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Posted by: Nobuyori Dec 5 2015, 01:00 PM
~Welcome to Edo Bugei Academy~

As of today you will be attending Edo Bugei Academy. This is a special academy in the city of Edo where you will be taught combat and tactics, as well as standard high school courses. While you attend your student designation will be either traditional student or scion. For those that don't know, a scion is a person who either by inheritance, luck, or otherwise, came into the possession of a powerful item once owned by a famous historical figure from the warring states period. The item, referred to as a "relic," allows your character to draw on the residual energy of the item's original owner in order to use special abilities that the average person could not.

Besides the and, the most essential documents are the, the, and sections of this guide. These section help you understand how combat works on the site for both Scions and traditional students. They will also go into greater detail on what exactly a relic is and what is expected of a scion.

Most students attending Edo Bugei are from Japan, but beyond that, your student can be of any demographic or ethnic background, identity, sexuality, etc. Your character just has to be from a family of Japanese citizens. Your student can be any school year (first-third), but the longer they've been in school, the more they'll likely know about the world. If you're still feeling a little nervous, we highly recommend you enroll as a first-year student.

Character applications can be found A list of ideas for relic owners can be found, and finally you can enroll as a student

While waiting for your character to be accepted why not pop into Here you can introduce yourself to the rest of the site! You could also go to the and start building your post count by joining in our site games. This way even while you are waiting for your application to be reviewed you can start integrating yourself with our community.

After your application has been accepted, please start your adventure with a post in the official Afterwards we recommend jumping into an at the main building of the academy. Here your character will get to know their fellow students. Just drop by the chatbox (a flash chatbox located at the bottom of each page if you wait for it to load) and ask if anyone is around to join a thread with you. If no one is around just give it a few minutes and someone will respond to you shortly.

After you start forming a few bonds with people and feel comfortable with your character you should head over to Here you can sign up for classes and missions either by yourself or with friends. Every mission and class you complete will give you extra credits for and even some special rewards from time to time. If you are a crafting student you can find the crafting areas with crafting templates stickied at the top of each area.

Welcome to Edo Bugei Academy. We hope you enjoy your life as a student. Should you need to meet with a teacher at any time please come to the

Should you need help finding someone to begin your school life with please message one of the following players to make a thread with you.

-Principal Hosokawa.

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