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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 7/10/2017 A blood red summer has come. As the Edo Bugei students finish facing off with the ikko forces all across the nation a massive steel ship floats towards Edo Harbor. The final battle between the Ikko Ikki rebels and the Edo Bugei students is about to begin. The lingering question now, just how much of Edo will be left standing once the battle ends?

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Yesterday at 08:53 am
This event is still in full swing and this may seem a bit pre-emptive, however Sengoku Horizon's Second Birthday is almost here! It is Christmas of each year ^^. So in light of that I wanted to let you all know what the staff is working on and looking forward to in regards to the site's future!

Foreign arc: have an arc in which we introduce ********* and *********. not a two year arc like our current one. haha.

Activity check: See who all is with us and wants to come back!

Old Accounts Gone: Delete account that have been gone over a year. Still not 100 on if we will do this but I would like to present a more accurate picture of how many people we have.

Edo Redux: Re-do Edo as a city. Something I already said I would do after this event anyway.

Power Balancing: Go through and check all of the RPCs and find a better middle ground for people's powers.

Track Classes: Make classes that have to do with people's tracks.

Elections: Have votes for things like class and club presidents.

If anyone else has ideas and/or suggestions please let us know!

Aug 16 2017, 09:21 PM
Edo Bugei Dorms/Early Morning/Spring


Headmaster Hosokawa sat in the middle of the lounge area of Edo Bugei's dorm building, coffee in one hand and yawning a bit. It was early morning in spring and as he sipped the french vanilla latte slowly he waited for the three students to arrive. The morning was nice and warm, and the sun was bright out. Yet for right now he was waiting to meet the students inside. Leaning back into the comfy couch's nice cushions he looked around. The new dorms certainly looked nice. Having been built after the great earthquake they had spared no expensive on the new building.

He didn't have a clipboard. After all he was headmaster of the academy and knew exactly who had signed up for the class. Truth be told he didn't think anyone would be all that interested in the founding of the school. So much so he had never really expected the class to take off. Yet here it was, and now he was ready to have a comfy chat about the school's founding and everything the Bugei truly represented.

Aug 16 2017, 08:33 PM
Edo Outskirts/Late afternoon/Spring

It was a cold day in Edo's outskirts. Clouds had covered the sky all day and as the hour was approaching sunset it was only set to get colder. Standing near the entrance to a small woodland area, looking as calm and menacing as always was the elite sniper Kiryu, Rai. To many it may have seemed odd to have a quiet sniper take over the stealthclass for the day instead of a shinobi student, however in Rai's mind she was clearly the best choice. She came from a low ranking family and worked her way up through Edo Bugei, training directly under the now deceased Saika-sensei. With a brown cloak over her head, a shinobi mask over her mouth she waited for her students to arrive.

Rai waited with clipboard in hand. Standing at the edge of the woods like an angel of death. She barely seemed to move as the student's approached. She would simply hand the clipboard to one student at a time and wait for them to properly introduce themselves to the others.

Aug 6 2017, 04:48 PM

On a humid morning, south of the massive island of Kyushu, two Edo Bugei students arrived on Tanegashima Island. The island was owned by the Shimazu and had massive gun manufacturing plants along one coast. For centuries it had been a spot of trade between the Shimazu and Portugal, and today was still controlled by the Shimazu clan. However, the students that had come here today weren't here for guns. Instead they arrived on a heavily forested beach away from the gun manufacturing plants. As cicadas hummed loudly all around them they would arrive on Chikura Beach.

The pair had arrived after a lone fishermen had met them in Satsuma and brought them here by boat. All along the beach large rock deposits could be seen along the cliffs. Some of these openings seemed just large enough for one of the students to crawl through at a time. Inside of the openings, however, it would be like a whole new world. Inside the caves the floor was extremely slick from water about ankle high repeatedly coming into the cave and then receding back out. Right now both students would stand in about ankle high water as the tide rushed in.

The extremely dark caves would seem to extend towards the core of the island itself, and likely both students would need flashlights to proceed. They had come because a curious rumor had wound up on the Shogun's desk and thus on the mission board of Edo Bugei academy. Due to unknown reasons it was believed that a lost katana of the famous Tachibana Genchiyo may be in the cave system somewhere. Rumor had it that large tunnel systems existed underneath this small island, but rarely got explored due to the ocean tide coming in, filling the downward sloping caves, and creating a high chance of drowning anyone who tried.

To make matters worse as the students had entered the cave they'd have seen what appeared to be other foot prints, and even a bag with discarded foot rations outside the entrance of the cave system. It was likely someone else had come looking for the sword after the rumor had surfaced. The big question would be what the two would do about it, and if that person would be friend or foe.

Aug 6 2017, 04:05 PM
During the great Kanto Earthquake of 2016 many of Edo's great warehouses had taken a lot of damage. Thieves who had always wished they could enter the heavily guarded buildings finally received their chance and many famous artifacts had been stolen. One such artifact was the subject of focus today. It was a small folding fan kept in a black silk bag tied with a purple string. The fan itself wasn't that large, but it was the story behind the fan that made it so valuable. Supposedly it was the favorite fan of the infamous warlord Oda Nobunaga. Legend has it that the fan kept in Edo's largest warehouse was the same fan Nobunaga had used to perform the Atsumori dance before rushing out to kill Imagawa Yoshimoto.

No one was sure if the artifact in question was a relic or not, however the value of it alone made the Shogunate extremely upset upon finding out it was stolen, and the Oda clan even more upset to find out the Shogunate had such a rare item that they declared should belong to them. With two different clans infuriated over the theft, it didn't take long about the report for the Bugei to be contacted. Supposedly it was taken by a common thief only a few hours after the earthquake. The thief, a young man around age 35 named Tatsunosuke has apparently ran off into the forests of Aokigahara in order to get away from Edo's metsuke.

The two students who signed up for the mission would be taken to the edge of the infamous "Sea of Trees" around the hour of the dragon. The weather was clear and the sun was out. The temperature itself felt surprisingly mild for how early in the day it was. Cooler than expected but no doubt would get hot quickly as time went on within the dense forest. It was early in the morning and the area looked completely empty aside from them, and three metsuke who had brought them to the forest. All three metsuke looked to be of high rank and all very stressed due to the pressure around this mission. The most senior of them appeared to wear white and blue robes with a gold Tokugawa crest on his back. He was a balding man even with his samura topknot and appeared to be around 50 years of age. His thick black mustache covered his small mouth as he looked at the two.
"Your job is to go into the forest and figure out how to find that wretched criminal. To the best of our knowledge he hasn't left the forest in months and has been occasional sneaking back into Edo to get food. Because of this we imagine his camp can't be that deep in the forest. If you have any plans we would certainly like to hear them." the man said with a massive scowl. The Metsuke on one hand appeared offended that the Bugei had been chosen over them, however the Metsuke had also attempted looking for the thief numerous times over the past two months and had yet to find him.

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