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Posted by: Nobuyumi Dec 12 2016, 08:56 PM

Taito Ward as a surprisingly quiet place. Not many students came here often unless they had to pray for exams. The district north of the shopping area in Northern Edo. It was a sacred place in it's own right full of temples and cemeteries. Almost fittingly the weather was very cloudy today. If this was to match the missing student's mindset recently, or the multiple cemeteries and temples in the area, who knows.

Unfortunately no one would be waiting for the students that accepted the mission. The school didn't want to talk about missing students since it stained the school's rep. Instead a simple description would have been given.
"A tall boy with green eyes, short brown hair, most likely wearing an Edo Bugei school outfit. He has a fondness for horses and bad allergies towards cats. He also walks with a slight limp." and whoever chose the mission was suppose to ask around to find him.

The boy had gone missing after his heart had been broken. He had asked a wood crafter student multiple times to be his girlfriend but she rejected him every time, and in the end chose to date a performance student with a focus on tea ceremony instead. He couldn't bring himself to ask ever again, or stay at the academy, and so he's ran off. He is from a low level clan but is still a fairly talented cavalry student and the academy wanted him back. Now it was up to whatever student chose the mission to find the boy, talk to him, and bring him back to the academy safe and sound.

The two who accepted the mission had been given a meeting place, it was a small temple in Nothern Edo. They would need to figure out who to look for the boy and where to start.

Posted by: Moby Dick Feb 22 2017, 02:09 AM
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Now, it could not be said that he was necessarily the best person for this. He might be okay, but he was not what you call an expert at the personal feelings of people. However, with this being less a mission about anything that involved fighting or hard labor...and it being more about the soul and the feelings of a young could be said that he'd be better at this than those first two other things.

On this day, it looked like it was going to, so naturally he had come prepared. Roshi Bento had come equipped with an umbrella, a green raincoat, and a fishing hat in anticipation of less-than-hospitable weather. He'd considered getting a hat and trenchcoat that was like his friend - Hakuro 'The Hatto-san' Kuroda - but he didn't wanna steal his style. This here was all just in case of the weather.

Roshi had also brought lunch, a Roshi Bento bento, if you will. He might need it. What he could not find, but was hoping to for this mission, was...a cat. The boy that they would be looking for was allergic, and a cat would be a quick identifier. If he'd only been able to find a kitten, he could've brought it along and anyone who was NOT their guy would be all over it, while he'd avoid contact and out himself as the one they were looking for.

Oh well. Where was the guy he was suppose to meet here?

Posted by: Shoy Feb 26 2017, 08:28 AM
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Mirai had dressed for the weather; she’d worn woollen leggings under her skirt and had a thin, see-through waterproof coat tucked into the pocket of her uniform for in case the cloud-laden sky should fulfill its promise of rain.

The mission had seemed like it would be something fairly simple, or at least something that didn’t come with a lot of risk like a mission that involved fighting would. She hadn’t wanted to try something dangerous as a first mission so something like tracking down a broken-hearted student was ideal, even if Mirai wasn’t too well-versed in matters of the heart.

As she approached the temple that had been designated as the meeting place, Mirai spotted a boy dressed up like he was ready to go outside in a storm. With his green raincoat and hat, Mirai thought he looked kind of ridiculous, so she only gave him a cursory glance to begin with. However as she looked around more it became clear that there wasn’t really anyone else around nearby who had stopped at the little temple who looked to be about the right age for an Edo Bugei student.

“Um, excuse me,” Mirai said, approaching the boy with her hands clasped behind her back. “I’m supposed to meet up here with someone from Edo Bugei…” Not finishing describing what she needed to meet someone there for was intentional; Mirai wouldn’t want to list off the aim of the mission because there was still a chance this boy in the rain gear was just a random stranger and not the one she was supposed to meet up with, and she wouldn't want to trouble a stranger with a more detailed description.

Posted by: Moby Dick Mar 1 2017, 01:18 AM
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It further seemed strange that the person here would be sort of swaying a bit while standing and waiting, but then he was apparently listening to some music on his phone. As a result, he actually didn't hear most of what Mirai had to say, just then. He did, however, notice that she was saying something to you, and so - upon removing his earphones one-handed - his reaction was thus...

"What? Oh, hey! You made it! Now, we can get down to business finding this guy. This uhh..."

He paused, looking at a piece of paper he'd written the details on for a second.


That didn't seem right. Roshi looked back at Mirai, now.

"Do you have maybe some better information on him? The stuff they gave me was kinda' sparse on the details."

Yeah, that was a problem. The school could've privately given them a name to work with, but nooo. Their reputation was at stake! Oog...

Posted by: Shoy Mar 2 2017, 07:16 AM
Mirai couldn’t help but give a bemused little smile as the boy took out his headphones and answered her. So he must be her partner for this mission, then, seeing as he was acting like he knew that they were supposed to be finding someone. Finding this “horse-wrangler” seemed an interesting way to phrase it, though based off what she’d been told about the boy they were looking for she could hardly argue that it wasn’t accurate.

Shrugging a little, Mirai said, “I think I only had the basic details too…” Mirai pulled a folded sheet of paper from her pocket; it contained notes in her scrawled handwriting about the description they’d been given. She frowned a little as she read it. “It says he was tall. Brown hair, green eyes. He had a limp too.” Mirai re-folded the paper and pocketed it again. “That’s everything that I know. They didn’t give me anything more than that.”

Mirai sighed and tapped her chin. “What do you think we need to do to find him? I wish we had more information…” She looked at Roshi. “Will we just have to ask people to see if anyone’s seen him? Did you have any better ideas?” Mirai certainly didn’t have any. Without knowing much more about him than a physical description she couldn’t see there was any better way of finding him.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Mar 6 2017, 10:42 PM
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After finally meeting up the two students discussed how to proceed forward with the mission. Looking around, it did appear that rather than be closer to central Tokyo, the two had stumbled into the northern part of Taito ward. So instead of the Southern part of the ward, full of huge buildings and crowds, they stood in a very quiet, thinner population area full of nothing but shrines and such.

A lot of the talk in the Taito Ward was pretty simple and common. After all the northern part of the ward itself felt almost ghostly. They would hear many families grieving for their loved ones, and many people chanting Buddhist sutras. They would even hear foreign language and prayers from languages and religions they wouldn't readily recognize since the ward itself also had a foreign cemetery. The area was certainly full of stray monks that they could ask. It also had a booth with an old man selling maps and giving directions to people not quite use to the ward's layout. Now it was just a matter of who they would talk to, or if they would continue looking around themselves. From where they two stood they would also be able to see three large Buddhist temples. One to the west, one to the north, and one to the southeast.


Posted by: Moby Dick Mar 10 2017, 06:57 PM
Yeah, it looked like she had just about the same information he did, which is to say...not that much. Roshi had thought 'horse-wrangler' because the boy in question liked horses. This, of course, had no bearing on the other detail, the one that had caught his eye even more...

"Well, I wanted to bring along a cat to test for allergies...but I couldn't find one."

Yeah, Roshi had been entertaining the idea of walking around town with a little cat in his pocket, but they didn't even have any pets at home. So basically, they had a big search to do around here, even though Taito Ward was not exactly a population explosion of people. For the moment, Roshi's ears were drawn to the sounds around them, now that he was no longer listening to music. It drew his eyes, as well, which was problem since he was kind of listening in a different direction and getting cognative dissonance. Snapping back into reality, he returned to facing Mirai's direction.

"We may have to, but...we don't have to do it the hard way. If we think like a depressed horse-guy who can't walk very fast, we can figure out where he might go and work on that. Which means..."

He now made a beeline towards the old man in the booth.

"Oji-san, two maps and any information you have concerning the Light of Zartha tell me if you've seen any Bugei students around, please."

Posted by: Shoy Mar 12 2017, 06:13 AM
A cat? Yes, OK, the boy they were searching for had an allergy, but trying to bring cat along? That just seemed impractical. Mirai's confusion showed on her face as furrowed brows, though one corner of her lips twisted up and she almost giggled. As impractical as it was, it was certainly a funny idea, and quite inventive. “That's certainly, um, a cool idea, to bring a cat. I wouldn't have thought of doing that.”

Roshi looked around, and Mirai did too: she could see a few monks around, going about their own business; a man at some kind of booth; the distant sound of people talking and chanting. Overall though, it seemed fairly peaceful on this overcast day. She was wondering if they should start just by asking a monk or two when Roshi started talking again so she glanced back at him.

Mirai nodded enthusiastically at his words. His next idea not only seemed more reasonable than the cat; it was actually a very good idea. “That’s a great idea! Thinking like him is a great place to--” Mirai stopped as Roshi suddenly rushed over to the man in the booth. She followed him and stood beside him as he made the request for maps and information. Hurriedly, Mirai added a bow once Roshi had finished talking. “Please, if you don't mind.”

Posted by: Nobuyumi Mar 17 2017, 10:19 PM
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user posted image

Enter Watanabe Soutaro. Old, quiet, and decidedly semi-retired. A kind of stern man who sold maps if people asked for them. He clearly wasn't a monk, and really didn't care much for people's dead relatives, but the quiet area was rarely visited, and when it was no one really stopped to chat. They just took a map from him to go find a dead relative or make sure they weren't so late to a funeral. Today, Soutaro's peaceful life would be interrupted in 3...2....1

"Oji-san, two maps tell me if you've seen any Bugei students around, please." Soutaro just looked at the hyper boy like he was the scum of the earth, until someone else added in
“Please, if you don't mind.” which brought an eye roll of a response as Soutaro handed both of them maps.
"I see two students in front of my stand. Any other ones, eh. They come and go I guess." he said with a bit of a shrug.
"A lot of students came here to pray for that boy that passed last fall. Kajiwara. A lot more often drop by to pray for the earthquake victims from last summer. Shame the schools around here lost so many young people." he said as she shook his head a bit. As he did the sky above the map shack started to turn darker and cloudier.

"Eh, damn. looks like rain soon. Do you kids need umbrellas?" he asked in such a way that implied he didn't actually want to give them umbrellas. However he also wasn't going to just let two kids lost in Northern Edo get soaked to the bone. Even stubbornness had its limits.

As the two examined the map they would find this area broken up into five parts.
West: Holy men, servants of the Shogun, dignitaries, honorees.
North-West: Katsu-maru shrine.
North: Holy Eye Shrine.
North-East: Rolling Cloud Shrine.
East: Esteemed civilians.


Posted by: Moby Dick Mar 19 2017, 02:44 PM
Really, the way Roshi moved around, if this had been a dry day, he would've had a personal dust cloud from all that rapid motion swooshing in with him as he came into Soutaro's world. There might've been a gust of wind from his sudden appearance, regardless. It was that kind of day...and that kind of guy. We apologize to anyone who has ever been asked for anything anywhere by people like Roshi Bento.

Fortunately, Soutaro was not in a bad mood or anything. He wasn't able to give them any real information, sadly, as he began to talk of the unfortunate passing of a student...and then the earthquake victims...and then how sad it was to lose as many students from the schools. Roshi felt a little involuntary shudder from that. Some of his friends from the Bugei art club... Maybe it was this shudder that made Soutaro remember the chill in the air and the possibility of rain, because he asked if they needed umbrellas. Roshi held his up.

"I'm good. Uhh, she might."

Mirai looked okay for light rain, but Roshi was the only one of the two prepared for a serious downpour, if it occurreed. They didn't know how bad it could get, but once it came down around here, it could swamp you if you weren't careful. Now! Roshi inspected his newly-procured map, still wishing he had a cat, especially since Mirai thought it was a good idea. Looking things over, Roshi felt that there was a certain range here that a student might go here. It might be wrong, but it very possibly right. He turned to Mirai.

"I think we should start in a north-y kind of direction. West and East look like places for the really important. He's a Bugei student, but if he were like one of the noble families, he'd have more than just us looking for him."

There was a curious kind of logic to this. If he were the sort of guy that was likely to be in either of those two directions, then he'd have house bodyguards or servants looking for him too. Plus, because those were places of the esteemed and high-ranking, he'd be more easily noticed by the kind of people who watch over those people, and then a quick call gets his location known. Roshi felt he was blending in with everybody who's everybody, and that the northern sector had the most chances of being where he was. He just didn't know specifically where to start.

Posted by: Shoy Mar 26 2017, 10:02 PM
Roshi’s rapid and numerous movements kept drawing Mirai’s attention away from the old man; she just instinctually did it as a response to seeing his movement. He seemed to move around more than someone normally would, and it was beginning to occur to Mirai just how much of oddball this guy she’d been slated with for the mission was, though of course she wouldn’t have said anything like that aloud. She was afraid that could make him upset or uncomfortable or something.

So, it seemed that the old man didn’t really have any information for them in particular. All he had to say was morose things about the people who’d come to visit after the earthquake and the death of one of the elite students, which, understandably, made her feel a tad morose herself. It was disappointing that he didn’t know anything that would help them, but it would have been a massive stroke of luck if they’d happened to find someone with information on the first time they asked.

At the offer of an umbrella, Mirai shook her head, remembering the thin raincoat stuffed in her pocket. “I don’t think I do, but thank you for the offer. And thank you for answering our question.” She bowed to the old man again and opened up the map she’d been given.

She recognised some of the areas on the map from when she’d come to Taito Ward looking for a shrine a while ago, and she was just beginning to look at the areas she didn’t know more thoroughly to see if she could get an inkling for what they were when Roshi spoke up with an idea about where to start.

"I think we should start in a north-y kind of direction. West and East look like places for the really important. He's a Bugei student, but if he were like one of the noble families, he'd have more than just us looking for him," Roshi said, and Mirai nodded. It was as good a place to start as any.

“That sounds like a good idea. In that case…” Mirai ran her finger along the map, starting from the west area, and paused with it hovering over the Katsu-maru shrine. “Maybe we should just start from one side and then sweep across it to the other? Like if we start from the north-west, and then across to the north, and then north-east? That way we could remember easily which parts of the city we’ve already checked.”

Unless Roshi protested at her decision, Mirai would make a start heading for the north-west, careful to keep an eye on the map and muttering to herself about directions.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Mar 31 2017, 10:05 PM
As the two got ready to head out the rain started picking up even more. Old man Soutaro couldn't help but hear the kid's conversation as he watched the sky turn darker.
"HEY!" he yelled out as the two turned to leave.
"A little word of advice. I don't know if it will help or not. Katsu-maru is really small. It is listed as a major shrine, but that is more for the gods it was built to pray to and not for the actual shrine itself. Holly eye is pretty big, with a big cemetery, wide field, and a large central temple. Heaven's eye is mostly just one large, circular, spiraling building. Slowly walking in circles towards the center is suppose to give you inner peace but a lot of people just get dizzy to be honest with you." he said, hoping to explain a bit as a large clap of thunder punctuated the end of his sentence.
"I wouldn't suggest heading off to Katsu-maru in this kind of weather unless you kids can move quick." and with that enough loud burst of thunder caused the entire area to shake a bit. The elevation was fairly high in this particular area and the ground not completely stable due to it being Edo.


Posted by: Moby Dick Apr 4 2017, 12:46 AM
His north-y plan seemed to meet with Mirai's approval, and she suggested that they move in a sort of fan from west to east once they were significantly north enough. Roshi was about to jokingly suggest that - no, no! - they do it the other way around, but uhh...this wasn't really the time for that. Maybe later.

"Sounds as good a plan as anything, so far."

...which is when Soutaro-san decided to weigh in. He had a better idea of what the shrines were like. The fact that Katsu-maru was small seemed to Roshi like it was a good starting place because they could be there and be done checking it in the space of a couple minutes. The old man with the maps recommended not, because of the incoming rain, but he also said that was if they were not quick enough.

"I'm fast. I'm so fast that I'm...admittedly not part of the track team, but I'm very fast, pretty fast, fast...enough?"


"I'm off!"

Roshi Bento was off like a shot, heading for Katsu-maru Shrine in a hurry! The truth was that if theiy guy WAS there and the rain was making thinks a hazard, then uhh...he would need help if he was caught up there...right?

Posted by: Shoy Apr 8 2017, 08:05 AM
They were just getting ready to head off when the old man spoke up with a bit of additional advice, running through a little bit more detail about what each of the places on the map actually were. She felt a little downcast to hear from the old man that her idea perhaps wasn’t such a great one after all even if Roshi agreed with her. She was about to turn to Roshi and ask if he had any better ideas about where they should go when he started rambling about how fast he was. Mirai frowned at him, and her jaw fell open when he speed off. “What--” She hadn’t been expecting him to just run off like that.

Mirai gave the old man a bemused and vaguely alarmed look before dashing after Roshi, trying to wrestle her plastic raincoat out of her pocket and put it on as she ran. The rain pit-pattered on the hood; the sound was strangely comforting, even if it was a symptom of the fact she was running full-pelt down a path that was growing increasingly slippery from the rain, after a boy who honestly seemed to be a little bit out of it. She lost track of where they were even headed as they ran and relied on Roshi for going the right way.

Her struggle with the raincoat had slowed her down, and Roshi had had a head start anyway, so she was still lagging behind him. Mirai almost called out to ask him to slow down a little, but she wasn’t sure he would have heard her with the distance between them and the noise of the rain and occasional bursts of thunder. She would have to wait until they'd arrived at their destination before she could talk to him again.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Apr 11 2017, 08:02 PM
The students nearly slipped as they ran through the rain. The stone walkways of Taito Ward quickly becoming wet as the rain fell upon them. The heavens above boomed with thunder as the old man just shook his head a bit watching the two run off towards the small Katsu-maru shrine. Others standing still under safe umbrellas watched the two crazy kids dash through the rain as puddles parted at the kid's rapid movements and tried to infiltrate the shoes that dove into them.

Small signs read "Katsu-maru this way" and had tiny arrows pointing towards the north-west of the area. As they ran around towards the spot on the map a small monk watched them run by and blinked a bit, confused as to why they seemed to be in such a rush. Did the gods of Katsu-maru means so much to them? Raising both hands and looking at Mirai the monk turned in the rain and said a long prayer to Buddha.

When the two finally arrived they would in fact find two people at the shrine, but it was likely neither of the two happened to be who the students had come to find. What they found was a husband and his quite pregnant wife clasping hands and praying in the rain. Between the small prayer and the thunder it would be hard for the two to make out exactly what was said but apparently the two had come to pray for the health and safety of the child they would soon bring into the world. As the two turned to leave they looked at Roshi and Mirai. They both seemed a bit shocked as they looked back and forward between the two students. Looking a bit upset the pregnant couple finally looked at the students.
"Good luck with your pregnancy. Even though you are young." the wife said as she held her stomach. Her husband nodded boldly at Roshi and quickly raised an umbrella above his wife was as the two walked off. The couple kept looking back at Roshi and Mirai and whispering about just how young was too young for today's youth. When the two inspected the small shrine more they wouldn't see anyone else around besides themselves.


Posted by: Moby Dick Apr 13 2017, 11:55 AM
There's ever so many things that a young man full of energy can do, and an entire world of possibilities! One of these was to run like hell. As stated, Roshi was not a member of the track team, but he was physically fit, at least. That basically made him a raincoat-clad Whoosh! as he passed other people on the way to the destination, in question. The monk who had let out a prayer...

Tink, Ta-Tink-Tink...!

...would find that 500 yen had actually been flipped into a nearby donation box during that particular whoosh. Roshi was on a roll. If he were a boat, he'd bee forming wakes as he moved. Finally, he reached the shrine! Out of breath nnow, he looked around for any sort of students that could be around. He uhh...didn't see any. There was only a man and his wife - who was with-child - here...who were rather surprised by his sudden entrance, and Mirai's appearance behind him. Their response was...

Huh? What...?

When you shunt your willpower into your feet and pay only heed to where you're going, you kinda' lose something in the cognitive reasoning skills for a while. It took him a moment for it to click, and by that time those two were long gone. Then-


We now deliver you...a pregnant Roshi recovers his mind and soul, to say nothing of his breath.

Posted by: Shoy Apr 19 2017, 09:08 AM
In her hurry to follow Roshi, Mirai barely noticed the monk as she dashed past him. Mirai was panting slightly as she caught up to Roshi at the shrine. Despite the chill and rain in the air, her nape was sweating; the run had warmed her up quite a lot.

Mirai glanced around the shrine; it was a small place, just like the old man at the stall had warned them. There only seemed to be two people other than her and Roshi in the whole of the shrine, or at least what Mirai could see of the shrine; a man holding hands with a heavily pregnant woman. Mirai supposed they must be a couple. She gave the two a smile and was going to offer them a greeting and an inquiry about whether they’d happened to see a Bugei student with a limp around anywhere, but when the couple turned around they stared at her and Roshi. Mirai wasn’t sure what that stare was supposed to mean but it made her feel kind of uncomfortable; anyone staring would.

"Good luck with your pregnancy. Even though you are young," the woman said.

Mirai offered her a smile and inclined her head. “Yes, good luck to you as wel--eh?! There was a disconnect between Mirai hearing the woman's words and actually processing them completely, and her voice must have risen a whole octave at the end of that sentence.

Pregnancy!? She wasn’t pregnant! What! It was impossible. She hadn’t done the required… well, activity, in order to be pregnant. Mirai’s face went red as she thought about such a “required activity” and the fact that the person the couple were thinking she’d done it with was standing right beside her and how wrong that idea was and normally she wouldn’t even be thinking about sex but now that she’d started her brain wouldn’t stop reminding her of the things she knew about it though none of those thoughts included Roshi except the one about how mortifying it was for the couple to be thinking that she and Roshi were involved.

Roshi began screaming beside her and she made no attemp to stop him. If she was less restrained she might indeed have started screaming herself. She certainly felt like screaming. It would be a moment before Mirai was significantly enough herself again and her thoughts and curiosities about the “required activity” had subsided. It would only be after this that she would clear her throat and, without looking at Roshi, say, “I, um, can’t see anyone around here. Should we try looking somewhere else?”

Posted by: Nobuyumi Apr 21 2017, 08:11 PM
user posted image

Thus, the two students awkwardly stood at the katsu-maru shrine. Upon further inspection the small wooden shrine was quite beautiful. Made from fine lacquered wood it had a small white statue inside of the Japanese fertility and luck goddess Kisshoten. The figure looked to be incredibly well made, and clearly had carved with absolute care. To the left of the shrine stood a few stone carvings of very happy looking children.

user posted image

Two things would now be clear to them. The first being that the student the two had come to look for was definitely not here. The second was that this was clearly a shrine for fertility and asking protection for children. The couple had likely come to wish for a healthy birth and a good fortune for the child they would soon have. For the two students however, screaming and clearly red faces aside, they had at least cleared one of the three areas they had planned to search. Also, hopefully the running and screaming would help get their blood bumping, to held keep them warm in the now heavily falling rain.

Meanwhile, the monk they passed shook his head a bit.
"That man has good reflexes. I'm sure he will make a fine father. He is also not stingy with money. Bless him." and proceeded inside the middle shrine, the shrine of the holy eye.


Posted by: Moby Dick Apr 28 2017, 03:36 AM
He never asked for this... Roshi had been thumping his head against...well, whatever was available and not immediately sacrilegious to do so. A railing, a post, whatever fit the venue - just as long as it got the idea that had been planted in there would fall right back out again. The regular thumping would probably remind one of a water garden with their lovely bamboo fountains. You know the type. Roshi continued this until Mirai suggested that they go, which caused him to straighten up suddenly and say...

"Yes please, and thank you."

Of course, they had to be a little more careful going down, than they did up. You may recall that Soutaro-san had warned them of the dangerous of slipping and falling in this particular area. Roshi had been in something of a hurry, just to make sure that their guy hadn't taken a great fall, but now they were running the risk, just somewhat. Fortunately, as they were not in a limp and protected against the rain, the two of them easily made it down, where - as they moved along - they could overhear a monk speaking. That made Roshi screech to a halt, metaphorically, and make a U-turn in reality. Very soon, he'd catch up to the monk going into the Holy-Eye. Hopefully catching him before he set about to prayer, he would ask him...

"Excuse me, but did you see a tall student with brown hair, green eyes, and a limp?"

Posted by: Shoy May 3 2017, 05:55 AM
Mirai was only too happy to follow Roshi, even through the downpour and the slippery streets. It may have been a beautiful little shrine but if she’d known someone would say something to her like what that couple had said she would have preferred never to come here in the first place.

Scampering after Roshi, Mirai started to pull out the map again to double check where they were going; however, as soon as she began to unfold it she noticed the rather irritating problem that a paper map in the rain would soon be soaked and thus rendered useless. She’d have to find some shelter or something to stand under to give her somewhere to check the map with exposing it to the rain too much. She glanced around, wondering if maybe the side of a building would block the rain enough to check the map, but then she noticed that Roshi was headed towards the monk and, actually, asking the monk if he’d seen the boy they were looking for was a better idea, wasn’t it?

She approached the monk too, and nodded as Roshi asked the question. “Yes, we’re trying to find him.”

With any luck, this monk would have seen something… if not, it meant another slog through the city in this dreadful weather. Mirai clasped her hands behind her back, hoping for good news.

Posted by: Nobuyumi May 6 2017, 09:45 PM
Before the monk could make it inside the Heavne's Eye Temple he was stopped by the two from earlier as they suddenly asked him questions about a person they had been looking for. Instantly the monk frowned a bit as he looked at the two. Maybe he was wrong in his original assessment. Dragging a pregnant woman running, through the rain? What kind of father could this man really turn out to be? It seemed he absolutely wanted his wife to have health issues. Unless, maybe since the two of them are still young they didn't really want a kid? How tragic could you be to do something like this?

Turning to Mirai the monk began praying a long series of Buddhist sutras praying for both Mirai and her unborn child. Once the monk had finished he looked at Roshi.
"I'm afraid i haven't. People come and go from this area quite often." he wanted to then yell at Roshi to get his girlfriend inside, however it wasn't a monk's place. Especially not a monk as young as himself. A young monk's life was full of important cleaning duties. Duties that right now seemed to be getting interrupted.
"You are welcome to check the inside of the temple." the monk said politely and quickly walked towards the temple.

The temple itself was a large spiral. It had three floors, a large ground around it, and in the distance a small barn in which to keep livestock. Over all the temple itself looked like some kind of spiral shell.


Posted by: Moby Dick May 10 2017, 05:53 PM
At this point, Roshi wished that he HAD borrowed Hakuro's attire. At least, thenn, if they made this bizarre mistake to think that they were even somehow in a relationship or even close to having a kid, they would think it was the Hatto-san and not him.


Meanwhile, in a diner, Hakuro felt a sudden chill go up his spine.

"Not sure, but I think that means I made the right move, not strolling around the shrines today."


At any rate...assuming nobody else decided to do weird things to them and stuff...the long and the short of it was that the monk hadn't seen anything useful because there were far too many people to keep track of in his daily routine. Made sense, really. He's a busy monk. Of course, they were welcome to check the shrine, but there was also a barn nearby. Brainflash! He turned to Mirai.

"He could be in the shrine, but he could also be in that barn. How about I brave the barn, 'cause it...probably smells in there, and you start on the shrine? If I don't see anyone, I'll join you to help look around."

Posted by: Shoy May 14 2017, 01:39 AM
Mirai watched the monk as she waited for him to finish his sutras and and answer their question.

“You haven’t?” Mirai’s face did fall a little; it seemed their search wouldn’t end here after all. She sighed, but smiled at and bowed to the monk. “Thank you anyway.” Mirai supposed he had a point about people coming and going; it would be hard to keep track of everyone.

The monk did have another suggestion for them though: they could check inside the temple. It appeared to be several floors high and in the shape of… a spiral? Mirai wondered how long it would take them to check the place.

Mirai nodded at Roshi’s suggestion of splitting up, even if she was a bit bemused by his talk about it smelling there. “OK. I think that’s a good idea.” Right then she just wanted to be out of the Katsu-maru shrine and onto the next place as soon as they could - then she could forget about that embarrassing pregnancy incident - and if they went to search a place each they’d get it done more quickly for sure. She headed straight for the temple and slipped off her shoes as she stepped through the doorway. It made sense to search from the bottom floor up, so here was where she would begin.

Posted by: Nobuyumi May 21 2017, 01:51 PM
With searching roles decided the two young students split up. Mirai was first as she went into the shrine proper, taking off her shoes on the way. The large Pagoda was truly grand. Though mostly wood it seemed to be a rare dark wood with an expensive varnish. It was clear that when the pagoda was built whoever had it commissioned had quite a bit of money. In spite of how old it was it barely creaked as Mirai walked across the floor and seemed as though it had just been built yesterday. On the first floor was a small shrine to Buddha with incense burning next to it, as well as a few wall scrolls of western Asia. Inside the Pagoda, however, she didn't seem to find anyone. Just various rooms containing small places for private meditation or one on one meetings. If Mirai looked up from the middle of the first floor she would find a large spiral staircase that would take her to the second floor.

Meanwhile Roshi braved the rain and went to the barn. He would find it to be a surprisingly simple barn four horses inside. What would likely surprise anyone was how clean the barn was. The hay seemed extremely well maintained and it didn't smell as much as one would expect of a small barn in an Edo storm. The small barn had a center lane with two horses on each side in individual corrals. Currently a rather depressed looking boy in simple clothing was feeding the four horses. He was a young man around Roshi's age that clearly matched the description he and Mirai had been given. The man simply sighed and pet the horses a bit as they ate from the brain filled muzzles he attached to them. It seemed his mind was so many other places that he didn't even notice as Roshi walked in.


Posted by: Moby Dick May 22 2017, 10:15 AM
Admittely, he was giving Mirai the hard job, at least at the start, but for her to be even stuck doing it alone, he would have to basically luck out in...this...uhh...barn?

Well, okay. Looks like he found 'im.

It occurred to Roshi that it probably would've been a good idea for him to have gotten Mirai's phone number, since calling her up and saying 'Hey, I found our guy' would certainly be helpful now. The best he could hope for was that, if he didn't show up in there, she would realize he wasn't coming and that she should go back to the barn.

So, their guy, then. He fit the description, at least, even though he wasn't in uniform. Then again, neither was Roshi. He didn't have to. The other boy was tending the horses, which was nice. He decided to approach this as he was: A guy getting out of the rain. He let out an audible sigh, taking off his hat as he walked in.

"Whoo, that got rainy in a hurry."

Posted by: Shoy May 31 2017, 07:45 AM
Mirai padded through the pagoda, marvelling at it. The wood it was built of looked rich and dark and highly varnished; it looked like whoever had built this shrine had poured a lot of effort and money into it. The floor didn't even creak as she crossed the room, glancing here and there to see if there was any sign of the boy they were seeking. She peeked into each of the little side rooms and wished she could properly examine the shrine to the Buddha and the wall scrolls but she had more important things to do right at that moment. The atmosphere inside the pagoda, especially considering that there didn’t seem to be anyone else about on this floor, was silent in a kind of reverent way, like silent was the way it was supposed to be. Maybe a broken-hearted boy would find this a good place to escape to…?

She briefly wondered how Roshi was doing over at the barn, but that was his job and not hers, so she focused back on the the task at hand.

There wasn’t anything for it but to tackle that impressive-looking staircase and see what was on the other floors, then. Perhaps she would have better luck there. Mirai headed back to the centre of the room to climb the staircase.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jun 2 2017, 10:21 PM
The staircase was winding and grand indeed. As Mirai proceeded upward she would come to a large room full of various small statues and what appeared to be various trinkets from mainland Asia. The entire room was draped in a lovely red and gold coloring with a large status of Buddha on one end of the room. On the other was the start of still another winding staircase up. As Mirai looked closer towards the Buddha statue she would notice three figures that blended in well with the room. Dressed in the same red and gold colors as the room itself three monks slowly breathed in, chanted a few sutras, then breathed out. It would be obvious to anyone that the three currently sat in the middle of a special meditative prayer. Next to the stairwell would be a small plaque with the following inscription.
"The more one closes one's own eyes, the more one begins to see the truth." and then the name of the monk who it was quoted from. Clearly the purpose of this floor was to remind the monks in Northern Edo of mainland Asia and of the roots of Buddhism. If Mirai closer her eyes she would hear the soft neigh of a horse outside as well as the steady rain drops against the temple's walls.

Meanwhile outside Roshi didn't seem to be noticed by the boy. As one of the horses let out a soft neigh sound the boy turned and took notice of the new intruder.
"Whoo, that got rainy in a hurry." Roshi opened with. The boy in the horse stable simply looked at him a bit and brushed the horse that had neighed. As he tried a loud thunderclap echoed across the sky causing all of the horses to quickly get up and rear a bit, spooked. The boy Roshi had found said a few soft words to the horses and attempted to calm them down.
"Please don't make any sudden movements. Horses are easily spooked." he said with a nod. He didn't seem to take much stock in Roshi's appearance. After all if Roshi had shown up wearing an Edo Bugei uniform that would have been a different story.


Posted by: Moby Dick Jun 6 2017, 11:38 AM
It wasn't his presence that spooked the horses, thank god. No, it was the thunderclap, which had startled him into a flinch that caused him to drop his hat. When the boy mentioned not to make any sudden movements, he went "Okay" and bent over to pick up his hat...hopefully finding it not to have landed in anything. He noted how easily he seemed to handle those horses.

"You're pretty good with them. D'you take care of them regularly?"

He was just opening up some conversation through innocent curiosity. Potentially, this could lead into the part he came here for, though there was no guarantee...

Posted by: Shoy Jun 19 2017, 01:31 AM
It wasn’t just the quality of the architecture that had had money poured into it like it was water; the room was full of statues and trinkets and red and gold drapings that probably cost a lot. Mirai glanced around the room but couldn’t spot anyone but three monks deep in prayer (who she didn’t even notice the first time she looked, the colour of their robes camouflaged them against the drapings) so she crept over to the stairwell with the intention of checking out the third and final floor. Mirai noticed a plaque next to the stairs so she stopped to read it.

The more one closes one's own eyes, the more one begins to see the truth. Mirai frowned at the inscription. She’d never been the best at interpreting philosophical quotes like that one and she wasn’t familiar with the monk who the quote was attributed to, which in turn just made her feel like a bad buddhist, but that wasn’t what she was supposed to focusing on. Actually, this plaque wasn’t what she was supposed to be focusing on either; she was supposed to be finding a broken-hearted boy and that meant finishing her search of this temple. She continued up the next set of stairs, trying to tread as carefully as she could so as not to disturb the monks.

((OOC: she’s too stupid to figure out that she should hear the horses and go back outside, I’m sorry xD))

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jun 23 2017, 10:14 PM
"You're pretty good with them. D'you take care of them regularly?" Roshi asked. The mysterious boy tending to the horses just whispered to them in response. The horses calmed down a bit as the boy gently brushed one of them and turned to Roshi.
"No. Just visiting." he said and kept brushing the horse. He was clearly doing his best to keep the horses calm as the storm outside began to pick up more. The boy didn't seem that bothered by Roshi's presence. For someone who ran away from the school one would assume this boy would be scared of someone finding him. Though it was hard to tell if the boy was remaining calm for the sake of the horses, or if he genuinely didn't think Roshi to be of Bugei stock.

Meanwhile in the temple Mirai proceeded up the stairs. This time it would take her some time as she walked up what must have felt like a million steps. Outside the storm would get worse and rage on more. The higher she went the louder the storm would be, the thunder even causing the temple to shake a bit until finally Mirai reached the top. It was a simple room with four large windows. From here, in spite of the loud noises and excessive amount of rain drops covering the windows, she would be able to see a great deal of Northern Edo. She could see a few houses in the distance with lights on, a horse stable with two lamps, and a few smaller temples and groups of people moving around the area. It would be a truly beautiful view. If she looked up she would see an incredible ceiling mural of the Buddha in meditation.


Posted by: Moby Dick Jun 24 2017, 10:45 AM
Hmmm. Well, he had every reason to believe that this was the student in question, but Roshi couldn't possibly find out right now without tipping his hand. This was a problem... Maybe he could call- Oh. Eh heh heh... He didn't have Mirai's number. Well, so much for calling in reinforcements. Not exactly sure he had four bars in this weather, anyhow. How would he...?

While the young man continued to calm the horses...

"Horses are nice animals, buuut I prefer cats. They're a little more compact and I like the purr they make. You know that sound actually makes people healthier?"

Posted by: Shoy Jul 1 2017, 05:05 AM
The final set of stairs took an age to climb, and it didn’t help that the further up she got the more she could hear the storm and the building itself had even begun to sway a little as she went up. The swaying wasn’t the most encouraging thing ever, but she trusted that the building was constructed strongly and that the swaying must be normal.

The room itself was fairly simple (except for the mural on the ceiling, which Mirai forced herself to ignore for fear she might spend too long admiring it) but the view. Oh, the view was amazing - she could see out across most of Northern Edo. There was something special about being able to see over a city like that. She could have stood there staring out the window forever, but it would have to wait - she had a job to do. Maybe she could visit again some time when there wasn’t a more pressing issue at hand. She could see stables quite close by - those were probably the stables that Roshi had gone to and she needed to get back to him to report that she hadn’t found the boy in the temple.

The climb down would probably be a little faster than the climb up seeing as she wouldn't need to stop and search the building on the way back down, but likely it would still be some time before she reached the bottom of the temple. Once she did she would immediately head for the stable to find Roshi so they could get on with the search for the boy.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jul 3 2017, 09:46 PM
"Horses nice animals, buuut I prefer cats. They're a little more compact and I like the purr they make. You know that sound actually makes people healthier?" Roshi said to the boy, receiving a bit of a confused look in return as the boy then pet one of the horses.

"I suppose. I think horses are more intelligent though." as he said it the horse he was petting gazed directly at Roshi, as though burrowing into his soul. The animal gazing for a long time as though to say how smart it clearly was.
"Also you can't ride cats." he pointed out.
Roshi would notice that none of the horses actually had saddles on them right now. That was because the saddles hung on the wall near the entrance to the stable. They all seemed pretty worn and used, but it wasn't as though the temples got a ton of money or gifts from the Shogunate. As Roshi noticed the old saddles the boy looked at them and sighed.
"It is a shame this place isn't funded as well as Edo Bugei's stables. These horses are all beautiful." he said as two of the horses stomped a bit and proudly puffed themselves out. Two large stallions.

It was about this time that Mirai would arrive, almost out of breath. going down the stairs was certainly not as difficult as going up them, though that was also the point of the temple. As she arrived the boy looked at the two of them. A look of jealousy and then absolute sadness.
"I see." and with that turned his back to Roshi and went to petting one of the horses against the far wall.


Posted by: Moby Dick Jul 6 2017, 01:31 AM
Whoa... The long, dark horse-stare of the soul! Mon Dieu! Roshi was properly transfixed for a moment, as the boy went on to point out the unridability of cats.

"Well, you've got me there. The horse is ready, willing, and able - no contest."

He had no way of comparing and contrasting the intelligence level of horses and cats, though. You see, most cats don't care about your tests. They won't cooperate, because they are definitely stubborn. Now, the boy also remarked on the state of the stable and its equipment, and it was certainly true. These were good horses, at least from his amateur perspective.

Now, we have a small problem which arrived in the form of Mirai. However, what's funny is that it's going to cause a great deal of ironic progress, perhaps in more ways than one. The boy looked at them both and immediately turned his back on them with a look that really bothered the young artist.

"What? Why does everybody immediately make that assumption here? I don't have a girlfriend! I mean, I do have someone that I like, but I really don't know how to approach that. Plus, I think she might have eyes for someone else, and I think he's the really important guy that called me Senpai even though I'm not a royal or a Scion or anything like that. I'm an artist, and I have no idea how to do this!"

Now, the question is...was he acting or was this all true?

Posted by: Shoy Jul 19 2017, 06:06 AM
When Mirai finally reached the stable and Roshi, she noticed with some surprise that Roshi was talking to some boy she’d never seen before. The boy was petting or maybe grooming one of the horses that occupied the stable. The boy must have been the stablehand here, or maybe… that student they were hunting for was supposed to like horses, wasn’t he? That was one of the few tidbits they had about the missing kid. Mirai swallowed down her excitement; there was no guarantee that this was the right person and even if he was she couldn't just charge in there and physically drag the boy all the way back to the school. They had to get him to come with them.

But as Mirai got there, the boy gave them an odd look and turned his back to them. Mirai frowned: why did he have that expression? And Roshi must have gotten there before she did, so had he already gotten a chance to talk to the boy? She felt like she’d walked in halfway through a conversation and didn’t have the context to understand what it was about. Maybe it would be a good idea to ask Roshi (in a whisper, of course) what was going on, but as she was thinking of how to word the question Roshi had something of his own to say.

Mirai blinked at Roshi’s outburst. Then she blinked some more.

This day had certainly been unusual, if nothing else.

She honestly didn’t know how she was supposed to react to that. Play along? In her stunned confusion she couldn’t think of anything else to do, especially because she didn’t know what Roshi and the boy had been talking about before. She would just have to assume that Roshi had some goal with his tantrum, and if she didn’t play along she could be putting that goal in jeopardy. So with exactly zero idea of what she was doing or what was even happening, Mirai crossed her arms. “Y-Yeah! You shouldn’t start making assumptions about other people. Especially, um, especially... especially if you don’t even know who you’re talking about?” To the other's ears it probably would have sounded pathetically weak and unassertive. She felt horrid to complain like that, and desperately hoped she’d done the right thing by going along with Roshi.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jul 22 2017, 11:09 PM
As the two made clear protest to being called a couple the young man tending to the horses just shook his head a bit.
"Uh uh. It must be nice I imagine. Having someone to walk through the rain with. Having someone to be next to and take care of. I'm sure it is all kinds of fun isn't it?" his eyes gave a bit of glare, with just a hint of sadness to them as he gazed at the two. His face speaking only of personal hurt as the horse he had been grooming bucked and backed up a little. After all horses could sense emotions well and for a moment the boy had become quite hostile until he cooed the horse back over to him.

"Look. I'm trying to take care of these horses. I'm sure if you want to get out of the rain you can stay inside the temple until the storm passes. I'm about done tending to these guys, but i'm going to stay until the storm finishes so they don't get too scared." and with that he just looked at the two, his arms crossed a bit, as though waiting for them to leave. He didn't care much about Roshi's story, or whom he claimed to like, or the two pretending not to be a couple in front of him. He just wanted to be left alone, and his body language seemed to demand they leave at once.


Posted by: Moby Dick Jul 26 2017, 05:04 PM
It's funny that he didn't believe a word he said. Fortunately, in the moments of Mirai attempting to back him up and the other boy's disbelief, Roshi had managed to come down from his rant-a-thon. This was good, because he was probably scaring the horses with that. It wasn't good for them. He wasn't any good at them, but he didn't hate them either. So, with him giving them the brush-off like that, it was time to take off the masks.

The umm...metaphorical ones, that is.

"It's all true, you know. Everything I said. You see...she and I are here on assignment from the Bugei."

Oh crap. Things just got more official. Roshi held up his ID like it was a badge. 'Roshi Bento - Third Year', it said.

"We were asked to find you, and try to help you out. My general inexperience is sort of the olive branch in this affair. C'mon, if you know anything about me-"

Which...he might, since it's Roshi.

"-you know I have trouble telling whether I'm coming or going."

Posted by: Shoy Aug 7 2017, 12:41 AM
Now, this situation was still confusing and neither the boy wasn’t doing anything to make it make more sense. Following Roshi’s rant and Mirai’s attempt to back him up, the boy had replied with some strange tangent about someone to walk with or something like that, and he looked upset at something. Well, they were here to help him out with his broken heart; maybe that heartbreak was what he was still upset about?

He certainly had a way, with horses, though; he was able to calm it down again so quickly. It amazed her, honestly. She wished she had that skill with people. It would make their job so much easier right now if that was the case.

Mirai nodded along as Roshi explained where they were from and why they were there. She was happy to let him take the lead in the explanation considering that she didn’t know what he and the boy had been discussing before she got there. “Is there anything we can do for you? All we want is to help.”

Posted by: Nobuyumi Aug 11 2017, 10:31 PM
The boy looked at Roshi and Mirai with a decidedly sour expression. The look on his face was that of disgust but decidedly not of surprise.
"I figured you are from the Bugei." he said bluntly. As Mirai and Roshi both insisted they had come purely to help the boy he scoffed.
"Help me? Really? I think you mean drag me back to that hell. I don't want to go back. I never plan to go back!" between the boy suddenly raising his voice and a sudden crack of thunder the horses jumped and yelled causing the boy to lower his voice and try to settle the horses down.
"Point is, i'm not going back. Who wants to go back to a place they had their heart broken at?"

The way he asked the question didn't seem defensive but instead a legitimate question about life as the Bugei.
"You meet someone, you think they are the complete center of your world. Then you find out you aren't even a tiny piece of theirs! Who cares if I go back. Who wants me around anyway?" he asked as a tear was clearly forming in the corner of the boy's eye. As the tear formed the rain outside seemed to lessen a bit as the horses calmed down.
"I'm not really wanted by anyone." and with that the boy tossed the two his school I.D. as though to further show his intentions. on the I.D. it had his picture, the school seal, and clearly stated his name and that he was a cavalry student. Kamamoto Ryuji was the boy's full name. Roshi would have heard of him as a rather famous up and coming cavalry student around school. He wasn't the son of a lord, but was known to come from a very prominent Northern Japan samurai family.


Posted by: Moby Dick Aug 15 2017, 10:33 AM
He did not take the reveal very well. If anything, it made him more irritable than before. At no point, however, did he lose control of the horses. His voice, the thunder, and all may have disturbed them, but his ability to keep them calm was incredibly good. Roshi, to his credit, might manage a horse. But all of them, in a storm like this? Not so likely. This boy was talented with horses like he was in art.

He was also, according to his thrown-down ID, Kamamoto Ryuji, a skilled cavalry fighter from a samurai family. He was good. Roshi stared at that ID for a moment, then looked over at him. He was someone, maybe not nobility, but definitely someone who didn't have to - Oh, I dunno - create curious works of art to become notable. He was already there. Roshi picked up the ID now.

"I don't believe that."

He had on one of those 'You've gotta be kidding me' looks on his face.

"You're cavalry, good cavalry, and you think nobody will like that? Admire that? I'm an artist, not a Scion or a Noble. You're more important, and you can do something it would take me years to perfect. If we got on horses today, right after this storm, I'd be thrown off, lose control, all that stuff. And fight? Well, I'm trying with my bike, but it's not the same. You can't tell me that someone won't look up to you for that, believe in you for that, worry about you when you go out to fight. I DO know drama. Someone always worries when you go off to fight. Don't throw it away for the one. Find another."

Posted by: Shoy Sep 12 2017, 06:41 AM
((Sorry for such a late reply))

The poor boy. He’d really taken the rejection hard, hadn't he? That girl must have meant the world to him. She wished she knew what she could say that might help him feel better but she didn't exactly have a lot of experience when it came to this sort of thing.

Roshi's speech was impressive. For all his silliness earlier it seemed he could be a good talker when it came down to it. She never would have guessed he had that from her first impressions of him.

“There must be friends you have at school wondering where you are,” Mirai ventured. She wasn't too great at the whole comforting distraught people thing, but Roshi’s speech - and the way the boy had so easily calmed the horse - gave her an idea that she no idea if it would work or how it could make him feel but it was worth a try. “And I’m - I’m sure the horses at Bugei can't wait for you to come back... right? They must love you if you’re so kind to them.”

Posted by: Nobuyumi Sep 16 2017, 02:20 PM
It would be heard to tell if it was the thoughts of the woman that had scorned him, or Mirai's comments about how much the horses back at Edo Bugei must miss him but the boy started crying. Looking at the two he said.
"My skills didn't mean shit to her though! As for you, saying just find someone else, HOW? She was suppose to be it. To be the one that chose me over anyone else and that I would spend forever with! All of those plans i had are gone now! They are worthless! I feel like such a disgrace! I was rejected by her, and now I've Run away from school. When I go back i'll be punished as some traitor and then I'll be both a run away and a rejected loser! What is let? I might as well just die out here!" he yelled as one of the horses suddenly made a loud scream and bucked in the air, surprising the other three that quickly backed as far as they could away from the now balling Ryuji.

Ryuji sank to his knees a bit.
"I had all theses thoughts about kids, and living together, and both our families being happy, and telling people how we met in highschool and now its all gone. All of it, and no one even cares about how much it hurts." he barely said as his entire face had become red and contorted as more and more tears hit the hay and dirt at his feet. Meanwhile outside the storm seemed to start showing signs of settling down. It seemed that they no longer had to reflect the mood of the person the two had been trying to find since now his mood was clearly reflected in front of them as he was on his knees sobbing away.


Posted by: Moby Dick Sep 16 2017, 07:39 PM
Honestly, Roshi wasn't sure if commenting about the horses helped at this juncture. The guy did love taking care of them, but he was after a different kind of love, and the last one had gone pretty much unrequited. When Ryuji screamed and the nearest horse bucked, Roshi instinctively put his hands up with a "No no no no no...!" to the riled animal to make sure it didn't slam into someone. It didn't, but it's lack of doing so probably wasn't due to the crazy artist. He'd simply put himself somewhat in harm's way.

Watching Ryuji, though, he felt kind of helpless. He wasn't saying that looking for someone else to fulfill your life was easy. He was saying it had to be done, no matter how hard it is. There are some things that you can't take back, some times that you can't go back to. Important events of a person's life can lock the door on possibilities, depending on how they turn out. He didn't wanna watch Ryuji crying his eyes out, so with a sigh, Roshi turned and...sat down on the ground next to him, looking at the ground.

"Alright, I know I haven't had the kind of life you've had, so there's things I'd never understand. I'm just a crazy artist, after all. But I have been hurt before, though not in the same way. You remember the earthquake, right? I had friends in the art club. We were just doing our thing, when the tremors started... They all headed for the entrance. I jumped out a window."

It was the first floor. He was barely injured, if at all. However...

"They didn't make it. They were crushed by the floors above, and I would have too, if not for taking the weird and kinda' dangerous way out. I wish I'd said something. If I'd said anything to get them to follow me, they'd be alive... I know it's not the same, but...I'll never know what life would've been with them around. I mean, there was a girl there and she was nice. You never know..."

He was having a bit of a hard time keeping that emotional wound from opening. The earthquake did something to them all, but Roshi DID blame himself for the three fellow artists who'd been killed in the school. He looked over at Ryuji.

"I dunno if any of that helps, but look... She didn't care for what you so obviously do. That makes her not the one. Your 'one' has to accept you for you, and it's not like you don't have things going for you. You're...gonna have to tough it out, don't know what you're life is gonna be yet."

Posted by: Shoy Sep 23 2017, 09:08 PM
Their attempts had proven useless. Ryuji was just as upset as before; maybe even more so, he was crying and sobbing now. Even Roshi’s impassioned speech hadn’t done anything helpful. If that hadn’t worked then how the hell were they supposed to help him feel better. Mirai didn’t have a plan here, though not like she’d had much of a plan to begin with.

And now that Ryuji was crying and sobbing and he’d sunk to the ground, Mirai felt like she was watching something unfold that she was powerless to change. It didn’t feel like it would make any difference to the outcome if she were to just walk away now, but that wasn’t something she had the option of doing and even if she did have that choice she did want to find a way to help this kid. He looked so upset and she wanted to help if she could.

Mirai stared open-mouthed at Roshi as he told the story about the earthquake and what had happened to him and his art club friends. It was terrible. She hadn’t been in Edo for the earthquake and though she had heard about it and how it had affected people, she’d never heard someone tell such a raw story of how it had impacted them before. Mirai nodded to the final part of his speech. She was glad he’d directed it back to the boy’s problem and away from the story about the earthquake. She didn’t like they way that story made her feel.

Still standing but with her eyes cast to the ground, Mirai said, “I think he’s right, Kamamoto-san.” She lifted her gaze and looked at Ryuji. “I mean, if she was the one for you she wouldn’t have rejected you, right? I don't think fate would let that happen if it didn’t have someone better in mind waiting just around the corner for you. Sometimes things don’t go your way and so you just have to run with them and see where it takes you.” That was what she’d spent her whole life doing, after all, back when she was in Kyushu and followed her parents every whim, and it had led her to Edo Bugei which so far had been one of the coolest things she’d ever had the chance to do.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Sep 25 2017, 09:02 PM
As the two talked Ryuji kept his head low as a few more tears fell from his face and he did his best to wipe the snot away as he looked up at the two. His face and eyes both extremely red and puffy from all the crying he had done.
"Do you....really think I'll find someone better than her?" he asked not sad or angry but almost more innocent than any child could even manage. The past few months Ryuji had never once even considered a future without her and now here he was. He was actively considering what his entire life would be like without that person he thought would complete him.

He listened to the sounds of the rain as he looked around at the horses. one of them was decidedly spooked, and one seemed neutral, but the two horses he had most recently brushed just looked at him as one moved forward in it's stall and tried to get it's head as close to Ryuji as it could. As Ryuji lifted up his arm it shook quite a bit, but the horse just lightly licked Ryuji's hand and nuzzled it a bit. The horse seemed like it wanted Ryuji to pet it, and was doing it's best to calm the boy.

Behind the three students a senior monk was walking towards the temple that Mirai had just left and looked at the three, giving them a kind smile before he continued on as above them the storm seemed to slowly but surely be showing signs of letting up.


Posted by: Moby Dick Sep 26 2017, 03:20 AM
At last, it seemed like they had gotten through to him. It had taken something true to life - something both personal and well-known in public - to open the boy's eyes to the possibility of life after losing someone, whether it was by rejection or loss. For this, Roshi felt that he should probably visit the memorial later...for the sake his friends.

Kyo, Naku, Makoto...thank you.

Roshi noticed the atmosphere improving, much like Ryuji's mood. He still seemed so fragile, but it was clear that he had made it over the mountain now. With their help, he looked to be on the road to recovery.

"I'm sure of it. know...keep an open mind, that's all."

At least the rain was stopping. What was that monk doing there? He wasn't making another assumption, was he? Dammit, he's gonna give him a reputation, a weirder one than being the crazy artist that he was.

Posted by: Shoy Nov 1 2017, 09:07 PM
She smiled at Ryuji, which she hoped was encouraging, as he seemed to finally be coming to terms with the idea that there might be such a thing as a future without the girl he’d had his heart set on. She was glad that he might begin to heal his broken heart.

So, they’d done it, had they? They’d succeeded in their mission? Well… they seemed to have gotten him a little cheerier, certainly...

But they still had to get him back to Edo Bugei.

Still, she gave Roshi a grateful smile as well. There was no way Mirai would have been able to talk him out of his grief on her own, and that story he’d shared was powerful but deeply personal. She wouldn't have been able to tell that story if the same thing had happened to her.

“Thank you,” she whispered to Roshi and pushed past him to get closer to Ryuji, who she offered a hand to.

“Would you like a hand up, Kamamoto-san?” She didn't want to feel like she was forcing Ryuji to come with them before he was ready to, so a simple friendly gesture would do the trick for a first step towards that goal with being too imposing on the boy… right?

Posted by: Nobuyumi Nov 3 2017, 12:00 PM
The two seemed to be almost done with the mission. They had certainly helped the boy through his own stormy night so to speak as the weather outside began to clear up.
“Would you like a hand up, Kamamoto-san?” Mirai asked. The boy gladly accepted, but as he stood up he looked at the two and then at the ground shamefully.

"I ran away from school. From my responsibilities, and my friends. The school even had to send a search party for me. If I go back, I will probably be severely punished." he then took a small step back from Mirai, as though to symbolize his hesitation. Looking at Roshi and Mirai he then worried that the two had been sent from the school for the sake of punishing him. His body clearly seemed to tense a bit as he started as them questioningly.
"Have you two been sent to punish me?" he asked as he looked like he would run again.


Posted by: Moby Dick Nov 5 2017, 04:10 AM
Perhaps Mirai thought that she couldn't have spoken up about something deeply harmful and heartaching like that, but the two things you have to remember about Roshi was that he was a fair bit extroverted...and he was great at performing, which includes telling a story. This was a true story, but it was no less a told tale to an audience. Thinking of it like that, he could get it out there without a problem.

Roshi stood up as Mirai passed and went to give Ryuji a hand up. He was glad this worked, because after that...he would've been out of ammo for deep emotional connections. With all three of them standing now, the cavalry boy now had a look of guilt about him. Ahhh...yes, the consequences of his actions. Wait, what? Why did he think that they were gonna punish him? Did he really think that an artist and a ummm...ummm... What did Mirai do, anyway?

Wait, no, that wasn't important. Neither one of them was harmful or even looked harmful. Roshi looked...propely confused right now.

"What? And frighten the horses? No, we're not here to punish you. I don't even know how we'd even begin to do that. I don't even have a magic marker on me."

He was half-joking about the horses, but he seriously didn't want to upset the guy and then - indirectly - rile the animals, either.

"Ryuji-kun, the only punishment we bring is that you have to go back, face whatever consequences the school gives you, and move on. My advice is that you explain yourself, tell them you know it wasn't right, and promise to do better. I dunno what they'll make you do, but...maybe 'cause of your background, you'll be cleaning stables? You wouldn't mind that, right?"

They might punish him for the lapse in judgement and his duties, but they couldn't make him do something that was too much for his limp. wouldn't force him to run track-and-field when it would be sheer torture.

Posted by: Shoy Nov 14 2017, 09:17 PM
Mirai frowned. Punish him? “Why would we want to punish you? You haven’t done anything wrong.” At least in Mirai’s eyes that was true. He couldn’t control if he felt heartbroken, and trying to get away from what hurt you was only a natural reaction, right?

Roshi didn’t seem to think that the school would have the same opinion though. They could be pretty strict sometimes, she supposed, but surely they wouldn’t dish out terribly harsh penalties when Ryuji hadn’t hurt anyone by running away.

She nodded to show assent to Roshi’s advice. “He’s right. I don’t think they would be too harsh on you, Kamamoto-san. It’s not like you committed a crime or hurt anyone, right? Even if the school does decide to punish you it wouldn’t be long before you’re right back to normal everyday life.”

And if that could be achieved Ryuji would be the better for it. The sooner he could get back to classes and school life the sooner he would be able to put the girl, the heartbreak, and the running away from it, behind him.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Nov 16 2017, 05:02 PM
"Ryuji-kun, the only punishment we bring is that you have to go back, face whatever consequences the school gives you, and move on. My advice is that you explain yourself, tell them you know it wasn't right, and promise to do better. I dunno what they'll make you do, but...maybe 'cause of your background, you'll be cleaning stables? You wouldn't mind that, right?" Roshi said. The boy looked up at him in surprise. He had honestly expected the academy to send someone like Yagyu-sensei and flog him sinceless for betraying the Bugei.
“He’s right. I don’t think they would be too harsh on you, Kamamoto-san. It’s not like you committed a crime or hurt anyone, right? Even if the school does decide to punish you it wouldn’t be long before you’re right back to normal everyday life.” Mirai added.

Slowly the boy nodded to the two of them. This entire time he had been expecting so much to happen. Perhaps he would get found and beaten. Perhaps people from the school may come find him, or perhaps the Edo metsuke, and drag him to the school by force. Maybe, even some ninja would show up and simply take his life in the middle of the night. Instead these two simply asked him to come back to the school with them.

"A-alright. I guess. Lets go." he said a bit hesitantly, taking a big gulp before nodding again, as though to lock his decision in with himself as he stepped towards them. Taking one look back at the horses in the stable he said.
"If I survive, I promise to visit again." and then looked at the two.
"I guess you can tell the school you found me."


Posted by: Moby Dick Nov 17 2017, 05:45 AM
Honestly, it worried Roshi that Ryuji somehow believed that they might kill him for this. It may have been something about honor that triggered this, but even if he was cavelry, he was still human and humans have feelings, dammit.

"I may be just an artist, but I won't let them kill you over a matter of love and heartbreak."

He pulled out his phone now and called the school.

"Hello, this is Roshi speaking. We've found the missing student. He's alright, mostly. I'd like it if the school went easy on him. This sort of thing could happen to anybody."

Anybody at all. It was the human condition, after all. Roshi patiently waited for an answer now.

Posted by: Shoy Nov 17 2017, 06:08 PM
Ryuji didn’t seem too convinced that everything would be fine in the end - “if I survive,” he’d said. Mirai didn’t know what more she could do to assay his fears, but she supposed that it wouldn’t be long until he was at the school again anyway, and that would prove his fears unfounded. Hopefully Roshi’s assertion that he wouldn’t let the school harm Ryuji would help in the meantime.

At least he’d given them permission now to contact the Edo Bugei with the news that they’d found him. Their work, essentially, was done.

Standing there just listening to Roshi on the phone felt awkward, so Mirai tried to make conversation with Ryuji as Roshi made the call. “Have you been to visit these horses before, Kamamoto-san?”

She would wait until wait until the phone call was over to ask Roshi, “What would they like us to do from here?”

Posted by: Nobuyumi Nov 19 2017, 05:25 PM
As Roshi made the call the boy they had been sent to find looked extremely nervous. So much so that Mirai took it upon herself to try and start up some kind of conversation.
“Have you been to visit these horses before, Kamamoto-san?” she asked. The boy nodded a bit and looked at the horses.
"Yes. They are very sweet horses." he said as he smiled at them. The stable was off the usual path but was far from hidden, and the horses didn't seem to mind the company.

On Roshi's phone he would suddenly hear it ring as the voice of the Headmaster was suddenly heard on the other line.
"Hello?" he asked, waiting for Roshi's response.
"I've been told you found Kamamoto-san, and something about punishment? While it is true that Kamamoto-san has run away from school he is going to be grounded on campus for about a week. You found him, he didn't cause any harm to the school, or to the city, so we have no reason to inact any kind of severe punishment beyond that extent. Likely he will have to have quite a few meetings with the school staff though to talk about his current mental state. If you can, please try and be there for him. He needs to know that he isn't alone in how he feels." the answer was diplomatic, and kind, but coming from the headmaster also believable. Many of the upper level students new Headmaster Hosokawa often left out a lot of details when he spoke, due to the classified information he kept inside as Headmaster. However, he had never lied to any of Edo Bugei's students. If he said the punishment would only be forced to not leave the campus for a week or so then it could be trusted. Now it was simply up to Roshi's to convey that information as both Mirai and Kamamoto gazed at him nervously.


Posted by: Moby Dick Nov 20 2017, 09:49 AM
Roshi was a little surprised to be hearing from the Headmaster himself, but he just listened for a moment, a smile playing on his face. That punishment... Honestly, he felt a bit jealous of Ryuji now. Being stuck on campus by staff edict would keep him away from his father and brother. Oh well. At least it wasn't could to be a bad punishment. And as for the last part...

"Pretty sure I accomplished that part already. Goodbye."

This left him to tell them what he'd heard now, as he hung up.

"We have to take him back to campus."

He looked directly at the cavelryman with a light-hearted attitude.

"Ryuji, you've been grounded. You have to stay on campus for a week and not leave it, even if there's an international horse expo coming up. That's about it, because you didn't break anything or hurt anyone."

Then, a little more seriously...

"You'll have a buncha' meetings about how you're holding up, because of why you ran in the first place, to make sure you're okay and stuff."

He indicated Mirai with his head now.

"We can help you through it. Just don't mistake us for being in a relationship, because people are doing that right and left around here, and it's super awkward."

Mirai was nice and all, buuut...he didn't know a thing about her, other than her being a generally nice person. For all he knew, though, she could be a blackbelt martial artist and hack websites for fun.

Posted by: Shoy Nov 22 2017, 04:38 AM
Roshi seemed to be done with the phone call shortly after Ryuji answered her question, and he wasted no time in giving them the low-down on what would happen to Ryuji.

But hearing this news was a relief. Mirai was glad that the punishment would not only be mild, it would be brief as well, and not only that it seemed the school was extending their resources to help Ryuji as best they could. With all that it wouldn’t be long before Ryuji could put this whole event behind him altogether.

Then Roshi referenced people mistaking them for a couple. Mirai swallowed. She’d been able to mostly put that earlier embarrassing incident to the back of her mind, but now that Roshi brought it up she found her face going a little red. Though she didn’t hate Roshi or even dislike him (even though he was a bit strange, he seemed to be a fairly kind and good person), she wasn’t interested in any kind of romance with him, and the fact that someone had already mistaken them for having that kind of relationship was embarrassing enough. She nodded. “Yes,” she said, and then to change the subject as much as to reiterate that Ryuji could turn to them if need be, “And we really are happy to help you. If you ever need anything, feel free to ask us for it.

Well, standing here wasn’t going to achieve anything more. “Are you ready to head back, Kamamoto-san?”

Posted by: Nobuyumi Nov 24 2017, 08:13 PM
(OOC: Last round)
(OOC: The admin now ships Roshi x Mirai)

“Are you ready to head back, Kamamoto-san?” Mirai asked. The young man let out a massive sigh of relief and fell down a bit. Ever since he left Edo Bugei he had been running almost purely on adrenaline and was extremely exhausted.
"What a relief."
Hearing his punishment he nodded a bit as his energy seemed to leave him. Slowly standing up he looked at both Roshi and Mirai.
"Thank you both. I mean it. I really hope, that his isn't the last time I see you."

The boy seemed kind hearted, in spite of everything he had done. The Headmaster was right. He didn't seem violent, or like any type of bad person or criminal. Just someone who's heart had been broken at the school and needed to get away from the scene of the crime so to speak, in order to collect what was left of himself. It was clear that he wouldn't be better any time soon, but it would eventually happen.

As they began leaving the grounds they would walk past the map merchant who waved at them.
"I see you kids found your friend! Come back any time ya hear? If you ever need to find anything just talk to your friend." he said, referencing himself. He was a good guy and honestly seemed happy for them all. The sky had cleared up, the walk ways around them looked beautiful and in the distance the tall buildings of Edo. All of it seemed like a scene from an anime.


Posted by: Moby Dick Nov 25 2017, 11:19 AM
[OOC: The Admin's impressions do not necessarily reflect that of this poster's.]

Roshi was a strange person, which is why he outwardly brought attention to reasons why things embarrassed him. People should understand and sympathize with such things, right? You find something wrong, you seek others who might feel the same way, for reassurance. That, at least, was how Roshi felt about this. He didn't readily discuss his family problems, except with close friends.

None of this was vitally important, though. Things were doing better now and it looked like the most they had to do was see him to the school, which they would. Ryuji seemed keen on the possibility of meeting them again, another time. Roshi saw nothing wrong with this. After all, he was a good guy, just very passionate. Roshi could understand passion. He was an artist.

"Well, you could always teach me about horses. And if you ever need rescue from a cat, I'm your man." know...allergies. They came to the entrance to the grounds to leave, and the information guy called out to them. He was a good guy too, come to think of it. Roshi waved back.

"No problem!"

Posted by: Shoy Nov 28 2017, 04:49 PM
((OOC: Exactly what Mass said >.<))

Ryuji seemed to take the news of his punishment fairly well. He didn’t cry or anything so that was probably a good sign. He also gave his thanks, and expressed a wish to see her and Roshi again. Mirai wasn’t going to object to this - Ryuji seemed like an interesting kid, and it might be nice to have a new friend from a slightly different walk of life than the people she’d met so far. “I hope so too, Kamamoto-san,” she said with a smile. She didn’t know a lot about the boy other than his love of horses and the heartbreak he’d been through so it might be interesting to learn more about this kid by meeting him again sometime.

Mirai frowned at Roshi’s comment about horses and cats. It did make sense in a bizarre sort of way, she supposed, but bizarre was still just the word for it. But really, that was the kind of person Roshi seemed to be and as much as it had troubled her to begin with she mostly accepted it now, or maybe she was just more used to it. Either way, Roshi was Roshi, and Roshi was bizarre, and really if you thought about it there wasn’t anything wrong with that.

And so they began the trek back to Edo Bugei. On the way they passed that map stand they’d found near the beginning; Mirai was expecting the old man to pay them no heed, or if he did to simply remain silent, but no, turns out she was wrong. He made a point of congratulating them. It was nice of him, Mirai thought.

“Thank you, sir!” Mirai called out to him.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Nov 29 2017, 11:42 PM
The old man watched the three go and sighed a bit, resting his elbows on his little shack's service opening and his chin on his hands. Between the storm and helping those students it was the most he'd done around the area for quite a while. Being a mostly temple filled area it was pretty quiet in Taito most of the year. As the man sighed a bit the same small boy from earlier walked by sweeping the road. Bowing politely at the man the map seller gave a bow back, and life continued on in Taito Ward like always.

The three would take a short train ride back to the station south of campus before walking up to the gates of Edo Bugei. Kamamoto sighed a bit looking at the school. On the other side of the gate the Headmaster was waiting for him along with Yagyu-sensei. Naturally Yagyu-sensei had a serious look on his face, but the Headmaster looked a bit less aggressive.
"Kamamoto-kun. Welcome back." Headmaster Hosokawa said kindly. Yagyu-sensei walked up to the boy.
"Arm." he said simply. As Kamamoto presented his arm Yagyu-sensei put a bracelet around it once the boy had gotten past the school gate. A light on the bracelet glowed a light green color.

"One week of not leaving the school grounds. Then you can take off the bracelet." he said simply. Kamamoto looked down at the ground, then back at Mirai and Roshi before looking at the Headmaster and Yagyu-sensei.
"I understand, and...I apologize for my actions." he said with a polite bow.

The headmaster then looked at Roshi and Mirai.
"Thank you both. You'll find the money for the mission has been added to your school accounts. I'm glad you found him and that all three of you are healthy and safe. You are all important to us. Please, no matter how hurt or upset you may become, never forget this." and with that the mission was now over.
"Kamamoto-kun if you would come with us." the Headmaster said as the trio walked off towards the main school building and likely the Headmaster's office. After that it was just Mirai and Roshi left. From a distance a girl slowly walked up to the two and bowed politely.
"Thank you both, for finding him. I hope you can both he his friend and help him be less depressed." and then quickly power walked away, embarrassed. She was likely the girl that had broken Kamamoto's heart. That awkwardness over, the two would then walk back to the dorms and part ways, each going to their respective wings of the large dorm building.



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