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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 06/01/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. Making friends and learning about Edo Culture is their current aim! In other news it is also time for the school dance event! Please bring your characters along!

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 Kaga Party, Ahoy!, Tagging all participants
 Posted: May 21 2018, 08:54 PM


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"If I had to guess, I think they accidentally lost a few secrets to the Ikko before the invasion and needed some super fast teams to get out and do some retrieval fast. That's why they sent us. They might have known about the shrine and the sword for ages and were just going to hide it from everybody but then the big bad monks found out." Kire's idea was grave indeed. Though wasn't without merit. It was true that the Shogunate had lost some ground against the Ikko, and the Ikko generals seemed to know a lot about how the Shogunate functioned. Rumored had gone around shortly after the war that some high ranking samurai had been Ikko plants from the beginning, which made the idea even more unsettling. Fortunately, as the Prince of the Azai, Nobuyori was able to safely say his family remained samurai loyal to the people of Japan.

"It is rough to think about. Though I'm still glad we didn't encounter a full group of Ikko. Fighting in that cave then trying to get out before drowning feels like it would have been impossible." he said bluntly, looking around at the trees and sky. He definitely prefered this scenery over that dark, spider filled cave. No doubt Kire did as well. It was rough, and even now he still thought about the pain from the murky salt water they had to dive through in order to even get the sword and tablet. If given the choice he'd almost rather cut off an arm than repeat that again any time soon.

Fortunately neither boy had to linger on the thoughts for too long. Calls and texts started going around the group. Apparently they had spent enough time in the bridge area and a bus was coming to take them into Kaga proper. At the news Nobuyori's face darkened a bit. Last time he had been in Kaga, was even worse than the battle against the Ikko in Edo. Kaga had been the place where he watched an entire army of monks blow themselves up just in hopes of killing as many samurai and citizens as possible. The entire battlefield had become a blood soaked hell and even thinking about it made him tense. Though around him was no sign of conflict, and he was with friends. He knew the Ikko wouldn't be appearing, but even so, it was a mental trauma that was hard to erase. Before that day, he hadn't understood just how insane the Ikko army was. Now he knew all too well. With photos taken of everyone and the call to get on the bus he looked towards the down, a small tear running down his face that he hoped Kire wouldn't ask about as he quickly wiped it away and got on the bus with everything, moving towards Kaga.

The countryside had no signs of the war. It was beautiful, and everything looked scenic like back home in his beloved Omi. It brought a smile to the Prince's face as he looked at everyone's happy faces, and especially how lovely Suishoku was as their tour guide. If she could look at her home and not be upset, then their was no reason he couldn't either right? As they got off the bus he looked at the city. No signs of the war where left on the city Either. Something that made his soul feel lighter as he moved ahead with the rest of the group.


As Yumiko and Eriko discussed poetry Eriko suggested looking at the bridge. With a large smile Yumiko nodded.
"The bridge isn't that old. It is fairly recent, thus it's purple color. It has quickly become popular though!" she said cheerfully as she admired it in the morning light. With that the two girls went to admire the bridge as Yumiko's phone vibrated. It was a cute message from Suishoku. Apparently the bus was on it's way. With a smile Yumiko turned to Eriko.
"We should take pictures, and join the others when we are done."

With that the rest of the time at the bridge would be spent getting pictures of everyone and waiting with Suishoku for the bus to arrive. Looking around Yumiko felt happy. A peaceful morning, with people she knew and trusted, and no sign of the Ikko around. This was the Kaga she held in her heart, and the Kaga she wanted to show the other. Especially those like Nobuyori that had fought to defend her home town. When the bus arrived she helped everyone get on the bus. Sitting near Eriko she smiled and handed her a book
"These are some poems i've been working on. Please, enjoy them." it was a book Yumiko hadn't shown anyone yet, and it was special to her. It was a book of poems all about Edo's scenery in the spring.

As the bus went on and eventually got to Kaga Yumiko got out and smiled. She knew they likely wouldn't run into her parents, two nobles living in a fairly isolated part of town. However, she was still happy to be home. She breathed in the familiar air of her adopted homeland and looked around. She looked at Suishoku with bright, cheerful eyes. She knew full well that Suishoku would likely feel the same way she did. After all, they had finally come back home, and it was peaceful.
"Welcome to our home of Kaga everyone! The most beautiful city in Japan!" she knew the others would probably laugh at that, but that was part of the Japanese mindset. So a person from any domain, their home town was the most beautiful city in Japan. No doubt any of the students would have said the same had the group gone to their homes instead.

Azai Nobuyori
The stuck up clan lord who defends the people.

Tagami Yumiko
The adorable poet girl who hates war.

Katayama, Masato
A strategist bent on changing the world.
 Posted: Jun 2 2018, 03:05 PM

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"O-okay, if you say they are.. I'm just not used to this many guys around," the nervous Todo replied, taking a seat on the end of the same bench the tour guide sat on.

Taking it easy? That was by far easier said than done when you were incognito in the same area as people who knew your usual identity. 'Mikoto' still had their nerves on edge a bit despite the assurances from Suishoku about the guys. Not like they could just outright say why the guys posed a potential danger to them. This must have been how a noble in exile.. or maybe a spy.. must have felt when hiding out under an assumed name. Any moment someone might recognize the face through the disguise and call out their other name. In that moment the whole thing would be ruined. Best to avoid that if at all possible - and that might be more difficult since they were all coming back together.

It wasn't very long before everyone was gathered back together to continue the tour proper. For the most part 'Mikoto' continued to quietly follow along with everyone else without attracting too much attention. Yet the scenery unfolding around them proved to be a much more welcome relief than simple words of reassurance. Agata was a fairly urban place, and Edo was the most modern city in all of Japan - seeing sights like these definitely was a rare treat. Everything about this part of the country just felt more relaxed in pace and mood. As the farmlands passed by and even the more spaced out buildings reappeared, 'Mikoto' was well and truly in a better mood. Those nerves hadn't stood a chance against the combined forces of a nice cup of tea and some wondrous scenery.

That is, until they realized that they were around different people after the transition to the train. Moving from one place to another had been so instinctive that such things had gone beyond notice. Now, though, it was obvious that something had gone dreadfully wrong from that careful plan 'Mikoto' had attempted to piece together. For there was a boy not that far away, just behind where they ended up standing. As Suishoku and Yumiko spoke, a chill ran down their spine as they dared glance over their shoulder. A shock of dyed blonde hair confirmed the worst possible scenario.

"The.. Azai prince.." 'Mikoto gasped, blushing a bit and shuffling a couple of steps back so maybe they wouldn't immediately be noticed.


Eriko, meanwhile, was having quite a lovely time now that she had someone to speak to. As they moved to the train she found herself occupied with Yumiko's book of poetry. A selection of poems she may not have shown others before - certainly unpublished. She'd happily taken pictures with the poet girl before letting her run off to undertake her tour guide duties. Was this the beginning of a friendship? The Yamana heiress certainly could speculate on the manner and hope that it was the case. It would be nice to have that as a result of going on this trip.

As they entered their next destination she smiled in understanding as Yumiko introduced it as the most beautiful place in Japan. Especially among those from rural areas, your hometown always seemed like the most beautiful city or locale in the nation. The air was just a little bit cleaner, the grass a little bit greener and the food just a little tastier. Perhaps it was simply a mental trick, but she felt much the same way about Inaba. For now, she intended to follow the local girl's lead - someone from this city must certainly know the best spots to see!

 Posted: Jun 21 2018, 08:01 PM

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Kai's eye twitched at the sound of Roshi's snicker. His eyes narrowed slightly. Obviously his pride was wounded and Kai was like a wolf with his tail between his legs. He sat up and adjusted his shirt and cleared his throat. However, Roshi seemed to take his advice to heart and that made Kai feel a bit better. He relaxed a little and let a small smile out. "Regardless of what happens, you'll make a great husband someday. You're an honorable man."

With that he looked over toward Suishoku and the group, She seemed to be trying to gather people up. "We should head over." He said looking at Roshi before moving to the group. She wanted to take photos. He settled himself in the group for the shots and stood straight and tall. He put on a small smile for the camera. He wanted this to be a good day for everyone after al. Suishoku had gone through so much trying to get this trip organized.

The pictures were nice and being surrounded by people who were genuinely happy. It was such a change of pace that it honestly caught him off guard a bit. Sadly, it seemed like it was time to say goodbye to the lovely rest stop and as sad as that made Kai he was actually eager to see what was next. He walked up to Yumiko and Suishoku. "You've planned a lovely day. I'm very glad I came." He said with a soft smile.

THe bus ride was pretty standard, but it was relaxing to watches the scenery go by. Japan was a lovely place all things considered and with the war over the country felt so quiet. The silence soon gave way to the City of Kaga. Kai was rather jealous of the place, the lack of crowds was one thing the assassin would enjoy immensely.

Kai stepped off the bus and looked around at the beautiful city and smiled a little. He took a deep breath. The air felt a lot clear than Edo's. The Hitokiri felt more alive here. Actually... this had been his first vacation in a long time, well there was his injury, but this one he enjoyed. "Tis, much more linerating that the Edo crowds.."

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