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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 06/01/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. Making friends and learning about Edo Culture is their current aim! In other news it is also time for the school dance event! Please bring your characters along!

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Jan 17 2016, 01:20 AM
[dohtml]<div class="profile">
<span class="name">yamagata shinobu</span>
<span class="sub1">of the yamagata & izuki clan</span>
<img src="" class="proficon"> <img src="" class="proficon"> <img src="" class="proficon">
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%"><tr><td vAlign="top" class="content1">
• SIXTEEN <br>
• FEMALE<br>
<td vAlign="top" class="content2">

<div class="content3">
<br>HAIR: Black<br>
<br>EYES: Brown <br>
<br>HEIGHT: 5'4"<br>
<br>WEIGHT: 132 lbs.<br>
<br>BODY TYPE: For a girl, Shinobu has a sturdy figure rather than a delicate one. She has an average body type for a girl her age, but she has developed muscle and upper body strength from her training. Like all teenage girls she's self-conscious about her figure but she would never admit that.<br>
<br>STYLE: Shinobu is somewhat of a tomboy when she dresses casually, preferring to wear jeans and shirts rather than something feminine because she's afraid she wouldn't look good and would come off as frivolous if she wore something effeminate. The only skirt she wears is her school uniform, or if there is a special occasion. <br>
<br>OTHER: Due to her rough personality, intense training, and combat life style Shinobu has obtained several scars all over her body.

<div class="content3">
Impudent, stubborn, and artless are the words that frequently come to mind when one thinks of Shinobu Yamagata. She has a rather rough personality and doesn't let things slide by so easily. She calls people out on their bull shit and she likes to give others a hard time. As the youngest child and only daughter, Shinobu grew up getting her way one way or another. She's not exactly spoiled, but she's incredibly stubborn and tries to make everything go her way. And even though she seems aggressive and assertive, Shinobu does doubt herself and her abilities a lot and works hard to improve herself so that she can be strong enough to protect who and what she loves.<br><br>

Although she's infamous for her bad points, she also has her good points. She's known to be loyal and kind-hearted, though one might have to look a little harder to see her kindness because she berates even the people she likes. She seems stupid because she lets her temper get the better of her at times but she is surprisingly clever. It is also against Shinobu's morals to back down from a challenge and she would never leave someone high and dry.

<br>STRENGTHS: unyielding personality, naginata prowess, resourceful<br>
<br>WEAKNESSES: quick temper, challenges, hand-to-hand combat<br>
<br>LIKES: Coffee, animals, cook-it-yourself restaurants such as okonomiyaki and shabu shabu, food in general, the winter time, being active, her family, and the color red.<br>
<br>DISLIKES: Being told what to do, frivolous people, cigarettes and cigarette smokers, doing homework, being called 'one of the guys' or being compared to as a 'guy', and losing.<br>
<br>AMBITIONS: Shinobu's dream is to become a high-ranking official in the military, preferably a general like her father, his father before him, and her ancestor. Overall her dream is to be a strong, reliable person throughout her life. As of right now it is currently Shinobu's ambition to find the person who set fire to her home and murdered her father.<br>
<br>FEARS: The thing that frightens Shinobu the most is that she won't be strong enough to help the people she loves when they need her most. Weakness is the one thing she doesn't tolerate of herself nor in others, but she is especially hard on herself due to her fear of failing others.</div>

<div class="content3">

<br>WEAPON: A double-sided naginata that detaches at the middle of the metal staff in order to form two small spears.<br>
<br>RELIC: Shinobu's sacred item is a red ribbon that was torn from the cloth of one of the red banners that her ancestor and his cavalry rode into battle with.<br>
<br>RELIC OWNER: Yamagata Masakage<br>
<br>OWNER HISTORY: Yamagata Masakage is one of the Twenty-Four General of Takeda Shingen, but he was also a very close friend to Takeda Shingen. He was known as a fierce, unyielding warrior who lead the "red fire unit" into battle. His cavalry was always the first to charge into battle in order to shake up the enemy ranks.<br>
<br>ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: Shinobu's first ability, called <b>Devil's Dare</b>, allows her to set the blades of her naginata aflame with spiritual energy. A: 3 turns CD: 2 turn<br>
<br>ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Shinobu likes to call this ability <b>Devil's Gate</b> because it is the closest thing to a defensive ability she has. While her first ability is activated, Shinobu uses circular movements to defend and counter oncoming attacks with her naginata while it is still aflame. A: 2 turns CD: 3 turns<br>
<br>LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: Called <b>Devil's Charge</b>, this ability uses both spirit and strength energy. Shinobu activates this ability by spinning her naginata while it is whole counter clockwise at a high speed. While the naginata gains momentum and becomes a blur it suddenly bursts into flames, turning into a wheel of fire. However, the fire is somewhat deceptive: what really makes this attack dangerous is the amount of force Shinobu uses to charge her enemy and throw them back with the spinning naginata, causing both deep slashes and burns if her opponent isn't careful. A: 3 turns CD: 4 turns<br>
<br>PASSIVE 1: Shinobu's first passive ability allows her to raise her body temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this she never gets fevers when she's sick, but that doesn't stop her from raising her temperature to get out of class some days.<br>
<br>LOCKED PASSIVE 2: Her second passive ability is tied with the first. Shinobu's body is fire proof, able to withstand high temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit without being burned. However, Shinobu can still be burned by spiritual flames that are not her own. <br>
<br>LOCKED Awakened Mode Color: Red<br>
<br> AWAKENED ATTACK: Shinobu's final and most powerful ability is called <b>Devil's Wrath</b> and is her last resort. A step up from Devil's Charge, Shinobu experiences an increase in strength as she runs her enemy through with the spinning wheel of fire. This attack is capable of bursting through walls and is meant to desolate an opponent in one strike.

<div class="content3">
<br>• YAMAGATA, OSAMU (father, deceased)
<br>• IZUKI, TAKASHI (step-father, alive)
<br>• IZUKI, CHINATSU (mother, alive)
<br>• YAMAGATA, NOBURU (eldest brother, alive)
<br>• YAMAGATA, MASANOBU (elder brother, alive, estranged)
<br>• YAMAGATA, NOBUYUKI (twin brother, deceased)
<br>• IZUKI, KAI (elder step-brother, alive)
<br>• HIGE (mount)<br>

Yamagata Shinobu is the chosen scion of Yamagata Masakage and the heir apparent of his surviving clan which has become the largest supplier of military-trained horses for the Tokugawa. The youngest child and only daughter of the late Yamagata Osamu, a well-respected general in his time, Shinobu came to her clan position and place at Edo Bugei through a series of tragic events. Originally all the clan's monetary and political pressures fell on her brothers Noburu, Masanobu, and her twin Nobuyuki. But through the years her brothers and their claim to the clan leadership slipped away. Noburu, her eldest brother, renounced his claim at the age of seventeen in order to pursue the peaceful life of a Buddhist monk. Her other older brother, Masanobu, had a falling out with their father when the twins were five. After Masanobu left the family this meant the passage of the title and relic fell on her twin brother Nobuyuki. <br><br>

A year after Nobuyuki was announced the next clan head tragedy struck the family. A fire completely destroyed their home and stables in the middle of the night, resulting in the death of her father. The night of the fire Shinobu and Nobuyuki had been up late and sneaking towards the kitchen for snacks. Suddenly they heard unfamiliar voices talking in the kitchen about the relic and where it might be. The twins ran to their parents' room and alerted them that thieves were in the house looking for the relic. At first Osamu and Chinatsu thought the twins had a nightmare before they heard the sound of something crashing down the hall. That's when the smoke started to thicken in the air. Osamu grabbed his spear and ordered Chinatsu to take the children and go. Her father went to confront the people who were trying to take everything from them but he never made it out of the house. <br><br>

Losing her father was hard on Shinobu, but it was even harder to watch the Yamagata clan seize custody of her brother Nobuyuki the week after. Because he was the heir and Chinatsu was not a Yamagata by blood, he was adopted by a cousin of Osamu's in order to complete his training and stay within the clan. Chinatsu returned to her maiden clan, the Dota clan, with Shinobu and tried to give her daughter a peaceful life. However, Chinatsu's grandfather had other plans. He arranged for Chinatsu to be married into the Izuki clan for political purposes. <br><br>

Shinobu wasn't entirely thrilled about the prospect of getting both a new father and a new brother. Though Izuki Takashi and Izuki Kai were both kind to her, she was anything but kind to them when she first met them. Angry and frightened about her new future, she kept her distance and remained surly with the two of them for a while. Talking back, throwing tantrums, and refusing to acknowledge their existence. However their kindness and patience for her never wavered even when she was being difficult, and eventually their sincerity – especially Kai's, who was thrilled to have a little sister – wore her down. She came to love and respect Takashi, and she ended up clinging to Kai as though he were Nobuyuki. <br><br>
While her new family definitely filled a void in Shinobu's heart, she still sorely missed Nobuyuki and the two would correspond at least once a week. As they got older Shinobu and Nobuyuki ended up attending the same military middle school and spending most of their time together. It was also around this time that Shinobu had noticed that Kai was becoming empty, like a puzzle getting the pieces taken away one by one. She hated seeing Kai returning from missions nearly as much as she watched him leave for one, because every time he returned he was never wholly the big brother she knew. Because she couldn't get angry at Kai she got angry at the Tokugawa instead. Her hatred for the government was just kindling then. Little things had started to pile into the fire: how she found out, years later, that the fire in her home was stated by police to have been an accident; that her family had to be torn apart for the sake of politics and money; and that upon Nobuyuki's graduation from middle school he was taken to Edo Bugei and, like Kai, began to lose pieces of himself as well. <br><br>

Her hatred finally turned into a wildfire a month ago when Nobuyuki was killed on a mission. After the funeral the Yamagata clan held a meeting where Shinobu's older brother, Noburu, had been summoned to accept the position of heir. Noburu took the relic of Yamagata Masakage, a red ribbon torn from one of his red banners, but it did not respond to his touch. The reactions that the clan members made after realizing Noburu was 'unworthy' pissed Shinobu off and she stepped forward to tell the clan members off, saying that her brother was more worthy than anyone else in the room. She took the ribbon from him and was going to tie it onto his wrist but the moment she touched the ribbon it began to glow and all she could smell was smoke. <br><br>

From that day on Shinobu was named heir and became the scion of Yamagata Masakage.


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