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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 11/01/2017 The dust has cleared after a fierce clash against the rebel Ikko Ikki monks. Now, as a tense period of calm spread over the island nation of Japan the students of Edo Bugei must figure out how to proceed in life after experience such intense conflicts and such deep loss.

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Dec 1 2017, 03:30 PM

Are you still around?
Reply back if you are.
I'd call but be easier to text.
Dec 1 2017, 03:22 PM
[5AM, overcast cloudy]

It was amazing what the right motivation could do. Bright and early in the dorms, Suishoku couldn't find the will to keep sleeping anymore. She rose out of bed and quickly washed her face and changed out of some plain pjs before heading out to the main dorm lobby. Maybe it was a little too early though as over from the student kitchens would keen ears pick up the gentle sizzles and chopping on the cutting boards and the scent of baked goods cooking somewhere behind kitchen doors. The morning Ala Cart students and supervising staff would carry that out. Meanwhile, the student run cafe on the other end ran a more mellowed out business.

Since the breakfast tables weren't ready yet, Suishoku headed over the student cafe to browse the small window of left over scones and doughnuts that happened to survive the previous night. "One mocha and that blueberry," Suishoku readily claimed the large style scone to a student behind the counter.

The third year had relatively short black hair but still tied back some longer strands into a thin wispy rat tail with some worn lines around their black eyes thanks to late night shifts and the labor done during the summer. They greeted Suishoku with a causal wave and got to work on her coffee.

"You're up early, Yuubae. Or, it is Yuubae-senpai?"
"That's too weird. We're the same age, Masaki."
"'Suppose so. But that Elite promotion?"
"N-None of that please."
"You," a sigh followed. "really need to get over that. That and being unable to apply for the cafe part-time anymore."

"Yeah yeah," Suishoku lightly pouted and took to a small table for two than the cafe bar set up and waited there for her scone and coffee to be delivered. Thinking about how her thoughts of scoring a cafe part time job going up in smoke thanks to the Elite promotion made her slump over on the table while stretching her arms out. "Have another warmed mug ready though. Another girl should be coming over soon."
Nov 22 2017, 08:50 AM
When a mission or class starts, is it possible in the first post during the tagging at the bottom to have the character names added next to the person being tagged?

The missions and classes tend to take a bit of time to fill that it's easy to forget which character signed up for what when we have a potential 4 names under a single user.

Oct 26 2017, 01:43 PM
Wow, our party list is really coming along! We'll have to start a meeting to get an idea of how to accommodate all these people?!

This is going to be a large turn out so far XD


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Sep 20 2017, 12:00 PM
--Mass Messenger List--

Merry Christmas and hope you all are having a great winter!

Later on this year when things settle down, you are invited to a party in Kaga. Before we can make full reservations yet, we're sending this out to get a head count of attendees. We'd like to show some real Kaga hospitality!

Please look forward to the next update. This will be a far off plan.
m_ _m

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