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Posted by: Nobuyumi Jun 10 2018, 05:32 PM
Every day in Ota had been wet lately. For what seemed like nearly a week straight it had been raining in Edo, and yet, still Suishoku and Yumiko carried on at school, and working at the pet store in Southern Edo. Both girls had been working at the store to save up for rabbits they'd been wanting for quite some time, after the owner was kind enough to give them a job. The application process hadn't been difficult, however the work certainly wasn't easy. At times one or both girls had left with animal urine on their clothes in some form, fortunately it was usually on a work apron that they would then wash at the school.

After hard work, on a rainy day in Edo, both girls had met at the central meeting area between the girl's and boy's dorms. Yumiko was in a cute frog onesy that Suishoku would recognize from when she and Nobuyori had traveled to Omi previously. The outfit seemed soft but water resistant. She also had a clear umbrella with small, green lily pads scattered through out the design. Apparently Yumiko was quite ready for rainy weather. She was feeling extremely whimsical, after all, not only had she come out of her depression over the past year, but now, after hard work, the two finally had enough money to get and get their rabbits and cages. Yumiko already had bedding and food set up in her room and her excitement couldn't get any higher.

Posted by: Alida Jun 10 2018, 05:59 PM
Rain washed away the thick air of pollen and heat leaving Edo feeling cooler and lukewarm at times. The forecast read this for weeks ahead so it’s going to be a damp weather pattern for awhile. Still, today wasn’t going to be like the soaking weather outside their dorms. Now was getting preparations ready for some new guests. Suishoku got out an old dry grass colored rain poncho and simple clear umbrella for the occasion; nothing too fancy but could use a fashionable upgrade eventually. The weeks spent at the pet shop may now come to an end wth prizes at hand.

Suishoku met up with the froggy girl at the lounge. It wasn’t hard to forget the childish but weather appropriate attire in both material and appearance. She walked up from behind and moved to the side to grin at her froggy companion. “Got your rail pass?” She checked for her own with a quick pocket pat. The giddy air and look on Yumiko could be spilling out lilies if it wanted to from the bright smile the poet girl wore.

“Heh heh,” she chuckled as if finding the answer herself, Yumiko was surprisingly the most earnest worker between them. Being the most careful and attentive when handling the animal’s before they started making messes. It’s a blessing for public bath houses at times when taking their animal scented clothes to the wash room. From it all, the animal experience did help in preparation for taking care of their own future pets. Suishoku kinda hoped it would have been done sooner before the rainy season by Kaga and the transfering students had some delay and dents dents done to that money pool. Now, no linger were either a problem when the finish line is just ahead.

“Hopefully they’ll still be there when we arrive,” she mused slightly.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jun 12 2018, 06:34 PM
As Suishoku snuck up on Yumiko and asked about her rail pass from behind, the girl almost jumped like an actual frog! Her mind had been so focused on getting their rabbits and how happy she would be that her guard wasn't just done, but non-existent. Quickly turning, and almost falling over herself, Yumiko looked at Suishoku. She pulled out her rail pass from the bag she had with her. It was a small carrying bag that looked as though it was a frog's mouth.
"I am absolutely ready!" she said proudly.

With both girls clearly ready for the day Suishoku let her prayer be known. Yumiko made a defiant face and gazed at her senpai.
"Of course they will be! This is a high level mission and we are Bugei students!" she said strongly. Though both of them happened to be medics, it had never stopped them from being in combat before. Closing her bag and acting as thought it was a general's war fan, she pointed it towards the door and did her best Takeda Shingen impression.
"Forward!" she said happily, smiling at Suishoku as she moved towards the doors.

Outside it was still rainy, but it didn't matter. They would put the rabbits in nice cardboard boxes with air holes if they had to. However, somehow, they would get their rabbits and get them home.
"Walk or spring to the train?" she said happily. It was clear she wanted to run through the rain, but she wasn't going to force Suishoku. She just wanted to hurry and reach the Southern Wards.

Posted by: Alida Jun 17 2018, 06:53 AM
"Your own personal mission," she mused with a grin before paying along. "Right. This is a high priority mission with no detours. It would be shameful to return in failure." Suishoku chuckled before resigning herself to the number two of the mission to secure the top class rabbits. To think the shy Yumiko would act this way was a complete 180 to how the girl used to be. Neither of them also seemed to care at how much noise they were making in the lounge with Yumiko taking her bag and signaling the order to march. "Aye!" Suishoku answered behind her and followed dutifully.

Outside was no shocker at how the rain was falling. A sheer curtain of water came down beyond the dorm doors. She pulled up her rain poncho hood once stepping out on the cement doorstep. Most of the walkways were less cement pavement and more sheets of water by the amount falling. Rain gutters were just water fountains in their steady streams of early summer rain. Yumiko turned back to Suishoku with an air of a challenge. Walk or sprint? They were dressed for the weather and all, Yumiko more prepared in full rain gear compared to Suishoku's poncho and buttoned shut umbrella.

"Let's sprint for it," she smirked. They were going to get wet anyway. Suishoku tucked the closed umbrella under her arm like a parcel package and made for the run with a playful tap on Yumiko's froggy head in passing. "Forward!" She laughed, echoing her froggy general.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jun 19 2018, 06:00 PM
Yumiko jumped in happiness. After all this was a day she would never forget. Normally the rainy weather would make someone sleepy or make them depressed, but the rain wouldn't stop Yumiko or Suishoku today. Yumiko was excited and as Suishoku tapped her frog hood declaring it was time to go, the two girls began a long, happy sprint to the train station. As the rain fell down upon them neither girl seemed to care.
"FORWARD!" Yumiko repeated with a loud laugh. No doubt the random people on the sidewalk would look at the girl like she was crazy. Hell, they would probably look at both girls like they where crazy.

The entire way yumiko was smiling and it didn't stop when they finally reached the train station. Though, what did change, was Yumiko panting and laughing at the same time. Yumiko was far from an athletic girl, and experienced battles far less than Suishoku. Yumiko was, by nature, a shy poet girl who, while enjoying long walks, rarely went for runs except when required in the physical training classes the Bugei forced the students to attend.

Looking at Suishoku with a smile while panting hard she said
"Please....wait..." she said, the poor girl looking as though she would fall over dead any moment. Yet even while panting she still tried to move forward. She didn't want to waste any time getting to the goal. Not today!

Posted by: Alida Jun 21 2018, 04:59 PM
Their race didn't last long. Far from it that they made it to the school gates. Part way out of the Bugei grounds the race had to be called off. As Suishoku turned to look back at Yumiko, her run slowed and broke into hops and a slowed walking pace for her to catch up. Hauling a med pack and making headway out in the field did a wonder of moving quickly without the extra dead weight but Yumiko had just started into this path and hasn't built up the endurance and constitution for this. She eased off and patted Yumiko's shoulder once she caught up and walked at her pace to catch their breath. "I'll get whatever ya want from the station vending machines when we get there," she offered to help them relax better while riding the circuit to the southern district pet shop.

They headed on like this with the umbrella moved to rest on her other shoulder. She brought it along mostly for the rabbits when wearing these ponchos or themselves. The cages or boxes they'll get the rabbits in were expected to be pretty low quality thanks to just picking them up without a pet carrier in mind. Suishoku began humming instead to pass the time with the rain falling. Along the pathways in planter boxes in the street, hydrangeas were out in bloom for the rainy season. Heavy full plumps of blue and purple and pink flowers stood out in the lush bushes lining the streets to the station. When they came to the station to wait for their train, Suishoku handed Yumiko a 500 yen coin while waiting it out watching the clock and the station announcements of what was coming next.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jun 22 2018, 07:52 PM
Yumiko really liked Suishoku. She was a strong woman, and had good endurance, and was able to heal others. A lot of things Yumiko wished she had, but would clearly take far longer to get too than she had expected. As she huffed and puffed a bit the girls still kept moving towards the train station.
"Thank you. Wonder is fine, or peach tea!" Yumiko said happily as her friend offered to purchase a drink for her. Overhead a bit of thunder rumbled and the rain kept falling but it didn't phase Yumiko in the least. For her, today was the happiest day possible!

As they got to the station Suishoku handed Yumiko some money, causing the girl to smile more at her. The two must have looked like close friends, or perhaps even sisters as they stood around. As Yumiko looked at the schedule and got a ticket she tapped her foot impatiently. The train was still fifteen minutes away and Yumiko lightly rocked up and down on her heels. Her energy was still high and she wanted to hurry to Southern Edo. Though as the rain increase a bit she looked up at her umbrella and then at a nearby awning.
"A long wait has come
A long wet wait for rabbits
May the sun arrive."

Pointing with what looked like green frog fingers towards the awning she moved under it and looked up at the sky.
"Are you excited for your rabbit too senpai?" she asked happily.

Posted by: Alida Jun 22 2018, 08:24 PM
"Let's hope for that." Suishoku chuckled without dare voicing anything she wanted after treating them. The drink was going to be for Yumiko and her own personal goal in this was making sure Yumiko stayed happy and that the rabbits were well. Now just standing by and watching the train clock, there was still some time to kill which meant they missed the earlier train some time ago. The older girl yawned and shook some loose water off her poncho as the sounds of the plastic battle dispensing from the machine rumbled somewhere behind her. A hand moved from her poncho folds to sign for Yumiko to keep the change before pacing around the open platform.

The wait must have been entirety for Yumiko who rocked on her heels like a grade school kid. Suishoku chuckled at the secondary little sister to her like with Kaori and idly flapped her poncho again like a bird puffing itself after getting rained on. Thunder rumbled with the possible change of lightning at the rate the rain kept coming. Her mouth twisted in concern when debating if there were flood warnings going off somewhere. Yumiko, as dutiful as ever, penned a poem on their mission.

"Maybe the sun might but we'll just have to be ready. I wonder how many Teru Teru Bozu will be needed to make the rain go away," she mused of the classic little upside down doll charm that was suppose to help make the rain go away. Neither of them had any on them of course but Suishoku firmly believed in the use of charms and ornaments for these kinds of luck and safety. She followed the froggy hand to hang out under an awning. Near by were loud splatters of rain water falling on the pavement from the roof.

"Course I'm excited. I get to own a pet that won't threaten to bite my hand off for a change," she grinned when thinking about to her mother's oddly possessive ferret. "But man, I feel more accomplished the dorm teachers allowed the pets to be a thing. The name I finally decided on for the rabbit will be Tobi."

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jun 25 2018, 10:04 AM
"Tobi." Yumiko repeated, looking up at the rain. It was a truly cute name. In her head Yumiko had thought she had decided on her rabbit's name, but now she wasn't nearly as sure. She would need to make sure of what kind of gender the rabbit was. Though she was sure what kind of rabbit she wanted.
"I still haven't decided on a name." she said in a sad tone.
"I was sure before, but now I'm not even sure what rabbit I want.." she admitted while thinking carefully over the situation.
"If they have a black and white little dutch rabbit, or if they have an angora still, that is what I'll get it!" she said defiantly, over the sounds of the rain and thunder. After all, she sadly wasn't in charge of the pet store's stock, and while working at the store had learned that Angora rabbits tended to sell very quickly.

"I think I want a cute female angora, if they have one." she hoped and prayed to the kami. Shew knew the store had one when her and Suishoku had last worked, and she hoped more than anything that it hadn't been purchased yet. Then she remembered her Senpai's own goals.
"We will also get Tobi, I'm sure of it!" she said happily. In the distance they could see the train, however it seemed to be going a bit slower than usual mostly due to the heavy rains. Perhaps that is why the projected time had been so far out.

"I hope the store isn't leaking...." she admitted as the train pulled up. Taking a sip of the tea that Suishoku had prepared for her she waited for the train doors to open as people rushed out, attempting to shorten the time between the tran and whatever cover they could find.
"Lets go senpai!" she declared once again as she charged towards the train.

Posted by: Alida Jun 26 2018, 02:45 AM
"Eh--what!?" Her head snapped to her froggy friend. "I could have sworn you had a name and everything for yours." It may not be the clearest of memories now but the whole outing from the cafe to the pet shop was memorable enough for her. Perhaps Yumiko had second thoughts and found a better one in the months the two worked and continued going to school. Unable to press more into the problem did she shrug it off with the confused look on her face softening up.

"Hmm, that's true, but we'll be flexible on that. Lots of lil cuties to pick up." A round puffy angora would be adorable for Yumiko while Suishoku would be fine enough with a short hair one but it's all open game for this rabbit season. The train eventually came running a few minutes off the timetable. Weather must be getting hard on the rails. They waited a bit before climbing in after one another once the people flooding out had died down. "I'm right behind ya."

They boarded the train and took time finding a open seat. Suishoku stood around a bit like a guard almost with the umbrella like a rifle from the way it rested on her shoulder. "The store can't be that old to have leaks," she shook her head at Yumiko for the absurd thought she had. This excitable girl could really plan for the worst if her imagination headed that way. "But I do hope that old man doesn't give us the stink eye or something for quitting. He doesn't seem like one to budge a discount on former employees."

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jun 28 2018, 08:37 PM
As Suishoku tried to calm Yumiko down a bit the small froggy girl looked out at the pouring rain and thunder. It was true that the store wasn't that bad, nor old. Though the rain and thunder really was a threat to the well being of the rabbits they would seen be getting. They would need to make sure to keep them dry. She also thought of the store owner. He was a strict man who had worked both girls fairly hard while they had been part time employees.

"We are customers though. Even if he ups the price he can't be that rude to us. We bought all the other pet supplies from him." though that had been different. It was mostly while the two had worked their. Only recently had Yumiko managed to finish setting everything up>

"Also, you are right, about the store. I'm sure it is fine. I just hope these storms wont scare the rabbits too much on the way back home." it was strange, calling Edo Bugei home.
"er.....back to the school. I mean." she mentally berated herself a bit. Edo could hardly be called home to either girl. Yet, in many ways the school was like their home while they where still students attending it. As the girls spoke about their new pets and former job the train began to slowly move as a polite message came over the intercom.

In a formal Japanese voice the conductor stated that due to the heavy rains the train would be moving slower then usual, however, for the sake of those that relied on the trains to get to their jobs the trains would still be fully running all day. That was the kind of society that Japan had, and what kept it going even through rough storms or horrible winters. In Yumiko's heart she hoped the rabbits knew that soon her and Suishoku would be coming to get them.
"Senpai, we will take great care of our rabbits. I'm sure of it." she said with a fierce nod. General Yumiko's will was back to 100% strength and her special gauge was ready to trigger at any moment! Today her self confidence wouldn't be shattered, not even by this storm, and especially not by a crabby shop owner!

Posted by: Alida Jul 6 2018, 07:47 PM
Suishoku quietly patted the girl on both her accounts of the shop owner and their unfortunate home. Edo can't replaced Kanezawa but neither could they just go back home and quit. They're stationed here in Edo as student and under the Shogunate by large for the time being. She personally wasn't sure how things will go down later when neither of them can be claimed as Bugei students anymore. Their heads turned in attention to the apologies of the train conductor on the minor delays. These were all fine and dandy but Suishoku began to worry again of floor warnings if this keeps up.

Of course neither was her Froggy general all the concerned. The girl easily re-psyched herself up for their acquisition of fully citizens in their care. Suishoku made sure to keep a mental note on what to get her for Christmas when the time comes. "Of course, we'll keep them safe." Suishoku smiled in approval.

The twenty minute train ride turned to thirty thanks to all these delays by the time their stop came up. Suishoku helped usher, or at least keep up, with Yumiko on their station platform in southern Edo. The Christmas and wintery decorations weren't there anymore but it was still the same foreigner district it has been. From here would be another short ten minute walk, five thanks to Yumiko's eagerness, to get to the store. "Ya know, I've wondered about something. Most pets like dogs and cats have a collar. Do rabbits even need one?" She asked Yumiko a question that's been shuffled around her mind since thinking about the rabbits and buying their supplies for home base. Rabbits are different from de-musked ferrets and all. Suishoku was personally hoping for one that didn't mind being around people.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jul 9 2018, 09:18 PM
Yumiko stopped at Suishoku's question. As the rain continued down foreigners, half Japanese, and Edo residents just hanging out, could all be seen with umbrellas are hanging out under terraces. At a French restaurant in the distance a few people in all black clothing seemed to be sitting under an umbrella smoking long cigarettes while gazing up at the sky. It was very odd and she really didn't understand them, but she thought it best to pay them no mind.

Holding her umbrella above her head, the waterproof design of her outfit stopping her feet from developing trench foot, she looked at her senpai.
"I've never seen a picture of rabbits with collars. They would be cute though!" she said with a bright smile and a small hop as her frog hood came out. The small hop was obviously to get the frog hood back up to it's proper resting position, however since she did it right as it was falling down it looked more like she had become a froggy hero for a moment.

"I hope we can make it back to the school alright. Maybe we should tell them we're stranded? They could send a water scion, or a little boat?" she said, half joking. Though in her head she imagined the two girls holding two rabbits while a group of students in a boat showed up and rowed them back to Eastern Edo.
"Their arms would be so tired though...." she said in almost a whisper to herself.

"We should charge forward then, and quickly! To try and make it back to school on time!" she said as she looked up at the sky and nodded. The race was on!

Posted by: Alida Jul 15 2018, 04:27 PM
Onward says the froggy heroine indeed. Suishoku nodded with chuckles on whatever stranded thoughts was going on. Yagyu-sensei would just tell them to find their own way back than be damned about rabbits. He must not be a et owner or something.

The cobblestone streets shined and trickled with the constant assault of rain hitting and running down it’s cracks. Two students followed their stoney river to a cut off in the street where it continues to the harbor area. Here was where the petshop stood, not at all expecting many customers thanks to the weather.

She opened the door for Yumiko and walked in, trying to knock off what rain water they collected. The noise of rustling plastic fabrics brought the animals awake from a lazy nap. Their old boss came in soon after to scold the noise makers till seeing how it was. “Oh, you two troublemakers,” he greeted with half the scolding out of familiarity.

“Afternoon sir,” Suishoku set her umbrella in a basket case by the door. “We’ll be here to pick up a couple of rabbits today.”

“In this weather? Better not be drowning them in their cages with this mess. You know where they are so just ring the bell on the register when ready. Kid’s down with the flu,” he grumbled.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jul 17 2018, 06:08 PM
As the entered the pet store Yumiko gave a polite bow. The old man was a tough boss but he was nice in his own way. In spite of the two interrupting the man's apparently nice day off, he still seemed at least somewhat welcoming to them and made sure they had a clear plan to get back to the Bugei in the rain.

"We would never drown any rabbits!" Yumiko exclaimed. She hopped a bit as she did so. Causing the frog cap to fall on her face again until she lifted it back up. In response it seemed as though some of the frogs in the store hopped as well. Apparently Yumiko really was a giant frog to them.

When the old man told them about his assistant Yumiko frowned a bit. Giving another polite bow she said.
"I hope he gets better soon." and with that turned to Suishoku.
"Alright Senpai. I'm ready. Lets pick the best rabbits!" she said with a decidedly focused look on her face. It was finally time for them to get their rabbits and Yumiko was excited. As she hopped a bit the frogs in the store hopped too and the old man looked at her and Suishoku, shaking his head a bit and sighing.
"Bugei kids really are strange these days." he said a bit begrudgingly and went on his way cleaning parts of the store.

The store itself had all kinds of rabbits in nice pins. The pins had no lids but long, slick, clear walls to stop the rabbits from climbing and easily jumping out. Man of the rabbits seemed to be looking at the two, their noses wiggling as a few other ate what appeared to be plant chips.

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