoming proficient in all the myriad arts that were expected of her, and many in Hiroshima whispered that the Asano were truly blessed to have such a competent young woman as its heir. Nevertheless, Nagamura rarely invited retainers to meet her, and Yuuki kept Miyu from socializing with anyone save other close family members, at least for the first few years of her life.

<br>When she was nine, Nagamura took Miyu on a tour of Aki Province, showing her the duties of the daimyo of Asano. It was at this time that Miyu heard many stories of various local gods and became increasingly convinced that Amaterasu loathed her. At the same time, she noticed how her father acted carefully to secure the loyalty and prosperity of the peasants, as well as when he did neither of those things.

<br>At eleven, Miyu began befriending her parents’ retainers, and their children, determined to be as great a daimyo as her father, and all her ancestors. Among those she befriended was Asano Rin, her father’s brother’s daughter, with whom she quickly formed a close bond. Rin became Miyu’s confidant, and learned about Miyu’s secrets – and became Miyu’s agent in sunlight, who would be able to go places and do things that Miyu herself could not easily do.

<br>When Rin was ten and Miyu thirteen, however, Rin told her cousin that she was a scion – the standard of Asano Yoshinaga had reacted to her! She was obviously ecstatic, and spoke at length about how she would better serve Miyu now, but Miyu was more concerned. She had never been tested with that Relic – how was it that Rin had been?

<br>Rin, bemused, noted that every other child she’d spoken to of the family had been tested when they were her age… at which point she realized Miyu had not, in fact, been tested. Miyu was furious, but did not march to confront her parents with this. Instead, she began planning in earnest how to force her parents to acknowledge her talents and her existence… or failing that, forcing them from their comfortable seats at the head of the Asano.

<br>Within a few years, she had distinguished herself with several suggestions that led to greater prosperity within the province, and Nagamura decided that she would be enrolled in Edo Bugei. While Miyu complained vocally to her mother and father (only when alone, of course), she was privately delighted – this would be a chance to strengthen ties with the lords and heirs of other domains, the best and brightest of all Japan. She would be able to remain in contact back home with Rin, and continue her work to undermine her parents, but would also be able to plan for the future. Perfect.


<span class="ooc">endwaar • Ryougi Shiki, Kara no Kyoukai </span>
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