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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 06/01/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. Making friends and learning about Edo Culture is their current aim! In other news it is also time for the school dance event! Please bring your characters along!

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 Kuroda, Katsuki
 Posted: Jun 17 2018, 03:04 AM

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KURODA, KATSUKI of the Kuroda Clan


HAIR: Silky, well-groomed, waist-length black hair. Despite keeping it as neat as he can, a single tuft tends to trail down his slender nose. Katsuki (allegedly) avoids cutting it to save money, but really just hates how he looks with short hair.
EYES: Sharp brown eyes that are usually held half-closed due to lighting or his stoic personality. They, coupled with his mouth, nose, and facial structure, can be best defined as "serpentine."
HEIGHT: 5'10 [177 cm]
BODY TYPE: Tall and slender; Katsuki seems to be underweight, having very little fat or muscle (and the physical fitness to match).

When in school, Katsuki tries to keep his uniform as pristine as humanly possible. Outside of the academy, he covers as much of himself as he can; this typically manifests through formal clothes: a dress shirt, a tie, and formal pants. It is rare to see him wearing anything different, but when he does he still prefers long-sleeved shirts.

In terms of colour, the strategist prefers shades of red or black with gold trim. Dark grey and white are also common in his wardrobe. All of his "casual" shirts lack logos, but some of them have designs - primarily those incorporating lines, geometric shapes, and/or contrasting colours/strategic asymmetry.

For outerwear, the youth can usually be found wearing longish coats made of different materials and cut in different styles; his favourite is a well-worn black one with gold accents around the various hemlines. Between Autumn and Spring, he can be seen wearing a slightly faded red scarf.

Due to light sensitivity, he sometimes wears sunglasses - even on cloudy days or inside [depending on how "severe" his condition is on that given day].

OTHER: Notable for suffering from flat affect - a mostly expressionless face. The usual exceptions to this rule are the occasional, instinctive flicker of emotion, a sharp, somewhat smug smirk, and flickers of whatever he's feeling in his eyes.

Katsuki, at a glance, seems to be fairly apathetic and disdainful towards most things and people. He revels in things he cannot predict or whatever he finds "interesting" at a given moment and regularly tries to sate his curiosity, only to find that - much like an addiction - those feelings of euphoria are temporary at best and nonexistent / against his expectations at their worst.

When actually close with others, however, he behaves more naturally. Stoicism is replaced by dry humour and a sort of "airy" kindness that seems almost awkward or unnatural [if only due to his normal personality]. In contrast, however, the youth can bristle and freeze over in an instant; he particularly likes heaping verbal abuse on people, coming up with creative insults, and generally "breaking" others by talking when they've incensed him.

Interestingly for someone with a near constant need of stimulation, Katsuki does very little to correct it. Instead, he waits for others to approach him or for things to fall into his lap. The longer between events, the more loose his definition of "entertainment" becomes.

Finally, he has a tendency to do whatever he feels is right at the time. While Katsuki has a set of principles he lives by, they are by no means "good" or "acceptable" to most people. He is, at his core, selfish; he sees other people as tools - and while one must take care of their tools, he also believes in discarding them if they are no longer of use. Unlike certain archetypes, however, he doesn't just discard people on a whim; usually his definition of "useful" is much like his definition of "interesting:" quite broad and always growing broader.


• Intelligent: Katsuki is naturally gifted and tends to actively seek out new information when he can find it. He has a fairly good memory and can retain information for long periods of time when he chooses to, but usually discards things when they become irrelevant or uninteresting. His personality, chosen career, and abilities lead him to analyze people and situations - and as such, he might discern minor details or make connections others might not. Obviously, he isn't infallible; his pride and need for stimulation tend to interfere.

• Stoic: Katsuki is a naturally calm person and strives to suppress his emotions when he can. As such, he tends not to act on impulse [most of the time] and maintains a level head; unfortunately, this also means he prefers keeping his feelings bottled up and detaching himself from situations and people.

• Principled: Follows a set of personal standards that, for the most part, make him seem responsible and rational. Katsuki is quick to take on new tasks and tries seeing them through to the end - or until he is bored and can reasonably drop them for something more interesting. Katsuki also enjoys being in positions of authority and is a fairly competent leader - at least in terms of making difficult decisions / using others' talents.


• Health Problems: Firstly, he is immunodeficient. With a near-perpetual cough, things like over-exertion, stress, and over-excitement are dangerous for Katsuki. His stamina is much lower than average and he's rather physically unfit, despite seeming to be [mostly] normal. Secondly, he suffers from fairly mild light sensitivity.

• Egocentric: Once he is given control over a situation, the strategist detests giving it up. He is willing to listen to others' ideas, but cannot accept those he finds even the slightest flaws in - which is most of them. Typically, he overestimates himself or does things because they are "interesting" or pose a challenge; when he does he can reassure himself of victory when failure seems imminent - but gradually becomes more anxious, moody, and hostile as it approaches. Given his personality, he is quick to blame others when plans go awry.

• Emotionally Unstable: Firstly, he is not entirely used to expressing or "feeling" deeper emotions. Often, Katsuki is extremely distant and views things in utilitarian terms - resulting in a lack of empathy and a tendency to treat people like tools. His emotions come in two varieties: duller and shallower ones, or "full" and difficult ones. In the latter case, happiness can become mania and sadness spirals into despair.

LIKES: • Cold or dreary weather.
• Sweets and sour foods [he especially likes fresh-squeezed lemon juice]
• Puzzles and strategy games.
• Heights.
• Eating and sleeping for pleasure.

DISLIKES: • Warm weather.
• Nature.
• Crowds.
• Bitter foods [except tea and coffee, which he insists MUST be black.]
• Eating and sleeping because he's tired or hungry.
• Loud noises.

AMBITIONS: Admittedly, he doesn't have a proper ambition. He just wants to be stimulated.

WEAPON: Katsuki uses knives due to their versatility. He uses them primarily as a last resort and instead relies heavily on his abilities and other people; in combat, though, he keeps his weapons concealed and prefers quick / precise strikes. More often than not, he keeps his opponents at range and throws his weapons.
RELIC: A well-worn coin purse.
RELIC OWNER: Kuroda Kanbei.

Kuroda Kanbei can best be defined as a pragmatist. Early in his life, he suggested his clan submit to the Oda - though this resulted in him getting captured, rendered half-blind, and suffering from a limp. Later, he served under Hideyoshi, whom he is said to have been close with.

In his service to the Toyotomi, Kanbei was both respected and feared. Hideyoshi is said to have been worried that he might be overthrown by him due to the immense debts he owed Kanbei for his skill and accomplishments. The strategist, however, was loyal; after Hideoyoshi banned Christianity, Kanbei [a Christian himself] renounced the religion and became a monk.

Following the disastrous Korean Campaigns and Hideyoshi's death, Kanbei sided with Tokugawa Ieyasu. He and Kato Kiyomassa swept through Kyushu at the time of Sekigahara, taking castles in Bungou and Chikuzen; the war soon came to an end; the Kuroda became hatamoto under the Tokugawa and Kanbei was granted Chikuzen - where he built Fukuoka Castle.

In terms of personality, Kanbei was noted to be pragmatic and frugal. He sold used equipment and unneeded personal belongings to his vassals. His famous last words were "Do not try to gain other people's favour and do not wish for wealth" - a motto he embodied throughout life.


By focusing on an inanimate object, Katsuki gains knowledge of its composite materials, measurements (height, weight, and volume), and structure (strong / weak points). This ability does not affect animals or people, but does affect formations of them (such as flocks of birds or formations of soldiers); even then, it only affects the formation itself and not the individuals making it up (so he could see a weak point in a formation but not the weakest point on an individual soldier's body).

This ability can also be used on less complex organic things like plants and fungi. It also operates on line of sight, so larger objects can be viewed from farther away. (1 turn cooldown)


Katsuki can temporarily enhance one of an object's existing qualities (such as sharpness, hardness, or temperature) by touching it. This quality can either be evenly distributed through the object or concentrated into a point, but physics will react appropriately nonetheless; as such, altering density into a single point on a hammer will cause a tremendous impact - but the object will likely shatter.

In addition, Katsuki himself is affected by the object's new state if applicable. So if he was touching an ice cube and enhanced its "cold" qualities, he might end up with minor frostbite.

Once the effect is over, the object will return to as close to a neutral state as possible. For example, an ice cube with its "cold" quality concentrated into a point will begin melting elsewhere, but will not return to a solid state upon the "cold" quality returning to normal. Instead, it will become room temperature.

Finally, he cannot alter an object's measurements with this ability. While things like density (which is a function of weight) can be concentrated or enhanced, the object's actual length, carrying weight, shape, and thickness must remain the same. (3 turn duration followed by a 3 turn cooldown)


Creates a single, inanimate, hand-held weapon so long as Katsuki understands its components and measurements through Scan. The object can only be replicated exactly as he remembers / understands it in all respects, and cannot be affected by his other abilities. In addition, the object must be visible and hand-held.

For melee weapons, this ability can only generate one weapon at a time. For ranged weapons, however, it can create a single "main" weapon and ammunition, such as a bow and arrow. Finally, the object will "break" or dissipate if it leaves his hand and connects with something; this includes ammunition, so an arrow will not stick into its target even if it will do damage upon impact. Similarly, a sword or knife would dissipate if knocked out of his hand / connecting with the ground afterwards. (5 turn cooldown)

PASSIVE 1: Tracking -

Allows Katsuki to determine the speed/direction or location of animate objects within a 2 kilometre radius of himself. Only one of these two effects may be active at any given time. This ability operates similarly to sonar, emanating outward from him in 30 second intervals, restarting once it hits the edge of the effect radius. As such, objects at 25, 50, and 75 metres in a line would not be visible all at once unless they change position.

In addition, he can only change the type of radar once every 30 seconds (two posts), when a new "ping" begins. If the exact location of an object is used, he cannot predict its movements nor see the target's surroundings; in that regard, this ability is like having a set of coordinates with no map of the area.

Finally, while Katsuki can detect if there are barriers between himself and an object (or objects), he cannot determine their number, type, or composition. A door and a castle wall would be the same until he sees them.

LOCKED PASSIVE 2: Innate Understanding -

By touching or scanning an object, Katsuki instinctively understands its standard [formalized] uses. By touching a katana, for example, he would have an understanding of formal kendo and iado techniques; by touching a scythe, he would understand that it can be both a complex (if impractical) weapon and a farming tool.

Of course, understanding / being able to visualize how a weapon is used does not presuppose Katsuki can do it himself. He could try replicating the technique if it is physically possible for him (or if he focused on the image long enough to memorize it), but he is neither physically inclined nor able to replicate the exact amount of force / exact angles.

A stronger, more skilled, or more dexterous person could do these things if he was to communicate or understand them, but describing the type and form of a technique is more difficult than even mimicking it.

It also goes without saying, but he cannot predict an opponent's attacks once hit by them. He might recognize their initial movements as part of a certain technique... but even if he did, it is unlikely he would dodge (or if fighting with another person, communicate it in time). Similarly, it's impossible for him to understand unorthodox techniques since this ability specifically refers to "standard" [formal] techniques.

Finally, Katsuki may not even remember standard techniques due to the wide breadth they have. Even if his memory is fairly good, it is not eidetic or infallible. If anything, he would start considering them unnecessary information due to his personality - and as such, he would begin forgetting.

AWAKENED ATTACK: Override - Allows Katsuki to drain or weaken one of an animate object's qualities once. The more complex the object, the longer it takes to affect; as such, he couldn't cause a person to melt or freeze without prolonged contact, but could do so to a fern or bush by draining or reinforcing its heat. (3 turn duration)

• Kuroda Katashi: Katsuki's father. Despite remaining in the family's castle and mostly moving money around, Katashi is always in search of interesting goods that he can study - or, more often, sell for a profit. Before meeting his wife, he was fond of gambling.
• Kuroda Yoshiko: Katsuki's mother. A severe woman who seems to melt around her family - to the point of smothering and spoiling them. In contrast to her husband, who tries his best to save money, Yoshiko has no problem spending it.
• Kuroda Kasumi: Katsuki's twin sister. While she suffers from similar health issues to her elder brother, Kasumi is notably vain, hedonistic, and spoiled.


Born in Chikuzen Province, Katsuki was extremely frail at birth. Due to his father's penchant for trading and his mother's love for the arts, he and his fraternal twin were regularly left in their grandparents' care. The two much elder Kuroda lavished the children with gifts, read to them, and played games together despite being advanced in age and fairly sickly themselves. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure left him with a number of respiratory problems, due to his already-existing immunodeficiency.

When their mother found out about this, she immediately started hiring help of all kinds. Katsuki became bedridden - with only servants, tutors doctors, his parents, and Kasumi to keep him company for the next few years.

While occasional, the boy's interactions with the outside world were both pleasant and awkward. He preferred solitary habits like reading and visiting museums or libraries, but still developed a deep-seated desire for "normal" interactions - despite never feeling much of anything for other people.

At some point in his childhood, his father began to teach him various forms of gambling: mahjong, cards, chess, and go. He and his younger sister started gradually growing apart due to their mutual resentment as a result; she hated him for stealing their father's attention, whereas he hated her for being healthier.

Once he was well enough to have a proper "public" education, Katsuki jumped at the chance. His mother claimed it was beneath him and his intellect; after experiencing the outside world in full, Katsuki believed it: things were so disappointing and mundane in contrast to the vision he had built for himself! In the end, he receded back into private tutelage.

Eventually, his father - believing the boy to be able-bodied enough - passed the family's relic onto him. In reality, the elder Kuroda simply didn't want to give it to Kasumi, due to the latter's behaviour. Katsuki took (and still takes) no small amount of pride in it and his ancestor's accomplishments, though upon arriving to Edo Bugei later than the average student - even with his prior education and status - he became somewhat resentful at being a first-year. Having recently recovered from another sickness, he aims to acclimate himself to the academy, the city, and his new life as a scion.

Cipher • Paracelsus, Fate Series
 Posted: Jun 17 2018, 08:23 AM


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I enjoy this character and it's power set. However, with such a complicated power set it is easy for it to become overpowered. So we have to approach these powers carefully.

1. 17 is a bit old for a first year, generally speaking. However if you'd like to keep it at 17 that is fine. I understand it is due to your history.

2. your active 1 is a over powered for a weak ability. Physical objects is fine, but things like troop formations and living beings would be seperate powers.

3. How does your activated 3 work with throwing knives or needles?

4. 2 kilometers on a passive is overpowered. Please lower it to something like 30 or 50 yards.

5. I'm not sure your awakened is strong enough. This is your ultimate technique that knocks you out after. Kind of like Unlimited Blade Works. You can make this stronger or change it.

6. A relic doesn't come already activated. When your father gave your character the item, a large flash or light would happen and it would activate, revealing itself to not just be some hand me down but an actual "relic" with powers.

I realize this is a lot to correct, but really the character is good and I like it so far. We just need to polish out the powers a bit.

Azai Nobuyori
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Tagami Yumiko
The adorable poet girl who hates war.

Katayama, Masato
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