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Posted by: Nobuyori Nov 19 2015, 12:40 PM
Do you have an open thread? Please but a link and a short description as a reply and we'll add it to the list.


Thread Name: (please include hyperlink)
Summary: (what is going on in the thread?)




Thread name:

Summary: Viola has settled into her dorm and is reflecting on this new "home" away from home.

Thread Name:

Summary: Hoshi has arrived at the academy and is desperately hoping for someone to show her around and maybe be a new friend? She'd settle for having a guide right now

Thread name:

Summary: Jinn fell asleep during art class although the class ended Jinn slept through the bell.

Thread name:

Summary: Jinn sneaked into the home economics club room and is cooking like a chef although he think he is alone but is he?

Thread name:

summary: Ripley loiters in a corridor after school in the hope of seeing if they can meet anybody interesting

Thread name:

Summary: Elin is creepily staring at all the old armor and weapons in the entry halls.

Thread Name:
Summary: Suishoku's eagerly browsing for ideas on how to decorate her work space with a new project on the third floor but to most others, they're a lazy Elite year for sticking around doing paperwork than going on missions...

Thread Name:
Summary: As part of her getting back in control of her life, Makoto has decided to do something completely fun and frivolous. She is following her cat, just to see where it goes. Not with said cat's apparent knowledge, mind you. The point is to see where he goes wh

Posted by: Snugglyrum Jul 1 2018, 11:07 PM
Thread Name:
Summary: Yemon's lamenting the fact that he's really out of place, and got into trouble on his way to school.

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