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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 08/05/2018 The school dance is still ongoing as the seasonal news report reveals that a large ship has left England and is moving towards Edo!

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 Sanada Mizuki
 Posted: Mar 3 2018, 08:56 PM

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SANADA, MIZUKI of the Sanada Clan

• 15 Female
• Shibukawa, Kozuke
• First Year
• Strategist(military)
• Cultural
• History
• Apothecary
• Tennis

HAIR: Her dark nearly black locks in certain light is usually worn up with strands in front of her face. Though they never seem to get too in her way. She is known to have her hair down from time to time as well though there will always be two strands left in front of her ears. On special occasions or when she feels like it she does take the time to make her hair a bit wavy.
EYES: A very light brown that really sometimes looks more light grey then brown. Depending on the light for how lighter her eyes actually are.
HEIGHT: 5’½” (half an inch over five feet)
BODY TYPE: Athletic and petite.
STYLE: Green and blue are her favorite colors to be seen in but the dark of both. She is prone to picking the dark colors so she does adore her uniform for school. When on special occasions she can be seen in something that is patterned red and black or green and black. She had glasses though she does not prefer to wear them. She tends to use contacts instead. Though when the glasses actually go on she’s in no mood to deal with anyone and is usually studying. She always has on a locket and her pendant. The locket has a picture of her brother’s inside of it.
OTHER: Mizuki’s ears are pierced and she usually wears green studs in them. She has a scar of her left wrist, which is visible when she turns her wrist from a fight with her older brother. (she won). She has a scar under her right eye of a broken circle product of things she does not talk about. She does nothing to hide her scars.

Mizuki is the product of two very stern and by the book parents. In turn she has a streak of craziness when she’s allowed to show it. She does enjoy a prank or two, but her’s can be deadly. She has a hard time understanding the middle ground in emotions as she will swear to you she only knows the extremes. Some people would say it was a product of not enough love. She would tell you that there is no time for middle ground when you have two brothers to contend with and you are the youngest one. She is extremely smart and cunning. She can be manipulative as well and if you ask her the odds she will tell you and then turn around and tell you that it would the typical odds for people outside of her clan and people that aren’t her. She comes off at times as brash but it generally takes a lot to actually piss her off and when that happens you better run of the hills or have a bunker that can withstand the wrath of someone who will stop at nothing to make your life a living hell.

STRENGTHS: adaptable, analytical, observant, determined, disciplined,
WEAKNESSES: extreme emotions, brash at times, manipulative, cruel when tempers flare, stubborn
LIKES: hanging out with friends, learning, shogi, go, word games, logic puzzles, planning, sakura blossoms, rain
DISLIKES: stupidity, being underestimated but also being overestimated, uncalled for arrogance,
AMBITIONS: Mizuki is not all that she seems to be not by a long shot. The girl wishes to see her clan in power either by marriage or just taking what they want. She wants to see to it that the Sanada are not put by the wayside and they they are given their proper place both on and off the battlefield. Her clan is everything to her and she will go to any lengths to keep it protected. Even if she has to get her hands dirty some.

WEAPON: smoke pipe: looks like this a little with hints of greenUsually somewhere hidden on her. She does not smoke often but when she does its usually not a good thing for the ones that she's watching. It usually means she has something up her sleeve.

makibishi: traps are a thing but these spiked jacks are not something you want to see in her hands. She can use them both offensively and defensively making it hard either to get her or her team. Makes ambushes all the more fun. looks like this but with red tips

yawara: Another object she can keep on her person. One that can be hidden and likely isn't around until its way to late for the other person to realize. Used when she can't have any of her other toys with her. the red and black one though made out of wood.

She is skilled in turning just about anything into a weapon though she has the things that she favors. She is also skilled in Kenjutsu and would be able to fight for herself should she find herself in a duel. Hiding your strengths til the last moment is something she does rather well. And she would rather you think she can do nothing but use her mind which is dangerous enough. :
RELIC: A gold pendant. Circular with six coins in the middle of the circle. On a red string. This pendant was given to her after she got herself and her brothers through and obstacle course of traps laid by her father when he was testing their survival skills. She made it out of his traps with small scraps and bruises that healed up leaving no marks while her brothers have scars from the experience.
RELIC OWNER: Sanada Masayuki (1547-1611)
OWNER HISTORY: Masayuki was considered a master strategist and is known most for pushing back Tokogawa forces with far less men than Tokogawa brought with him. He is known to have traps in his castles and to being tactful enough to make sure that his clan survived whatever was handed to them. Shrewd and cunning.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: concealing smoke: Mizuki doesn't like to lose site of the battlefield. However, she will should she need to conceal what she is doing or a member of her team is doing. This ability allows her to blow smoke from her smoke pipe and conceal those adjacent to her and herself for two rounds letting her or her team mate make a run for it or get into a better position. It can be used to confuse the enemy as well.(One turn cooldown.)
ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Slow the Advance: Mizuki can arrange her makibishi in the kanji for destiny and then write it above her makibishi to summon a trap that will slow her enemy down. Leaving her time to set up another trap or to throw out makibishi to keep herself protected from advance. Generally lasting until the enemy breeches the trap. Or three rounds after the initial arranging (Three turn cooldown.)
LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3:Earth's protection: This allows her to buff those around her fortifying them for a a time so that they take less damage for Three rounds. She draws the kanji for earth near the person she is fortifying and or those she can get close to or are standing in a close circle around her. They would take a quarter less of damage rendered. (Five turns cooldown.)
PASSIVE 1: Silvertongued serpant: While strategy is used on the battle field it is used off the field as well. This passive allows for Mizuki to adapt her words and ideas so that it meshes with those around her. Allowing her to pick up on weaknesses and strengths in others and allowing her to use them to help everyone out. Making her an effective peace keeper is she needs to be. Further explanation: The words in which someone use can show how they feel. She can take those words and manipulate them to understand how a person may tick or how they may not. In order to get a precieved weakness or strength. Ie: they are really good at using their words or they aren't. Or really good at playing a certain game or not.
LOCKED PASSIVE 2: it's always s trap: THis passive allows her to find the weaknesses in the traps set on the battlefield before her. Making it easier for her to see the weaknesses in troops on the field and adapt even quicker and to be able to replace her own ambush or traps for the other side as well. It helps her beat the odds or move them in her favor on the field of battle.
LOCKED AWAKENED MODE COLOR: blood red with a golden hue to it.
AWAKENED ATTACK: Last Stand: As a last resort Mizuki can use her yawara in a striking motion up and down and then side to side to erect of defensive healing dome around her and her team. It heals for three rounds and heals a quarter damage each post. The defensive shield half's damage but once two posts have gone by the healing stops inside of the dome and one round after that the defensive sheild goes down causing Mizuki to faint and sustain small cuts and a nose bleed. She's out of commission for the rest of the battle if this is used. it is her last stand.


• Sanada, Katashi (father, he is stern and cunning. A man that would rather lay down his life for his family and clan then do anything to hurt them. He is extremely smart and incredibly stern with his children making sure they keep up their studies and making sure that they can protect themselves. He is a guard of the Sanada family and he is often gone from the family home protecting the people)
• Sanada, Noriko (mother, a woman of strength and virtue, She runs her home while her husband is not there and is similar to her husband. She does not baby her children and she keeps them. She maintains the law and order of the home.)
• Sanada, Shin (older brother 18, he’s as stern as her father is and he’s the one that keeps the twins in line when his parents are out. Kenji and Mizuki believe that he is devoid of any emotion and they find him cruel as he is known to prank the two of them when he thinks it will teach them a valuable lesson.)
• Sanada, Kenji (twin brother, 15. Kenji is extremely protective of his sister. He is the eldest but he’s also one of two people who are able to calm her down and give her nicknames and baby her. These two are thick as thieves.)
• Sanada,Hana (cousin, princess of the clan, 16. Hana is her best friends and she has in a way personally made herself her strategist. The second person that can calm her down and ruffle her feathers at the same time for good measure.)
BACKGROUND: Sanada Mizuki, “The Crimson Strategist” (at least in her head anyways)

Sanada Mizuki is the youngest daughter of Katashi and Noriko. Two people who keep house home and children in order and on a schedule whether they like it or not. Mizuki should never have to take the head position of her family or her clan being far enough down the list to not worry about such things however that doesn't not mean she has not been bred to step in at any time. Not only that but while she was taught to fight and command should she need too she has also been taught how to be a proper wife and woman. In other words if the girl ever had to fight or guide people out of a special event she would be able to do in a traditional Japanese courtly garb. Not only that but the child is keenly observant and can make a weapon out of something in a room with very little. Unlike many even in her own clan she was raised right alongside her brother with her parents around. Or rather in her parents home not that she saw them much. They to her were just other tutors. Even though she knew they were her parents and that's likely shown in the fact that she calls them by name or by sir or ma’am.

Mizuki and her twin brother Kenji came into the world moments apart from each other. They were the bane to the three year old brother who was not so happy to be having little siblings. He did however, take it upon himself to teach his siblings valuable life lessons. The first being that crying would get you nothing. So the twins never cried as a matter of fact they found other means to get what they needed. Mizuki didn’t really need to do much herself at times seeing as Kenji would make enough noise or a>k for them both. She made sounds should she need to when on her own and not with her brother but Mizuki remained silent for much of her young life. He parents fearing that she might actually never learn to speak. As a matter of fact if one were to ask about her first word she had none. Mizuki had a first sentence or three sentences. She started speaking when she was four years old. Her brother Kenji had known all along that she could speak and he was the one that essentially hear her first word but it wasn’t anything that her or she remembers much. However, her parents remember her actually opening up her mouth to speak as they were scolding her older brother for something that he had done wrong when in fact it was not actually done wrong. Course this angered her older brother but it was actually a more joyous moment because she had finally given them all something to pause on.

Mizuki went back to be silent and observant shortly after that but not so much so that she could ask her parents for food or didn’t talk when around others. She just simply decided when to speak and when not to speak in good child fashion. Seen and not heard at events. However, even at the young age of five she knew more things about survival then many others did thanks to her keen observation skills. That and the fact that it was at that age that her father gave them one of their first obstacle courses on survival. It wasn’t a hard one just two or three traps laid around the back yard of their home. Which she effortlessly almost go through. Followed by her brother and then her elder brother did it last. All of them got through the twins first one with now scraps no nothing. It wasn’t until they turned ten that the real fun began. Their father had been training them day in an day out for three years to get past his traps to find them and disable them and to make their own as Mizuki took great interest in doing that.

One day durning the summer break their father sent them out on a camping trip that was to be a week long for them all. However, it was not a fun and game’s trip. This trip put them in the middle of the woods. With traps laid about them and things they had to fight if they came across them. On top of that they had the week to get out of the forest and meet their father at a specified time to go home. They were on their own with her eldest brother, Shin in the lead. The prize at the end of this event was the family’s covetted pendant that was passed down usually to the eldest in the family but sometimes that was not the case. You had to earn this pendant. If you earned it you got to have it. Shin wanted it to once and for all be the one to lord over his younger siblings were good but still learning and he should have been better.

The camping trip started off fine. However, with only a week to make it from where their father left them to the entrance was something that should have proved to be near improbable for the three children to do. Not that it would get them too hurt if they didn’t make it out in the time. The other thing that would make it hard was they three of them were led to the start area blindfolded and given their survival kits and a map and that was it. Mizuki was content to listen as they walked and content to not do anything until the time in which her father told her to remove her blindfold. He left them in their spot and told them that after ten minutes they could take off their blindfolds. Ten minutes later it was completely silent around them as they took off their blindfolds. Mizuki smiled at them both and her hands went straight for the map. She looked it over and went about finding where on the map they were the only location on the map even marked she knew as likely a trap and not what Shin automatically thought was the entrance to the forest. Mizuki in her own right knew their father better than that. The first day was spent finding where they were on the map while one or the other took watch to make sure no one came up on them.

Mizuki being the ever observant one found where they were in a sense and marked it. Next was getting out of the forest and she let her brother Shin take the lead on that. He figured if they walked in a straight line to where the marker on the map had indicated they would be out in no time. Mizuki on the other hand was not so sure about that being the right way to go but she followed suit because she knew talking Shin out of his first idea was not something that she was capable of doing. That was until Shin walked right into a trap that was set for them and nearly got cut up pretty badly as she and Kenji jumped back and she found a second trap waiting and disabled it while Kenji helped Shin. They headed back for the spot they had been in and once there they decided on a different route to take. This time she defaulted to Kenji’s line of thought. Again a trap laid in just the right spot for them to miss it caught Kenji off guard but he was quick enough with his own reflexes to take nothing more than a bruise from the incident.

Mizuki on the other hand thought for a moment and smiled to herself. It took her a bit but she convinced her brothers that if they walked the forest in a circle like motion they would be able to avoid some of the taps laid for them and that if they didn’t they would at least be able to see one coming then if they went in a straight line completely. Cover an amount of ground and move around a different way. They had started two directions out west and east and both had traps laid in them. That meant that north and south hadn’t been gone through and it was possible they had the traps marked in them. She marked the maps for the actual traps found and then she walked back out to the west with her brothers in tow turning towards the south first and then turning again finding a trap this time before they walked into it. Being on high alert after that caused her to listen to her surroundings actually getting them out of an explosion from another trap. So her father had figured she would start something like that too. Playing off the weaknesses and the strengths of all three of them.

Day four saw them closer to their goal but this time it was by working together that they might get through the rest of it though now both Shin and Kenji were following the direction of their sister. As she seemed to be able to keep them out of harms way and all the boys were good at doing was actually setting the traps off. They were better at fighting off animals and such then she was. She used her brain they used their brawn was how this worked. On day six was the day that really was trying for them. Each step they took it seemed like something wanted to stop them. Shin was sure they weren’t even going to the right spot and Kenji was already beat up enough for Mizuki to be helping him along. Shin was worse for ware but being the older brother he was he was using this to glot over his own endurance. Mizuki this time intentionally didn’t warn her elder brother of a trap that she could have warned him about and he got hurt. She still helped him out after wards but she knew exactly what she had done. Day seven was the final day like it should have been and it was at nine fifteen pm that day they met their father. They were exactly on time and no worse for ware. However, her father who had been watching the group from safe spots knew exactly what had transpired in that forest.

Shin attempted to take pride and Kenji and Mizuki remained silent. Shin accused his sister of trying to kill him and that started Kenji but Mizuki put her hand up. The words that follow are what she said to her father about the incident. “He was gloting and rubbing it in that he had more endurance then we did and that we were not going the right way an that he knew where the right way was because he had seen the forest before and since you and him and gone camping here when he was younger. I decided to let him take the lead on getting us to where we were supposed to be. He misstepped. Had he been paying attention to how things were going that day in the first place he would have missed the trap altoghether. We are tired and hurt but no one died and lessons were learned no matter whether they are visible now or later.”

Katashi regarded his daughter with a smile on his face. Kenji’s eyes were wide and Shin went silent as though he wouldn’t protest because her sister had been right all along. And the place he had been going was not the place that they should have gone and they had met a trap there too which had taken alot out of him and Kenji and Mizuki really was the only one that was standing tall enough to even help the two boys out of the forest anyways. Katashi was disappointed in his eldest but had pride for his daughter and her learning what he had been teaching them in the first place. The event wasn’t about traps or anything like that it was about beating the odds and listening to each other the proper things a Sanada family member should know. He was silent as he lead them to their transportation home. Mizuki was helping her twin and she was looking daggers at her elder brother who hung his head.

It was two days later that Katashi would bring each of his children into a room with himself and Noriko and ask them what they had learned and what it was that they really thought the lesson in the woods was all about. It was in that time that Shin and Mizuki fought and she gained the scar on her wrist. It was also during this time that she got her other scar though she will not speak of it though she does not hide it. Many will say that its from her older brother as well after one realized who had gained the pendant that all three wanted in some way. Or rather that both boys wanted Mizuki just wanted to prove that she was as capable if not more so than her brothers in understanding the things that her father and her mother were trying to teach them. In answering the interview correctly and in winning a fight with her brother and in enduring the other injury without question or concern to it that or even talking about it after gained her the pendant that Shin wanted.

Even though she didn't get the pendant at first she was well aware it would be hers when she reached the age of fourteen. So it was back to family life as it were and this time she was able to seen her cousins more often and she always loved hanging out with them. Hana being her favorite. She knew the day that Hana got her family heirloom. And she rejoiced. Though it was also around that time she got her own. it was likely a few days after Hana, and another lovley trip to the woods that those from Edo came a calling for her and she was drafted into a school she was already likely going to go to anyways. She gladly accepted and is happy to be attending with her brothers and her cousin Hana. Hoping to work well eith everyone and adapt as quickly as possible to the inner workings of the school and her lessons. Though even the best laid strategies and thinking are flawed one can find a way to make them seem unflawless.

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 Posted: Aug 7 2018, 09:37 PM


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1. Weapons: I will only let you start with two weapons. The third you will have to actually buy after approval as an additional weapon. It will come out of your starting points. I hope that is acceptable.

2. Activated Ability 1: Your act 1 covers a group and is pretty strong. Please save that as an additional activated 2 to buy later and consider a less powerful version as your activated one that only conceals a single target. Group target things are not activated 1 level of weak.

3. Activated abilities: Please use rounds instead of turns when describing cooldowns. its just easier that way.

I really am in love with the power set you made! It is very unique and so versatile! You did great!

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