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Sengoku Horizon > Lunar New Year > A Chance Encounter (Jinn Kuki, Kiryu, and Haruno)

Posted by: Nobuyumi Mar 5 2018, 09:54 PM
Haruno Yuuki, an elite student of tremendous talent. During the Ikko incident she had been away from Edo Bugei but had returned with the new year. She was an elite students who was believed to come from a ninja clan or tremendous prestige and her grades showed it. Some called her an angel among the Bugei students due to her perfect, long black hair and always clean uniform. Tonight was no exception as she had her elite uniform on and her black sheathed katana at her side. Standing next to her, almost like a ghost by comparison, the elite sniper Kiryu Rai. Rai almost never talked and even now most of her body was covered except for her piercing eyes.

It was odd to see the two together, but both of them certainly looked both lovely and terrifying in their own ways. As usually when they got together Yuuki was speaking about how drab everything was and how everything failed to meet her high standards while a rather bored looking Rai nodded along next to her. Many guys looked at the two and joked about hitting on them, however it was also well known that both women could easily kill a man without a second thought. Truly, it would take a real idiot to dare to approach them, and especially to hit on them.

Posted by: jinn kuki Mar 6 2018, 03:15 PM
Jinn was calmly walking through the festival area wearing a pair of slim fit jeans and a black Hoodie with a white shirt under it.on his back was his trusty wakizashi diagonal placed. Jinn never really liked the school uniform well he didn't like uniforms at all. His think black hair that covered the left eye of his shiny deep blue grey eyes. Jinn was pretty much known to be lazy yet there are some stories of him being one of the most versatile people of the school. Most of that came from his clan though since they were known to adapt to any situation.

Jinn walked around with his hands in the pockets of his pants. He looked around at the different vendors and games he could play although all the games looked way to easy for him. There was hardly any challenge in them for him. He wasn't really paying attention what was infront of him since he enjoyed watching some of the people fail big time at some of the games. He bumped into a couple of people or just brushed them over the shoulder with his.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Mar 9 2018, 11:03 PM
Yuuki and Rai kept walking through the large new years festival as Rai nodded a few times. However, the quiet zen Rai had going on was quickly broken when a student rudely bumped shoulders with Rai before just carrying on like it was nothing. Normally Rai wasn't the type to care about such things, however she wasn't alone today and Yuuki certainly wasn't the type to just let such a thing go. In an instant the put her arm in front of Rai to stop her from continuing to walk forward, and after a few seconds turned.

"Excuse you! It is extremely rude to run into another person and not apologize to them! I demand you apologize to her at once!" she said, her voice leaving little room for argument as Rai looked at the shinobi princess. As a few people looked over at them Rai felt instantly embarrassed. She wasn't the type to have this much attention drawn to her at once. Yuuki, however, was clearly use to it and didn't seem to mind. After all, right now Yuuki was sure she had the moral high ground.

"It is the polite thing to do." Yuuki emphasized to the boy, who now that she saw him looked familiar to her as a student of Edo Bugei.

Posted by: jinn kuki Mar 12 2018, 01:22 PM
Jinn just kept on walking not really noticing he bumped shoulders with some people. It happened quit often in these kind of things. He suddenly heard a voice behind him when after he bumped into someone. The eyebrow of his left eye brow that was hidden behind his hair would be raised up for a second. "Wouldn't people run into eachother. Meaning she bumped also into me." Jinn said in a calm yet lazy tone he always caried with him.

"Also telling people what to do is also pretty rude meaning you also owe me a apology. He said with a simple shrug towards her. He was thinking for a second before he thought of something you. " But since we are at a festival. Let us make it a game. We all play five games. The one losing the most need to apologize." Jinn was up for a fun challenge although he was hoping they were up too it as well. "Or are two elite students afraid of losing to a second year?"

Posted by: Nobuyumi Mar 15 2018, 08:33 PM
Both girls looked at Jinn like he was a complete idiot. It was a cold day in hell when people actually challenged elite students so easily. No one had challenged either of the girls to any type of competition since they secured their titles as elite students. To Rai, it seemed like fun. Even with her mostly covered face and body, her eye brows seemed to smirk a bit as she nodded.
"One of the games is shooting." she said plainly. After all, she was a master sniper and if Jinn was truly serious about games then Rai knew exactly which one she wanted. Meanwhile, next to her, Yuuki was smiling with an evil grin.

"It takes a lot of guts to challenge two elite students, even to casual games. Lets hear which games you had in mind." her eyes looked extremely fierce. After all at the academy she had a reputation as a perfectionist and would never do anything half hearted. This obviously included simple things such as study, cleaning, and in the case of this evening, festival games. Yuuki would not only get an apology from this boy, but would also make him lose as well. In her mind it was a perfect chance to show him how wrong his cockiness was. To make things better, Jinn could now safely said he had the attention of two very pretty girls, even if no one could tell how pretty one of them was under all of her robes.

Posted by: jinn kuki Mar 18 2018, 03:05 PM
Jinn saw the girl smirk although he saw her eyebrows smirking followed by the her saying she wanted a shooting challenge. Jinn calmly shrugged towards it although he stayed calm with his calm yet tired face expression on his face. It even stayed that way when one of them said he was crazy and they were elite students.

Jinn looked around to find a couple of games "Hhhmmm. We do a shooting one. The ladder one over there and the last one would be your choice." Jinn said calmly towards her while he pointed towards the shooting gallery and towards the pivoting rope ladder a bit further. Big chance the masked girl would be a gun slinger or a archer for suggesting a shooting game. Jinn was used to do allot of archery himself a recurve bow was also a weapon he carried with him on missions.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Mar 23 2018, 09:36 PM
As Jinn suggested the challenges and shrugged, the two girls nodded confidently at one another as Yuuki moved forward.
"Very well! Tell me about this rope ladder challenge of yours! I will be the first to compete!" she declared proudly. She looked strong, and extremely confident. Though many at the Bugei would say that is how she always looked at she walked off towards the director of the rope that had been pointed at. Though as Yuuki did so Rai eyed Jin carefully. She wasn't like Yuuki. She was a sniper, and observant.

"You must have confidence. You must know we will switch, but you want to do three activities in a row yourself." she said. She didn't want to leave any kind of impression that Jinn had an upperhand or some kind of secret he was holding on to. She did her homework and was quite skilled at reading situation. Even though Yuuki was smart she was also extremely gifted by birth and a great talent. Thus, unlike Rai, she didn't examine things nearly as well as Yuuki felt she should. Instead Yuuki simply accomplished whatever she set out to do.

In her mind Rai was already running scenarios about what kind of weapons Jinn was likely use to using and what it had meant that he easily accepted the shooting challenge and then quickly raised this one as his own. Though now Rai was curious exactly what Jinn and Yuki would be doing.

Posted by: jinn kuki Mar 24 2018, 04:09 AM
The rope ladder first huh? Jinn didn't really care about it which challenge first and looked towards the two girls nodding to each other. Jinn kept a calm and collected look. It was like it nothing could take him out of his relaxed mood he was always varying around.

Jinn simple shrugged at her that when she said he had lots of confidence. For jinn it was more courage then confidence. He was a thrill and challenge seeker so courage was more then confidence.

It was funny to jinn how he was kind of a mix between the two girls. He was an observer and assassin like rai although he worked hard and trained his skills like Yuuki. It was hard to believe he trained hard sincd of his calm and lazy attitude but his clan and himself always made sure he could take care of himself no matter what.

Jinn started to walk towards the rope ladder stand. "The game is pretty easy. You climb the diagonal ladder. First one to ring the bell wins." He said with a simple shrug. Jinn was a trained ninja so pivoting ladders and stuff came natural to him.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Mar 28 2018, 08:25 PM
As they approached the large rope ladders it seemed simple enough on the head of it. The two girls listened as their apparent rival explained.
"The game is pretty easy. You climb the diagonal ladder. First one to ring the bell wins." at his words Yuuki gracefully knelt down and took her shoes off. Then, revealing her feet to the cold night air she did away with her socks. Finally she then approached the rope ladders.
"Rai, please look at my shoes and socks." she asked her friend as she politely nodded.

Looking at Jinn with a smile Yuuki grabbed hold of the ladder.
"You should know, I'm an elite infiltration track student. However, I admire your courage at challenging us. My full name is Haruno Yuuki. It is a pleasure." with that she was then ready. She wasn't sure how the race actually started. Would Jinn say go? Would someone come over and monitor them both? Either way she was ready, and wouldn't let the chance to show off her skills pass her by.

"I am ready to start whenever you are." she declared to Jinn. Something about the girl seemed less arrogant and more just extremely sure. Her eyes seemed fierce and absolutely focused on the thought of competition.

Posted by: jinn kuki Apr 4 2018, 02:17 PM
Jinn listened calmly to her introduction of her. He didn't really care though which class so was in althugh hearing she was elite class changed something. It wasn't something really noticible since it was only in his eyes. It may still looked calm and tired although if they looked deep into it they see a sparks of joy and fire in his eyes

Jinn's head turned towards Yuuki "What is life without a challenge right? I am Jinn Kuki but call me Jinn like everyone does. He calmly reached into his pocket and placed his right foot ontop of the first tray of the ladder. He took a small coin on of his pocket. "The moment the coin hits the ground we start." He said to her with a small smile. He tossed the coin up.

Jinn looked towards the coin with one eye while the other one was on the ladder. Although while the coin nearly hit the ground jinn catched it. "You know let's make it fair. No scions." Jinn said while he removed a necklace from his neck holding a Silver engraved ringand placed it into his shoes.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Apr 7 2018, 06:17 AM
Yuuki looked at the net. It was shockingly large for a fair attraction, but that made her all the more interested. It was clear that Edo was showing off it's resources after all of the issues the past two years. As Jinn declared to relics Yuuki looked over at Jinn then carefully moved over to Rai. Handing her, something, she then asked Rai to look after Jinn's relic as well. The boy was reckless and she was half tempted to allow im to get in trouble if his relic got stolen. However, as a loyal Tokugawa ninja she had no intention of letting such a thing happen.

With no relic she looked at Jinn.
"You can toss that coin now. I'm ready. Good luck." she said to him with a strong, defiant gaze. Then looking back at the rope ladder she began plotting how she would get from the start to finish. It was a simple, basic design since it was a festival, but Yuuki knew better than to underestimate another athlete, or a simple course. Somehow, she expected Jinn to pull some kind of trick and she would be ready for it.

Posted by: jinn kuki Apr 15 2018, 02:33 PM
Jinn nodded towards her when she wished him good luck "Same to you." He said calmly before he threw the coin up without any second thought. He eyes looked backed towards the ladder while his eyes were focused on the sound of the coin hitting the ground.

The moment He heard the sound of the coin Jinn jumped up and landed with his foot in the middle of the steps. It didn't look like Jinn was climbing the ladder. It looked more like he was running it straight up. He landed every single time in the middle of the steps making sure the ladder wouldn't twist and make him fall over. Jinn was quick although that was expected from a Bugei student that was part of the track team and choose the infiltration track. When he came close to the bell he would use his tall frame to ring the bell quickly with the tip of his fingers.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Apr 16 2018, 07:05 PM
Yuuki didn't move. As the coin dropped and Jinn went full steam Yuuki watched him carefully, noting how he climbed, how he moved, his speed, and even how his muscles contracted. As Jinn went up and hit the bell without any interference Yuuki watched him curiously then looked back at Rai who nodded approvingly.

As Jinn hit the bell Yuuki and Rai both clapped for him and the elite student looked up at the boy with a content look upon her face.
"You move very swiftly. It shows just how agile you are and it is very impressive." she yelled lightly since Jinn would be at a higher elevation then her and Rai.
"The next challenge is shooting though." Yuuki reminded him as her and Rai then waited for Jinn to get down off the net and await the next challenge between the two.

Yuuki was sure he would be upset that she hadn't ran against him. However she was up to her own devices, as well as having her own rules she was given from the Bugei. Looking at Jinn they both bowed politely and Rai stepped forward a bit.
"Please choose the shooting challenge. Quicker shooting or more sniping involved is up to you." she said with a serious look on her face but a dull and kind of tired look in her eyes.

Posted by: jinn kuki Apr 26 2018, 03:50 PM
Jinn looked down towards the two with a raised eyebrow that was covered by his hair. He didn't except her not the run though but he didn't really care about it. He jumped down the ladder and landed on the inflated boundy floor below it. He walked towards them to get his shoes.

He sat down on the edge to put his shoes back on and place his relic back around his neck. "I pick quick shooting." He said while he looked to the mask girl. "But lets make it more interesting. If I win this. You lose the mask. I wonder if you face is just as pretty as your eyes." He said with a small smile wondering if she would accept it or not. Jinn raised up the stakes a bit wondering if the other one would compete or not though although he was seriously wondering what was behind that mask.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Apr 28 2018, 09:43 AM
As Jinn came down off the rope ladder he looked at this two competitors and decided to make a bet.
"I pick quick shooting." He said while he looked to the mask girl. "But lets make it more interesting. If I win this. You lose the mask. I wonder if you face is just as pretty as your eyes." instantly Yuuki looked offended by his words but Rai nodded in agreement. The mysterious girl looked over towards the shooting booth then back at Jinn.
"Six targets each." she said simply. Yuuki, gazing at them both, crossed her arms a bit. It was daring to ask Rai to take off her mask to be sure, but that wasn't it. Rai was clearly a sniper, most people in the school knew that after all. So it made sense that he was going for something more agility focused. Though Rai didn't seem phased.

"I have a condition." Rai said as she put one hand to the side of her mask to make sure it was still secured. She wasn't going to respond or blush to his comment about her eyes. After all, she was now focused on competition, much like Yuuki.
"If you lose, you must shout to the entire festival, that you have lost to Kiryu Rai. As loudly as possible." she was never the type to brag, it wasn't in her nature. However, since Jinn had proposed a ridiculous stake if he won, she decided to propose her own. He didn't seem like the type that would say no. Though she couldn't be sure.
"Either accept, or we remove both conditions." a few of the people who had been watching the trio and commenting on how Yuuki hadn't bothered to climb the rope ladder heard them and started whispering about how Bugei students where in competition with one another. The trio was gathering a small crowd.

Posted by: jinn kuki May 21 2018, 10:01 AM
Jinn would look at her with a small smile when she made a counter deal if she won. Jinn didn't smile much although when he did it meant he was having fun. He liked these kinds of things. It gave him and challenge and now she made an offer back he almost knew for sure she would fight back on the challenge.

"Deal." Jinn said with his smile on his face. He stood up though and started walking towards the shooting booth. He would calmly stand there and looks towards the guy that was in charge of the shooting booth. "Two people 6 targets each." Jinn said towards the guy before he got two rifles from the guy and turned towards Rai. "Choose your rifle." The rifles were identical without any funny business towards them. so it would be an even challenge towards both of them

Posted by: Nobuyumi May 23 2018, 06:01 PM
As Jinn accepted the terms of their duel Rai smiled a bit. They walked over to the shooting booth and Jinn handed her two guns. Looking at them it was clear that both seemed in fine condition as Rai took the one in Jinn's left hand. Behind them Yuuki watched the two carefully. She already knew the outcome of this battle and was planning accordingly as Rai loaded her weapon and assumed a firing stance.

"Targeted, and firing." she said simply in full preparation. The man in charge of the booth looked a bit shaken and took a few steps away. The look on Rai's face wasn't the happy go lucky look of someone who came to a festival. Rai's eyes looked like that of a hardened killer. Even Jinn would be fully aware by Rai's aura and look in her eyes that the girl undoubtedly had a body count associated with her name. She was ready, whenever the targets finished getting prepared.

Posted by: jinn kuki May 27 2018, 09:38 AM
Jinn would smirk when he saw her getting ready. He finally had a real challenge now. His eyes would be the exact opposite then the girls. Jinn's eyes were filled with joy while looking focused and serious at the same time. These kind of things were what Jinn helped through the day. He wasn't the one to take on normal training. He saw this as training. He didn't really care if he would win or lose although he would try to win since he wanted to know what was behind the mask.

Jinn would calmly load the weapon while he started to get into his firing position. He didn't have a normal firing position. His elbows were tugged close to his body and the hand that was carrying the rifle was close to the trigger with his fingers barely touching the bolt handle.

"Locked and loaded." Jinn said calmly being just as ready as she was. He looked over the rifle lining up the behind and front sight.

Posted by: Nobuyumi May 27 2018, 04:58 PM
The game owner still looked a bit freaked out as a few people watched the two, mostly due to the sniper girl's deadly looking focus. Getting near a switch he said
"um, GO!" then flipped it. The moment he did a series of targets on strings and mechanical arms began moving around the back of the stall. Sadly, they wouldn't be standing for long. Rai was the best in the school for a reason, relic or no. The moment the targets had started moving the first shot left the gun as a target went down. Almost like a human spring loader she quickly grabbed another ball and aimed before releasing it at a new target. By all accounts the girl seemed skilled, but more than her shooting speed it was her accuracy. A normal person would think she didn't aim at all, however Jinn would be able to tell that she was actually able to aim quickly and then fire, having an almost endless amount of confidence in her shots.

The targets went down with little resistance. One after another, without even a smile on Rai's face as she went through every ball provided. One shot, one target down. Before stopping. It didn't matter how many targets Jinn knocked down, the point was that she had knocked them down quicker. Leaving her firing position she put the weapon back down on the stall's table. Behind Rai, Jinn's previous competition smirked. However Rai wasn't smirking at all. Looking at the targets, then at Jinn, she was well aware how well the boy had shot. If not for her training in loading speed he would have beat her.
"your accuracy is good." she said, in rare praise before focusing her eyes.
"However, I won't let you escape." her words cleaning referring to the promise Jinn had made before the match.

Posted by: jinn kuki Jun 4 2018, 05:32 PM
Jinn smiled towards her and nodded towards her when she praised him. He pretty much expected to lose although someone who doesn't try always fails. So he still did his best to hit each target as fast as she. It came closer then he expected though. He was only one target behind her since he had the quickness but not the same accuracy as her which made him loose speed. No matter Jinn was pretty proud of himself he was able to almost keep up with an elite students none the less.

"well a deal is a deal." Jinn said with a simple one shoulder shrugged before he took a deep breath in and shouted. "I have lost too Kiryu Rai. Yes I mean this Pretty girl over here. The one with the mask I mean. They are both really good looking." Jinn said load enough the people that surrounded them and were watching them could hear him. Jinn was blunt although when he said something he meant it. He was a man of his word and never backed down from his word. It was only reasons to make deals with people it could end up in something fun or kind of embarrassing like now.

Jinn turned towards the Yuuki. "Well you are up to pick the game." Jinn said with a smile. He left one game up to her choosing so they all choose a game. If he lost the next one he needed to apologize to them but at this moment Jinn didn't care about that. He just wanted to have some fun and that was what he was having right now

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jun 5 2018, 09:09 PM
As Jinn yelled, both girls looked embarrassed and startled. Even Rai couldn't help but at least blush a little bit. After all, she just wanted someone to say how skilled she was. Wait a minute, he didn't actually say how skilled she was! Just that she was cute. Looking at one another both women sighed. It was clear that Jinn was kind of a special child. However, for the sake of keeping themselves sane, they didn't dare ask him to shout anything else.

With that Jinn said they had one more challenge. More than anything Yuuki just wanted to keep it simple.
"Catch a goldfish was a paper dipper." she said simply. It was a children's game played at Japanese festivals on the side of the street. At least three stalls around them had goldfish and bags.
"We each get three dippers, and just have to catch one fish." she said politely. It seemed odd that she requested something so simple, yet somehow she seemed like she had a good idea of what she was doing.
"So remind me again, what happens if I win, and what happens if you win?" Yuuki, more than anything, just wanted to be clear about what happened since this was a series of matches. She didn't want any confusion over the results of the final game as they approached one of the goldfish ponds. The man smiled at them and declared.

"THREE DIPPERS! 100 YEN A PIECE! CATCH A FISH TAKE IT HOME!" he said as Yuuki gave him 200 yen and he prepared six dippers. She handed three of them to Jinn and smiled, waiting to hear what he wanted for winning this little competition.

Posted by: jinn kuki Jun 6 2018, 10:27 PM
Jinn nodded towards her when she said what she wanted to play. It was a bit odd but he didn't mind. He hasn't played this game since he was a child so he was wondering if he could still do it. He knew the tricks when he was a kid so big chance he would still know them.

She asked what the agreement was again. "Wasn't it that the loser had to appoligize?." Jinn asked her. They did all this for who had to appoligize. For some it may sound stupid well for most people it would. To him it was just having fun.

Jinn followed her calmly towards the boot before she gave him the three dippers. "Thank you." He said towards her. He felt like she was waiting on something though but then he got it. He was giving a small bet on each challenge they did but this time she choose it. "Well this time it is up for you to think of a bet." Jinn smiled towards her. Jinn had no idea what he could do at this time.

Jinn looked back at Rai "Do you wanna join in on this one? I mean it is the last game of the challenge." Jinn offered her with a small smile. The more souls the more joy he was thinking at the moment.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jun 8 2018, 07:04 PM
Rai looked at Jinn as he offered for Rai to join in. Rai had a decided personality to maintain. A stoic look that said she was a ruthless sniper who would murder even her own mom if it was at order of the Shogunate. Obviously Jinn would be able to tell now that Rai wasn't like that at all. However, that was still the aura she had to maintain. Thus looking directly at Jinn, she blinked a small
"Thank you" in ninja code. She didn't know if he would understand, but she had learned it from Yuuki and assumed that as someone with obvious ninja training Jinn would understand.

Meanwhile Yuuki stood holding the dipper. She was a princess who aimed for perfection in everything she did, however she did so openly. It was what made her and Rai seem like opposites, and also let them get along so well as friends. Due to the three odd balls at the festival a lot of people watched them, gathering around. It was the most fun and best chance to show off that Rai and Yuuki had gotten outside of a battlefield in a long time. These days they barely spent time in Edo, and rarely had time to do anything even close to relaxing. Looking at Jinn Yuuki nodded.
"Lets just stick with that. The loser has to apologize. We're tied anyway." she said. The tone actually seemed nicer than her tone towards Jinn earlier. Almost as though she had warmed up a little bit. After all, anyone who could make Rai happy was a good person in Yuuki's book.

Lowering the dipper carefully, like a cat preparing to pounce, Yuuki quickly moved her dipper into the water, however the dipper was unable to withstand the technique and was already broken by the time it got under a fish. It was clear she would have to do things softly.
"Tough luck..." the stall owner said with a smile. As though figuring out exactly how to proceed Yuuki slowly lowered her dipper in the water. However, she did it slowly, causing the dipper to get super wet in one spot and then simply fall apart. With only one dipper left she sighed a bit and looked at Jinn to see how he chose to try.

Posted by: jinn kuki Jun 19 2018, 09:59 PM
Jinn always finds it weird people react on their first instinct. Rai may have an aura with her but so did Jinn on missions. His aura scares was dark enough to scare enemies away when he was on s mission although the plus side with jinn was that he only had it on missions. So jinn wasn't someone to judge someone by their aura but rather by their actions and attitude they had towards him. So far both girls seemed nice to him although having a bit of an ego. He didn't blame them though since he also had a some.

Jinn smiled and nodded towards Rai when she signalled thank you towards him. He knew the ninja codes and they were used in his clan to communicate during meetings with other clans. It was quite handy since most higher ups didn't know the code.

Jinn looked towards Yuuki failing at her first try and he chuckled a bit. He wasn't sure if he could still do it. He thought for a few seconds "hmmm be really fast so the air stays Infront of be really slow?" That were the two options running in his but he choose the slow one since he had to match the speed of s fish to catch it without ripping it.

He lowered the dipper into the wated calmly enough to keep it in one piece while he waited for a fish to swim above it. He moved it up altough he moved to slow to make to fish swim away and rip the dipper with its tail.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jun 21 2018, 06:58 PM
Both Yuuki and Jinn seemed to have the right ideas towards getting the fish but neither of them seemed very good at it. It was ironic in a way. Two people that could easily kill another human, and yet neither could catch a fish in a simple children's game. In a way Yuuki couldn't help but laugh at herself. As Jinn seemed ready to try again Yuuki looked at the remaining dipper.

"Hmmmm." she contemplated the movements of the fish. Honestly if it was just catching them with her hand, or killing them, this wouldn't be hard. Sighing a bit she looked back at Rai. The sniper was standing their smiling with her eyes. It was true that right now, with this idiot, they both felt happy.

Thinking about it carefully she looked at the dipper. It had a clear dip in it that could hold water but not hold a fish well. Realistically, she probably wouldn't catch a fish. With that in mind, and to make her friend truly happy, Yuuki did the most dignified thing she could think of. Why lose when you could simply forfeit?
"You, Jinn. Rai says she is sorry."
Then with that Yuuki got as much water in her scooper as she could and quickly put it over Jinn's head, right as the bottom of the dipper gave way, pouring water all over the boy's head. For once, the killer queen of Edo Bugei had a smile on her face, and Rai seemed genuinely happy. Some of the women and children that had been watching them started laughing and even the stall owner looked shocked as Yuuki stood up and politely bowed to everyone. Like a true queen, at this very moment, she was the star of the show.

Posted by: jinn kuki Jul 8 2018, 05:43 PM
Jinn looked towards Rai that gave up on catching the fish. He was a bit surprised though she gave up but big chance she had her reasons for it. A second latr Jinn heard Yuuki saying Rai was sorry followed by a splash of water being poured on him. Jinn shook his head a bit so most the water got sweeped from his hair.

Jinn chuckled when he saw Yuuki bow. He would grab the "well I guess now it my time to apologies towards you two although I ain't gonna do it the normal way. Follow me." Jinn said while a smile before he went off running.

Jinn knew the fireworks was about the start soon and Jinn was someone that prefered actions over words. Jinn would run towards the ferris wheel a bit further. He walked up towards the technician before the wheel stopped. Jinn turned around before saying "I hope you two aren't afraid to break a little rule." Jinn said before he started to climb the ferris wheel all the way towards the top.

Ones at the top Jinn would sit down on a support beam that was holding one of the gondels. He started sitting in the middle of it making sure both girls had a place to sit. "Well here is my apology." The moment he said the last letter the fireworks went off. "The best seats of the whole carnaval to watch the fireworks" he said with a small smile.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jul 11 2018, 05:27 AM
Jinn seemed to smile and say he would apologize to the two girls before running off. The elite students looked at one another, a mutual feeling of confusion between them and decided it best to follow. Meanwhile the owner of the small fishing stall chuckled a bit and set out more paper fans for future customers.
"What cute kids." he said to himself with a bit of a chuckle.

Jinn had apparently ran off to sit on the near by ferris wheel. The two looked up at him and sighed. He was an impulsive, strange guy. Though he certainly didn't seem like a bad guy. As the ferris wheel administrator looked a bit confused he sighed and gave up. He was use to Bugei Students doing odd things, most of Edo was. Of course for Yuuki climbing the wheel was no problem. She moved just as fast as Jinn had After all, she was an elite shinobi.

Rai, however, was't so agile. Slowly, bit by bit, she started climbing with Yuuki in front of her to make sure she didn't fall. Once the two women got seated the sky near by burst into sounds and light. Rai had sharper eyes than most and was deeply enjoying it while Yuuki looked at Jinn.
"You are a strange kid." she said, smiling and gazing at the fireworks as well.
"Oh, and if you try anything I will paralyze your legs and push you off." she said bluntly, more as an afterthought than anything else.

Posted by: jinn kuki Jul 11 2018, 07:12 PM
The fireworks started when the two girks sat next to Jinn. He smiled a bit when one of them called him a strange kid. He was pretry strange but not in a creepy wad. At this moment he was just enjoying the fireworks.

When she said he shouldn't do anything strange he raised his eyebrow. "It's funny that something like never crossed my mind and you are the first one thinking about it." Jinn said teasing towards her.

Jinn would smile while je watched the fireworks infront of him. It reminded him of home when they had a party making him feel a bit nostalgic. He looked toward the two when after the last fireworks went off. "You know if you want to hang out another time let me know." He said while he went with his hand through his hair revealing his left eye that is always covered by his hair. It was pretty rare for people to see his left eye because of his hair and together with a smile was almost a myth to most people. Although the moment hus hand left his hair his hair fell right in front of his eye again. "But I have to go." He said with a small wink before before he dropped himself off the ferriswheel and made his way down. The moment he was back on the ground he would dissappear into the crowd.


Posted by: Nobuyumi Jul 11 2018, 08:43 PM
The trio watched the fireworks together. It was relaxing and as Jinn offered to meet again sometimes Yuuki nodded.
"Perhaps we will." Rai nodded in agreement with her best friend's words. With it apparently decided and all three smiling Jinn jumped down and took off. As he tried to vanish both girls where able to keep track of him. It wasn't as though they where novice first years. Rai was a master sniper and Yuuki was one of the best ninja students at the academy. Though it was clear that Jinn was trying hard to fade into the crowd.

"He is strange." Rai said, mirroring Yuuki's opinion. The normally uptight Yuuki looked at the fireworks in the distance.
"He is, but like us he survived the Great Kanto Earthquake, and war with the Ikko. So how bad could he really be?" she said in a kind of dismissive way. It wasn't as though Japan had lost a ton of people against the Ikko, but even so the Bugei's student body had dropped a noticeable amount.

The two girls would stay near the ferris wheel for some time before they both got down. The fireworks went far into the night and both girls, finally having time to relax and just be normal girls, decided to enjoy themselves to the fullest before heading home.


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