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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 04/01/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. They have come to learn more about the state of Japan, the Shogunate, and it's Scions. We will be having a Lunar New Year's celebration, a school dance, and a combat tournament with them!

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Apr 5 2018, 11:23 AM
<iframe src=""
width="500" height="100" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I've taken the time to post in places where my posts are owed, as I prepare to head off to a convention for the weekend. I tend not to be online at the time, since my focus is really on the con, and I prefer it there to take it all in.

The two things of importance that I can think of, as I go, are thus:

{1} For anyone wondering, I haven't posted in the Kaga Party because I'm specifically in a conversation with Kai there, so I have to wait for him.

{2} My first class topic is waiting on Shoy, at this time. If anyone sees her, poke at her until a reply is made, please.

I'll be back after it's over!
Mar 26 2018, 08:06 PM
As the students began to file in, they would find Naganori-sensei seated behind the teacher's desk, reading a book. A calm and cultured man, he'd taken time to travel around the world and familiarize himself with the cultures and histories of other people. This would come into play during today's class. For while it wasn't a necessity to have seen the world as he had to teach today's topic, it helped to see and appreciate the thing from the other's perspective. This was a normal class, but in history, nothing was just as straightforward as believed. The further you delve into its background, the more stories you can see.

Once everyone was seated, he bookmarked his page and closed the book, standing up to face them with a smile. It was always good to see such people, eager to learn and expand their horizons. So, with that, class would begin.

"Good afternoon, everyone. Today, we will be exploring the Shimabara Rebellion, a conflict dating from the late 1637 to the early 1638, a span of half a year...and yet it can trace its origins to a key point dating further back. Can anybody tell me when that was, and what that cause might be?"

He waited patiently to see if anyone knew where this was going, right off.

Mar 10 2018, 02:59 PM
It was a ritual that she had started for herself, one so often that she decided there was no reason not to join a club for it, because at this rate...she might just be good at it. Somewhere between her injuries from the earthquake and that moment where she was weighed down by a curse during the Halloween event...she'd gotten to really like her mobility.

So, Makoto Shiyo had joined the Track Club.

The young lady was athletic and trim enough, a brown-haired girl with glasses, currently wearing a green track suit for the occasion. It was not only useful for the endeavour - since, you know, running is what it was designed for - but it also covered up her scars, which...were an unfortunate consequence of the earthquake. Long story. Don't worry about it. She is actually getting over that rough patch in her life.

She came onto the field area - with its track lines surrounding the open sporty field used by annything from horses to normal players - with her gymbag dangling from her Relic. Yeah, Makoto used her main weapon like a hobo stick. What about it? She put them both down on the bench - more leaning the weapon than just it being the bench proper - and does some stretches. Makoto is listening to music on her phone at the same time, so she also can't hear anyone approach, for the moment.
Mar 8 2018, 12:57 PM
((Here Comes The Rain))


It had a sort of foreign feeling to it, because it wasn't home, exactly. What she walked in on was a place in the noble district that had been given to her. It wasn't huge, but modestly big, as its current population of those meant to dwell there were two siblings, and one cat There were also attendants, because they were retainers and members of the Maeda Clan, essentially. Makoto came walking in, wearing a tracksuit from her day of exercise and training. It had been a long day, in more ways than one.

Entering the house with her key, she came to the entry hall and the tapestry. It was just an artist's interpretation of those of the Maeda Clan during the days of Oda Nobunaga. The decor of this house tended to be somewhat chosen by the attendants to honors those in which they worked for, or represented. The Maeda Clan proper signed off on it, just as they had when Makoto wished to pay Bu for personal training. She headed on towards the kitchen, Relic still resting on her shoulder as she listened for...

"Myeeeh! Brrreeeh!"

...a talkative tabby. There was a cat in the kitchen, a grey tabby with a compact body, milling about and demanding food from the lady preparing the evening meal. Makoto chuckled at this, which of course alerted the attendant to her presence. A bit startled, but fortunately no harm done...despite the fact she'd been using a knife. She was surprised to see the young Scion, since...well...she wasn't often at home. A bow naturally followed.

"Good evening, ma'am. I didn't see you there. I was just getting started preparing dinner for young Kenji. Will you also...?"

Makoto had been more focused with amusement at the cat currently trying to hike up the woman's leg than the question.

"Let her be, already, cat."

The cat finally acknowledged that there was a familiar person in the room, by voice, and went over to bunt her in the shins. Leaving her weapon leaning against the wall, Makoto crouched down to take hold of the cat, petting him.

"How's my Shorty, hmm?"

She looked up at the woman and straightened up, nodding.

"I'm here tonight. I'll let Kenji know. Then, I'm taking a shower."

"Very good, ma'am."

Letting the cat go his merry way - He was going to hassle the woman 'till he got fed, of course - Makoto headed on upstairs. Kenji Shiyo was just a young boy of dark hair and glasses, not often in casual play-clothes because he just didn't that often. He might've had more friends than Makoto did right now, though. Maybe it was time that that changed... Frankly, he'd been pushing him to try and do just that - relax and just hang out with people - for a while now. Makoto felt a bit guilty because...well...he was saying these things because he'd been scared and worried about her. She found him finishing up some work and letting out a sigh of relief as he threw himself on his back.

"Finally done...!"

"Rough day?"

His eyes had been closed, but now they were shot open as he flipped over suddenly, looking up at her. The surprise on his face was so palpable - she hadn't bothered with small talk in a while, hadn't felt up to it - that he almost forget that he'd been asked a question.

"You have no idea. They've been pushing me to work two grade levels above my own!"

"That's because they know you can do it. You remember that friend of mine, the one who hated study, but crammed himself so full all of a sudden that he tested right out of his grade, right?"

"That Roshi guy, right?"

"Yeah, him. If you're smart enough, you can push yourself further than the standard, no question."

"I know. I just think they're going too fast, even for me."

"Well, we'll be eating soon-ish, so rest your weary brain."

His expressiion lightened up.

"You're staying?"

"Mmm-hmmm. Felt like being here, tonight. I think I hit upon something."

"Yeah, you don't seem angry, like always. Did something good happen?"

"Something good, something shocking. A friend of mine opened my eyes."

"Will you be alright, then?"

"Yeah, I think so. I'm gonna take a shower. You let me know when dinner's ready, alright?"


She ruffled his hair, then got her things. She had a room of her own and a supply of clothes here, as well as in her dorm. She could've gotten cleaned up back at the dorms, but Makoto felt she needed to be in aboout as familiar and homely surroundings as she could get for this. She needed to relax...and let go. Getting into the shower, she put it on a comfortable temperature and then just let it wash over her. You know how it is. You step into the shower and you lose all sense of time or thought, as you just take in the warmth.

So much trouble in her life, so many worries... So much pain, and so many things out of her control... Well, no more. She was doing this symbolically, basically. Relaxing and letting the harm wash out. The scars of her body remained, but they were just scars. She'd get over them, somehow. But this was exactly what she needed. Even though this wasn't her original home, it felt like it, like a place to welcome inside of her, to lean on whenever she was feeling that isolation.

Bu - Buru Rakuyama, that is - had been helping her train. She was a fighter by nature, an ex-ganger. Makoto felt she was definitely a good person, no matter how much a tough she made herself out to be, maybe better than she knows. It was her pushing and prodding that made Makoto realize where all her stresses came from. It wasn't the world that upended everything on her. It was her parents. They had done this to her, though it wasn't about anything direct or malicious. In their actions, they had taken choice away from her, taken an important part of her life and shaped it without her say-so. Some people always had that, but they had vyed for it, when they did not have to. Makoto had no problem being with the Maeda Clan. What she discovered, thanks to Bu, was that she just hated being forced into things without a choice. Her grievance with the earthquake and the war were just symptoms of the same problem.

I'm letting you go now. You're just scars, not gaping wounds. I'm gonna start living how I want.

She was still going to be in the clan, but she was taking the spirit of Toshiie and make him walk according to her movements, not be beholden unto him in his wake. All in all, she felt alot better now, which is a good thing, since there was a knock on the bathroom door soon.

"Makoto, you left your Relic in the kitchen!"

Oops. Uhh, sorry, Toshiie! Makoto let out a laugh and asked it to be moved to the dining room. Once out of the shower, she changed into a robe with the Maeda Clan's seal on the back. She felt like she could just live like a normal person now, rather than a warrior caught in debt.

Thanks, Bu. You don't know how much I needed that.

And with that, she was off to dine with her little brother.

Feb 25 2018, 02:35 PM
[OOC: It should be noted that there was a slight misunderstanding with what Roshi was trying to make here, so the instructions are a bit off. Nevertheless, this will be a detailed post regarding the creation of what is a fairly-unique device.]

Today marked the groundbreaking event, the first of his projects as a Master Craftsman, a creator of not simply models and mock-ups, but truly-appreciable equipment and valuable pieces. This was the first, and the first recipient of his work would be Suishoku Yubbae.

The request was simple, though the execution was complex. Suishoku was hoping to gain a kind of whip that was somehow more versatile than the standard one she was using. Whips can get cumbersome and problematic, at times. Her usual whip could mimic gunshots, but she had to keep fussing with it in order to do that, and in cases of enclosed spaces. The solution was a tricky one, but Roshi had eventually come up with the answer.

He would make a sturdy barbed whip that could effectivel manage itself at the push of the button.

After he'd thought of the experimental idea of meshing wires with a whip to make it stronger, the young artist had thought of a fishing rod, the way when you reeled it in too long, it would bend in on itself, which meant the line was stronger than the rod. It could work. It could work if he just did it right. However, before he even got started on anything new and innovative, there was something else he had to do.

He had to get the hang of making whips at all.

It wasn't something he had ever done before. However, here in this workshop, he had both the materials and the equipment to handle this. And he had talent, lots and lots of talent. Let us begin!

<iframe src=""
width="500" height="100" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Number of Whips Created - Zero

To create a whip, you need to be able to weave a number of long rawhide strands together in a way that properly mesh, thus creating a flexible device that can cut through the air and make a loud noise - or really sting - when it hits something, or someone. The process is long, intricate, and tedious. It's not a menial task that you can accomplish while taking your mind off the hook. Roshi had patience, but his attention span wasn't exactly 100% at all times. Mistakes will be made, which is why he had to stop and go back, as he'd noticed that the weave was wrong a few times.

Finally, he'd finished, tied off, and took a crac-


It immediately fell apart in his hand, being too tight in some areas - thus snapping under pressure - while being too loose in others.

Number of Whips Created - Still Zero

He went back and - using one of the books he'd borrowed from the library - looked the whole thing over again. He needed to absolutely make sure that the whole thing was even and fit in perfectly, from start to finish. This time, he would have it for sure! He sat down, legs crossed, and began to do the same action over and over again, eyes focused and hands learning the muscle memory until he could grasp the whole of the idea in its true essence. There...he began to construct a whip that was - in fairness - a good duplication of the bullwhip that Suishoku currently had.

Aha! Progress!

Number of Whips Created - One

Now, onto the main event!

Putting aside whip-making for a moment, Roshi pulled out another couple of books. One was on the construction of hilts and handles, and the other was that of small reeling motors. There were those who had smaller devices that were uused to pull up small objects for various reasons, things that were not very heavy. A similar device was needed for this whip, but one that was the actual size and shape was not something already built. He had to make it itself. After some time, he managed to draw up something that would work. It would need batteries, of course, but a single battery to perform a simple task would last a long time.

So, now he knew what he wanted, but...he would need a little help to create the parts. He decided to call on Oda-Sensei, the smithing teacher, about this. However, when he got him on the phone, there was a little confusion when he tried to explain the device in question.

"No, Sensei, not a whip-sword. It's whippy, and not even slightly swordy."

He said he'd be around when Roshi explained that he had a book and a working diagram to explain. Oda-Sensei came in, took one look at the whole setup, and smirked. He then said "Okay, watch me.", and got his equipment, safety and all. The two of them went to a forge and he began to create the metal parts of the motor and the handle himself. One by one, the parts were done, and he gestured to them with a smile as they lay before him.

"That's how it's done. You need anything else?"

"No, sir. Thank you, Sensei."

He left Roshi to his devices after...well...returning the metal to its original form, basically. This was Roshi's task, after all. It was his to perform, to complete. Oda-Sensei understood the promise and the rewards of hard work. He showed Roshi the ropes, but he still had to climb himself. Roshi got to work and...didn't get it right the first time. The wheel, the motor bits, the places for the wires, and all - it all had to fit properly, and fit into the handle among whip-weave. Eventually, though, it turned out according to specification. In fact, it seemed that the teacher didn't make the bits he was doing to scale, either, since his own makings were just for example. At least, that's what Roshi's measurements told him. Fortunately, when he put the actual motor together and attached a line, it actually worked!

Now, he had to bring it all together. Hoo boy...

Here was how it all fit together. The little motor was fitted with a line that was suppose to be in the middle of the whip-weave, the motor itself residing at the base of it. All of that then had to slide into a handle with a hole for the button - Yes, he'd made the button and fit the wires. - and then the clasp at handle's entry-point would keep everything snug and in place. Roshi had a series of careful measurements taken from both his book and the whip that he himself had constructed. The proto-whip was a fully-functional whip, so everything he based off of it was useable for this part.

Roshi sat down once more, and played the line out near his supply of rawhide. He also had the special barbs that Suishoku had decided should go into the thing. Then, he began to weave... Keeping the line centered in the weave was not easy, but as it was effectively the primary starting line along with the first strand of rawhide, it wasn't TOO hard. Muscle memory was paying off, this time. He got the weave right, and managed to get the barbs in, as the diagram and instructions indicated. Roshi stood, swung the whip around, and snapped!

There were two snaps.

Oh crap.

One was the regular whip-crack, but the other...had been the line. Well, no matter. It had a fair amount of length on the thing, just in ca... The young artist's shoulders slumped. You can't reset the line without undoing the entire whip and reconstructing with it at the center. What followed was a montage of assembly and disassembly. Roshi undid the whip, pulled out more line, re-wove it, whipped the whip again, and...okay, that much was fine. He tested it a few more times, then actually shoved it into the handle, so the button would line up with the hole. The clasp was done, and Roshi pressed the button.


He'd heard it work. He heard it go in and out with every press, like it was suppose to, but the whip wasn't responding. Okay, undo the clasp, get into the base of the whip, tug on the device- The line wasn't actually secure at the end of the whip. Also, a barb had come off. Facepalm. Undo the whip, reset the line, re-weave the entire whip, test the whip, put it in its handle, tighten the clasp, and press the button.

The whip began to shrink in on itself as planned...and then the line snapped.

So did Roshi.


Fortunately, he had a whip in his hand, and could make loud noises to vent his frustration. Then, he got back to work. Plan B. He'd been concerned about several things that could go wrong about this. He'd been worried about anything being too loose or too tight, so as to inhibit function, so he'd made alot of measurements. He'd been worried about not having enough rawhide, so he had ALOT of rawhide. And...he'd been worried that the initial line he'd gotten for this wasn't high-test enough, so he also got a better line, just in case. It was now that he had implemented it. This one would handle ANY prey the fishermen could catch, the choice of champions.

"Salmon is KING!"

He started over, once more, and this time got all of it right. The line was one with the weave, the barbs were secured, the whole thing fit into the handle, and the clasp was done. He whipped and whipped and whipped...and it felt strong. Then, he pressed the button. It couldn't really go TOO far in. It went from about as loose as it could about as tight as it could get, and he'd made sure that it wasn't trying to overstep its limitations. He whipped it again. Once, twice, thrice... It worked. It was working, and this time it wouldn't snap, because even sharp knives and shark teeth struggled like hell against this line. The rawhide was also of a good quality. The Reciprocating Whip was completed, and it would be a worthy weapon in the hands of Suishoku.

Reciprocating Whip - Completed!
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