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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 06/01/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. Making friends and learning about Edo Culture is their current aim! In other news it is also time for the school dance event! Please bring your characters along!

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Mar 17 2016, 10:31 PM
Keeping things non-dramatic, woo!

Due to a variety of reasons I cannot bring myself to be active on these forums anymore. Feel free to NPC her for the event if necessary.

Good luck everybody!
Jan 5 2016, 11:49 PM
It's me, Xenotale! Who am I? Just some person on the interweb who likes to roleplay a lot. I am a firm believer that roleplay experience does not necessarily improve someone's roleplay past the first year or two, so instead of talking about all my experiences, I will just say that I look forward to trying my best to contribute!

I work part time (technically) currently. I say technically because it's more like 32 hours on average per week as opposed to 20, so yeah. Occasionally I work 40 hours a week, but then the next week I usually work like 22 hours or something. This means I can be fairly active, though I typically work the evening hours... which means I'm gone during prime times in the U.S.A.

I work in a medical field as a medical laboratory technologist. I work with blood and machines.
Jan 5 2016, 11:07 PM
[dohtml]<div class="profile">
<span class="name">Abe Azusa</span>
<span class="sub1">of the Abe clan</span>
<img src="" class="proficon"> <img src="" class="proficon"> <img src="" class="proficon">
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%"><tr><td vAlign="top" class="content1">
• 15 <br>
• Female<br>
• First<br>
• Artisan
<td vAlign="top" class="content2">
• Culture Club<br>
• Swimming Club<br>
• Likes to repair things, works at a bike shop.<br>

<div class="content3">
<br>HAIR: A lustrous black. In certain lighting her hair can look rather light.
<br>EYES: Green with a very dark limbal ring. She wears a pair of heavy prescription contacts which tends to add another artificial limbal ring
<br>HEIGHT: 5'4'' || 64 in
<br>WEIGHT: 101 lbs || 46 kg
<br>BODY TYPE: Saved from stillbirth thanks to the prestige and finances her clan could offer, Azusa has always been in relatively poor health. Her skin is pale while her body is frail with bruises or small cuts being a very common nuisance. Smart use of cosmetics helps minimize such blemishes though a keen observer would always be able to notice irritation and/or discoloration from such issues. The act of building muscle puts a large strain on the girl's body, leaving her looking all-around entirely unimposing. In contrast to this weakness, however, is a keen natural dexterity which would be readily apparent wherever Azusa moves. As such, her limbs are flexible and her balance is solid.
<br>STYLE: No matter what the weather is Azusa can be found wearing a scarf, often boasting a pattern featuring a repeating line of waves. To match this warm article of cloth is usually an outfit featuring a warm multi-layered series of shirts. Even when in her uniform Azusa tries to wear a variety of jacket, sweater or large shirt over said uniform. As for below the belt, Azusa typically enjoys wearing a skirt of some variety, whether it is a part of her top or not. Underneath such skirts she would typically wear a pair of warm stockings as opposed to a thinner variety, regardless of fashion.<br>
Usual Clothing<br>
Usual Clothing 2<br>
Azusa typically enjoys wearing traditional clothing when formal attire is necessary, as opposed to western-inspired clothing. Like her casual attire Azusa likes to dress warm when in traditional clothing, whether her dress utilizes warm colors or cool colors
<br>OTHER: If it wasn't readily apparent by now, Azusa gets cold very easily. Nothing else is apparently 'off' about her body though.

<div class="content3">
Azusa is a girl who moves at her own natural rhythm, one whose pace can't be properly rushed by others. Simple decisions can take much longer than someone else may expect and due to her picky nature she is not prone to accept suggestions very easily. However, Azusa realizes that most people do not appreciate her holding others back. Even so, The cautiously paced teenager may grow frustrated if people demand her to act quickly, yet she will strive to make a choice when pushed... or at least allow someone else to act.<br><br>

In spite of or perhaps because of this usually embarrassingly slow pace Azusa tends to pick up on ideas that others may miss. Very much so a forward thinker, the young girl is never the type to accept 'impossible' as a valid answer. If faced with such an ultimatum, she would oftentimes cite the circumstances of her own birth as romanticized by her parents' telling stories of how unlikely it was. If only Azusa was as good at paying attention as she was getting ideas, though! While not because of a lack of interest, the aloof girl has a disturbing tendency to forget things, even things that she herself had set up only moments before! She could have put up a wanted ad for someone to meet her at some place, wait at said place and then be confused when someone walks up to her discussing the job she wanted help with. Thankfully all it takes is a little reminder from others for her to remember... but her tendency to get lost in thought is nothing short of amazing.<br><br>

Those who are not familiar and perhaps even some who are familiar with Azusa might think she is distant and cold towards most people. After all, her strange stare enhanced by her heavy-duty contact lens that so many people first see when they meet her tends to be very off-putting. That expression is merely how she looks when going through her usual mental paces in a day. Truly, Azusa is completely capable of showing a great deal of excitement and emotion! She is merely not so great at expressing it all of the time, instead usually being caught up in her own rhythm.<br><br>

Following her lack of focus, the black haired teen happens to be a rather disorganized person; such as showing a tendency to 'overlook' a lot of rather simple things. This leads to her being chronically late to appointments, though thankfully it only takes one stern talk before she kicks herself into overdrive. That is, to just barely make it in time. Probably. Sadly, Azusa is also rather poor at meeting deadlines. in fact, many people describe her as a rather lazy sort of person, keen to procrastinate rather than get things done. This 'laziness' translates into her physical life as well, as she is prone to being tired very easily. There are days where this young girl would do nothing but sleep!<br><br>

Like mentioned before, though, it just takes one stern talking to in order to whip her into shape! Azusa's will to succeed is almost limitless... so long as she realizes that she is failing in some regard. The lethargic girl tends to be excessively critical on herself, which would make one think that she would not overlook things or procrastinate, right? Ironically, though, Azusa's focus on worrying about particular perceived failings leads her to actually fail in some other regard. When she reacts it only leads to a downward spiral as she then focuses her worry onto this new issue. Predictably, she will then likely overlook something that she was just worrying about, before her latest mistake. Because of these traits Azusa tries to work alone by her own choice. She would rather not slow down others with her problems while simultaneously prove that she is fully capable of pulling her own weight, both to herself and to everyone around her.<br><br>

Azusa is anything but a loner, though! while she does have a tendency to be timid it is not one of her defining traits. Instead, her desire to meet with and spend time with people typically overpowers any shy, worried demeanor she may take. After all, enjoying another person's company doesn't usually require individuals to pull their own weight nearly as much as something more stressful. This assurance lets Azusa relax more in purely social situations than most other scenarios. Once Azusa's mind is made up she is liable to pull people to do all kinds of fun and/or relaxing things. From gawking at arcades to walks in a park to movies to enjoying a variety of teas, you better expact to do something entertaining! Azusa is a bit paranoid, however, leading her to be keenly aware of how dangerous vehicles are when they are moving at so many kilometers per hour... not to mention how fatal or at least painful falling from a height is. This makes her tend to stay away from thrill rides or most forms of transit, though she does enjoy biking.<br><br>

Azusa has a deep passion for the ocean since she grew up with her mother's tales of her life on and near the water. Even in today's modern age the world knows so little about the ocean, leading Azusa to be drawn in by its captivating mysteries. She tends to like swimming in general so she's taken a very keen liking to the ocean and its inhabitants. Likewise the devout teenager grew up seeing her parents pray fervently to the Kami, sparking an interest in the supernatural at an early age. This interest grew and grew, leading to a teenager who very much so believes that the Kami and spirits all around the world are entirely real, not to mention how important the purity of things are as taught by Shinto. However, Azusa still remains rather ignorant of many traditions and teachings, though not by choice. It is merely a lack of experience caused by her being sheltered from birth up to her early teens. Azusa's sheltered past has also made her a bit picky with a lot of things, such as what she likes to eat or what she wants to spend her time doing.<br><br>

Azusa sees death as a very impure occurrence, the procession of war an ugly and even fearful thing. This pacifist girl's vehement rejection of a warrior's life was spurred on by her mother's woes, a constant day-to-day burden as the woman dealt with some emotional trauma from her own time as a samurai. Regardless of whatever excuse Azusa makes up she ultimately feels that war is what causes her mother so much grief. This feeling, in turn, generated a deep hatred towards everything war stands for. Naturally Azusa can't openly hate a warrior's way considering how beloved it is in her country. so, instead, she's found ways to relate to her peers that does not infuriate her. For example, she does like the concept of honorable samurai following bushido - of warriors who exemplify virtues in spite of the trials they face. She understands the need to defend one's family and country from the onslaught of evil and impurity... she would merely see this defense be done more subtly, without any bloodshed needed. Whether it be through manipulation, trade, compromise or an unwavering commitment, Azusa is convinced that there must be an alternative to the murder done in war.<br><br>

<br>STRENGTHS: Inventive, patient, sociable, cautious, determined, forgiving, cunning.
<br>WEAKNESSES: Aloof, slow to act, disorganized, lone wolf (Tends to do things by herself even when illogical), lethargic, superstitious, picky, very critical of herself.
<br>LIKES: Spiritual purity, folklore/legends, oceans and their ecosystem, nature, merciful warriors, teaching/teachers, romantic dramas, swimming/diving, tea, shinto shrines, mystery, summer.
<br>DISLIKES: Warmongers, murder, winter, greasy foods, being dirty, atheism, disrespect to the kami, arrogance, profiling, sexism.
<br>AMBITIONS: Her most apparent driving force is to raise the prestige, presence and all-around relevancy of clan Abe for a variety of reasons. However, that goal exists due to a perceived duty than her own personal desire.<br>Azusa's lifelong ambitions are to prevent the rise of any war or sustained conflict throughout her lifetime and to find someone who loves her as an equal as opposed to being lesser.<br>Azusa also has a passion for ocean life. If she were allowed to devote her whole life to oceanic research she would probably be in heaven.
<br>FEARS: Heights, bees, high-speed transit, the judgement of her clan, a call to war.</div>

<div class="content3">

<br>WEAPON: Naginata - Believe it or not, Azusa's preferred weapon is actually one that is relatively heavy! Without the strength to make the most out of smaller weapons Azusa relies on the natural weight of a naginata to do the work for her. This means her combat style is heavily focused on dodging and keeping her opponent from parrying, as using her weapon's weight more than her own strength means it is easier to knock her weapon away than it would be for a warrior who is stronger.

Azusa also thinks any form of dance incorporating a naginata or some other pole looks beautiful, so there's that.</div>

<div class="content3">
<br>• Father - Abe Danjuro
<br>• Mother - Abe Sae
<br>• Other Family - Kept vauge, open to anyone who wants anyone.
<br>• Bodyguard - Ohno Sakura(player)<br>

Clan Abe has, as of modern times, had the misfortune to have a pure-blooded member of their clan who was cursed with an apparent inability to have a child with any woman. This supposedly unlucky man's name was Abe Danjuro and no matter what doctor he consulted they all said the same thing, that he had a genetic defect that was causing the issue. Sadly, there was no known way to fix such a problem.
Without much hope of continuing the somewhat faltering legacy of the Abe, Danjuro instead strove to improve relations with another clan through marriage. Although their relationship began simply through politics, a rare case of planned marriages resulting in true love blossomed when Abe Danjuro wed with the now-called Abe Sae. These two lovebirds had a similar predicament when it came to children. So, instead, Sae had devoted her life to mastering the samurai way even as a woman, earning a great deal of respect as she successfully displayed great physical strength, dedication and honor in a campaign against vagabonds across the coasts of Japan. Danjuro himself remarked that, in many ways, she even surpassed him as a warrior.
However, something happened which emotionally scarred Abe Sae during her duty, some emotional stigma that she ferevntly denies the existence of to everyone. Regardless, this 'secret' burden gave her the desire to settle down in spire of being essentially barren. These circumstances were what initially drove the two to pursue a relationship, though like mentioned earlier it did eventually blossom into truer love.
Abe Danjuro and Abe Sae are the parents of Abe Azusa, a child who refused to let extraordinarily low chances to get in the way of being conceived. There were still considerable hurdles that appeared during Azusa's time in her mother's womb though. Azusa needed to be born very early in order to save the life of her mother which would then put the baby's life in serious jeopardy. Yet, through the dedication of Danjuro and Sae's families, the use of some clan prestige and a lot of hard work, Azusa was born without any tragedy.
Azusa was, however, born considerably underdeveloped. It took half a year for the baby to leave the hospital only to return constantly due to a huge laundry list of problems. Chronic infections of the ears and eyes, hypothyroidism, a hemolytic anemia - you name a disease or complication and there's a chance she experienced it. Because of the very frail nature of their baby and how miraculous her birth was in the first place Danjuro and Sae were exceedingly protective of their child. Azusa received very little exposure to the outside world growing up, instead spending time with her parents and some of her clansmen. This seclusion, along with the possibility of some complications from one of her many health issues, were large factors in creating Azusa's eccentricities.
As their beloved child continued to grow these eccentricities started to become apparent to others in the clan. Azusa experienced the melancholic, often depressed atmosphere that surrounded Sae whenever her work as a samurai was brought up. The developing infant keenly learned the deep love and fair discipline that her parents gave her. The sick child saw her parents pray incessantly to the kami - whether they meant to or not, Azusa was being raised in a very particular way!
Pacifism doesn't go a long way in a culture that values warriors above so many things. What's more, Azusa's sickly nature would not have won her many suitors as she grew older. While Danjuro and Sae continued to homeschool their child well into her elementary years, pressure was put on them to guide her towards any kind of career path that would bring honor and prestige to their clan. This was not an easy task as Azusa seemed to find enjoyment in things that more common people may enjoy as opposed to ones of noble birth.
By the time Azusa hit her teens the constant diligence on part of her parents and their clans had seen to it that the sickly girl was no longer quite so sickly. At least, her health had improved enough that she was able to meet other children more frequently. By then, however, Azusa's natural rhythm and personality were so different from other children that the poor girl had some trouble fitting in anywhere.
Just like how Azusa seemed to be a fighter when it came to staying alive, however, she was also a fighter when it came to her determination. Rather than getting distraught the young girl instead never gave up trying to make friends. While she did not become especially popular she did at least find a few other kids who would play with her. The stubborn girl was still seen as odd but at least people didn't evade her! However, these problems growing as a teenager took its toll on the kid, driving her to be a rather self-critical person. She always had to work harder, to prove to everyone that she was worth their troubles.
Under the stress of their clans, Azusa's parents strove to teach their child the art of war. While this daughter was slow to uptake on the actual art of battle she did show great promise as a tactician when her parents started discussing broader concepts of war on the battlefield. However, the young teenager was still keenly aware of how her beloved mother's complexion turned from ones of happiness and contentment to cold seriousness and melancholy whenever the duties and skills of a warrior were discussed. Because of this, Azusa stubbornly tried her best to distance herself from such training, much to the frustration of the rest of her clan. While this refusal of war gave Azusa a unique outlook on the importance of cherishing human life during at an early age it also made her naive in her belief that killing would never be necessary, not so long as she could help it. She was sure that something terrible must have happened to her mother and she was going to make sure it would never happen again.
Azusa was directly confronted by the rest of her clan, urging her to embrace what skill she had so that she could bring great honor to herself, her parents and her clansmen. The pacifist had grown up with her extended family, they were some of her closest friends... so the poor kid was torn when she realized she may be letting them down. So, begrudgingly, she finished basic training with a naginata and general combat expertise.
Eventually it came time for Azusa to leave for Edo Bugei as she was their first born daughter. Knowing that she would need the help both emotionally and physically, Danjuro and Sae sought a bodyguard that could be around their daughter's age. Considering just how spiritually devout their child had become at such a young age, Azusa's parents called in some favors with a religious family that had military history themselves. These caring parents figured that such an arrangement would probably go well with their daughter both for her safety and her peace of mind!
The arrangement was successful. With a bodyguard by her side Azusa now entered a new, terribly daunting phase of her life. A phase where she must move relatively far from her parents' side and into a new environment she had never once experienced. One might think that such a frail girl without even a relic to help her would be intimidated by the thought... because they would be right. Intimidated or not, however, Azusa was driven by her duty to the clan that had done so much for her, urged forth by her desire to make her parents proud, fueled by the worry of being looked down upon if she failed. In spite of the challenges that would lie ahead, she was filled with determination. </div>

<span class="ooc">xenotale • oikawa tsurara(yuki onna), nurarihyon no mago • n/a</span>
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