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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 08/05/2018 The school dance is still ongoing as the seasonal news report reveals that a large ship has left England and is moving towards Edo!

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 Ii, Koyoriki, Ten-Fisted Detective
Ii Koyoriki
 Posted: Jul 24 2018, 02:21 PM


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II, KOYORIKI of the Ii clan

• 18, FEMALE

HAIR: Her black, wiry hair would normally reach down to her shoulders, however she keeps it bound in a chonmage. She stopped bothering to shave her pate after it started taking too much time to maintain, and too many people began mistaking her for a man.
EYES: Brown
HEIGHT: 5’11”
BODY TYPE: Her body is a testament to her upbringing, stocky with powerful build and strong back, callous riddled skin, and countless thin white scars breaking up her tanned complexion.
STYLE: While she doesn't have anything against dresses or skirts, she wears the male version of the school uniform and has repeatedly made it known she'll keep doing it until she's dead, and not a day before hand, citing how uncomfortably short it is, and how much she hates the breeze.

Being something of a traditionalist, she’s taken to wearing a kimono and various types hakama when on business, with a particular fondness for the sashinuki and tattsuke styles. She's also seemingly grown rather attached to a gift from her brother in Nagasaki, a long, heavy coat made of dark blue wool with the kanji "天" stitched in red thread across the back, wearing it whenever the weather permits. Regardless of the day, she refuses to be parted from her family’s jutte, always keeping it tucked into the several feet of rope she winds around her waist. .
OTHER: A sparring accident cost her the first knuckle of her left ring finger, fortunately this doesn’t hinder her, having happened when she was still very young. She prefers to wear a brass prosthesis over the stump, occasionally swapping it out for a wickedly curved hook to aid her grappling. The only part of her without some fashion of scar is her neck and face.

Most people have a childhood, Koyoriki had training. Raised as a son and put through years of physical conditioning and schooling to continue the long family line of Yoriki and Doshin, you’d be hard pressed to find a more disciplined and hardy individual. In spite of her rigorous discipline she’s been trained to be a public servant, and as such she’s remarkably personable for someone of her stature and skills. However she has a strict no-nonsense policy when working, be it on a mission or in class. In a professional context, she’s stern, terse, and often quite callous towards other people, even if she tries to apologise and make amends for it in a more relaxed context. Having grown up with radically different priorities and standards, she also has issues empathising with some people. However it should be noted that as a self-perceived public servant, she doesn’t look down or dismiss these feelings, just simply cannot relate to them. Though when she was younger it was a full blown superiority complex instead, one she thankfully grew out of.

STRENGTHS: Prodigious strength, can quite happily carry a fellow student under each arm. Observant. Thoughtful. Exceptional Discipline
WEAKNESSES: Stern, Issues with Empathy, Overly Trusting of Her Superiors. High Standards, of Herself and Others. Pathological Aversion to Lying, even when its beneficial.
LIKES: Justice, Exercise, Reading, Honesty, Perseverance and Dignity, especially during hard times
DISLIKES: Corruption, Laziness, Cowards, Greed, Superiority Complexes
AMBITIONS: Above all else, Koyoriki desires to become a Yoriki, to honour her family and carry out justice.

WEAPON: Like any self respecting Samurai, she wields a daisho, although rather different in composition. For a start the longer weapon is oversized, closer to a short nodachi than a katana. Size aside the weapon also forsook the normal disc shaped hand-guard for a long ovoid shape, with a pair of lobes forming a sort of cross-guard as to make better use of the locks and binds her school teaches, alongside a false edge to allow for more defensive strikes. The other non-standard aspect of the daisho was that the wakizashi was substituted for a long jutte, which also functions as her relic.
From an early age she’s been striving towards perfecting her family school of Shintan Jo-ho, a school that teaches a mixture of Juttejutsu, Jiu Jitsu, Hojojutsu and the metaphysics of Iaido, alongside swordplay. The key focus of the style is establishing physical dominance, to totally control and demoralise the enemy. The school places primary focus on use of a jutte as a grappling aid, and most of the techniques taught relate to painful body locks, throws, and grapples. The swordplay of the school has clear early Nanban influences, making use of binds, covered attacks, and deceptive striking patterns.
In practice, this makes Koyoriki an exceptionally unpleasant opponent, with combatants often finding themselves with their wrists and arms bent back into painful angles, being slammed into the floor, having their nose smashed by a kashira, or having the jutte hooked inside their mouth. She makes use of her prodigious strength to augment these techniques, and more than one smaller opponent has found themselves with her jutte slipped inside their clothes, before being casually tossed over her shoulder, with a boot on their back and wrists tied together while they’re still trying to figure which way is up.
RELIC: A simple jutte, carried by countless yojimbo and yoriki over the years.
RELIC OWNER: Shinmen Munisai, Unrivaled Under the Sun
OWNER HISTORY: Shinmen Munisai, also called Miyamoto Muninosuke, was a martial artist, expert in using the sword and the jutte, and father to the legendary Miyamoto Musashi. Munisai was relied upon by Lord Shinmen Sokan,the head of the Shinmen clan and so was allowed to use the Shinmen name. He was one of the few to have obtained the title of "Unrivaled Under The Sun", offered to him by the Shogun Ashikaga.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: My Master’s Voice. The Yoriki is a servant of the law, and the law is to be respected. After composing herself for a moment, usually no longer than a second, Koyoriki may bellow out a command or message, her voice ringing out louder than a bomb, leaving people dazed and with ringing ears. Usually used to demand order in a hectic situation, to deliver instructions on a battlefield, or to stun nearby foes

Cool Down: When used to simply convey information across a wide distance or noisy environment, no cool down is incurred. When used to stun, a two round cool down is incurred.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 2:Perfect Defence Taking a wide, defensive stance, Koyoriki focuses her power and waits for the opponent to strike before countering the blow. She’ll typically use this to bait an opponent into striking, only to bind their weapon and throw them, though she has been known the use this to dominate Iaijutsu duels, deflecting and counter attacking in a heartbeat. The attack must be reasonably countered however, she can’t parry an arrow out of the air and suddenly stab the archer in the stomach from fifty meters away.

Cool Down: Three Rounds
LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: My Master Does Not Yield With a war cry that shakes the ground Koyoriki can issue an order or demand with the full weight of the law behind it. The weak willed will find themselves following it without thinking, whereas the stronger willed find themselves strongly compelled to do so. The command may not be suicidal in nature, such as walking off a cliff or throwing themselves on a sword. It can be used to rally troops with a demand to hold their ground, or to demoralise the enemy with an order to surrender.

Cool Down: Five Rounds
PASSIVE 1: Yoriki’s Strength The relic enhances the user’s sense of sight, smell, and hearing, allowing them to spot things that would be otherwise easily overlooked. It also offers improved focus, making it harder to distract or confuse the wielder.
LOCKED PASSIVE 2: Dominating Presence Channeling the power of her relic, she can force her targets to pay attention to her prioritising her in a fight or ensuring people hear what she says, even if they choose to disregard it later.
AWAKENED ATTACK: My Master’s Demand The becoming the ultimate expression of authority, Koyoriki may issue a single command before passing out. So long as the action is lawful, such as demanding a fleeing fugitive surrender, the fortress of a band of rebels to open, or even illegal contraband to dispose of itself, it will be carried out. The fleeing fugitive will throw himself to his knees until arrested, the doors of the fortress will swing open on their own, the contraband will crumble into dust. However against law abiding entities, the most she can demand of them is assistance or to seek shelter. The power can only work on those who can hear it

FAMILY: (If you have faceclaims in mind please note them.)
• Ii Daiyoriki. 56. Father and Mentor. In almost exceptional shape for his age, with a thick neck and arms like tree trunks. Taller than most, he has a habit of looming over people as he talks, bringing his bald head uncomfortably close to his listeners. Like his father, and his father before him, he serves a Yoriki. While normally a reasonable and balanced man, there's very little he wouldn't do should his clan demand it.
• Ii Kicho. 50. Mother and Role Model. Dignified to a fault, with her pitch black hair tied in a shimada style, and eyes that betray nothing. A retired yoriki, it was her spiritual guidance that strengthened Koyoriki's resolve during her early years.
• Ii Murakami. 27. Brother and Confidant. Taking after his father, Murakami has had to duck under so many door ways its beginning to impact his posture. Combs back and pomades his long black hair. He's currently undergoing a period of musha shugyo, spending some time to hone his skills before returning home to begin preparing to become the new family patriarch. Rumour has it he's recently become affiliated with the Yakuza, but people say a lot of silly things.
BACKGROUND: If you were to look through the family tree of the Ii, you’ll find a member of each generation with some variation on the name “Yoriki.” Daiyoriki, Koyoriki, Shinyoriki, all the way back to the clan’s founding. While most of them have no particularly grand feats to speak of, it’s quite remarkable to see such an old tradition survive so long. This line of Yoriki passed their duties down from parent to child, training their heir in various investigation skill, handling bureaucracy, and of course how to apprehend a suspect. It wouldn’t be until the early 1600’s that this line became significant, with the inheritance of an unassuming Jutte from family friend. Upon taking up the weapon, Hatsuyoriki woke the relic from its slumber, and began a long line of exceptionally successful Yoriki as a result. Perhaps due to the similar conditions each candidate was raised in, it was found that many of Hatsuyoriki’s progeny could make use of the baton. For the next four hundred years the weapon was passed down as both a badge of office and source of power, with several of the line being capable of reawakening the relic.
When Koyoriki was born, she immediately began a long period of grooming in an attempt to attune her to the relic, much like her great-grandmother before her, the relic having gone into a period of hibernation after her passing. She was homeschooled from an early age, undergoing a rigorous course of physical conditioning, education into the investigative arts, and indoctrination to hold the law and common good above all. While the training was arduous, costing her a finger before she was even eleven years old, and countless more pints of blood, sweat, and tears, the end result was a viable candidate to the relic reawaken the relic. When she came of age she was gifted the jutte, in the presence of the metsuke who had been invited to witness and offer their ultimatum in preparation. Fortunately, she was as worthy as she had hoped, and by the end of the week she was already being taken to Edo.
When she initially arrived, she sported quite the superiority complex. After all, she had four hundred years of heritage and refinement behind her, most of her peers couldn’t even hope to match her, let alone surpass her. It didn’t take her long to realise how narrow her focus had been. While she could wrestle a student to the floor and have them bound in six seconds flat, she had no idea how to manage calculus. She might have been able to stitch a stab wound shut, but that didn’t help when she realised she had no idea how to turn on an oven, let alone cook for herself. And while her grooming gave her an edge over her peers, she soon found them catching her up.
By the time she graduated her first year, she had mellowed out significantly, indeed she’d become something of a model student, approaching every situation as a potential lesson. Now in her second year, she’s looking to continue her ongoing growth, and to one day become someone truly worthy of her relic.
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