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Posted by: Nobuyumi Jan 8 2018, 12:58 PM
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~Breaking News~
A New School Year: After spending the summer helping to re-build the cities damaged by the Ikko Ikki, the students of Edo Bugei academy have returned to their school.

Winter Has Come: The winter season is now upon us. Everyone remember to stay healthy. Stay warm, wear a mask if you are sick or work around sick people. Young children should also make sure to get vaccines and shops should make sure to re-supply.

~World News~
Canada: As a crown colony Canada recently welcomed England's ruler for a brief visit. The king and his accompaniment had been well received and given a full banquet. The King was quoted as praising the Northern Land and saying how great it was to have such a colony and close friend.

India Recovers: After the most recent monsoon season India, a sub-continent with heavy ties to England, has managed a full recovery of it's factories. Many worried that after the latest batch of monsoon the country wouldn't be able to recover for quite some time due to all of the flooding.

~Japan News~
Ikki Pockets: After the massive Ikko attack upon the city of Edo and various provincial capitals various Daimyo through out the country have used ninja and samurai forces alike to hunt down clusters of rebel monks and exterminate them. The Shogunate has deemed the operation a great success.

Railway Improvements: Looking at the state of the country and it's transportation systems the Kuroda clan has sent a series of suggestions to the Shogunate about improvements that could be made to the railway systems that criss cross Japan. The idea is to make it easier to transport troops, and due to the winter season supplies, through out the country.

~Edo News~
Visitors From Afar: In an act of good will and to promote cooperation through out Asia the Emperor of China will be sending a group of students from China to Edo for the spring and summer seasons. According to Chinese officials, after the Ikko uprising it is clear that Japan is not at it's strongest and the Emperor of China has declared that it will provide forces both to aid Edo Bugei's students in training, but also to prevent foreign lands from getting any impure thoughts towards Japan's weakened state.

Edo Bugei Dance: In order to welcome the Chinese delegation Edo Bugei will be hosting a large, formal dance and festival. The leader of the Chinese delegation has said that he and his students welcome the event and feel that it is a brilliant way to cultivate cross country cooperation.

Edo Bugei Tournament: In an act of good will and to help provide more training to the students of Edo a tournament will be held between Chinese and Japanese students. Both Scions and Traditional Students will take part in the public display tournament.

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