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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 08/05/2018 The school dance is still ongoing as the seasonal news report reveals that a large ship has left England and is moving towards Edo!

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Aug 3 2018, 05:12 PM

Youri tilted his mouth in annoyance as his stomps guided him to the training area, accompanied by his growls and huffs, while growing mildly impatient to get his hands on that daredevil and cocky Scion who dared to taunt him with his sister's dignity. He surely had to pay for that in primis, later to show that he has no match for him, at least in being more respectful.

At last, he saw the addressed challenged inside the building, there waiting for him without any shame as expected. He had to focus as him like an adversary and nothing else.

"There we are, let's get started already." He blared at him as he walked toward his direction.

In the way, he tossed down his brass knuckles, so that the brawl will be fair and square, and later he unbuttoned and removed the top of his red shirt to remain with a white tank top, free to move with his arms.

He was ready to give him a lesson... or know well his limits anyway.
Jul 26 2018, 06:51 PM
With the cherry blossoms coloring the green area of Chidorigafuchi, with their hues of pearl white and tender pinks, the trees looked like ethereal clouds, thick and consistent enough to help people below their branches to find a shadow where to stay chill from the first warm sun of springtime.
Kayoko was one of these people.

As she walked down the main road, she started to recall the joy of admiring for the first time a Festival held in Kyoto below the sakura trees, back between March and April of many years ago, of course to join her sacred Hanami with the company of her brother and their mother; now that magic atmosphere is present and vivid in her more than before. This time she had decided to come here alone, answering a strong call to find a moment for herself surrounded by nature. Shinrin-yoku, that's something that her grandmother - from the mother line - taught her while living in Kyoto, and she never missed the chance to keep this habit even so far from home.

Later on she might pick a bus to go somewhere else to buy some flowers to practice her favourite Ikebana style, Nageire.

She continued aimlessly her walk thru the park... until a perfect spot where to sit down was found. She didn't missed the chance to claim that cut of grass below one of the biggest cherry tree all for herself. A comfortable shadow chilled her skin from the sunny day, a pleasant refreshment accompanied by her bottle filled with handmade iced tea, sweetened with a glimpse of osmanthus. A sip was enough for her to feel her energies back, more vivid than before.
At last her sight fell on the river just below, looking at the gracious white and blue boats suitable for two people, majorly old or young couples or simply friends, tourists, locals...

I wonder if a member of the Tokugawa have been at least in one of these boats she naively thought with a chuckle as her eyes at last met the Imperial Palace partially visible from her position.
A veil of melanchony loomed over her all in a sudden, remembering that in the end she haven't even made any particular progress in the Academy regarding her social skills, again only her brother seemed the luckiest of the two. She sighed helplessly as she returned to watch the boats being rowed either by a man or a woman, very few were alone as her.
To avoid falling further in this gloomy attitude which could ruin her previous "forest bath", she picked her bag and rummaged inside to find her rented book of Kakuzō Okakura, a cure from these moments and a relief from the monotony of her days. Once she had it in her hands, she started to read it from the first page.

And in that moment she had returned in her happy flow, like the blossoms floating on the river.

Jul 17 2018, 08:32 AM
What's better than relaxing in the Cafeteria after a good day of training?

Youri had grew fond of this little ritual after his months in the Edo Bugei. Just a cup of his favourite tea and the rest of the day to either study or be lazy in peace with his guitar.
Either way, today he was also in a good mood to talk, he greeted Students and Teachers alike, even the guys serving in the building where he now rests with some bandages still wrapped over his knuckles.

"A cup of Houjicha, double toasted." He ordered, cool and composed.

I wonder if I can get drunk with it he joked in his mind as a woman served him a tall and thick Yunomi with a simple pattern over, raw yet delicate, a type he always find pleasant to look at.
Fortunately, he promised to himself that he'll try alcoholics once he'll be legally adult - a way to "baptize" in a trasgressive way that immaginary milestone of life - for now he decided to drown some innocent afterburns with the roasted hazelnut flavour of the served tea.
He had something else to think about for now than keeping himself sore of absence.

"Hn, wonder how I can get into the Music Club, maybe I'd be great there than keep myself bored all the time..." He thought out loud as he grabbed the yunomi and tried to take a sip. He dropped it down noisily as he burned his lips, now pressed over his fingers with a groan.

Ugh, it was better if I asked for a cold one...!

jinn kuki
Jun 4 2018, 10:20 AM
June, 2018

As the Edo Bugei news came today, I've read, with my utter shock, the article about the missing people in the Russian-Chinese borders. I will talk about with my brother to let him know about that. I hope that none of our family in Russia will get involved in such mess between them.

We shall keep our secondary origins hidden to the Chinese Students for precaution.

Our father will surely take some more precautions too when he'll return in Yakutia.

Alright, my brother agrees with me about concealing our Russian origins to the foreign Students, we'll continue that until they'll leave or the situation between the two Nations will be settled for good; we called our parents, they're fine, no one is missing, nor even our бабушка and дедушка, дяди and кузены from our father side, especially our uncles who lives really close to the Chinese borders.

If the situation worsen, I hope we'll all have enough money and space to help them leave and let them live at Kyoto temporarily.
I was actually missing uncle Fyodor, aunt Adelaide and our cousin Alyosha.
Jun 4 2018, 08:30 AM

[...]The previous inquiry stole from him another grin, this time a little more playful. He'll do his best to don't disappoint or offend her, they're going to have not only a good time and literally their first date, but also a dance to remember.

"And... yes, I do have one more wish." He answered positively with a nod.
He stretched out his hand toward her in one sleek move and bowed a little his head, rightfully being a little gentleman for her.

"Shall we dance?"

Shinku Tenshi
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