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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 06/01/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. Making friends and learning about Edo Culture is their current aim! In other news it is also time for the school dance event! Please bring your characters along!

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May 2 2016, 05:48 PM
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<br><br>Shimazu Nao


<br><br>Winter Celebration (Opening Thread)

<br>Math Attack (Kano, Open)

<br>The "Great" Melon Bread Mystery (Kano, Homura, Hinageshi)

<br>Mission: Assassin to Idol

~OOC Goals~
  • Learn to effectively play an investigation-based character.
  • Interact with the SH community and their characters.
  • Learn how to run an investigation-based thread.
  • Have fun.
  • <br>
    ~IC Ambitions~
    • Take her father's place as a detective of Kagoshima.
    • Find the murderers responsible for her father's passing.
    • Graduate from Edo Bugei as highly ranked as possible.
    • Discover if the Clan's prejudice against the Shogunate is deserved.
    • ~Group Bonds~
      • Shimazu Clan - Branch family member, family loyalty.
      • Kagoshima Police Department - Nao's second family, who helped ease her father's passing.
      • ~Connections~
        • Kano - Interesting person, hope she does well and earns her own family. Hard times ahead.
        • Mokero Homura - Wonder if she can take things seriously? Carefree person.
        • ~Enemies and Rivals~
          • </div>
            Apr 29 2016, 03:25 AM
            [dohtml]<div class="profile">
            <span class="name">Utsunomiya Xingjuan</span>
            <span class="sub1">of the Utsunomiya Clan</span>
            <img src="" class="proficon" height="100" width="100"><img src="" class="proficon" height="100" width="100"><img src="" class="proficon" height="100" width="100">
            <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%"><tr><td vAlign="top" class="content1">
            • Age: 17 <br>
            • Female<br>
            • Utsunomiya City, Shimotsuke Province<br>
            • Utsunomiya Clan<br>
            • Second Year<br>

            <td vAlign="top" class="content2">
            • Bushi Track <br>
            • Volleyball Club<br>
            • Swimming Club<br>
            • Practicing her kung fu<br>
            • Shopping <br>

            <div class="content3">
            <br>HAIR: Rather shocking to behold; her bangs are dyed pink while the rest is bleached blond, with a thin stripe of blue in the center. Her normal hair color is brown.
            <br>EYES: Brown, but usually with blue contacts.
            <br>HEIGHT: 5'6"
            <br>WEIGHT: 160 lbs.
            <br>BODY TYPE: Lean with strong, corded muscle from so many years of demanding martial arts.
            <br>STYLE: Generally speaking, Xingjuan's outfit largely depends on what she's doing. While in school she wears her uniform with her shirt untucked and a couple buttons off, as a small sign of protest. When outside of the school, she varies between traditional loose-fitting traditional Chinese clothing in bright, light colors, or much more modern clothes like shorts, skirts, and billowy long-sleeved shirts. She more or less refuses to wear dark colors outside of her school uniform.
            <br>OTHER: Unless she's partaking in a particularly rigorous exercise, Xiaojuan always seems to be wearing makeup; a dark coat of foundation layered over by bright, flashy colors such as white, pink, and blue in the ganguro style. It's all surprisingly well blended.

            <div class="content3">
            Having trained in the art of Crane kung fu for most of her life, her devotion to the style is probably the single biggest facet of Xingjuan's personality. Where others think of it as just a martial art, she has made it a part of her very lifestyle. At all times, she tries to emulate the grace and beauty of the mythical red-crowned crane, the symbol of immortality and nobility.<br><br>

            Due to this, she's grown to be incredibly proud of her abilities and her style; when given the chance she will gladly gush about the amazing grace and beauty of her style, her makeup, and of herself. What might be otherwise seen as arrogance is, to Xingjuan, an honest attempt to share this beauty with the people around her. Unfortunately, given prevailing attitudes about the Chinese outside of Shimotsuke (and gyaru in general), this isn't often looked upon favorably.<br><br>

            Which is unfortunate, because Xingjuan is half-Chinese, has spent a lot of time in the land of her mother, and greatly enjoys their culture. She enjoys it so much that she even ended up becoming fluent in Cantonese, in fact. In Shimotsuke, this was hardly an issue, given attitudes there. Outside of her home province - and especially in Edo - it's quite the reverse. It annoys her greatly that so many of her peers hold such strongly negative feelings about the Chinese despite knowing nothing about them.<br><br>

            When she was home, her position as princess of the Utsonomiya, as well as her phenomenal martial arts skills, made her quite popular. In Edo Bugei, this isn't quite the case. This has made her a little more defensive while speaking, but it's also manifested in a strong urge to protect people around her that have shown her a modicum of decency, and induct them as her 'disciples', or close friends. Any threat made to one of her disciples is one made directly to her, and it's something Xinjuan will refuse to allow. <br><br>

            That said, in spite of her devotion to a style of combat, and her protectiveness, Xinjuan doesn't actually like fighting. While it can hardly be said that she's a pacifist, she takes into mind the ideals of Confusianism: that one's behavior and words should try to lead to a peaceful solution equitable to all parties, before steel is drawn and blood is spilled. If an altercation arises, however, Xingjuan will no doubt react with overwhelming force, so as to terrify those against her into submission with thoughts of what she may do to them if they continue.<br><br>

            When not in combat, Xingjuan acts boisterously, almost hammy, making declarations with forthright pride and faith in their correctness. Her emotions can run a bit on the hot side, sparking irritation and anger - but she is also empathetic, bringing forth quick tears of joy or sorrow for those around her, particularly people she knows. She's quick to try to build confidence in the people around her for exactly this reason, wanting to see them at their fullest potential beside her.<br><br>

            Just... don't purposefully mess up her makeup. Nobody wants to see the eruption that happens then.

            <br>STRENGTHS: Incredible balance and grace, constant martial arts training, confidence, powerful drive to protect 'disciples' (friends)
            <br>WEAKNESSES: Bravado, ruined makeup drives her crazy, too emotional by half, takes great offense at anti-Chinese racism
            <br>LIKES: Makeup, shopping, Crane kung fu, the arts (particularly music and painting), giving makeovers
            <br>DISLIKES: Liars, those who don't appreciate beauty, being away from her clan, firearms
            <br>AMBITIONS: Become a master of the Crane style, return to Utsunomiya, take her place as head of her clan, increase openness between Shimotsuke and China.
            <br>FEARS: Spiders, being unable to continue her training for any reason, the loss of family or friends despite her best efforts</div>

            <div class="content3">
            <br>WEAPON: Xingjuan's main weapon is her body, which she's honed through so many years of training in the kung fu styles of Flying and Feeding Crane, a style known for it's sweeping grace and lightning fast strikes and movement. Weapons she's trained in include the jian and the spear, though she generally only carries around her jian on a daily basis. <br><br>

            She wields her weapons with the same sweeping, elegant grace of her choice of kung fu; they're used much like a crane's beak, quickly stabbinng and cutting at an opponent's exposed areas. Instead of actively blocking, Xianjuan tries to parry and force the opponent off of balance using their own attacks and her own tendency to slip in and out of range constantly.
            <br>RELIC: Xianjuan's relic is a small hair clip. The broach is bronze and stamped with the symbol of ying and yang; a white tassel hangs underneath.
            <br>RELIC OWNER: Utsonomiya Hirotsuna
            <br>OWNER HISTORY: Relatively unknown by history, Utsonomiya Hirotsuna became the head of his clan following his father's death. However, chaos developed in his lands, and he was forced to flee when Nasu Takasada overtook Shimotsuke, taking refuge with the Satake Clan.

            <br><br>Some months after the loss of Shimotsuke, he married the eldest daughter of the Satake Clan's head; with the their aid, Hirotsuna was able to re-take his province and established strong trading with Satake, and China. It's rumored that he at one point he went to China to find a weapon capable of defending his people from another takeover; it's said he returned with teachers of Chinese kung fu, who began to teach the people to defend themselves.
            <br>ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: Xingjuan strikes out with hand or blade, aiming unerringly for one of her opponent's pressure points. If it strikes, it can induce moderate cramping or numbness that decreases the effectiveness of the inflicted body part for two turns. It can be blocked or dodged. (One turn cooldown.)
            <br>ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Xingjuan gathers the energy of her relic into one hand and strikes out. If she succeeds in striking, the striking force is multiplied three times over. This allows her to even knock down large people, or people covered in heavy armor.(Three turn cooldown.)
            <br>LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3:Moving with a sudden incredible burst of speed, Xingjuan strikes at a opponent with a flurry of attacks from her legs, feet, and/or weapons, numbering six in total. Though each of these attacks by themselves are fairly weak, the speed of these attacks blur her outline, making it difficult to block or evade more than one or two.(Five turns cooldown.)
            <br>PASSIVE 1: Xingjuan is imbued with an almost supernatural sense of balance. She can stand on rather small and thin objects easily, or stay up on the toes of a single foot while simultaneously attacking without a wobble. This grants her increased range and makes it hard to knock her over or disrupt her balance.
            <br>LOCKED PASSIVE 2: Xingjuan is able to push off from the ground (or any object that offers any resistance) and spring upwards or forwards in the air for a few meters. She can keep doing this so long as there is something for her to push off of. This allows her to move quickly across wide amounts of terrain quickly, but Xingjuan can only keep going for three turns, and must rest for four until she can use it again.
            <br>LOCKED Awakened Mode Color: White, with a bright red crest covering her forehead and hair.
            <br> AWAKENED ATTACK: For a short period of time (3 turns), Xingjuan gains 360 degree awareness around her person, and is capable of reacting and striking at anyone that enters into her range with incredible speed and precision, no matter where they are around her. She can also use her first ability while in this mode. She can still be overrun by sheer numbers, however.</div>

            <div class="content3">
            <br>• Father: Utsunomiya Daiki
            <br>• Mother: Utsonomiya Huifang
            <br>• Brother: Utsonomiya Hiroaki
            <br>• Sifu: Yung Junjie

            Xingjang's history is best began from when her father Daiki, next in line to lead the Utsunomiya clan, began the coming-of-age ritual of traveling to China to seek enlightenment and knowledge from a master of kung fu at fifteen. In his travels, he ended up finding an elder Crane master and his daughter, Huifang, in Fujian Province. Fujian was the birthplace of Fujian White Crane, the most graceful of the animal kung fu styles. While Daiki honestly wasn't particularly impressed, he was taken in by the beautiful and strong Huifang, who helped train him.<br><br>

            So Utsonomiya Daiki became a disciple of the old master, along with a few other young men. For two years he stayed, learning the ways of the Crane, outlasting all but two other men. Huifang and himself started up a courtship as the years went by. By the end, Daiki wasn't the best of the disciples - that honor went to Yung Junjie (her father's rival), who was given the honor of carrying the manual. Being an intelligent man, he also allowed his daughter to marry Daiki - so that the influence of the Crane might spread to another land. The two returned to Shimotsuke, where they were immediately wed, and Daiki was pronounced the Utsonomiya clan head. This was, of course, not entirely in keeping with the Shogunate's orders, so the bride's heritage was largely kept quiet to outsiders.<br><br>

            Later that year, Huifang gave birth to Xingjuan, who was widely celebrated in Shimotsuke and beloved by her family. While her birth was mentioned to the Shogunate, her parentage was still mostly quiet. Her childhood was one of relative ease and happiness, with no particular bad events aside from the passing of her grandparents. That said, Huifang started teaching Xingjuan the ways of the Crane as soon as she was able, and the child ended up being quite an apt pupil while she helped her mother tend to their animals. By the time she reached fifteen years, she was already the pride of her parents, for how much she'd learned. During this time, she wound up stumbling into her first sights of ganguro fashion, a pair of girls in Utsunomiya. In spite of the harassment they received the girls wore their makeup proudly, and Xingjuan was entranced by the beauty. She would later come to emulate them after she returned from China.<br><br>

            Sifu Yung Junjie, however, was less impressed when she arrived for her own coming of age. Her training under him was far more intense than anything she had received at the hands of her mother, for he still remembered her father and their rivalry quite well. However, he eventually ended up accepting his new pupil for how eagerly she sought to master his teachings, in spite of his irritation for her lineage. Eventually, he conceded to her that if she were to continue to grow in her mastery and return to defeat him in combat, he would name her his best disciple and give her the Crane style manual, so she may teach others. This was probably the proudest moment in Xingjuan's life, and from that point on has dedicated herself to preparing for that day.<br><br>

            Once the customary two years had passed, Xingjuan returned to Untsunomiya proudly at 17, and told her parents of what had occurred, and proudly shown her new baby brother, Hiroaki. Both were incredibly proud... but revealed that her test wasn't quite done yet. They wouldn't tell her what exactly that meant, but kept a watch on her training constantly for two months. When they were satisfied, they told her of the one relic that their clan possessed, one that had formerly belonged to her ancestor, Utsunomiya Hirotsuna. It had never awakened to anyone before, but they knew there was power within it. Xingjuan took the item in hand, and was immediately linked with her ancient ancestor, who was proud to find that his descendant had become so graceful and skilled. To her, the relic's power was granted. <br><br>

            Of course, there was another problem that came with this. Under Edo Castle, the onmyouji detected the activation of a relic, and agents were immediately dispatched. It ended up being rather ill fortune, given Xingjuan's mother - but both were officially members of the Utsunomiya Clan, and thus largely untouchable in a place where the Shogun rarely exerted his influence. Still, their ultimatum for Xingjuan couldn't be ignored. With heavy hearts - and despite Xingjuan's fierce protests - she was sent to learn at Edo Bugei. The commendable skills that she had gained during her life allowed her to enter in as a second year... but it didn't prepare her for everything that she would wind up facing at Edo Bugei.

            <span class="ooc">KidKitsuki• Kanako Sumiyoshi, Nyan Koi • Shimazu Nao</span>
            <div style="text-align: center; font-size: 10px; margin: -10px 0px 10px;"><a href="" style="font-family: helvetica; font-weight: bold; text-transform: lowercase;">template from below the sun</a></div>[/dohtml]
            Apr 21 2016, 09:39 PM
            Sunday morning in Edo's Adachi Ward wasn't anywhere near as sleepy as some others might be; the moment that the sun starts peeking it's head over the horizon, the hard working shop owners had already started preparing for the day's large crowds and heavy business. The smell of dozens of cafés and restaurants and tea houses cooking their wares gives this place a heavenly aroma.

            One particular plaza is very pungent. Above it on a small hilltop, there's a large, forested park. The combination of these two factors has made it a prime location for Sunday related activities.

            Shimazu Nao arrives on the scene roughly two hours after daybreak, metaphorically dragging with her Kano. The main reason she'd come was to partake in the sweet aromas of the plaza and explore more of Edo; what she actually told her 'partner' was that she wanted to take her morning run with them.

            Hence why she's wearing her P.E. outfit as she lead them along the park's wide, tree-lined path, moving with an excited energy that belayed how reserved and quiet that she normally was.

            "Don't fall behind," she calls back with a hazy smile. Immediately, she looks forward again and takes a deep sniff, invigorating her with another burst of energy and speed. As soon as she sees the chance, she breaks away from the path and starts running down the hill, towards the plaza, as fast as her long legs can carry her.

            Nao comes to a stop at the bottom of the hill, where she waves to her companion and takes in the plaza with her murky brown eyes. The smell of food gets her stomach rumbling; once Kano catches up the detective girl taps her cheek with her forefinger in careful deliberation.

            "Incredibly important question: where to eat? It all smells good. Preferences?"

            (Idea is to let everyone meet and greet for a bit before kicking off the plot.)
            Apr 8 2016, 10:12 PM
            [dohtml]<div class="profile">
            <span class="name">Shimazu Nao</span>
            <span class="sub1">of the Shimazu Clan</span>
            <img src="" class="proficon"> <img src="" class="proficon"> <img src="" class="proficon">
            <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%"><tr><td vAlign="top" class="content1">
            • 16<br>
            • Female<br>
            • First Year<br>
            • Guard Track
            <td vAlign="top" class="content2">
            • Bugei Club<br>
            • Cultural Club<br>
            • Reading mystery novels<br>

            <div class="content3">
            <br>HAIR: Straight, dull brown, cut at her shoulders. It's usually in some form of disarray with occasional hair ornaments thrown in.
            <br>EYES: Dark honey brown. Usually unfocused, when something has her complete attention her gaze can become intimidating.
            <br>HEIGHT: 5'10"
            <br>WEIGHT: 139 lbs.
            <br>BODY TYPE: Quite thin and lanky, only emphasized by how tall she is. Her legs are the longest part of her body, and are a little more developed due to constant running and agility exercises.
            <br>STYLE: Most of Nao's wardrobe isn't particularly flattering; she's known for mostly wearing her school uniform when out. Otherwise, it seems she generally prefers black men's hakama and kimono, patterned in red with the Shimazu Clan's symbol embroidered on the back. She's usually also wearing a pair of thick-rimmed glasses (whenever they aren't lost). Particularly cold days have her dragging out a thick red embroidered scarf.
            <br>OTHER: All told, Nao's face is rather plain-looking. There's a small beauty mark on her left cheekbone, and both her ears are pierced with little silver studs.

            <div class="content3">
            Please write a paragraph or two regarding your character's personality, as well as fill out the following: Known as distant and spacey, Nao is actually a very smart girl who finds better company with her own thoughts and ideas than with other people. She's always examining things and questioning their uses and how they interact with the world; when asked she will gladly share her thoughts, but most people find little sense in her ramblings and decide to move on. This is the direct cause of her distance. She believes that people can't or refuse to understand her.<br><br>

            Strangely, this doesn't bother her to the extent that it might others. Instead, Nao has come to accept it as a fact of life that isn't worth crying over. Due to this, she's almost always smiling in that head-in-the-clouds way, and she's very polite to everyone she meets, even people who are outright rude to her. That said, rules and laws are very important to her, and those who break them in her presence without reason can quickly become enemies and rivals. Unlike many in the Shimazu Clan, Nao doesn't hold any real grudge against the Shogunate, instead viewing it as a fact of life that has existed since long before her, and will probably continue to exist after she is gone.<br><br>Perhaps due to her eagerness for investigation, Nao greatly enjoys finding new things. Be it new information or new sights, this drive to discover and understand is largely what drives her workouts. What better way to find something new than to pick a direction and just... run? That said, she's not a dunce; she keeps her weapons with her whenever she can, and she's smart enough to realize when a trap has been laid--generally. <br><br>Despite her seemingly happy exterior, however, there is still tension. She still feels guilt for being unable to solve her father's death - it's the thing that constantly crawls in the back of her mind, reminding her that no matter how smart she is, there is still a chance of defeat. This ghost of potential failure will sometimes make her drive herself farther than she really should, in order to make that chance as minimal as possible.<br><br>Due to her training, she has a habit of trying to watch people. She can't really understand people through conversation, but watching how they move and react to the world around them is a wonderful substitute... most of the time. In fact, despite how often it seems out in space, she's capable of directing her attention in multiple ways at once.<br>

            <br>STRENGTHS: Intelligence and knowledge on a surprisingly wide array of topics, though all are related to investigation and police work in some way. Her urge to see that truth prevails in all things keeps her almost constantly level-headed and reasonable. Her sense of hearing is fantastic, and often used to secretly listen to rumors and gossip when people think she isn't paying attention.
            <br>WEAKNESSES: Her head is in the clouds constantly; she generally focuses on her own thoughts than on what happens around her. Despite being constantly polite, she's socially awkward and hard to engage in long conversation unless the topic is related to her interests.
            <br>LIKES: Solving mysteries, mystery novels, running, looking up random factoids.
            <br>DISLIKES: Crime, dishonesty, melon bread, making judgements without all of the facts.
            <br>AMBITIONS: To take her father's place as a detective in the Satsuma Providence, to serve as a defender of the law of the land.
            <br>FEARS: Nao is deeply uncomfortable with guns and firearms, viewing them as far too impartial and easy to kill with. Her greatest fear, however, is that it will be decided she is unable or incapable of taking her father's place as a detective for any reason.</div>

            <div class="content3">

            <br>WEAPON: By her father's will, Nao has received both her father's katana and his jitte, both of which she's kept on her person since his passing. She's not particularly strong, but she can certainly be quick. Instead of trading blows in combat, Nao generally tries to dodge or parry incoming attacks while waiting for the exact moment when an opponent's vital areas (e.g. head, neck, armpit/underarm, groin) are exposed. At that point, she tries to strike as viciously and quickly as she can before withdrawing and waiting for the next opportunity, or attempting to finish the crippled opponent.

            She's also tried to learn iaido dueling techniques, but without a teacher she has largely stalled in this endeavor.

            <div class="content3">
            <br>• Father: Shimazu Katashi (Deceased)
            <br>• Mother: Shimazu Aoi
            <br>• Sibling: Shimazu Minako
            <br>• Second Cousin: Shimazu Hinageshi<br>

            Born in Kagoshima to a branch family of the main Shimazu clan, Nao's formative years ended up being... somewhat of a trial for both of her parents. Both Katashi and Aoi were fairly traditional people; Katashi served as a detective for Kagoshima's police, while Aoi was a stay-at-home mother who had formerly been a diplomat. Both had fairly traditional expectations for their first daughter, and both were disappointed. Nao was far too inquisitive. She was always asking questions, sneaking out of the home to wander the city, or somewhere with her nose too deep in a book to pull out. Worse, getting her to sit down and focus on any one thing was an exercise in futility. The young girl had no patience for her mother's lessons about sewing and impeccable ladylike manners. <br> <br>Her father ended up breaking through to her at 10 when he decided that if she was going to ask him questions about his work all the time, he might as well start teaching her something. For some reason, the ideas of investigation, justice, and swordplay struck a chord with the girl, and she started taking to his lessons like a fish to water. This rankled her mother to no end, the two began to drift apart. <br><br>Her mother soon had Minako to fuss over, who wound up getting Aoi's good looks and ladylike charm. Nao spent most of her time with her father, who would occasionally take her to the precinct often to help her develop her investigation skills as he taught her how to use a sword and jitte. During this time, Nao also took up jogging as a means to increase her endurance and still be able to see interesting things in the city. <br> <br> This all ended when she was fifteen, the year before she was invited to the Edo Bugei Academy. Her father found evidence of a shipment of foreign drugs that was going to land in Kagoshima and began to hunt after it for months. Just as he'd found where the ship was going to land, he was killed on his way home. Nao herself went to investigate the scene when she knew. Afterwards, her home became a tomb where Nao and her mother never spoke, instead communicating through Minako. Nao and Minako ended up coming much closer, but it was clear who was favored in the home now. Nao attempted to follow up on her father's murder, but was unable to find any leads--a fact which troubles her to this day. <br><br>Once matters of inheritance were handled, Katashi's will gave both his sword and his jitte to Nao, and bade her to take his place as she could be: an intelligent woman detective. With her invitation to Edo Bugei, she found a perfect opportunity to do so. Before she left, her mother gave her a gift of her own: a red hand-made scarf, embroidered with her best work, and bade her daughter a cool farewell. Thus, Nao entered into the Academy...

            <span class="ooc">KidKitsuki• Tateyama Ayano, Kagerou Project • ---</span>
            <div style="text-align: center; font-size: 10px; margin: -10px 0px 10px;"><a href="" style="font-family: helvetica; font-weight: bold; text-transform: lowercase;">template from below the sun</a></div>[/dohtml]
            Apr 8 2016, 03:55 AM
            Hello everyone. I ended up finding this place completely by accident, but it seems like it was pretty fortunate.

            I've been roleplaying a long while now, but I'll admit to sometimes making mistakes and errors and typos. Please feel free to give me criticisms that you might have so I can try to be a better roleplayer.

            I look forward to meeting everyone and your characters!
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