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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 02/17/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. They have come to learn more about the state of Japan, the Shogunate, and it's Scions. We will be having a Lunar New Year's celebration, a school dance, and a combat tournament with them!

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 Opening Thread: Four Red Sails
 Posted: Feb 3 2018, 11:16 AM


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It was early in the morning, at the start of the hour of the dragon as a large group of Edo Bugei students, both scions and traditional students, gathered at Edo's docks. The students had gotten a message a few days prior that the Chinese diplomatic group would be arriving today and that the school wanted to have a proper showing. The morning fishing crews had already come in with their catches of various fatty fish far off the coast and had started locking down their boats as crews carried off the fish they would sell later in the day towards warehouses with large coolers in them. The sound of seagulls and ocean waves hitting the shore would block out most sounds as a cold breeze moved between boat and student alike, with the scents of water, fish, and salt filling the student's nostrils.

In the distance a large, wooden boat with four sails. Each sail was beautiful red cloth. Looking at the boat from the shore, Headmaster Hosokawa smiled.
"Students, this style of boat is called a Sampan. Though normal sampan aren't usually this large. I see our visitors have decided to arrive in style." standing next to him two teachers had come with him. The head combat professor, Yagyu-Sensei
and the head foreign language and archery instructor Sato Mizuha, aka Mizuha-sensei as she prefered to be called. As the boat got closer two Chinese students, around the age of the Bugei students, could be seen gazing at the students.

A young man with black hair and a rather uninterested look upon his face. gazed out at the city in the distance.
"So this is Edo. I guess it isn't all that different from Shanghai." said Zihao. He then turned to the woman next to him, wearing a rather serious face.
"I simply hope they don't act hostile towards you, lord Zihao." she said as she seemed to glare at the gathered students on the docks. The man couldn't help but laugh a bit as he backed away from the front of the boat, knowing his guard wouldn't move unless he did.
"It will be fine, Yiting. Though, I think I want to say hello." and with that the black haired boy began to glow with a bright blue aura as he held his hand up. A massive amount of energy gathering in his palm as the ball of blue light then left his hand, shooting straight up and exploding in mid air with the symbol.
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"Let them all understand, the inheritor of Cao Cao, first lord of Wei, has arrived upon the land of the rising sun." he said with a large laugh as he deactivated his relic. Back on the shore Headmaster Hosokawa sighed a bit
"The inheritor of Cao Cao, first lord of the kingdom of Wei, during China's Three Kingdoms Era. As well as his bodyguard, Xiahou Dun of Wei." he told the students.
"On the mainland, Scions are referred to as "inheritors". Since they "inherit" the abilities of another." Mizuha-sensei explained.

A few minutes later various crew could be heard speaking Chinese as the boat finally docked. First off the boat came a man who looked older than Headmaster Hosokawa. He was a serious looking man who couldn't help but smile when he saw the Headmaster.
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he didn't introduce himself yet, instead waiting for the six people he had brought with him to follow. Right behind him stood the two the students had seen a few minutes prior. The smiling black haired boy and his rather serious looking bodyguard. The older gentleman seemed to look at the smiling boy with a glare that clearly told him to settle down.

Following them came two older looking boys. They appeared to be around the age of third or fourth year students. One of them had a white eye-patch and a serious look on his face. He gave a polite bow to the group from Edo-Bugei as he stood by the group's leader. Following him was another, equally serious boy with spiked hair and holding a large spear. The boy with the spear also gave a bow to the group.

Finally, the last two came off the boat. Two girls who couldn't be more different if they tried. One of them a girl with red headphones, long black hair, as a curious look on her face. She seemed to be examining each and every student that had gathered. The other was a pink haired girl in a beautiful red dress, who seemed to be instantly staring at the third and fourth years that had gathered from the school, a slight glare in her eyes as though she was ready to fight them at a moments notice. As all seven of the delegation had come off the boat the boat's staff began docking and unloading the boat as the group's leader loudly declared.
"BOW!" he ordered. All six gave a deep bow as Headmaster Hosokawa looked at the assembled students to do the same. Thuse both groups gave each other a deep bow as the Chinese delegation's leader stepped forward.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, students of Edo Bugei. My name is Sun Yi Huang. Leader of this expeditionary group and Head Teacher of Beijing Academy." he then looked at the stuck up boy from earlier who had created the massive symbol in the air. He stepped forward, lookin at the assembled group as though everyone was beneath him excpt the woman next to him.
Zihao Men. I am the inheritor of Cao Cao, Lord of Wei." he said, half expecting those around him to bow. Stepping forward and lightly elbowing him in the ribs the serious looking woman from earlier also bowed.
"My full name is Yiting Deng. Inheritor of general Xiahou Dun and personal guard to my lord Zihao." she said as the two quickly backed away from the front. Following that up the two older looking boy. The one with the eye patch who had been polite bowed and smiled at the Bugei students.
"I am Chao Guang. Pleasure to meet you all. I am the inheritor of lord Liu Bei of Shu." and with that the boy with the spear also stepped forward.
"I am his guard, Fai Cheng. Inheritor of the Shu general Zhao Yun." and with that the two stepped back. The final two girls just side eyed one another, as though daring the other to be the first to step forward. As the two kept glaring the Headmaster, looking slightly irked, pointed at the girl with pink hair and then pointed to the spot the others had been standing at. This caused the pink haired girl to huff a bit and glare harder at the girl with the red headphones as she moved forward.
"Jiao Meili. Lu Bu." she said with a fierce glare back at the other girl as she stepped forward, graceful as looking at the assembled Bugei Students with determined eyes.
"My name is Fangyuan Yen. It is nice to meet you students of Edo Bugei. I am the inheritor of Lu Xun, strategist of the kingdom of Wu. The Sun family extend their condolences for the losses you have suffered at the hands of the rebel monks." she said and gave the deepest bow of the group as the delegation's Head Teacher stepped forward again, extending his hand to Headmaster Hosokawa.

Edo Bugei's leader shook his hand with a deep smile as he looked back at his own group. The students had been asked to assemble at the docks a few days prior in order to put on a good showing for the Chinese delegation. Every student had been sent a text and they had all arrived by train to Southern Edo before the boat had arrived.
"I trust you all to introduce yourselves as well." he ordered.

Azai Nobuyori
The stuck up clan lord who defends the people.

Tagami Yumiko
The adorable poet girl who hates war.

Katayama, Masato
A strategist bent on changing the world.
 Posted: Feb 4 2018, 12:11 PM


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Having gotten the message a few days prior allowed Mikachi to prep for his trip with the other students of the academy, as well as a few of the faculty members and the headmaster of the academy. It was in these few days that Mikachi began to get a better grasp of the school’s scheduling, along with the various differentiating students within the academy. It was quite the perk to find a place where Mikachi could use his advantage at waking up early to start his training, classes, and skills.

Prior to the days that the Chinese diplomats were to arrive at Edo’s docks, Mikachi had been previously preparing for a short introduction speech with his room mirror. A good greeting and introduction, followed along by a bow, then allowing whoever was next to continue right after him. It was one thing to be good in practice, but to present aloud to a group of unknown people, foreign people at that was another. He had to make a lasting impression.

On the day of the actual arrival of the diplomats, Mikachi had awoken two hours earlier beforehand in order to cook up a bit of soup, rice and a slice of salmon. Soon after he finally showered and set on his uniform, confident as he looked into the mirror. He had set on a bit of lotion on his skin to give off the smell of cherry blossoms which had been an added bonus. Finally setting on his boots, along with a few other essentials, Mikachi took a moment of thought to ensure that everything had come out perfectly.

Heading out from the men’s dormitory, Mikachi made his way on out towards Southern Edo. His focus was making his way there as early as possible. Upon finally reaching Southern Edo by train, the sights of foreign shops and even people were quite interesting to Mikachi. Something he would have to come back to in the future. Although the various other students might have been conversing amongst one another, Mikachi simply went over his mental notes in hopes of being able to relay his small speech aloud.

As the school group finally made their way towards the docks, Mikachi kept a close distance near the faculty to ensure he’d be able to speak as soon as possible. He watched as the Chinese diplomats finally arrived, and their boat was quite the sight to behold. As they made their way towards the shore, Mikachi squinted as the ball of blue light emitted a symbol in an explosion. Were they apart of the academy? Who knew there were more scion to begin with? Mikachi certainly needed a bit more studying after this.

He glanced at the headmaster’s sigh, then back to the one who created the explosion. He emitted a faint grin, noticing that they were actually people full of personality. Inheritors. That’ll be something to remember for a future mission. It was at the sound of the abrupt ‘BOW’ that had caused Mikachi to jump a bit. After looking to the headmaster, he did so without question, along with the various other that had bowed. Soon after the last bowing figure introduced herself, the thought of the rebel monks being a lethal threat began to arise in his mind.

To think that the monks would do so much had shaken even Mikachi at his core. He shook his head slowly to himself, focusing on the task at hand. Upon the order of the headmaster calling forth for introductions, Mikachi stepped forward. His palms began to shake a tad bit, having the nervous tension grow in his body. He began speaking aloud for anyone in the surrounding area to hear. “My name is Anegakoji Mikachi. I am the Sc-” He paused in remembrance of the new word.

“Inheritor of Lady Tsukiyama. It is a pleasure to meet all of you.” The sides of his cheeks began to sweat just a bit before he finished with a deep bow of his head before stepping back and allowing the rest to continue. Mikachi then began to recollect himself in short breaths, attempting to keep a cool head. “Practicing is easy, speaking is harder.” He emitted in a quiet voice to himself.

jinn kuki
 Posted: Feb 5 2018, 03:32 PM

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Jinn was calmly waking up from a long sleep in after he was staying up late last night to chill out in the forest around the school. Jinn never really cared about the curfew and was good enough in stealth to get past the guards although he just a second year. He was a second year for a reason though and that was because he can't choose a direction he wants to specialize in. He doesn't want to specialize he wants to be able to do everything and not only study one simple direction. He doesn't see the challenge in it. He was stuck in the second year now for a couple of years because of that reason and it made him lazier than he already was. His grades were top of the class while he never really went to classes and when he went he was mostly sleeping through them.

Jinn looked around his dorm room wondering what time it was before he stretched himself fully out and slowly made his way out of bed. Jinn calmly grabbed some old clothes from his chair and put them on before he walked out of his dorm towards the docks.

Jinn arrived calmly at the docks and saw the signal in the air. He rolled his eyes a bit and mumbled to himself "Show-offs." He looked at all the students infront of him and decided he didn't want to be in such a crowded placed. He looked quickly around himself and saw many docked ships at the shore. He calmly walked to one and started to climb into one of the many masts of the ships. calmly started to sit ontop of the topsail of the ship he sat on so he had a great view of what was going on without being around too many people.

Jinn was watching everything that was happening although his eyes told everyone he didn't give a damn about anything that was happening since he eyes had a lazy, tired and uninterested tone. Jinn was always carrying this look in his eyes since he never really cared about anything in his life. He looked at all of them introducing them self. He sighed a bit with a couple more that he was hoping this would be over soon. When they all introduced them self he heard the headmaster say they should introduce themselves also.

Jinn sighed ones again and stood up. He calmly removed his hoody and from upper body revealing his athletically trained upper body built before he jumped off the topsail. He leaped forwards spreading his arms a bit before he dives head first into the sea. Jinn calmly swam through the water towards the ship with the red sails. Jinn would climb up the docs there.

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 Posted: Feb 6 2018, 01:11 AM

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The rumors were true after all. Some foreigner students would be coming and a lot of speculation circled about the forums and student body. Most people hoped for someone from Europe since we have the local Dutch Embassy. An Englishman was another idea with the romance of a dandy type. Others guessed it would be someone closer such as Taiwan or India or China. A Russian was thrown into the mix just to spice things up or an someone from Spain. An American was suggested but was put down by the long travel time they would take by boat so all thoughts were in the air.

Suishoku accepted the message to welcome these people to the country mostly to find out just who they were. The rumors had her curious about it for the most part in just finding out who these people were. Another thing she wanted to learn about was what type of people they were. Their principal hinted at a sort of event with other schools in a history of Bugei lecture as well as their exchange programs. The exchange program had a more of a 'try it once in your life' sort of appeal to it so, with that in mind, she hoped that maybe the students from whatever country they're from would server as a guideline.

So here they were in this chilly morning out on the docks with ocean spray prickling the air. She tightened up her coat over her school uniform thanks to the wind kicking up the coastline as the red sails came into view. A large sampan bobbed its way to the docks with some murmurs of the vessel being a sign of the Chinese. It did look to be that way where her passengers then confirmed it. Mizuha-sensei explained terms of 'Inheritors' to the students present which explained how the students addressed themselves in introduction.

So they are mostly combatants, Suishoku sighed in disappointment after bowing on given command to their guests. Of the members of the group present, the boy with the spear and the headphones girl looked the most pleasant of the bunch while the rest looked either imposing or just waiting to scrap on the docks. Keeping those two in mind, she kept her hands held together before her in observance of their Principals interacting with each other in a warm manner. Upon being told that it was now their turn to return the greeting in kind, Suishoku paled a bit in concern of what to say in terms of rank or her Scion position. Due to this, her words formed like a hastily made jinga tower as she held her hands tighter.

"Ahm, welcome! Suishoku Yuubae. Kato Tsune's inheritor," she spoke in rigid format with a greeting that may have come off a bit louder than the rest of her words. Hopefully she said that correctly as well for using inheritor like the student a few names before her.


Nearly on the docks did another girl frown at the display of the blue emblem fired from the ship. So full of show that made them more stuck up than the royals around the school. The emblem was also met with nothing on their part as a gaggle of students gathered to greet/spy on their guests. Mika thought the same as well, to spy on them, but couldn’t find a better vantage point than at the front of their arrival. From that emblem did their guests arrive as any haughty royal blood would. Each one expressing control in some way that even their instructor, supposively a friend of the headmaster, had that same air.

The group of sic or so scions of China introduced themselves to the crowd before them. None of them looked exactly thrilled to be here as if something else is on their mind. Half of them had eyes searching the crowd for prey. Mika stared back at them but her rigid posture was out of contempt than showing an obedient face. Of the ones introduced, Mika wondered if any of them would be worth forming a contract with as a vanguard for her personal use. The time will be short and tight on being selective on which one so long as this trip is temporary. Once it came her turn, the Honda princess bowed liked the others and answered in role of names, “Honda Mikazuki. Currently working with Honami Koetsu,” Mika spoke to let this power game of Scions and Inheritors play itself out if these mainlanders want to keep up a show.


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Elite year, Yuubae Suishoku__Honda Mikazuki, 2nd year
Moby Dick
 Posted: Feb 7 2018, 03:33 PM

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"Hatto-san, are you in position?"

"Yeah. Are you all...assembled?"

"Somehow, I managed. Let's do this."

Like everyone else, Roshi had heard the strange report, that a ship bearing foreign visitors was headed for Edo. This concerned Roshi, for he had had a nasty run-in with a foreigner. In fact, it was a crazy foreigner, who was a general of the Ikko Ikki and wore a big hat...and was a Scion. That madman with the exploding knives and illusion-making scythe nearly killed him and everybody else around. He was a complete lunatic that still, on occasion, gave Roshi the shivers. Well, he wasn't going to take this lying down. Absolutely not. Roshi got to work on a project, and then he called Hakuro Kuroda - better known as the Hatto-san - to help him. Why? You'll see.

Right! So, the students had indeed been asked to assemble, and that was why Makoto Shiyo was here, dressed in her usual long-sleeved and knee-high boot attired to hide the scars she'd gotten from the earthquake. She stood with Relic in hand, the Bunkatsu Kami Yari. However, while she was waiting like everyone else, and this red-sailed ship was in view, heading for the pier, she heard something else, a heavy sort of thud, like a footstep. Looking back, Makoto saw and...she wasn't sure what to think.

What...the hell? Wait, don't tell me...

It was a highly-armored figure, or seemed to be. This was full samurai armor - head to toe, including the helmet and mask - but...the black-and-red ensemble appeared to be... Yes, it was! The whole thing, upon closer inspection, appeared to be expertly-shaped-and-painted cardboard. It was made to be just a bit bigger than life, so as not to be confused for the real thing, but it was at the same time...intricate and well-made.

Of course, the written kanji for 'Art' on the chest gave away who it was.

Roshi Bento had cut, painted, and origami'd cardboard pieces in such a way that they were able to be worn, assembled piece-by-piece on the body The gloves were his own designer white gloves, and the staff in his hands was his own metal staff...with a large hat - Jack's big hat - on top of it. Makoto glared, sort of dumbstruck by the creation. Was he doing another public display? What was with the hat? Just then, it was Makoto's turn to introduce herself.

"Makoto Shiyo, inheritor of Maeda Toshiie!"

Unlike Suishoku - a few students down - she had intended it loud, mostly because Toshiie was a fierce individual, and she at least had that spark within herself. Names continued to be spoken out, and then at some point, Roshi muttered to his communication with Hakuro, "Do it.", and a remote-control device in the back of the cardboard armor began to unleash a dry ice the faux-samurai stepped into a dramatic pose while putting on the hat, and bellowed like the deep-voiced Boss Osato of the Fish Mafia!


Way far back at the beginning of the harbor - where he could see all of this - a young man with a hat and trenchcoat, holding a remote control, busted out laughing. It was a little hard to tell what Roshi was going for here, to be artistically intimidating or intimidatingly artistic. As far as Hakuro was concerned, it was funny as hell!

 Posted: Feb 8 2018, 07:42 PM

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Mirai hadn’t had the chance to really meet foreigners before. It wasn't that she'd never seen or spoken to someone from overseas - there were enough foreigners around Southern Edo that of course you’d run into one eventually - but she'd never been able to consider one to be a friend or an acquaintance so the prospect of Chinese students not only visiting but staying for a length of time was both new and exciting.

She wondered whether she would ever get the chance to speak to them or befriend them properly. If they were from China, wouldn’t they only speak Chinese? Mirai wouldn’t be able to understand what they were saying if they spoke any language other than Japanese. She hoped that the students would be able to speak Japanese so that she'd be able to interact with them.

The ship they arrived on was majestic - the red sails were beautiful, and they really stuck out against the rest of the boats and the rest of the ocean. But that just made it more beautiful. Headmaster Hosokawa said it was a special boat or something like that but even if this wasn’t a normal Chinese ship Mirai still wondered how amazing it would look to see a whole fleet of such ships.

Blue light shot up, making a character. Mirai wondered what it was and who caused it - but the Headmaster explained that it was from an important lord from China, with Mizuha-sensei adding that the Chinese had a different name for Scions: inheritors. It was strange to think of calling them by a different name. Even though it was technically as good a name as any other it felt weird to Mirai.

The ship arrived, and the students and the head teacher from the Chinese school came onshore and introduced themselves, and thankfully they could speak Japanese so at least communication wouldn’t be an issue. All of the students that had come to Edo had impressive-sounding titles and names of relic owners that Mirai only vaguely recognised if at all. It seemed they were really important people that had been sent to Japan.

Mirai bowed to introduce herself, just like Headmaster Hosokawa ordered them to. After the Chinese students’ grand introductions it felt strange for Mirai to introduce herself with just a name and no special titles. “I’m Okada Mirai. It’s an honour to meet you all.”


There were not many times that Ripley could claim to have been happy to get up before ten, no, eleven, a.m. Rare as the occasion was, today was such a time.

Ripley eagerly awaited this morning since the moment they learned that Chinese students were going to visit Edo Bugei. It would be a interesting change not only to meet and maybe even get to know them, but Ripley was keen to watch and see how the other students and school life in general would adapt. It would say a lot about various individuals to see how they reacted to the influx of new students from an entirely different culture.

And besides, the more people you knew the better. Not just in terms of how it gave you opportunities to network, something ever-important when you planned to go into a creative industry like Ripley did, but also in terms of simply making friends to have good time with.

Though they were dressed in the male uniform, with their relic folded in a pocket, they were wearing a padded bra to give the impression they had breasts and had taken especial care with their makeup to get it neat and precise, with the eyeliner and lipstick in perfect, crisp lines. It was a special occasion, after all; dressing up a little in fancier makeup was called for.

The ship drew into the docks. Ripley whistled: it was an impressive ship, with bold red sails, and larger than usual. Ripley knew it just a show of power to say to the Japanese, “Hey, we’re rich and powerful too”, though they appreciated the beauty of the thing in its own right.

As the ship approached, blue light shot up from it; it had a character on it, though Ripley wasn’t sure how it ought to be pronounced because likely would be using a Chinese pronunciation and Ripley knew that that wouldn’t necessarily line up with the Japanese way of saying it. Though the Headmaster seemed to know what it was all about, and explained what it was - Ripley didn’t recognise the name, sorely aware that they needed to brush up on their Chinese history and Chinese politics. They’d probably have a look and see what they could fine online or in the library as soon as this was over.

When the ship finally reached the docks, Ripley could hear the crew babbling along in Chinese - and it was very, very confusing. Their relic passive ability meant Ripley could sense the meanings of the words, but Ripley couldn’t understand a single thread of the conversations because all they got was the meanings of individual words and without the grammar it was scattered and meaningless. It would have hard enough to understand if only one was person was talking but with so many talking at once everything blended together and it was impossible.

A procession of Chinese students, as well an older man who seemed to be the leader of the students - he said he was the head teacher of something like that, did that mean he was the Headmaster? Almost certainly. It seemed like an interesting mix of students who had come to Japan - they each seemed to have their own little thing going on. That girl with headphones was kinda cute: Fangyuan Yen was her name, Ripley would put in extra effort to remember that one.

The prompt was given for Bugei students to introduce themselves: Ripley bowed deeply to the Chinese students. “Akagi Ripley, at your service. Inheritor of Nishiyama Soin. He was a poet, not a warrior, but words are how the biggest wars are won, dontcha think?”

 Posted: Feb 9 2018, 11:18 PM

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It had been a dreary year. For her, not for the other students here. While they were off fighting a war...she was being put through a grinder. Book learning, academic learning, scion learning. She learned how to read and write properly, and hated every second of it. The prospect of physical practice had been something she had looked forward to. Then the actual thing happened and she hated that too. Reika just hate everything about being a scion. She hadn't gotten the free ticket to go out and beat more people up, or kill them, or anything for that matter. She had never been good at sneaking, and she quickly found out that the Yagyu compound was under ridiculous security.

She'd gotten out just once. The minute her foot hit the ground on the outside of the wall, she was completely taken aback by the sheer number of ninja around her. She actually threw up her hands, more in defeat of the effort than fear, but they still knocked her out. The whole year had been excruciatingly boring. Then she finally got the go ahead to be transfered to the bugei...and she hated that too. A bit less, but still...not fun. Physical education was the only class the only class that she was good at. The rest, she either slept through, or didn't attend.

On this day, she woke up, messy hair and dry mouthed, yawned and flopped back into bed. Her room mate however threw something at her...and she groaned awake. She pulled on a pair of tight sports shorts, put the skirt on, put the rest of the outfit on messily and headed out towards the docks. It was cold...but she was used to not having the proper clothing for this sort of thing. The ship was arriving right as she got there, there was some weird blue orb...and then she was being told to bow. At first she hadn't bothered. Then there was an elbow in her ribs. She looked down, and noticed one of the damndable ninjas was there, motioning for her to bow.

She did it, and he whispered that she had better start actually going to class. Or...steps would be taken. She gave him a quizitive look, and he mouthed...steps. She didn't really ask anymore. The principle spewed some sort of diplomatic rhetoric, and then told everyone to introduce themselves. She sighed and yawned at this. "Reika." She gave with a flippant, don't bother me attitude. This time the elbow to the ribs was a lot harder and sharper. She looked down and the ninja wasn't there anymore. She sighed and a grin on her face.

"Kagutsu, Reika. Murderer. Ex-Yakuza Enforcer. Inheritor of....some guy." She said it with the pride of someone listing off their degrees, or like the rest when they said who their inheritor was. She stood there, almost defiant, daring someone to do some thing.

Kagutsu, Reika - Demon of the Abyssal Sword
"They are rage, brutal, without mercy. But you. You will be worse. Rip and tear, until it is done."
 Posted: Feb 10 2018, 05:20 PM

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As Rin looked on at the spectacle happening below her, she could only curse the others that had put her in this situation. Jun was still on his business in Kyoto, Toki had no interest in what was happening at all outside his workshop and the trio were off dealing with a request from the knights. This left Naya Rin as the only available person to witness the arrival of the Chinese delegation, personally she would have just stayed home however orders were orders. Lucky she was only ordered to watch which mean she didn’t have to partake in the meet and greet everyone else was told to do. From her perch upon a row of warehouse she could see the whole thing which started with a rather arrogant show of might, or maybe it was just showing off but either way it still looked dumb to her. it did however give her some insight into the new arrivals, as she looked on she could hear the headmaster. Inheritor, Scion it means the same thing.” Rin though to herself not seeing why the headmaster was making a big deal out of it.

It was in that moment that her phone started to go off, but she ignored it, she already knew who it was and honestly, he had no desire to talk with him. Again, and again it continued on until she finally broke and answered, “No I wasn’t ignoring you… yes I at the dock… no not yet however they did announce their presence very loudly… hold on it looks like they are about to come to shore.” the first to leave the docked ship was an old man followed by what looked like six students, the group bowed the welcoming committee Rin could not help but wonder what their intent was or for that reason what anyone intent was at this point, regardless it was probably poorly though out and hastily implemented like everything else. Regardless Rin watched on as the group moved to introductions; first was Sun Yi Huang Head Teacher of Beijing Academy and expeditionary leader, which Rin did not like the sound of, why would they need and expeditionary force at all were they not guest. Next was Zihao Men and Yiting Deng, lord of Wei and his bodyguard both inheritors of some very important Wei figures, with each introduction that feeling Rin had was getting worse. The following pair being Chao Guang and Fai Cheng, they were much like the last pair lord and bodyguard expect these were of Shu, anyone with any bit of foreign knowledge would know just how important these people were thus bagged the question, why here, why now. The final pair Jiao Meili and Fangyuan Yen were different then the first two or at least they presented themselves that way. Lu Bu and a strategist of the kingdom of Wu, they sure picked an interesting bunch to round out the set.

With her side how giving introduction Rin returned to the call.
“It seems they brought out some heavy hitters for whatever it is they’re planning… Yes, there are six of them… Sending you the names now.” instead of simple repeating the name Rin found it easier to just text the names with pictures she had just taken to accompany them. “Ya that’s they including their headmaster… like I said the big guns… no the only information we were given was to assemble here… students from our academy are introducing themselves are attempting to quite a few of the problematic ones decided to show… no, there just being themselves so you know what that entails… yes, I keep observing till the end and only act if need be and don’t worry if they want a show I’ll give them one. and with that Rin hung up. For now she would simple watch and only show herself if she felt it necessary.

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How the hell did he end up in this mess? Kire was dressed up in his best clothes, which weren't all that great but he wasn't some fancy clan born kid with a legacy, he was just Kire. Honestly, he hadn't wanted to come but apparently his actions in rescuing the wives and daughters of a great many diplomats in the rebellion. He hadn't planned on doing that, he just stepped in against a fat guy kidnapping a girl. Things always seemed to escalate since he came to the academy though. What an absolute pain.

In direct contrast, Jugemu was dressed in the dress version of her school uniform, accessorize with a great number of beautiful fabrics including a very clean, crisp, white apron, though she wore no armband as was common to her path. She'd debated so many different things to wear this morning, what did you wear to meet a delegation from another country? Common sense to some degree had won out, she was a student and a teacher, so the clothing of the school would be the most appropriate.

Neither of the two of them were particularly impressed by the pyrotechnics from somebody on the boat. Kire because he thought it was stupid and pointless, Jugemu because it was unnecessary showboating. However, Jugemu, at least, clapped politely and pretended to be impressed. They were foreign and new, best to make them comfortable and to make them feel welcomed. Kire just rolled his eyes at everyone around him. This was not going to be an uncommon gesture through the day, he could already tell.

As the foreign students disembarked, the two non-scions standing to welcome them were carefully eying them, though Jugemu was hiding it better than Kire. Kire was far more interested in what weapons these newcomers had brought onto their shores. He definitely would love to get his hands on them to take them apart and see the skill of the Chinese blade smiths. Jugemu was examining the way the newcomers walked, held themselves, and even what their eyes were looking at. An assassin had to be able to read people, what those people cared about on first glance was a good clue.

Kire's prediction had come true. As more people introduced themselves headed down the line, he couldn't help but feel irritation at some of their nonsense. It was embarrassing, almost as much as that spectacle the foreigners had shown from the boat. Actually, maybe it was worse. He couldn't hide the irritation but mostly he did his best as his turn came around. He stepped forward and bowed. "I am Bou Kire. Inheritor of nothing." Inheritor, what a crock of shit, for once he almost wished he had been a scion so he could throw that word back at them. Still, at least headphones had been polite. They were the ones imposing on Japanese lands and taking up his valuable time.

Jugemu stepped forward as Kire stepped back. She had her biggest, friendliest smile across her face. "It is a pleasure to meet all of you." She bowed. "I am Soma Jugemu, I'm not an inheritor, or scion as it's commonly called here but I like to think I've inherited the strength of all who led the Soma before me." She held her hand against her cheek. "I am both student and teacher at the academy. I do hope to be given the chance to cook for you during your visit." She stepped back into the line.

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Hana loved beautiful things, crafts, paintings, poetry- they were symbols of though and peace- a stark contrast to her purpose in life. Yet she found this spectacle unpleasant to look at, of course, she wasn't allowed to be impolite- especially not in the presence of the Headmaster. So as the bright blue light of the foreigner's power seared her retinas, she did her best not to complain. Frankly, she was mostly concerned with her lack of knowledge as to whom most of these people- her schoolmates- even were. She'd been so caught up in matters that for a second, she may have forgotten just how much she was missing out on.

Her outfit for this particular day, was a pale shadow of what a clan leader's daughter could've adorned herself in. Instead she wore a heavy, kimono, the last layer to a furisode with a extremely detailed, formal pattern as red as the bold ship on the dark blue sea. Apart from that intricate detail, what she wore underneath was quite mundane, a dark, sleeveless turtleneck, jeans and low heeled boots. She'd avoided wearing any form of black- as she wasn't sure what the colour meant for the Chinese. She was well aware of the context behind her daring red, fortunately.

Hana sighed, wondering where Junko was. He fixed her hair beautifully, straightened and exquisitely cut, extending down the small of her back like a river of fresh snow. She could never do that on her own and sadly, he wasn't anywhere to be found to admire his work. If anything, she felt the need to be close to the boy at all times, he was like a little brother she may have wanted but never found in her own. Maybe he could've calmed her nerves.

As the ship docked, she bowed on command, though it was more reflex than actual thought, her blood moon eyes however, glanced at the headmaster quizzically.

Inheritors ?

She supposed there was room for it to come into play. Truthfully, you inherit a part of the original owner's being and carry it with you forever- she gripped her twin yari at that. The term made sense. Yet- she hated it, the 'inheritor' per say, wasn't some mindless extention of the original owner's life. In fact, they were more like individuals who have a likeness with their firsts, so much that they are granted a change to carve their own names into history with the powers left in their care. To Hana, 'inheritor' took away from the stress, blood, sweat and tears that went into even being a samurai, much less a scion. It sounded like the powers they'd been granted just...

Fell into their laps.

"My name is Sanada Hana, "Inheritor" of Sanada Nobushige,"

She was quite polite and well spoken in her own right, sure, she got into some gritty business- but she was still a lady, a princess at that. However, as she raised her head she seemed a lot sharper and snarkier than she normally was, possibly not to anger her Headmaster.

"However, in the land of the Rising Sun and not your home- it seems more courteous to use our terms- right?"

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