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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 02/17/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. They have come to learn more about the state of Japan, the Shogunate, and it's Scions. We will be having a Lunar New Year's celebration, a school dance, and a combat tournament with them!

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 Kato, Hisashi, No Clan
 Posted: Oct 5 2017, 05:23 PM

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Kato, Hisashi No clan

• 16, Male
• Osaka, Settsu
• 1st Year
• Infiltration
• Boxing Club
• Home Economics Club

HAIR: Hisashi's well groomed hair is a dark black with his style typically being worn down while being just a bit messy. The only change to this style will be him having just woken up or having been caught unprepared in his lodgings where it'll usually be a messy bedhead look instead.
EYES: Amber with a hazel tint.
HEIGHT: 5'8"
BODY TYPE: Hisashi has a fairly lean body with a good bit of toned muscle along it.
STYLE: While on the campus grounds, Hisashi wears the standard school uniform with his sleeves slightly rolled just below his elbows. He instead opts to wear more business casual styles befitting of most yakuza, albeit much more tame in comparison. While his choice of color may change due to the reasons he heads out, his standard style is typically a black dress shirt with a white suit vest. Along with this, he wears matching white suit pants and dress shoes.
OTHER: The most obvious feature that stands out is the eyepatch that Hisashi wears. Under his eyepatch, the skin around the pupil is scarred from burns. The eye itself is damage and blinded, but not so severely that it warranted enucleation. Along with this, there are a few more less sever burn scars along his forearms.

Hisashi is someone who does his best to come off as dependable and rather friendly amongst his peers. When proper respect is given to him, he makes every appropriate effort to return it as long as he knows the person is not undeserving. Despite his upbringing and ultimate ambitions, Hisashi also makes every attempt to avoid committing crimes as well as being caught up in illegal activities to prevent becoming an unsightly blemish on Edo Bugei's reputation. In addition, he makes no attempt to hide his Yakuza bloodline but tries to avoid talking about it as well. When dealing with most common Yakuza types he meets, Hisashi is often cold and professional in behavior as he knows most may directly oppose the beliefs he had been raised with.

  • Fairly mature for his age
  • Can be fairly tolerant to most types of people
  • Fairly capable with bare knuckle boxing and small blade weapons
  • Decent at hiding his feelings from most

  • Fairly gullible to tricks from other people
  • Somewhat single-minded in pursuits
  • Lack of real weapon combat knowledge other than small blades
  • Suffers from a form of Taphophobia due to trauma

LIKES: Meeting people, Helping out others, Small animals, listening to soothing music, loyalty from his peers.
DISLIKES: Most gangster tropes, disrespectful morons, loud noises, overly complicated situations, the needless flaunting of power.
AMBITIONS: Hisashi is driven by a desire to see the Yakuza reformed into a much better group for the whole of Japan. Along with this, he is driven by a fierce desire to purge the group of all the parasites that would threaten the honor of the group. While he would like to do this peacefully, he accepts that it simply wouldn't work out as cleanly as he would hope.

WEAPON: Hisashi's official weapon would be his tantō relic which he wields in his right hand if the situation arises when it must be used. Along with this, he employs a brutal style of bareknuckle boxing supplemented by the use of knuckle dusters on his left hand. When combining the two, he'll attack primarily with his knuckles as a means to try wearing down his opponent while using his tanto to try to deflect small blades. If his opponent may become off balanced, he'll suddenly lunge the blade forward in an attempt to dig it in his foe before going to brutally beat them in with his fist while they try to get off his blade.
RELIC: Kawaī hana, A tantō of approximately 6 inches in blade length with the handle and sheathe having an intricate floral design along it. At the bottom of the handle, there is a small red string connected to it in a loop. This weapon is remarkable not for being impressive to fight with but instead easily hidden on one's person where many other blades would stand out.
RELIC OWNER: Hatsume no Tsubone
OWNER HISTORY: A mysterious woman who worked as a servant to Ishida Mitsunari until his unfortunate death. After this event, she would fall under the service of numerous other lords with each also meeting grisly fates one after another. Eventually she grew bedridden and passed away peacefully in her sleep. While her legacy is uncertain, some would suggest she was what most who practice subterfuge should aspire to be.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: Explosive Bloom - On the side of Hisashi's Tantō, a single bud immediately sprouts before rapidly growing into a beautiful pink flower. Hisashi then plucks it from the gripe before tossing it at his foe. Once it meets with an object, the flower quickly ignites detonating with a very short range explosion. Those hit would feel roughly the force of being swung at with a bat. (One turn cooldown.)
ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Closing Petals - By focusing his energy on his relic, Hisashi can manifest a thorn covered vine from the hilt of his Kawaī hana. Once this whip like weapon has been created, he can attempt to lash out with it at a foe of about ten meters away or strike another surface of the same distance. If the attack lands, the whip will begin reeling itself into the tantō while latched onto either the opponent or whatever else he strikes, either rapidly pulling Hisashi towards his opponent or vice versa. The vine itself is just as easy to cut as a real vine. If for some reason neither can be pulled to each other, it vanishes after ten seconds. Requires about 30-50% of your relic's power.(Three turn cooldown.)
LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: Flower Coffin - Hisashi once more channels the vines from the hilt of his tantō although in larger amount. These vines wrap around his wrist down and then travel straight at his foe, above them if possible, or under the ground so long as it's made of material easy enough to dig through. If these vines manage to wrap around his foe, they will rapidly constrict against them while digging their thorns into the opponent's body. While the vines are easy enough to break as real vines, any movement made will cause the thorns to tear into the body of the opponent causing minor lacerations. If they do not escape within three turns, the vines rapidly constrict and crush whoever is inside before vanishing. If for some reason they cannot collapse on someone, the vines will be broken and the person freed. While someone is being constricted by these vines, Hisashi himself is rooted in place and unable to move other than leaning his body. The maximum range of this attack is fifteen meters. It draws out about 70-80% of your item's full power. These abilities have large effects and large cooldowns. This can be a fairly large attack or heal. This is your flashy power attack.(Five turns cooldown.)
PASSIVE 1: While Kawaī hana is drawn, any strike that Hisashi makes with his off hand will cause a small flower to sprout from the impact area of his opponent. These flowers are small and pink, standing out usually on darker clothes but harder to catch on lighter threads. Until this flower is found and removed, Hisashi can use it to track his foe down within thirty feet through a connection with his weapon.
LOCKED PASSIVE 2: Unlike before where the flowers before are relatively harmless, they now release a noxious odor which causes an opponent to become visually disoriented upon inhaling it.
LOCKED AWAKENED MODE COLOR: A soft and bright pink.
AWAKENED ATTACK: Devil's Garden - At the start of this attack, a large amount of vines swarm out from the hilt of Hisashi's tantō before clinging tightly around his wielding arm. While thorns from the vines cut open various sections of his arm, Hisashi brings his fist down into the ground. These vines then burrow underneath an area before him before suddenly shooting up from the ground rapidly within a twenty meter radius from the initial point of eruption to try either piercing through an opponent or wrapping around them. After the vines have sprouted, small flowers quickly grow along them before they detonate in a string of small explosions of the same force as his first ability. Afterwards the vines quickly return to the blade and the user falls unconscious along with lacerations over his arm rendering it unusable until it heals after a good amount of time.

• Kazue Kato (Father: Deceased) - Hisashi's father who raised him from birth to until he was ten years old. Kazue was a lieutenant of the Yakuza branch in Osaka who believed that the Yakuza should protect the citizens under their jurisdiction. This meant he forbid those under him from practices such as drug trafficking or fights with the police as they tended to only harm the community. He was killed in an explosion in the family home and had his remains buried in a cemetery near the outskirts of the city.
• Mao Amano (Mother: Unknown) - Almost immediately after Hisashi was born, she abandoned the family after being unable to deal with the stress of raising a child along with the various Yakuza types she ran into. Hisashi has no knowledge of her whatsoever other than a vague photograph from his birth.
• Hiro Kato (Grandfather: Alive) - Hisashi spent time with his grandfather several dozen times as a young child and would ultimately be taken in by the elderly man after his father's unfortunate death. Similar to his father, Hiro spent a long time serving in the Yakuza but ultimately retired fairly wealthy to live a quiet life. Despite this, he would still employ various yakuza under him as protection and for other services. This would also be the same met who would eventually set Hisashi on his path to Edo Bugei.

BACKGROUND: Born in the city of Osaka of the Settsu Province, Hisashi lived alone with only his father and the occasional visit from his grandfather. Despite this, Hisashi and Kazue made by just fine with the various businesses that Kazue seemed to be running in different districts of the city. Hisashi himself grew up idolizing his father and tried his best to emulate him. Kazue in turn tried to teach his son important virtues such as patience, honor, and understanding. For the most part, things were simple and their life was fairly normal as far as Hisashi knew.

It wouldn't be until Hisashi was around seven years old before he would learn exactly about what a Yakuza was. He heard of the group before then but his young mind didn't quite understand what they were beyond knowing they broke the laws of Japan. It wouldn't be until one untypical day that this perspective would change. Hisashi and his father had been walking home together after Kazue had picked his son up from classes with a friend. Hisashi had been attending this friend for mentoring since he was young as he was told that knowledge would ultimately open many doors in the future for him and for the most part enjoyed his classes. However, the two would be stopped on their way home as a group of fairly young men would bar the group from going home. Blocking both the way they came and the way they were going, the men had all been wielding various weapons such as metal poles or wooden clubs.

While Hisashi himself seemed to tremble in a bit of fear as the men approached, his father spoke to them in a familiar tone and told them to leave before things they made a terrible mistake. The men refused and instead tried to charge him with their weapons raised. Almost with speed nobody else there could fathom, a fist found itself buried in the face of the nearest attacker before they fell limp after a loud crack had been heard. Suddenly a fight ensued, but Hisashi found himself far too shocked from it all to really watch. His focus wouldn't really return when he felt a hand shake his shoulder. Hisashi looked up to see his father covered with several bruises and cuts but free of serious injuries. It was then Hisashi turned his gaze to the side to see the collapsed bodies of the attackers. Underneath one, a crimson liquid began to pool. It wouldn't be more than a few seconds before his attention was jerked forcefully away by the hand of his father once more who paced quickly towards their home with his father having to limp with every other step.

After they had returned home, it wouldn't be long before several men would barge in their home to express worry and treat the wounds that Kazue had tried to hide from his son. After a good bit of conversing between Kazue and the men, they would eventually leave. Hisashi found himself alone with his father as was typical for their family. The air between them however felt much heavier than usual. Hisashi himself had stayed fairly quiet and distant that day as he didn't quite seem to understand had happened, only that men had come to attack them for some reason. With Kazue seeing the distress in his son, he beckoned Hisashi over and brought his child into a soothing embrace. Despite the unrest Hisashi felt in him, he relented and allowed himself to drift to sleep in his father's arms. Eventually he would awaken from his short rest to find his father cooking a nice dinner for the two and giving his son a warm smile. It almost felt like nothing had happened, but Hisashi's memories of earlier soon came rushing back to him.

As the two sat to eat their dinner together that night, the pair seemed much more quiet than usual. Right around now they would eagerly be talking about plans for the weekend or discussing Hisashi's mentor. Instead they both seemed to struggle to form a single topic. Eventually Kazue would bring up the events that day knowing that leaving them so vague would only raise more uncertainty in his son. He explained that the men had come to try taking his life. When Hisashi questioned why, Kazue explained how he was a Yakuza and a criminal. He explained that the men had been under him and they tried to remove him to move up through the ranks. But then Kazue continued to explain how while he was a criminal, he had legitimate interest in only doing what was good for the people of Japan. He told Hisashi how once upon a time the Yakuza had done well to help the people outside of the Yakuza and worked to protect them from various threats such as corrupt leaders as well as foreign pirates. He worked hard to convince Hisashi that while he did bad things, they were needed to keep the criminal world in check. Hisashi himself didn't know how to react. The image of his father as a simple and earnest man had been strained so much that it shattered completely in his mind. He simply stopped eating his food at some point as as the conversation, he asked to be excused to bed.

That night, Hisashi slept with dozens of doubts plaguing his mind. For the most part, he didn't really know who the man he called his father really was. But at the same time it remained obvious that Kazue had raised him until now and done a lot to try keeping Hisashi happy. His perceptions felt so twisted as he thought over how such a kind man could also actually be in charge of other criminals. Eventually he woke up the next day, went to classes, began to act like things were normal. His dad wouldn't bring up his criminal dealings or such after that night and for the most part things returned to how they were. Hisashi himself was still set on becoming well educated and becoming a member of the police force for Japan as he had wanted to for a long time. While every now and then a passing doubt about his father would spring into his mind, he would simply push it out and pretend to remain ignorant to what his father did. It was easier for him that way.

It wouldn't come up again until after Hisashi's tenth birthday. After a great day of celebration out together, the two returned home together just in time for dinner to get started. As Hisashi made his way to the restroom to wash up before eating, he heard his father yelling with someone else nearby. After a few seconds, Hisashi came walking through the halls to see what was going on. He was stopped on the way however by his father who quickly wrapped Hisashi in his arms and clung tightly, bracing himself. The last thing Hisashi remembered after that was a strange odor as an explosion suddenly engulfed most of the home. The pair were thrown back and Hisashi slammed his head back hard against a doorway, knocked out immediately while blood ran from down his face.

Two days passed before Hisashi woke up dazed in a clean white hospital bed. As he tried to move, he found only pain that shot through his body and forced him to lay back. As he looked idly around the room he been resting in, he felt like his vision had been obscured. He moved a hand to idly feel for what was blocking half his sight. A few moments passed and he soon realized he simply couldn't see from his other eye at all. The pupil having been scorched during the explosion. As much as he wanted to question it, he simply didn't have the strength as it was now. Soon after awakening, he felt a hand gently press on the top of his head. He looked up expecting to find his father, but instead was greeted by the sight of his grandpa hovering over him. Unlike every other time they met, there was no joy to be found in his features however. As Hisashi struggled to form words, Hiro instead spoke as he explained the situation. Hisashi learned then and there that it had been an explosion from a gas leak that sent him here. Unfortunately, he was the only one who had survived. The news shocked Hisashi greatly along with the realization that now he was alone with nobody there for him anymore. Tears began to flow freely down his face as he realized he would never get to see the warm smile of his father once more.

A few days passed and the young Hisashi would be released into his grandfather's care and move to his estate. He would attend the burial for his father a week later. For a long time, Hisashi would only present himself at the bare minimums of what was necessary. He attended his private lessons, would eat meals provided to him, and then quickly retired to his room to be alone. However time would pass and pain that he bore would start to grow more distant. Eventually he became more sociable once more and eventually was able to find himself smiling once more. He once again became eager to attend his schooling and seemed hopeful for the future. He knew that even if he missed his father dearly, he couldn't live in denial of what happened that day forever. While he still found himself troubled every so often, he pushed himself to keep living on for both his sake and for all his father had tried to do for him until that day.

Two more years passed and Hisashi seemed to had finally just be getting himself back into his normal lifestyle. Though no matter how normal he tried to act, he couldn't deny that it felt somewhat hollow with one person missing from his life. He got by just fine until he was one day summoned by his grandfather to meet in the estate's study, a place fairly previously off limits to him as well as most of the staff who worked there. Once there, the two sat down across from each other and Hisashi saw the grim look his grandfather gave him. Without a word being exchanged beforehand, Hiro placed his hand on an envelope sitting on the table before them and slid it slowly to the young man. As Hisashi brought out the contents and scanned over them, he suddenly felt as if his heart was being tugged at. The first thing that caught his eye had been a picture of his old home after the incident, torn apart in a way his family had been. He felt his breath become shaky as he looked up in shock at his grandfather who only nodded his head, urging to boy to continue reading.

It took him what felt like an eternity, but eventually he forced his gaze back onto the paper and began to survey the contents. Every so often, his eyes would flicker back to the picture as discord began to stir within the young boy's body. As he read through the paper, he realized it was a report of the events that had transpired. He felt his body grow heavy and his scars seem more uncomfortable by the moment. He wondered what point there could possibly be for the old man to subject him to what he thought was some kind of cruel punishment. It wouldn't be until he read that last sentence that everything stopped. Time seemed to slow in his mind while his body simply shook in place. The last line merely stated that there had been foul play and showed the crime scene where the "gas leak" had been created. It had seemed that the burners had been switched on without any ignition, causing the gas to spread in the home. It would've had to had been just about five minutes before Hisashi and his father returned home.

After he read this, Hisashi had to shift his gaze up to his grandfather to confirm if this was real or not. After receiving a slight nod in return, the young boy discovered tears running down his cheeks as he felt something grip at his chest. All the pain that he managed to cope with suddenly came rushing back as Hisashi found himself questioning the events of that day. Suddenly Hiro spoke up and began to explain how he was suspicious of the whole ordeal. The old man had hired several investigators not long after his son's death to try discovering the reason behind the demise of Kazue. What Hisashi now held was the results of a thorough sweep through his home. They both shared silence together while Hisashi found himself unable to process what thoughts he had.

After a bit, Hisashi finally found himself capable of speaking. His first question was if it was related to the yakuza. Hiro replied with a simple yes. Hisashi then asked if they had been caught. This time Hiro paused for a moment before explaining that they aren't even sure where to look. A long minute of silence passed before Hisashi asked why he was being told all of this now. With a weary sigh, the old man rose and walked over to the boy. He explained that once upon a time he was tasked with taking care of any who strayed from the rules all the Yakuza were expected to follow. He was an enforcer from a young age and had made a career removing the pests who wished to cling to the success of the group. He then explained how Hisashi's father had done the same and was eliminated by a traitorous kin because of it. It was because some people pushed for changes that Hisashi himself refused to allow so he had to be removed.

Hisashi could only remain quiet as he listened to the careful explanations his grandfather gave. As he looked back, he figured his father wasn't ever one to get away from trouble. That day where he witnessed his father fight was evidence of that. Yet for all of that, Kazue had seemed to be a legitimately good man in his son's eyes. For him to be eliminated so that someone with worse intentions could replace him only shifted the boy's sorrow into rage. Hisashi could figure Kazue had been part of the Yakuza since before he was even born. For them to just allow such an insult to the honor he acquired for the Yakuza only sickened him. As Hiro saw the fury he stirred in the boy, he explained that from here on there would be two paths for the boy. The kid could continue living as a normal citizen and would never have to hear about this business ever again. The alternative was he would be trained, brought into the Yakuza, and act to preserve the tenants they had been founded on. A blade to purge the organization of the sickness festering from within. Existing outside the typical order of the Yakuza to bring the group to order once more. He was then told In time Hisashi may even be able to meet the man who caused Kazue's death. The air once more fell silent as Hisashi's grip tightened around his knees.

Spurred by a mixture of rage and pride, Hisashi finally told the old man of his choice. Hiro carefully explained that once he picked, there would be no going back. Hisashi took a deep breath, seeming to calm himself for a moment before answering once more that he must do this. For a second, the elder was surprised by the sudden maturity the young boy showed. That night, Hisashi would eat, bathe, and sleep for the last time as an average civilian. He would be expected to grow up quick if he ever had a chance of reaching his goal.

The next day, he would begin his lessons with several new types of trainers. His first lessons for the first couple of years would be learning to fight. Day after day, Hisashi found himself covered in bruises as he took brutal beatings from his mentors. After his training, he would be expected to learn and memorize information not only about the Yakuza structure but also the many businesses they ran. While his body became honed, he tried his best to keep his intellect sharp as well. His grandfather told him that he would never become a respectable man if he was anything less than exemplary in most fields. For a long time, the workload simply felt too much to bear. Despite the strain on his body and mind, Hisashi pushed forward though.

Eventually he would learn how to throw a punch from watching one get thrown at himself. He learned to guard after seeing it used against him. He turned his anger into determination and eventually would be deemed capable of holding his own fairly well in a street brawl. He then moved on to new lessons about small blades. Such weapons were favored by Hiro and his trainers because of the various ways they could be utilized as well as concealed by a person. Using training knives, he began practicing and was once more reintroduced to having his butt whooped. Countless times he fell victim to his foe's attacks and was made to get back up for more. Eventually he learned to adjust and counter against his mentors, pressing any advantage he could get and using the momentum to his favor. While victory wasn't particularly in his grasp, he found himself scoring a win every so often as he held himself decently.

Several years passed and Hisashi was now sixteen. He'd grew accustomed to what had been expected of him and his training had finished earlier. He became Junkosei, a yakuza in training under the strict supervision of one of his mentors. This often involved him simply making sure people didn't start trouble in various establishments nor threaten the people in his mentor's area. Hisashi could feel as if that his skills would not be utilized as his mentors would often exclude him from brawls or business that would come up, leaving him to only run small errands. This began to affect his studies as he grew more and more frustrated with the order of things. It wouldn't be long before the young man's nature would become apparent to his grandfather. The old man seemed to relent as he was unsure at first for what to do before eventually coming up with a plan.

Finally, his sixteenth birthday came and Hisashi was summoned back to his grandfather's study for the first time since that set him on this path to becoming a Yakuza. When the young man entered the room, he felt anxious as he wondered if he would finally be set loose upon the world. Instead, he was lead to sit in front of a table where a small object wrapped in cloth sat. His grandfather told Hisashi today would decide once and for all if he had what it took to seize his ambition or would have to walk away from it all. Hisashi grew confused and spoke out against his grandfather who had been the one to get him caught up in the Yakuza business in the first place. He felt angry that his grandfather might now be turning his back on Hisashi, but he reluctantly agreed to the old man's terms and looked at the object before him. He seemed uncertain as he reached out to peel the thin layer of cloth off of it before laying his eyes on a beautiful traditional knife completely unlike most he had been taught with until now. The young man seemed hesitant to take it up before receiving a nod from his grandfather. Slowly, he slid the blade free from the cover over it and looked at it with surprise.

A faint glow encompassed the blade as it seemed to stir to life in his hands. Hiro gave a toothy smile as he let out a sigh of relief. After which, he instructed Hisashi to wait where he was. Not even an hour later, two men clad in robes resembling that of assassins arrived, seeming to had been welcomed in by two guards that flanked them on either side. The men presented Hiro with a letter who in turn quickly passed it off to Hisashi. Scanning over the contents fairly quickly, Hisashi turned his attention back to his grandfather but was stopped before he could even speak a word. His grandfather quickly came over, told Hisashi he was proud of the young man's progress, and said this would be his final trial. It would test not only his strength but to see if he had what it took to truly make the Yakuza a force for Japan once more. The young man sat confused for a bit while he remained quiet. He seemed uncertain, but up until now his grandfather had never led the young man astray. Getting up, he gave a polite bow to the two men before going to agree to come with them. Giving a single goodbye to his grandfather as well as the men who taught him until now, he vowed to come back a better man as he gathered his belongings. After gathering what things he needed, he quickly came with the two men to start his new life at Edo Bugei. Even now he worries if he'll be able to meet the expectations of such a virtuous group of people or if he'll be crushed along with his hopes.

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