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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 11/01/2017 The dust has cleared after a fierce clash against the rebel Ikko Ikki monks. Now, as a tense period of calm spread over the island nation of Japan the students of Edo Bugei must figure out how to proceed in life after experience such intense conflicts and such deep loss.

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 Adachi, Kaida
 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 05:58 PM

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Adachi, Kaida no clan

• 15, Female
• Ichihara, Kazusa Province
• First
• Undecided
• Bugei Club
• Taking walks as close to curfew as possible

HAIR: Kaida's hair reaches her shoulders, matching her eyes with a similarly deep brown. While normally kept tied behind her back, the ends are clearly uneven and convey a sort of laziness of her appearance.
EYES: Her eyes are a very deep brown, dark enough that in sufficient lighting, they almost appear black.
HEIGHT: She is not a tall youth, standing at a nearly laughable 5'0.
BODY TYPE: Her body is a mix between skinny and lean, conveying a precise strength more suited to movement than anything else.
STYLE: Kaida prefers to wear clothing of single color, preferably anything that is dark or flat out black. She tends to bundle up, wearing thick clothing with more layers or sleeves than necessary.
OTHER: She has some inconsequential scars on her right hand from one of the first times she picked up a sickle, but otherwise has nothing special.

Kaida could not be called a "bright" or lively person, at all. She is already a very quiet girl who far and away prefers to keep to herself and whatever close friends she currently has. She only talks when she needs to, and doesn't appreciate a conversation that drags on longer than it needs to.

Making this worse is her general attitude towards those that irritate her. A sharp tongue lies behind her quiet facade, and she doesn't hesitate to say something once provoked. She is naturally suspicious of strangers, and takes a while to shake off both this and bad impressions.

Her attitude changes dramatically when around family or those that manage to breach her shell, while still a quiet girl, she's more content to simply listen to others without interruptions, looking almost calm. A more loyal friend than her is a very difficult challenge, as she becomes very protective over her chosen group, preferring their company over all others and defending their honor at any turn. Unfortunately, this usually manifests as a fight of some sort, as it is her favorite method.

A more animal air than what should be allowed on a human is present in her general presence, and tends to come up in odd ways. She much adores food over monetary awards, rarely changes her face in response to emotions save for anger, and carries herself in a very defensive and ready to attack posture.

STRENGTHS: •Fearless
•Loving (to those she knows)
WEAKNESSES: •Animalistic
LIKES: •Family
•Food (particularly meat)
•Fights (The longer and more distracting, the better)
DISLIKES: •"Perky" people
•Being restricted
AMBITIONS: At first, the biggest ambition Kaida could describe would be to be able to become a shield to her family. Now that a world have opened up before her however, she have started entertaining thoughts of being a part of a clan or faction that will ensure her family never comes to harm. Then she can rest easy.

WEAPON: Kaida's chosen weapon is a kusarigama, or chain and sickle. She prefers fighting fast, hard, and suddenly, aiming to hit a vital point or generally rendering her opponent disabled as fast as humanly possible before she can receive their counter. The chain is used more for warding off or giving blows than disarming. She exploits any opening with quick blows, if this means biting or punching, so be it. Fighting in a group also makes her more comfortable, knowing someone else can follow up on her attacks, hopefully overwhelming their opponent.
RELIC: A deceptively normal looking kusarigama, apparently used by Shishido Baiken.
RELIC OWNER: Shishido Baiken
OWNER HISTORY: He was a famous warrior said to have dueled Musashi, dying in the process. He was reportedly a master of using the kusarigama, a sickle and weighted chain together.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: "Sticky Fingers". The chain of the kusarigama fires out and attempts to pull whatever it have touched, weapon or person, toward Kaida, becoming inexplicably long, grasping and almost...sticky...during this strike. (One turn cooldown.)
ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: "Death Defiant" Kaida swings the chain over her head, and she and up to two people around her gain a resistance to damage for one turn. (Three turn cooldown.)
LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: "Twin Blades" In an ironic twist, despite the origins of the relic, this ability grants Kaida a doppelganger of her weapon for two turns. While her extra attack is certainly something to watch out for, again, it is the chain most would need to avoid. For two turns, the doppelganger will presist and the two chains will come alive and lengthen like a pair of serpents, striking viciously at any enemy that tries to approach Kaida. (Five turns cooldown.)
PASSIVE 1: "Eyes On the Back of Your Head". Whenever Kaida has her weapon on her person, she gains a new defender of her back. When approached, whether knowingly or not, the weighted chain will automatically jerk slightly in the direction of her unknown enemy or friend.
LOCKED PASSIVE 2: "By Your Side". In any attempt to disarm Kaida, or even if she drops her weapon, the weapon itself will resist being separated from her. The chain will wrap around her arm if she is in danger and the weapon somehow leaves her hands, where it will doggily stay until she grasps it again.
LOCKED AWAKENED MODE COLOR: A wispy, almost faded black.
AWAKENED ATTACK: "Defiant to the End" Again, Kaida swings the chain around, but something is different. The chain seems much longer, and the metal looks almost rusted in darkness. Up to four people around her will suddenly find almost all damage almost rolls off of them, and they stay that way for 3 turns. Afterward, Kaida will pass out, unaffected by the boost and simply hoping for her allies to support her.

FAMILY: (If you have faceclaims in mind please note them.)
• Father: Gaku Adachi (40)
• Mother: Anzu Adachi (38)
• Two brothers: Tatsuya and Tatsuo Adachi (18 and 21 respectively)
• None

BACKGROUND: Kaida wouldn't call her family rich, but they weren't the most unfortunate family ever. She was just the youngest daughter of the family, a family that was scarily proficient at kamas, but that was about it. If she had one thing that she considered a little weird, than it was the strange kama her father used, with the strange chain on it. She wouldn't learn until she was older that the weapon was a different breed of weapon entirely, in terms of use, and in power.

She and her brothers were being raised as bodyguards, like their parents were. Kaida doesn't remember learning much education wise, the idea of abandoning her skilled parents in favor of learning about dead people or why numbers did what with other numbers was foreign to her. Why would she do that? Why would she learn when fighting did so well to her? No, her happiest memories were of training in the cold night, in some fierce, weaker replica of the night ambushing Hayashi. They could never be as good as them, her parents said, but the locals would hire them time and time again, especially her father, who's weapon's chain almost looked...alive to her. But she had too much respect for him to touch it herself, the whole family did. That sickle had been found by some ancestor of theirs, and would be passed down to the eldest, Tatsuya, when his time came. She didn't know what would signal he was ready, nor why the weapon was special to them. Father didn't either, he couldn't even say who it used to belong to, too shrouded in myths and legends. She didn't need to know anyways, they'd find out one day. Until then, they trained, as always, and the night became more and more of her home.

Until a faithful day all their lives changed. Tatsuya would receive father's weapon any day now, and trained valiantly with a replica. The replica didn't feel that alive, so Kaida could understand why he wanted father's. It was special. The day he got it, their day went as usual, the siblings hired for some job to guard some transport of medicine. Kaida doesn't remember much, all she remembers is that, of all days, they were attacked. Tatsuya didn't know enough to defend against the vicious attackers, Tatsuo tried to help, he really did, but one dead weight brought them down. Kaida was disarmed, but father' brother's special weapon was right there. She didn't know how to use it, nor did she think it was respectable to touch it, given as she was the youngest...but she did, it was to protect them, she had to!

Their lives changed. They were alive, but Kaida was...different now. From what she understood, she had something immensely powerful, she knew this weapon was powerful, she felt it...but she had to leave them now? She remembers her eyes burning, but not if she actually cried or not, it's a little hazy. She hugged them as tight as she could, as if to never let go, then snarled at the strangers taking her away. If this protected her family, fine! Nothing would touch them, ever, not as long as she kept breathing...and even beyond that.
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 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 06:37 AM


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I really like the concept of this character. I would like to work on few things though.

Act 1: About what is the range of this?

Awakening Attack: This can only last two rounds. Invincibility goes a long way in an RP fight.

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The stuck up clan lord who defends the people.

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The adorable poet girl who hates war.

Katayama, Masato
A strategist bent on changing the world.
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