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Posted by: Nobuyori Nov 22 2015, 11:29 AM
~Board Rules~
01. Be kind and courteous to both guests and other forum members. Please do not harass, troll or flame anyone who passes by here.

02. Please only have one account on the site. We DO NOT have OOC and IC accounts on this site.

03. No M-Rated subject matter. Those who post racist language, images or write extremely violent or sexual subject matter are in jeopardy of being banned. If you wish to RP two characters having sex please fade it to black and say the night continued on.

04. Avatar size is 180x320. We don't want signatures bigger than 400 x 400.

05. Please no RPers below age 16. Due to the content of the site we are not comfortable having any RPers age 15 or younger. Thank you.

06. Shop credits are given per. character not per. account. Your character can give shop credits to another character, however it must be done as an RP thread with a character they already have connection to. RPCs can't just random give someone they've never met shop credits.

~Character Creation Rules~
01. Every account gets four roleplay characters per. account. Only two of those can be scions. You can not have your 3rd and 4th characters until you have been active on the site for three consecutive months.

02. Every RPC needs to be an a student at Edo Bugei and their family must be Japanese citizens for at least two generations.

03. Animanga-style face claims only. Please do not use images of celebrities or real people to represent your character.

04. Don't straight copy. By this we mean don't directly take an existing anime or book character and just plug them into our world. You can draw inspiration from a character sure, but if it walks, talks, and fights like a Sephiroth, it isn't getting approved, because this isn't a FFVII RP. To make a point we are not a Samurai Warriors RP if you just make a Samurai Warriors character it will not be approved.

.05 Please no RPC's below age 15. Age 14 may be considered provided you give good reason. 13 and younger is an absolute no.

.06Please link your accepted profile in your signature. Go to "My controls" then "edit signature" then use
[URL=put the link to your profile here]CHARACTER NAME[/URL]

~Roleplay Rules~
01. We have no word count. Instead of implementing a word count the posting requirement is one well-rounded paragraph and if you're replying to someone it's only courteous to try and match the length of what you were given

02. Powerplaying (controlling other characters' reactions), Metagaming (a character having access to knowledge they have no viable way of obtaining) and Godmodding (Ignoring statistics, turn order and other limiters) are banned.

03. Our RP has no specific turn order, however please only post once per. round. Thank you.

04. We encourage originality and fun plot lines! If you are having trouble realizing a plot idea, speak to a moderator or other members in order to jolt ideas!

05. You can be in as many threads at a time as you would like. We have fluid time on the site. However, please try and keep a running timeline for your characters. When it comes to classes you can sign up for 2 at a time. When it comes to missions your RPC can only be in one at a time.

06. (Open) means anyone may join that thread. (closed) means no one new should be joining that thread. (name) means its a private thread for someone. (Private) means its a private thread for someone.

07. For the sake of site activity please try and post every 2 or 3 days. If someone hasn't posted in a few days, PM them, politely remind them. People do forget about threads from time to time. If 5-6 days goes by since the last post and no word, then you can skip them.

08. You can not kill another player's character without permission. If you choose to kill one of your characters half of their earned shop credits will be transferred to another one of your characters.

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