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Posted by: Nobuyumi Oct 15 2017, 09:30 PM
Edo Bugei Main Building/Night Time/ Very Cold and Windy

As Eriko, Mika, and Shiyo signed their names and stood near by one another, the first group having just been shuffled off, a zombie looking third year walked over slowly. Half his face looked extremely burnt and what should have been the good side of his face had a completely white eye with no visible pupil or iris. He was very tall but slender, with extremely unevenly shaved facial hair.
"Miiiikkkaaaaa, Shiiiyooooooooooo, Errrikkkoooooooooooo" a ghostly voice called out from what was likely the floor above them. Then a blood chilling scream filled the entire room. The zombie third year simply looked at the students and pointed straight up with one hand while with the other hand holding up two fingers. Clearly they needed to go to the second floor of the building.

"2-C" was all he said in a cryptic voice before turning around and slowly shuffling back to the group of third year and faculty. He kept staring at the three with his one good eye in order to make them as uncomfortable as possible. Though they would easily feel as though they weren't the only ones being watched.

As the students started to shuffled towards the stairs and elevator the entire group of faculty and third years screamed at once.
"TAKE THE ELEVATOR!!!!" in tortured voices. If either of the three looked back they would see that the teachers and students didn't look as though they had moved at all. All of them standing completely still and just staring at them like stalkers.


Posted by: Moby Dick Oct 16 2017, 06:51 PM
So, she signed in and waited for something to happen. She was standing here with her practice tonfas, towel, and water bottles in a small pack on her back...because instead of an evening practice, she was doing this. Only...what WAS this? There had been a sign-up sheet and no explanation. She'd only surmised that some kind of creepy event was going on, what with all the creepiness that was here and all. That was subject matter, not context. It didn't tell her anything, and there'd been an 'off' feeling about all of this.

She waited for something to happen, like everyone else waited, happened to some others first. The group that's stood in attendance of this event as part of the background color suddenly shouted out numbers. As she might discuss with her friend Roshi, the background suddenly transformed to foreground, as those who blended in suddenly became characters relevant to the plot. Well, the plot just rushed some people out of the room, and now it was quiet again.

It did not remain so.

A zombie came out of the darkness, that was really good handywork. Makoto couldn't help but scrutinize the zombie's fate to fully-appreciate the effort that had gone into it. This DID make her look like the girl who was just too curious, but she had a certain love of the artistic, after all. This was grotesque with a purpose, and so it had to be considered by the merit of how genuine it looked. And yes, it was good, alright.

Of course, that's when someone muttered three names from the floor above.

"Huh... A formal creepy-voice."

Calling them all by last name. Surprising, really. Voices of the damned were usually very personal, shouting on a first name basis. She had to say, that much was new to her, at least. The zombie pointed up and gave them a destination. He then moved back and as soon as anyone made for the stairs - guilty as charged - they were all shaken up - also guilty as charged - by a HUGE SHOUT to go and take the elevator. Makoto never took the elevator. She kept taking stairs, normally, as per her physical therapy to recover herself. It took her a moment to even remember where it was.

"Okay, then. Onwards and upwards?"

Posted by: Alida Oct 17 2017, 03:09 AM
Formal wasn't the word Mika would have found the voices to be but she kept her robes tight for warmth. The oddities of this evening was just the start while the voices and the sounds came one by one toward the groups of students. Once again was Mika paired off with people she did not know or recognize within the same age group. Whoever these people were, she hoped to find some use of them tonight.

The first group headed off following their guided voices while their own was greeted by a tall looking zombie. Mika blinked and took in his form and style of what can only be described as his costume. His uniform looked close to a third years but again she had little idea of who it was. He came from the group and named them off in a mixed order but revealed at the names of the people with her were Eriko and Shiyo. Odd that she was informed by a short nick name which made Mika glare slightly to have a sudden close affiliation with said zombie. Shiyo, or Eriko as Mika didn't know the owners of which name yet, actually approached the zombie and inspected them. Mika tilted her head a little on why do such a thing but had to remind herself that this must be all costume.

As the zombie signal for them to go to the second floor, 2-C to be exact, the large and highly unnecessary yelling from the staff and 3rd years made her jump a little. Mika even hopped in place as she turned to look at the mixed group. So well rehearsed to speak that loudly but god that was loud! She started at them to find no traces of laughing or even a twinge of corpsing their way through this act. This could be taken as impressive or just unnervingly weird. A taller lady went for the stairs, ignoring the suggested method of the elevator. Was this bad to derail from the act? Mika looked to the remaining girl before choosing to follow the current leader up the stair case. "I'll go see the main road," she informed the other girl and went to take the elevator to see for herself.

Posted by: Suzu Oct 18 2017, 06:33 AM
Weirdly Eriko didn't really feel a sense of dread about a student made up very realistically in zombie makeup approaching them. Or of a mysterious voice calling out their names - her own given name being used, something of a personal term. Everyone tended to call her "Yamana-san" or some form of "Lady Eriko" or "Lady Yamana"; she supposed it was because of whom she was connected to. Still the idea of having other girls to go about this with helped her confidence. She didn't really know that many other girls close to her age, so it was going to be an interesting experience!

Interesting could also be used to describe the following events, although in a different context. A loud voice shouting at them to use the elevator to reach room 2-C caused her to tense up and ball up her fists. Sudden loud noises were still a little hard to handle but she'd gotten much better about them. Weirder than that was the fact that when she glanced over to the group of staff and third years, no one gave the slightest indication they'd been involved. Nobody seemed to have been responsible for that. Eriko took a deep breath, adjusted her glasses a little bit up her nose and struck forth.

The other girls were getting a little bit ahead of her, which was probably a bad idea. One of them was headed for the stairs rather than the elevator as had been demanded by the voices. That might just reveal some of the behind-the-scenes secrets of the voices or, if it were more genuine, be dangerous for a single soul to brave. Either way not ideal. Their other member was going toward the elevator, which might be the better idea given the variables at play.

"I think it might be better to stick together," she remarked, "I mean, if they put that much effort into their makeup and throwing their voices, it might be.. um.. fun to see what else they have in store." With her peace said she headed for the elevator herself.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Oct 18 2017, 02:52 PM
Makoto opted to take the stairs, with Eriko and Mikazuki choosing the elevator. Before the group could truly start on either path Eriko and Mika approached the elevator. A hotel style ding was heard as the doors opened and a massive blase of green flames shot out of the elevator opening, turning the wall across the hall from the elevator pitch black with burn marks and small flames. Neither girl would be in range to get burnt, but would have certainly felt the intense heat from the flames.

"OUT OF SERVICE!" the assembled group screamed.
As any of the three turned to look at the third years and staff they would be completely still and looked forward at the entrance to the school building, but all of them would have their left arms up and pointed directly at the stairs. Fortunately the stairs themselves seemed completely normal. It was once the students arrived on the second floor that things would seem weird. Normally when one reached the second floor they had a hallway going left, and a hallway going right. In this case, however, the left path was sealed off by a massive chain fence stretching completely from floor to ceiling.

Behind the fence figures could barely be seen moving in the distance, snickering and whispering the full names of the three. Occasionally two figures would appear in the distance, whisper a bunch of words hard to understand, then make sure to loudly end with one of the student's names before giggling and running off into a nearby classroom. As they walked past one set of classroom doors the doors would be locked shut but figures could clearly be seen moving in the darkness beyond the door.

Then they would find it, the classroom 2-C. One set of doors was locked, but the other seemed already opened with a pitch black classroom behind it. Now the question was what order the students would enter in.


Posted by: Moby Dick Oct 18 2017, 10:21 PM
Now, she hadn't done that on purpose, in order to 'break the game', because she didn't know that a green fire surprise was going to leap out at the other two girls. She didn't expect that anymore than she expected another shout to inform them that the elevator was out of order, which made her flinch, suddenly. It was all, as stated before, out of habit.

In retrospect, though, Makoto had seen a few horror movies.

So, the flames - which were harmless, but shocking - shot out, the shout-out happened, and then every zombie-person had simultaneously started pointing right at her, which was kind of freaky. The other girls were SO going to get on her case for not being at the elevator now... Making their way up to the second floor, there was a new problem: One path was fenced off...literally.

"Right...I guess we go right."

Well, it was either that or find some way to pull the chainlink fence out and caught whoever was belting out "MAKOTO SHIYOO!!!" like Pazuzu on steroids. Somehow, she doubted that anything short of her Relic was going to do it. Not these tonfas, that's for sure... Now, she could try and go back for said Relic, but chances are the doors were locked and she'd be shouted at for it.

Onward to Room 2-C, past the other rooms that obviously someone was behind and doing something in. They got to the doors, and only one of them was unlocked...and dark in there. Okay...NOW, the tonfas come out. Ready in her hands, Makoto pushed up her glasses and entered without a word.

Posted by: Suzu Oct 20 2017, 08:47 PM

Everything they were seeing was for show, that much Eriko was convinced had to be the case. All the signs pointed to a lot of careful preparation by third years and instructors. Probably a rare chance for each group to let their hair down and do something particularly playful. Using their names for a personal touch was a little creepier than she'd been prepared to give them credit for. She'd been headed for the elevator with Mika ready to just see whatever it was that was in store for them. As soon as the doors opened and green flame shot out, Eriko had instinctively ducked back and hugged the wall. She remained tense and uncertain if she should move until the voices shouted out the status of the elevator.

"They're lucky we weren't walking faster," she remarked as she stood up, "That could have been dangerous.."

That said she looked over to Mika and nodded toward the stairs, "Shall we go up? It looks like they're not giving us any other options."

Every step up the dim staircase was a bit odd for her. She knew that this was all a performance aimed at scaring them. Eriko attempted to recognize any of the voices that were shouting at her - that would help the tiny bit of lingering tenseness in her dissipate. Not so easy to do when they were either whispering too quietly to make out words or shouting your name. Nothing to be done but to push forward with the other girls! After all she was an Elite and therefore expected to lead by example.. but then the girl who'd headed up the stairs headed into room 2-C herself. As one more voice called out 'Yamana Erikoooooo!' she took a deep breath and pushed the door open enough to slip in herself.

Posted by: Alida Oct 21 2017, 03:28 AM
Their guidance to the elevator just to be greeted with a douse of greenish flames did catch Mika by surprise. Her eyes opened like wide saucers as the heat and flames licked at her robes before the doors closed and the creepy chorus told them it was out of order. The noise and heat had her stunned a moment till her hands folded into her robes to try finding some zen. Really though, she was tempted to grab her relic and seal the elevator shut first. The scare and the loud screams proving more annoying and cumbersome. Even more so that they were purposely lied to. Mika wasn't going to be as trusting as she was at the start if this keeps up.

"It doesn't look like we have options," she spoke low and slowly to the senior and traveled back to the staircase that other woman scaled. What awaited on the second floor was a peculiar fence on the left hallway. Mika stopped to look and note how it was as if a section of the school fence was cut out and placed here. Behind her, the class room door slid open with some giggling and movement heard from the other side of the other doors. People were here somewhere but it sounded more childish in a way.

Without taking too long to over think this, her name could be heard calling in her ear loudly. Mika glared into the classroom and marched in after Eriko.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Oct 23 2017, 09:05 PM
As the three entered the classroom all of the lights in the room instantly came on as four first years stood on the far side of the classroom clapping cheerfully. However, their look was far from cheerful. All four looked quite thin with chalk white skin (though obviously make up) and extremely dirty finger and toe nails. All four also had cute nooses around their necks. They had extremely dark makeup around their eyes to resemble the dead.
"WELCOME!" they said in unison.

The classroom was empty of anything except the students and four desks pushed together in the center of the room. In the middle of the four desks was a single paper figure like an old shikigami. On the board of the classroom a cryptic message was written.

"Play the game!" written over and over until one reached the bottom corner of the board. Not written but instead carved into the board and covered in blood was the message

The four first years smiled.
"The doll is split into three pieces. The legs, the head, and the body. Please take one. Pull the paper doll apart at the same time though, or you will get none." they chanted together while holding hands and smiling at the trio.


Posted by: Suzu Oct 25 2017, 06:18 AM

Eriko was starting to wonder who would be waiting for them in the room - students, certainly, but what track? When she saw the first years in ghoulish makeup and nooses hanging around their necks, her mind immediately started making guesses. Showmanship was important to this sort of event and someone who was really dedicated to making it work could make up for budgetary deficiencies. So these might be, in part, students from the more artistic tracks who naturally gravitated toward showmanship and presentation. Judging by the way the board had been littered with writing and carving, they'd taken a while to get everything set up.

She felt some responsibility as an Elite student to see this through to whatever ends might have been prepared. They'd clearly worked hard at this, so it was only polite and proper to go along with it. As creepy as anything might be Eriko had to admit it was actually kind of fun. Not knowing what to expect but being sure that it was all in good nature made this more enjoyable. As to the game that they should - or shouldn't - play, it was just a single paper doll. So simple.. and yet that meant a surprise must be planned.

"Pulling apart a paper doll at the same time? Doesn't seem so hard," Eriko remarked as she stepped over and tentatively placed a hand on the head, "I'll take this part, what about you two? Let's pull on the count of three."

Posted by: Moby Dick Oct 26 2017, 03:47 AM
The three of them entered the room and got an unusual from some...dead-looking students. Good god, the homework must be terrible! The room had the students and four desks in it, pushed together, and on the desks was a shikigami. She'd read about these. Hell, she could make one with a bit of origami and some scissors. The board, meanwhile, had some instructions.

Play the game, play the game, play the game, play the game, play the game, and...DON'T play the game?

Which one was right? Or were they both right, and that the little corner message was more like it was saying not to trust the game? It could be that way or not. Eriko seemed rather keen on this, after instructions were given by the first-years. They had to all pull the doll apart into three segments, or not at all. This all seemed straightforward, but as Makoto approached the deskes - having put away the tonfas now - she...hesitated.

"I...don't know..."

There was an uneasy look on her face. She wasn't nervous. She was thinking of how she was injured before. You may notice, she tends to wear clothing to cover up some scarring she's had on her body from being nearly killed by the earthquake from before. Unsure of all of this, she had trouble deciding before she put her hand over the middle part.

"I'll take the body."

Posted by: Alida Oct 26 2017, 06:36 AM
A small group of hanged students and a round of applause? Being the last to enter did Mika close the door behind her slowly to listen more accurately of what was going on. Hanged students welcomed them almost normally compared to the screaming choir downstairs. “A game?” She asked to herself while strolling over to view what this game is. The board near by was littered with words to play it with one saying don’t play. Mika sighed at this message. Not play and still die by fictional means? What is death in this haunted house? Mika rubbed her head and turned to the table. The option to leave was there but it wasn’t as though there was another route open for them without damaging the school.

“A doll. How queer.” A shikigami doll. Oh who? Well, there was no name on it soa nameless doll. The fact it was nameless bugged her a little that on impulse, Mika drew a typical henohenomojin face on it. Her doodles never changed and still looked horribly cartoon styled of a 5 year old. With the legs left for her to hold, Mika held the legs but loosely so that if the other girls pulled hard then it would fly out of her hand without issue. “I am not familiar with this game. Would there be a problem if the doll does not break or partly tear?” Assuming if all three pulled, either the doll would stay in tact by a balanced force of break from the center holder. Overall, the main reason for not knowing the game was that the curriculum at home didn’t account for occultism.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Oct 26 2017, 07:55 PM
The three walked over to the shikigami after looking at the board. Each seemed sure which part they would take. As Eriko grabbed the head the students clapped their hands four times and prayed. As Makoto grabbed the body the students once again clapped four times and prayed. Then finally Mika grabbed the legs and the students clapped and prayed a final time. As all four gazed at them excitedly Mika asked a question of the students. “I am not familiar with this game. Would there be a problem if the doll does not break or partly tear?”

The four first years turned to one another a few times, then all four just gazed at Mika silently for a while, then once again started looking back and forward to one another. Finally one of the first years, a young girl, with black hair and tired eyes stepped forward. She smiled darkly as the windows in the room shattered outwards, causing a cold wind to blow into the room yet didn't make the shikigami move. The lights in the room flickered violently as the girl smiled darkly.
"We're sure you will pull it apart without problem."
The girl then stepped back to join the line as all four clapped four times and prayed for the three students, waiting for them to pull the doll apart. The prayer was a dark nursery rhyme.

"Kitohiro, Kitohiro, a lonely boy at heart.

Kitohiro, Kitohiro, his heart was torn apart.

Kitohiro, Kitohiro, hiding in the dark.

Kitohiro, Kitohiro, violently torn apart."


Posted by: Moby Dick Oct 27 2017, 04:15 AM
So, the first-years - or rather, their spokesperson - came forward to reassure Mika that the doll would come apart fine, after they had all conferred, of course. Makoto actually smiled when they did all that discussion. It was either there for an act, which she found amusing, or the other girl had stumped them for a moment, which was also funny. Either way, the display took her mind off of the bleak thoughts of the recent past. She was ready to do this thing.

Aaand that's when the creepy chanting began.

It was essentially a story, but told in quick rhyme and verse. It was about a lonely boy whose heart was in torment over his isolation from people, either physically or through just never getting on with people. It was actually kind of sad...until they mentioned him being torn apart...which was what they were about to do here. It...well... Okay, there was a reason Makoto chose the body. Technically, she didn't have to do much for the old, here. What she mostly needed to do was keep the shikigami in place as the other two pulled.

So, she was mostly waiting on them to act now.

Posted by: Suzu Oct 30 2017, 06:09 AM
Having not been all that familiar with the game at hand, Eriko was interested to see where it was going. All of this work put into setting up the room with creepy writing and their own creepy makeup couldn't go to waste with a sub par presentation. What it all amounted to was a short poem about a boy whose heart was torn asunder. Hence the three students were to replicate the boy's demise by tearing the doll asunder. Unsettling to think of them as tearing someone apart, but she supposed that creepiness was the whole point. Mentally the Elite student gave them points for setting up something that was definitely fitting for the ghastly atmosphere of the season.

Now she was really curious to see what they intended to do once the doll was actually taken apart. Hopefully something clever or at least to show off their creativity, she hoped. Without furhter ado she looked to the other two and counted down from three as announced previously. On 'three' she pulled with a slight tug so as not to rip the doll the wrong way or even overly aggressively.

"Let's see what happens next," she remarked, gazing at the head she'd removed from the doll before looking at the first years with an encouraging smile. Not what they'd probably hoped for in a reaction, but she felt it was appropriate to show her appreciation for their efforts.

Posted by: Alida Oct 30 2017, 10:03 AM
Instead of one of the other students providing the game's rules, the ghost children glanced at one another. Was this a problem? Would this be a problem to their plans? It wasn't till one of them approached their little group toward Mika's side with the answers as the class of the school window's broke inward. The Honda princess hide herself of the stray glass by raising her kimono sleeves for shelter while trying to listen intently of their every word after the children had an odd exchange of the students. It looked as if they were wondering if it was okay to tell Mika how the game was played. She didn't notice the amused looks this brought on by her fellow haunted house explorers though. Her full attention was on the odd spirit girl.

"So it's like that...." She placed her hands into her kimono robes once gaining an idea of what this game was about. Visibly though she was disturbed by the stray glass around the room now. It didn't look safe so she carefully returned back to the others. The shikigami was to be a boy's heart, somehow, and that the three of them were suppose to manage to tear it into pieces. This sounded to be the idea of it as Mika returned to where the shikigami rested with the other two students. Since she was the last to pick a spot to hold onto, she resumed to holding the part that would be its legs. Chanting began from the children with clapping included.

Mika looked to the other girls for a sign of sorts as it was down to them to start pulling. One of them decided on a count down. She nodded and held onto the legs a bit loosely at first. One the count of three, Mika pressed her fingers on the paper and held onto it. In reality, she didn't want to tear off the legs and wanted to see what would happen if they counldn't tear the paper body. As she did, she pulling from the other two students coupled with her weakened grip caused the paper to slide between her fingers. The paper left a long cut along her thumb and middle finger as it slipped out of her grasp leaving the leg portion of the shikigami painted in a trail of blood. She winced and closed her hand tightly on reflex to try stopping the paper cut from bleeding further.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Nov 3 2017, 11:31 AM
The creepy students smiled as the three finally started pulling the doll apart. That was, of course, until an accident occurred. Mika was unable to hold on to her part of the doll as it slipped out, cutting her finger. As her blood got all over the legs of the doll it began to rip into smaller and smaller pieces until a whirlwind of floating, white, paper diamonds swirled around the three students.

For Eriko, she wouldn't be able to tell a difference. As the swirl of paper diamonds fell to the floor she would be completely fine. She could clearly see the swirl of paper diamonds wrapping around the other two students. The only changes being that she would feel lighter, and her feet seemed to have slightly fallen through the floor.

Inside the small paper tornado on Shiyo's stomach and left leg a glowing red seal appeared as first her upper body was suddenly constricted by a straight jacket covered in weights, and then her legs suddenly had multiple weight strapped to them as well. Her legs hadn't been bound, she could still move them freely, however every step would require far more effort than usual.

Finally, as the swirl of paper stopped Mika would be fine. Save of course for one problem. Mika could see herself, and she could see Shiyo, but Eriko was nowhere to be seen. Shiyo could also see Mika just fine, but to her Eriko was missing as well. For all intents and purposes, to the two girls, Yamana Eriko was now missing in spite of being directly in front of them. Even if they touched the space Eriko was occupying they would feel nothing.

To make matters worse, when the three girls looked around, the first years would be gone. The writing on the board has been replaced with a new message.
"One of you is bound, one of you is taken by fate, and one of you, is fake. Fine the chest on this floor, and make your escape." was all it said.

(OOC: In summary, Eriko is a ghost and can pass through walls. Mika is fine. Shiyo is new bound by weights all over her body that are quite literally stuck to her body and can't be removed.)


Posted by: Moby Dick Nov 5 2017, 04:21 AM
So, they all pulled on the doll-

"Hey, wait a minute."

Too late. As Mika got a cut on her finger, she let go of the doll and it exploded into a thousand tiny fragments, swirling all around them. Makoto felt grateful that she had glasses, as it would've been terrible to get one of those in her eyes. That said, she was about to make a remark when Eriko vanished...which, of course, prompted a whole new comment!

"What the hell is going o- Wait, what's happening to me?!"

Ah, well the answer was that a number of heavy weights had appeared on her body and her arms were constricted. Makoto felt very heavy and not entirely on balance, since she now had to hold up more than just herself here. She now looked at the board and saw the writing there. Someone taken away was Eriko. Someone bound was definitely herself. She cast an angry glare over at the only other visible girl now.

"Well, we know who's the fake here. Nice grip ya got there, Mika. Thanks alot. I- Oh crap."

She'd turned to face the girl, but she wasn't use to the newfound weight yet and was now off-balance. shall we put this? Timber? Jenga? London Bridge is falling down? Makoto was going to be falling on Mika now, aaand she couldn't really stop it.

Posted by: Alida Nov 5 2017, 10:57 AM
Mika shielded herself again with her kimono sleeves now that he no longer held onto the doll anymore. A gust of wish stormed through the room and it was hard to say what was even going on. She waited for the wind to die down before attempting to look. The doll they were suppose to tear were kinda shredded more than anything but something was clearly amiss as the girl was glasses was here but where did the other go? The girl looked a bit lost before flinching a bit as the glasses one yelled at her for being a fake. Fake!? What on earth do they mean fake!? They processed to swear and tried to advance toward her before exclaiming more in confusion than anger.

"Where...did she go..?" Mika answered, edging away from the glasses one. "What are those marks on you..?" She pointed out with her sleeve while maintaining distance. Not that distance seemed to be an issue anymore as said glasses woman with the cursed marks was actually going to fall on her! Oh no. She extended her arms in attempt to push them back upright in a way but they were already rather top heavy and in mid-fall. The weight actually pushing Mika backwards by her slippers sliding across the floor. The lumbering timbering woman more like slide flopping down like some caterpillar.

“My...apologies...?” Mika wasn’t sure how to word it or how to further assist them. One good pull would easily send her to the ground with them. Her head turned about in search for the other girl in the room when upon seeing the message on the chalk board. Ah. A fake for not tearing the doll properly. Mika wasn't sure if she should really be hurt by such comments. Nothing seemed wrong with her and thanks to tearing the doll, something else happened to the others. Unfortunately, she'll have to start doing some real work as there was a chest to be found somewhere. Treasure chest? Human chest?

"On this floor...why can’t it be in the same room?" Mika wondered aloud while trying to ignore the anger Glasses-san was throwing her way. She checked around the room once more, hoping that maybe the answer was still in here than wandering around the rest of the second floor.

Posted by: Suzu Nov 7 2017, 07:07 AM

Well if this were just something that artistic students had created, it was way more realistic than Eriko had expected. At first she only noticed the other students' predicaments and felt especially sorry for Makoto's situation. That couldn't be comfortable to deal with. However the visual effect of paper diamonds swirling and wrapping around the other students was pretty interesting. When she wondered about the ones that had fallen to the ground near her.. she realized that her feet seemed to be somewhat in the floor itself. Now that.. she couldn't really explain that.

If they were tasked with finding a chest hidden on this floor, however, then perhaps this wouldn't be a bad condition after all. Being able to go through things might enable her to simply escape from any potential dangers without issue. Of course how that would help her get them to the hidden secret without some help she didn't know. Could she even perform physical actions when she was like this? Well, it was worth a test.

She went over to the chalkboard and attempted to tap her fingers on it, hoping to create a sound. If that were possible then she could at least send signals to the other two!

"Can you hear me? I'm.. kind of in a weird position right now," she asked, uncertain if they would be able to hear her voice.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Nov 7 2017, 11:12 PM
All three had been cursed, however exactly how they had been cursed they wouldn't be fully aware of until later. As Mika helped to put Makoto in a less horrid position compared to falling over she left the room to explore the second floor. It looked like the place the students had been pushed into was the eastern wind of the second floor. It consisted of six rooms, one of which the students currently stood in. The other five rooms contained an AV room, a science room, two standard class rooms, 2-C and 2-D, as well as a three tiered large lecture hall.

Mika herself had gone out into the hallway to find the hallway just as dark and empty as before while inside the room Makoto would suddenly hear two small taps against the chalkboard. She had no way of knowing what the taps had been made by of course, but they certainly sounded like creepy ghost finger nails! Sadly Eriko would suddenly feel a bit tired from doing so. It appeared that to create actual physical effects took a bit of doing on her part. Though the upside was she had made them, and if Eriko looked over at Makoto she would be able to see herself in Makoto's glasses. Unfortunately Makoto herself obviously couldn't see a reflection on the other side of her own glasses.


Posted by: Alida Nov 9 2017, 01:03 PM
Leaving Makoto to the room, Mika looked over her options when the classroom they were in held nothing. There were too many rooms to search for on her own efficiently but it was a start. From the odd markings on Glasses-san, the only thing to safely assume that they were cursed in some way. The other girl that vanished may have suffered the same treatment but did Mika end up the same way? The Honda girl pattered herself down a moment in the hallway to self consciously check if nothing was awry about her person. Everything felt to be in its place and her hair color remained the same so for now there was nothing wrong with her. Well, maybe that one minor note. Mika had to consider that she was now a 'fake' in some manner.

She shook her head of whatever that meant for not actively participating in the game. Her hand still stung a little from cutting herself as Mika went for the AV room first. Perhaps if she looked through the smaller rooms then the search would be done quicker than the larger class rooms. She took her phone from her kimono to help light the dim hallway as she reached and pulled upon the AV room door to begin her search.

Posted by: Moby Dick Nov 9 2017, 11:19 PM
Falling over was no fun at all. They say that gravity is a harsh mistress, and Makoto would have to agree, because she was clearly being especially tested for that harshness as she landed with a 'Thud!' sound. This was then followed by her grumbling in irritation. And as she got into a position to be able to at least sit up, Makoto saw that Mika was just leaving her!

So, first she gets me into this mess, now she leaves me to it? I'm glad she's not one of the Maeda, because I'd nver do anything for her now!

It was a matter of fact that the coma and all the circumstances around it had left the otherwise kinder and more patient girl from before into one that was quicker to anger and much more passionate about it. Seriously, though, she'd had to straighten her glasses by pressing her face against the floor! What kind of person leaves you to do that? Makoto got her legs underneath her...

..and then - despite the weights - Makoto jumped into a fighting stance when she heard the noise.

What...? What was that? They wouldn't jumpscare me NOW, would they?

Well, maybe if she was suddenly attacked, then yes. Otherwise, it was something else entirely. Makoto re-read the message. Taken where? Taken how? Dammit, this was frustrating... She couldn't even reach her cellphone to see if she could reach anyone or catch up with Mika to smack her one for this! Makoto gritted her teeth, and shouted.

"Eriko, if you're around here, either help me out or make Mika pay for doing this to us! And if you do the latter...lunch is on me, sometime."

She was offsetting her worry with anger, because this compromised position made her almost helpless. Throwing a kick would likely take effort AND make her fall over, which was not good. Nevertheless, after looking around the room and seeing nothing, she'd have to make her way out of here to find this apparent chest and get the weight off of her chest. Maybe in the science room...?

[OOC: Jin, please keep me apprised of other reflective surfaces around so I know when she can catch a glimpse of Ghost-Eriko.]

Posted by: Suzu Nov 10 2017, 08:04 AM

Okay, this was getting more and more odd for Eriko as she saw the reaction to her effort to create physical effects. On the one hand she quickly felt tired from just trying to tap her fingers on the blackboard. Clearly there were rules for being in this form that she was going to have to figure out. Yet she thought she saw a reaction from Makoto, which indicated that she did indeed have the ability to create noises and the like. There was a way to work with this then - no worrying about what exactly was going on. Time for that later once they were all out of immediate danger; being a leader meant focusing on what you could do rather than worrying about the things you couldn't effect.

At least she was trying very hard not to focus on the eerie feeling lurking in the shadows. That something strange beyond the simple abilities of even the more capable students and staff was going on. Even if it seemed weird that someone might have the power to hinder Makoto out of nowhere like this, or to cause Eriko to become ghostly. Nope, focus on the task at hand. Which was finding the hidden secret item.. and making sure that Makoto was okay. Mika ran off, leaving the girl behind - and Makoto was calling upon her to get back at Mika for it. Seeing they'd have to all get out of the room, she reached out for the door and tried to pull it open for Makoto to get out through. Hopefully it wouldn't close behind her once she went through herself!

"Let's check the room the opposite direction from where Mika went," she thought aloud, whilst resting to recover from however opening the door for Makoto taxed her.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Nov 13 2017, 05:43 PM
Mika used her phone for light and entered the AV Room. It was made appropriately dusty to match the creepy hallowen theme but sadly didn't have much in the way of actual objects. Inside the AV room with a locked steel locker, and a few old tape recorders. As well as a few cans of film reels and a projector on the ceiling. It all seemed as though it hadn't been used in ages.

Meanwhile Makoto would suddenly see one of the classroom doors open all by itself, shortly after she had called out for Eriko's help no less. It was a strange occurrence to be sure, but by all accounts the door was now open. Though for Makoto to actually walk too and through it would take some effort. Though the act of opening the door would leave Eriko in a similar heavy feeling state to Makoto for a few minutes. Fully opening the door, even that light of a door, was a lot of effort when she herself was able to easily just walk through doors and walls like it was no problem.

As Eriko steadily walked over to the science room she would see what looked like Mikazuki walking towards her as she slipped through the wall and door of the science room into the room proper. The room itself was dimly lit but it didn't seem an issue for Eriko's eyes at all. The room looked to her as though it was mid-day and even the moonlight seemed as bright as the sun. Inside, the room had a large fake body used for science, multiple tables that students sat around for experiments in groups, and a teacher's desk. The various cabinets all contained chemicals but none of them looked like any type of treasure chest. Though she was able to fully see herself in the reflection of the windows, glass beakers, and clear shelves with chemicals behind locked glass doors.

Finally as Eriko and Mika had gone off and Makoto would have started making it towards the door Mikazuki suddenly stuck her head in the class room and went wide eyed.
"Makoto you are still here? Come help us find the treasure chest. These rooms are empty and I realized I can't search them alone." she demanded.


Posted by: Alida Nov 14 2017, 04:13 AM
The light from her phone shined up the corners of the small AV room. Of course the first room wouldn't be a winner but she hoped to get it over with quickly. File containers and projectors were piled about with nothing out of the ordinary as she tried to climb around in her kimono. Even resorting to pulling one of the chairs to shine her light at the tops of the lockers proved little. The only things were a minor hindrance was one of the lockers being, well, locked. The school is haunted now so anything that was locked has to be liable to be searched. She hopped down to take a closer look and even banged her shoulder against it to see if anything rattled. "A chest...huh," Mika heaved and folded her arms to think. The locker may be a bit small to have a chest inside.

Realizing that this room held little else than the locker to be investigated later, Mika shook her head and left the AV room to see the other rooms. At the moment, she didn't see anyone else in the hallway. "That glasses long are they going to stay in that room," Mika shook her head hopeless and took to the room next door to the AV room, 2-C. May as well keep searching around. Their fall earlier seemed oddly sluggish so Mika took it upon herself to search a bit quicker to find this chest thing. If they were lucky, it wouldn't even need a key.

Posted by: Moby Dick Nov 14 2017, 06:22 AM
Oh, that was a relief! One of the doors opened. Makoto didn't know for sure that it was Eriko, but someone was being awfully sympathetic. Well, until some evidence bore itself out, she was going to assume that she'd reached Eriko somehow and that the door was her doing. It certainly wasn't Mika, who had closed it behind her as she left, without even thinking.

She didn't understand how heavy this was. This was like all the weight in the exercise gym. All of it! Makoto was going to be so buff after this that she could state taking Bruce Lee lessons. Oooh, now that was an idea. Take some lessons, and then proceed to own anyone with an attitude who can't keep it to themselves.

It was taking a looong damn time to reach that damn door. This would probably hurt if she wasn't pissed off and pushing adrenaline into the system. And believe you me, that wasn't stopping any time soon. Anyone who thought that anger was a temporary state did not truly understand the emotional state. Anger is a frame of mind. You can fume and seethe for hour, and Makoto was going to need every ounce of it to get out of this.

As a side-effect, though, she was not in a very good mood. So much was she not in a good mood that she did not even consider the authenticity of the Mika before her. She was too irritated to give a damn in that sort of direction. However, because Mika was responsible for her predicament - at least, she was pretty sure it was - the Mika that was here received a death-glare that could cause your oven to explode. There, the glasses girl delivered a line that fully-expressed what she thought of the other girl's demand.

"Unless you have a wagon or a cart to pull me with, get the hell out of my face. I'm going nowhere fast, thanks to you. Piss. Off."

Aaand she would keep moving towards the science room.

Posted by: Suzu Nov 16 2017, 06:05 AM

Though she'd been able to wrestle the door open for Makoto, it had taken an unexpected toll on Eriko. Her whole body felt aches and pains from the simple act. Concerning, yes, but it did give her an idea of how to gauge her capabilities in this form. A tap of the fingers was a little taxing while opening a door had left her much more worn out for a few minutes. Thankfully walking didn't seem to bear the same burden on her. Traveling to the science room was still possible without too much trouble.

However it wasn't a very fruitful place to search for a treasure chest. Her current form enabled her superior vision to what she'd normally have in the evening though. Seeking out the treasure might actually be easier now that she could view the whole room without extra effort or a light source. Though nothing was obvious in here as a treasure there might be a chance that the 'treasure' was hidden somewhere. After considering the various spots in the science room there was only really one spot that seemed likely as a hiding place - the teacher's desk. She took her time getting there so that she wouldn't end up too tired to search it before arriving.

During the process of walking to the desk she noticed that she really did seem to show up in reflections! A small smile formed on her lips as she realized that this would make communicating with the other girls easier. At least should they happen to both be in a room with a reflective surface. Just as she was about to reach out for a drawer, she heard some sound in the hallway - was that someone coming to the science room?

"I'd better stand ready, just in case," she thought aloud before moving to a spot where she'd be easily visible in the reflection cast on the window.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Nov 20 2017, 11:10 PM
As Mika investigated the AV room she gave up on it. It clearly had nothing that would help her at the moment as she moved to the class 2-C. The classroom had a crude drawing of four first years being hung at the gallows in an execution square. Clearly a representation of the first years the group had seen when they first came upstairs. In the classroom was four desks arranged in a diamond shape. Each desk had a key on it. A large key that would take two hands to lift, a regular sized key, a small key that looked like it fit in a locket or trinket, and an old iron key that looked like it belong to a jail cell. It was strange to be sure. Aside from that the rest of the classroom seemed rather normal. One of the keys, the regular sized one, looked like it might be able to fit the AV room's locked cabinet.

Everyone would be able to hear a large thud around this time.
"Unless you have a wagon or a cart to pull me with, get the hell out of my face. I'm going nowhere fast, thanks to you. Piss. Off." Makoto had said to the Mikazuki in front of her. In response this Mika glared, offended, then violently pushed Makoto over. For the second time in a night Makoto violently fell to the ground with a loud thud.
"Insult me? ME? AND AFTER I CAME BACK TO HELP! WHAT A BITCH!" the other Mika shouted. As Makoto fell she would notice this fake mika had a series of trinkets around her wrists that the other Mikazuki didn't.

Meanwhile in the science room as Eriko prepared for someone to enter she would notice that under one of the desks was a large chest that looked like it could be opened with an old school iron key.

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Posted by: Alida Nov 22 2017, 07:32 AM
Seeing what was inside the class room made Mika smile at the small bit of success while Glasses-san still seemed to keep throwing swears her way somehow. Even another loud thud shook the room thanks to the giantess taking another fall. "That woman must have hit herself on the head." She resolved to thinking just that. It wasn't as if she purposely dropped Glasses-san but it wasn't as though Mika would be able to clumsily manage all that upper body weight. She fixed up her kimono a bit and took a walk around the room.

Nothing looked too hidden this time as classrooms were mostly designed to be very simplistic. The keys were all in plain sight, which was a great thing for their group, but she took a moment to exam the drawing on the boards. In haunted fashion were there four hanged bodies drawn in chalk.The grouping made her think of the group of ghosts that greeted them in the paper doll room.

"One, two three, four."

Yup. All of them were there. She couldn't tell much more from the drawing and went to look at the keys. Nothing said she couldn't take more than one so she tried to biggest one. "Nn..nnh!" Mika tried lifting the key to discover how insanely heavy it was. Clearly this had to lead to a door of strength or something as her arms trembled to even get the key to even lift off the desk by 2 millimeters. A lost cause she'll have to get Glasses-san to take up. Since she was in the room alone though, Mika turned to take the other three keys instead as they were both smaller and lighter for her to deal with. Unless something was wrong in taking three of the four keys, Mika would exit the room and draw in the door with her relic brush a key design like the big heavy one as a reminder.

The only locked places she knew thus far was the one in the AV room. Since it was near by and she happened to find a set of keys to try it, Mika plotted out her course to go to the AV room to see about opening that locker right away to see what was there.

However, before doing any of that planning, her eyes caught sight of Glasses-san making their way to the science room. Each step of their's hulking across the floor for the science room. That does rule out that one. I'll have her search that. But there was something off. She saw herself there yelling insults back at them. Another me?! This was strange but they seem angry in voicing more insults at them.

She didn't want to risk getting dragged down by brutish muscles, this time on purpose, and called to the double. “Care to help on this side?” She motioned to the room she planned to go and left to the AV room to see what was inside that locker in the first place. If all goes well then that would leave the heavy key and the large lecture hall to contend with.

Posted by: Moby Dick Nov 23 2017, 01:44 PM
Makoto wasn't having a good day.

She hadn't been having a good day since she was in the earthquake and eventually came out of the coma. Times like this, though, was where she felt like life was just kicking her in the ribs for funsies. Let's review, shall we? She'd come into this place and gotten cursed with some rather intense weight - thanks to Mika, we'll assume - and Mika then left her alone, unless Eriko was actually the one who opened the door. Now, Mika apparently came back, demanding that Makoto follow when she was in this situation.

Yeah, no. She wasn't in any mood for this.

However, Mika had taken her telling off rather poorly and...well...shoved her over as she was getting out into the hallway. Makoto landed with a heavy thud, and that in of itself confused her. You see, she expected Mika to be taken aback and aghast, not keen on physical Makoto herself had been, of late. Frankly, she wasn't seeing what 'help' Mika had been offering, and also...had she found some sort of treasure, already? What was with that band around her wrist? That wasn't there before. Makoto sighed. She had to get up again.

Okay, and a one, and a two, and...LIFT.

She'd gotten her feet underneath her again, allowing her return to her feet safely while under the strain of this weight. So, she glared over at the current Mika, unaware that the real Mika might be watching, and spoke. She'd also be braced against further push-downs.

"You had me fooled for a second, but the act is wrong, the bracelet is new, and any decent girl would've been apologetic at this point. So, either you're a horrible person OR you're not the real Mika. 'One of you is taken, one of you is bound, and one of you is fake'. It doesn't take a genius to work it out."

Also the fact that the other Mika was visible down the hallway now. Smug face is very smug indeed, at this point.

Posted by: Suzu Nov 25 2017, 11:17 PM
There was a loud thud in the hallway that made Eriko wonder if something had fallen apart. With all the time and effort that'd been put into this event, she thought perhaps some things might've been rushed. Maybe not placed exactly right and thus could potentially fall from their hiding places. Or maybe it was Makoto having a hard time of it. Well, regardless she had located a chest that appeared to be just the sort of thing to hide the secret in. A very heavy chest that she wasn't going to be able to move easily on her own. If a door was hard to maneuver a chest that size would be nearly impossible.

So she decided getting someone else in the science room was going to be key to getting out of this weird situation. Completing the challenge, as it were. Thus she went over to the science room door, then through it to see who might be out in the hallway. Both of her party were there along with an unexpected plus-1: a second Mika? What? Must've been some extensive planning there to have the outfit ready. Regardless she figured that she should try and get their attention to the science room.

"Some ghostly noise ought to do it," she thought aloud, then began to rap her knuckles on the science room door at a pace that would sound like someone fearfully knocking at it. Hopefully that would get their attention!

Posted by: Nobuyumi Nov 27 2017, 08:54 PM
As Mika took the three smaller keys, leaving the largest in the room on the desks, she went into the hall to see another her insulting Makoto. As the real Mika asked the fake one for help Makoto made it to her feet and called the fake Mika out.
"You had me fooled for a second, but the act is wrong, the bracelet is new, and any decent girl would've been apologetic at this point. So, either you're a horrible person OR you're not the real Mika. 'One of you is taken, one of you is bound, and one of you is fake'. It doesn't take a genius to work it out." The fake Mika hissed a bit and backed away from Makoto. Makoto would obviously be on guard now for being shoved to the ground so that wasn't an option. The fake Mika had no interest in helping the real mika, or helping Makoto, so instead the fake Mika ran towards the science room, stopping as a noise hit the science door.

Makoto couldn't see Eriko, but the fake Mika could. The fake Mika glared at the empty air in front of her.
"GET OUT OF MY WAY BITCH!" she hissed and went into the science room. As the door moved Makoto would see Eriko in the reflection of the sliding door.

Meanwhile in the AV room the real Mika tried her three keys. The smallest key was far too small and didn't work. The iron jail key clearly wasn't made for the lock. The regular key opened the a.v. room to reveal a tape recorder that started playing.
"Four keys exist. Two clues, a cure, and a path. Beware the fake. Embrace the fake." then the player stopped. The medium sized key didn't seem to be able to leave the lock Mika had put it in. She was now down to two keys in hand, and a giant, heavy one back in that room.

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Posted by: Alida Nov 28 2017, 12:59 AM
Thankfully the regular looking key fit after failing the first two. Mika swung the locker open gladly only to look perplexed at a recorder sitting there. Figures that the locker wouldn't have the chest needed so she picked it up and pressed play since it sat there begging to be used.

"Four keys exist. Two clues, a cure, and a path. Beware the fake. Embrace the fake."

This may be clue number one as it gave the best hints to offer. Mika took the recording with her as she exited the AV room and headed back to where. The locker key didn't seem to want to budge after using it so it was left where it was.

Back out in the hallway, Mika looked around with disappointment in her eyes. She had hoped her other self would be there to help but seemed to have run off while her back was turned for the AV room. But Glasses-san was there!

Ugh, Glasses-san...

Mika sighed and went over to the angry woman. It's hard to keep avoiding them now and it was as good a time as any to maybe share the clues gathered. It could lighten up their mood but anything close to cooperation would do just fine. There is that last key she couldn't take with her and this person was the only other one around to ask.

"I found some keys in the other class room. Going to search the lecture hall if you are showing intentions for the science lab." Her hand raised up the recording to where Mika pressed the button again to let the message play once more.

"Four keys exist. Two clues, a cure, and a path. Beware the fake. Embrace the fake."

"And this first clue. Perchance you have seen the other me?"

Posted by: Moby Dick Nov 28 2017, 11:41 PM
That hiss made her feel alot better about her predicament. Bound and weighed down, she still managed to see through the trap that lay before her. The Fake Mika had to get around her to run off into the science room, and Makoto was on her guard as she did so. As a result, she was able to see who the hell the fake was shouting at in the reflection of the window.

Eriko! So, she really WAS here.

Someone had been making noises and had opened the door for her before. Makoto had hoped that it was the third girl in their party, and it looked as though that was the case. She must've been here in the capacity of a ghost, because she was clearly invisible and probably untouchable, yet...she herself had moved things. A strange situation, for her.

"Well, at least you're more mobile..."

It was at this point that the real Mika came down the hallway with some interesting things to share. Keys and clues, to be sure. Makoto listened carefully and thought about it, having taken to leaning against the wall near the science room. Mika would notice that her temper had gone down, though. Scoring a personal victory against the fake had made her feel better.

"I've seen the other you. She's rude, crude, and wearing a rather ornate bracelet. It sounds to me like our keys unlock clues about the treasure, a cure to our curses, and maybe the way TO the treasure."

Now, Makoto sighed, giving Mika a serious look.

"Listen, I wanna apologize for biting your head off earlier about the curses, but you can understand why it happened. I'm better at running than lifting. I've even considered a bit of track-and-field, from time to time, and now I can barely move. That, and apparently Eriko is a ghost. You can see her in reflections, I think. That said, it seems you got an evil twin, so my right to complain vanished in the wind. This is suppose to be fun, so let's try and enjoy ourselves. And with that in mind..."

She straightened up again, turning so that she was somewhat facing the science room now.

"I think Eriko's been tapping on the door to get our attention. However, Evil You also went in there. Since the only thing I can really do is try and fall on her, and Eriko can barely interact with the world, you might be the only one who can do anything about her...and I don't know how or why we 'embrace her'. I know you've got designs elsewhere, but since we're all here, let's do this one together, alright?"

Posted by: Suzu Dec 4 2017, 05:34 AM

Partial success had been realized in the attempt to get the other girls' attentions. She heard enough of what Makoto was saying that it seemed the communication effort had produced at least some result. That said there was only one person whom was actually entering the science room at the moment. It was Mika, but not the Mika who was liable to help them with the chest containing the solution to the puzzle. Nope, it was the unhelpful doppleganger Mika who was.. speaking to Eriko? All of this was hard to explain with mundane reasoning, but perhaps the person behind this all was the fake Mika? Some kind of relic that affected peoples' perceptions or something? Though it didn't explain everything she was willing to accept a partial explanation over nothing at all.

Considering the rudeness the fake Mika was demonstrating, Eriko didn't feel at all guilty about her next course of action. Clearly this wasn't someone she or the group wanted getting their hands on the treasure. Considering that this was the only person who could see her, maybe Eriko could physically interact with her more easily. Being told to get out of her way just reinforced the idea. It was something at least, so Eriko made a quick lunge at the false Mika, arms outstretched. Her intent was to effectively tackle the imposter around the waist and loop her legs around theirs to make movement much more difficult. Or at least more annoying.

"You're not going anywhere," Eriko hissed back, hoping that this actually worked.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Dec 7 2017, 07:22 PM
As Mika and Makoto chatted they would see the fake Mika suddenly fall to the ground yelling
"LET ME GO YOU BITCH!" she screamed and thrashed as Eriko held her down. She slammed her fists on the ground and tried to move but it seemed Eriko was able to fully interact with the fake Mika. In a lot of ways, she was literally embracing the fake. The sounds of her bracelet clattered as she kept thrashing and finally tried to stand up, pushing hard to get Eriko out of the way as she still slowly trudged towards the room.

The Hallway seemed to shake a bit with her. Something felt strange and off, though that also seemed to be the point of the entire evening. Nothing this evening had really made any sense to begin with. Though it was clear that Eriko didn't need to spend extra energy to keep the evil Mika in tact.


Posted by: Alida Dec 9 2017, 05:56 AM
Designs elsewhere would be the right of it. Mika placed her hand together in her kimono sleeves and turned to the door of the science room. The noises coming from there were actually starting to concern her. This was all before the hallway started to rumble and curses screaming of someone telling something else. Hearing what seemed like her own voice made Mika sigh and walk over to the science room door to pound on it loudly.

"You're a Honda! Act like one and look for a solution or, to be sure, you will assist in solving this problem with us."

Mika didn't want to have to fight with her clone or phantom but if that was going to be a problem then it was best to take care of a more physical problem. She turned to Glasses-san and pointed at the class room where she got the keys from. So long as there is a physically body to access now, then it might be their benefit to quickly grab an item.

"In that room, I will need your assistance despite your slow movements. There is one last key left but requires some physical strength. To save some time, we should take the key with us before the next course of action. I can return there to pull the desk to the classroom door to shorten your trip but not so much in lifting."

Posted by: Moby Dick Dec 11 2017, 08:14 PM
Now, Mika and Makoto couldn't really see or hear Eriko's side of things, not unless there was a handy reflection to show what she was doing. Even so, it was easy enough to infere that their apparent ghost could hold the fake, which might've been something indicated with the clue they received. That was good. That was progress. However, the real Mika wanted her to do something, because apparently she could not. Makoto listened, but she did sort of shrug within her straightjacket.

"That might be a tall order for me without my arms, but we'll see. While I'm out, see what that jangling bracelet is all about. I feel like that one thing different between you two is important."

She began to move in that direction, but then she stopped and had a smile on her face.

"Actually, I might just beat you there, after all."

So saying, Makoto got down onto the floor and barrel rolled away!

"See you later!"

Posted by: Suzu Dec 13 2017, 06:24 AM

It surely seemed like the second Mika was not batting for the same team as the first. All of that foul language and how she'd apparently treated Makoto was enough to convince Eriko it was time to put her feet down. Maybe not literally since she seemed as likely to phase through the floor as set foot on it. Still she had the ability to interact with whomever this person was, and she wasn't about to let them take the object that was the key to getting out of this mess. Now what had her little sister pointed out while watching TV once? That sort of hold might ensure that this Mika imposter wasn't going anywhere.

"Watch your language," Eriko chided her while trying to get an arm around the girl's neck. Not tight enough to actually choke her but enough to let her know who was in charge here. Her other arm went to take hold of the arm which wore the suspicious bracelet, with the intention of isolating it from the rest of Fake Mika's movements and keeping it under control. It was a grappling move she'd seen in a movie that'd come on TV once back during her last visit home. Hopefully it'd help here until they could get this under control.

"Now why are there two of you? And what are you going to do with that box if you get it?" she asked, firmly but surprisingly politely despite the situation.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Dec 17 2017, 12:01 AM
As Mika started moving back towards the room with the group of keys it seemed that Makoto had her own idea. Getting on her side she started rolling straight towards the room. While this allowed her to travel quicker than Mika it would also leave her quite dizzy, and still not answer the question about actually getting back up, nor about opening the door to the room and getting the key.

Meanwhile, Eriko grappled with the clone of Mika.
"Now why are there two of you? And what are you going to do with that box if you get it?" she asked, firmly but surprisingly politely despite the situation. The evil Mika didn't seem intersted in answer and instead simply kept trying to struggle, the charms on her wrist making loud noises as she tried to grab and claw at Eriko in order to get away from her grasp.
"I have no answer for the likes of you! You can't even be seen, or heard! Worthless. Worthless and invisible to the world!" the evil Mika scoffed.


Posted by: Alida Dec 18 2017, 06:03 AM
The utter lack of anger from Glasses-san's reply just about caught Mika off guard. Even that odd scheming grin of theirs before falling onto the floor and rolling their way to the classroom like a boulder was just unheard of. Did...they break? The girl held a kimono sleeve over her mouth in concern of their mental state before addressing the science room and the argument holding on within. "We shall return," Mika started for what appears to be Eirko in there doing...something to her doppelganger before swiftly chasing Glasses-san's boulder body down the hallway.

It was a sheer wonder that this person was able to stop at the right door even. Mika began to look at the woman as if they might not be wholly human as she stepped over them to open the classroom door to get the larger key. Since it was impossible for Mika to pick it off the desk by herself, she pushed the desk over toward where the cursed girl was and slid the key off near by them.

"Careful," Mika all but warned a second prior to the key falling like a brick on the floorboards beside them. It was like a mini anchor of some kind but if this person was able to roll themselves down the hallway then maybe neither of them had to carry the key together. Instead, Glasses-san here can hold onto the key and simply roll themselves back to the science room. That or maybe the key could somehow undo the binding spell on her. Mika peered over the desk as though expecting the lead weight key could somehow counter act the weighted spell.

"I suppose rolling back could work," Mika uttered to them when it started to seem like it wasn't the method of unlocking that spell.

Posted by: Moby Dick Dec 19 2017, 03:13 AM
There was really no question about her getting up, at this point. After having fallen over twice, the return to the upright position was a knack that Makoto had picked up. The dizziness...was new. That was why she needed a moment to collect herself, as Mika caught up. Because of this, though, Makoto was merely upright when she opened the door.

"I'll be with you in a minute."

This was followed by the sound of a desk sliding.

"Or not, I guess."

Mika warned her about the weight of the key as it fell, which Makoto moved her leg out of the way of. Then, there was a thought about rolling back with it. Technically, that was possible, and Makoto figured that grasping it with her hands through the cloth would be just sufficient, but then a thought occurred to her. This was a weighty key. She was currently being weighed down. Maybe...

She looked up at Mika.

"Hey, umm...random thought. I can roll back with this, there a lock on my back or somewhere I can't see? Because, if so, this might be MY key. And if it's not, we can just take it back, anyway."

Posted by: Suzu Dec 23 2017, 08:39 AM

Eriko tried to be a reasonable young lady whenever it was possible to do so. Her concerns in life had changed, so she had less to stress about for her own or her family's well being. All in all as a leader she felt it was necessary to not dictate things outside of situations when such things were part and parcel of the procedure. Words about not being seen or heard hurt though. As a Yamana she had always feared being invisible to a world that may not even know her family still existed. Worthless and invisble? That was probably the last straw in any encounter with the heiress to the Yamana clan.

"Can't be seen or heard, huh? Funny, you seem to see and hear me just fine," she taunted as she tightened her grip around the evil Mika's neck a bit.

Then Eriko noted the bracelet again - there was enough weirdness going on here that maybe that bracelet meant something. Time for action! Since she seemed fully capable of physical interaction with the evil Mika, she decided to test if her mass could affect things too. Eriko put her strength into a move to pull the evil Mika to the floor, thus making it easier to keep her under control. Once that was accomplished she would reach for the doppleganger's bracelet with one hand while maintaining the hold with her other.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Dec 24 2017, 12:14 PM

As the large key fell down next to Makoto it began to violently shake, clanking against the wooden floor over and over until it burst into a pile of shredded paper. As the key burst so did the large chains and weights that kept Makoto bound. As the paper scraps fell all around them this would leave two keys for the students to try and solve the puzzle with. One key that looked like it belonged to an old chest, and a second tiny key that looked like it could belong to a locket or some kind.

Meanwhile As Eriko and evil Mika continued to wrestle one another Eriko used a large amount of her strength to try and pull away evil Mika's bracelet. As she did she would suddenly find herself extremely exhausted. Not yet use to using her odd strength the bracelet was shattered to pieces as tiny trinkets scattered all over the floor around them. A small horse, a star, a "sky" kanji, a unicorn, a clover, and a small hope chest fell all over the hallway floor as the evil Mika screamed out in pain.

"NO! MY TREASURES! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" she yelled and become extremely enraged, violently thrashing around as slowly she began to feel lighter and lighter. Her skin slowly began looking like paper, then her hair, then her clothing and she simply burst into a pile of strung together shikigami. However, even with the evil Mika defeated, the remnants of her bracelet remained scattered across the hallway and Eriko still wouldn't become visible.


Posted by: Suzu Dec 30 2017, 07:36 AM

Victory had come at a rough price for Eriko. More so than opening a door or tapping her fingers on the chalkboard, the destruction of the evil Mika's bracelet had left her exhausted. Stopping the doppleganger was the only thing she seemed to capable of doing to help resolve their situation, and it took a lot out of her. As long as the evil Mika continued to struggle and fight, the Yamana clan heiress held her grip as tight as possible. Now that the 'girl' had been reduced to paper.. wait, reduced to paper?!

At first she'd been convinced that all of the things they were experiencing were just illusions created by students and staff. Theater tricks or even Relics couldn't quite explain away how she'd become a ghost.. or how this false Mika had turned into nothing more than shikigami. Eriko knelt down and studied the various charms from a distance while she recuperated. Not unusual for a young lady to have in a charm bracelet, really. Yet that Mika had undoubtedly been their enemy.. or something anyhow. Regardless she wasn't sure how much more she could do. Not until she'd had a bit of time to recover her strength.

"Whoever's doing this is really talented," she reasoned, telling herself this was all somehow just a trick by the students and staff. Otherwise.. no, she wouldn't think of that. Not right now.

Posted by: Alida Dec 30 2017, 09:10 AM
Mika had to climb over the pushed desk to see what was happening. The key fell with the heaviest of thuds so it got her a bit, just a bit mind you, concerned for glasses-san. When she couldn't see must more than just the other girl's legs, she pushed the desk aside to get a better look. By now were traces of shredded paper were floating about in the wake of the desk moving.

"Are you alright, Glasses-san?" Mika asked in all concern enough to call them by their nickname she mentally dubbed the girl this whole time. It wasn't fully apparent to her on what exactly happened but those odd markings on them were gone. If the curse was lifted or just went into hiding, neither of which would be clear to her without seeing some real results.

"And...where might have that key gone to?"

Also a valid question as Mika didn't fully understood that they large and heavy key was made of nothing but paper. After all, the large desk was blocking the way. She placed her hands into the sleeves of her kimono perplexing on where the large key could have gone to and what could have happened just now but it did come down to the fact that now there were two keys in their possession and two rooms they have yet to look into; the science room and the large lecture hall.

"Hmm, I suppose this would leave the lecture hall and the science room where my other self had gone." She sighed softly. "I suppose I can't put off that other being longer as well as much as the lecture hall does require a once over. It's the last room I've yet to search while..." Maybe it's best not to mention leaving Makoto back in the first class room. "checking the others."

Posted by: Moby Dick Dec 31 2017, 12:41 PM
It's good to be right, sometimes. Mika had pushed the key off of the desk, presumably so that she could grab it through the cloth of her straightjacket or something, and then...something weird happened. First, the key disintegrated. It became a bunch of disappearing paper talismans. And, as Makoto saw this, she let off a smile, because she knew what would happen next. The weighty curse had been done by paper talismans itself, which meant...yup! The heavy jacket and all were coming right off, allowing her full movement once more.

The other girl leaned over the desk to ask if she was alright, and found her jumping up, going, before giving her arms and legs a good stretch. She let out a sigh of relief, then, with her hands on her knees as she stood, before straightening up and leaning against the wall by the door.

"I am gonna run so fast after that. Oh, the big key vanished, by the way. That was part of the clue. One of them was to cure the curse, it seems, while the others are clues and - I'm assuming - the opening of ways."

Mika seemed...not so much keen on checking on her other self...but rather more resigned to the inevitability of it all. Makoto nodded at this, saying "I'm sure she's not that bad.", as sort of a hint that she'd gotten over the whole 'curse' thing, before heading over. Once there, doppelganger. Looking for a reflection to see Eriko in, Makoto addressed the still-invisible girl.

"What happened? She didn't get away, did she?"

In the spirit of her newfound mobility, she had also overlooked the scattered trinkets.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jan 4 2018, 10:12 AM

As Eriko rested and tried to recover she examined the shikigami on the floor. The various pieces of paper had blood seals on them with words like "Mikazuki", "anger", and "fight". It was clearly a well crafted creature to say the least. Likely not something a student could have made. As she examined them it would be none other than a now free Makoto who ran over to ask if she was alright. However, as Makoto did so she would suddenly feel a sharp pain in her foot, as though she had stepped on a large rock in her shoe. Underneath her foot would now be a small treasure chest looking bracelet charm. The charm itself would have something or other rattling inside of it, as well as a clear keyhole.


Posted by: Suzu Jan 7 2018, 08:50 AM

At long last things were starting to come together a bit for Eriko. Not that she was any closer to returning to her normal solid state, but things kind of made a little more sense. What remained of the evil Mika was nothing more than well crafted shikigami. Considering their quality this had obviously been a high level illusion, and therefore probably an Elite student or teacher had been responsible. If that were the case she imagined the person responsible might also have been capable of other things that defied explanation. Such as how she seemed to be immaterial, and how Makoto had ended up in a straight jacket. If a false person could be created then it seemed possible that everything else had been set up by that same person or people.

When Makoto arrived totally free of her restraints Eriko felt a great sense of relief. Now there was some quantifiable progress! Evil Mika defeated and Makoto freed, now they just had to get her back to normal and they'd have won. Something about the charms seemed like they might be important - the duplicate Mika had certainly seemed to think so. First, in response to Makoto's question she motioned to the shikigami and scattered charms. That is, just as Makoto stepped on something!

"Please let that be the secret," Eriko thought aloud as she tried standing up now that she'd gotten to rest a bit.

Posted by: Moby Dick Jan 8 2018, 05:57 AM

She'd stepped on something, something pretty solid that hurt. Makoto picked up her foot again to see what it was, but then noticed Eriko's reflection making gestures to all the loose papers on the ground. She picked one up.

"Made of paper, huh? I could swear I've read this in a story or something. Well, she's finished, so at least we have that. Kinda' expected you to be back in the flesh, though..."

She now found the little box and picked it up, inspecting it closely. was a tiny box. It was a tiny little box that evoked a sudden desire to name it Tim or something, and go on an adventure. Wait... She WAS on an adventure! And wasn't there someone on the like that? Also, and more importantly, this was a tiny treasure chest. Hell, you could even hear that there was something inside of it. Needed a key, though... She called back to the hallway now.

"Mika! Bring the keys! I've got a very small che- I mean...a tiny treasure chest!"

What? She wasn't gonna fall for that one...

Posted by: Alida Jan 11 2018, 06:59 AM
Mika trailed behind once Glasses got up and bolted to the science room. Her shoes shuffled with the last two keys remaining in her kimono sleeves. Thankfully nothing all too strange has happened doen the hallway when reuniting with Glasses and their last student. She came up behind Makoto as they yelped about something painful then called to her about a small chest. A small chest? Mika wondered how they found their last treasure box and dug for the tiny key.

“Here,” she handed the locket sized one to them before now taking note that there were other small items in the room. Tiny charms that had her name and anger on it. She quietly took hold of the rustic key from her robes before looking around the room. It was only just her and Glasses, having yet to see their last member, and wanted to search a bit after acknowledging the charms did describe the anger in her. No lies there but interesting that someone has taken note.

“So the last box was here too,” she spoke up from spying the last chest. Mika waited a moment though to see what would happen if the smaller chest opened. Like the heavy key, the smaller key may reverse what befell their invisible student.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jan 14 2018, 09:40 AM
As the smallest key was placed near the tiny chest it suddenly popped open with tremendous force. A series of lights, similar to a legion of fireflies, erupted from the chest touching all manor of things from the students, to the doors, to the walls, and even down the hall. With a brilliant flurry of lights the school lights came on, the deserted classrooms returned to normal, the students acting like zombies down the hall faded away, as well as the gate blocking them from the students. Even the path upstairs was now completely cleared.

With the small chest vanishing, as well as the tiny key, all of the upper building was now returned to normal. Well, almost everything had been returned to normal. In spite of everything returning to normal Eriko was still invisible. Nothing had changed in regards to her. It would be then that Eriko would remember seeing a large chest in the science room earlier as she was wrestling with the evil Mika. As the students looked around they would find the final chest in the science room. It was a large, clunky chest.


Posted by: Alida Jan 20 2018, 04:41 AM
She expected very little about the chest. It was just a trinket size of a 100 yen coin and the Glasses-san used the key to open it up. Her eyes watched as the box popped open in such a way that the room seemed to evaporate. Perhaps evaporate wasn't as accurate but wash away may be better. The dark gloomy set up of the school lifted for its modern style many of them would be more accustomed to. Nothing at all looked like the aged years of dark navy school uniforms and icon men's gokuran punk punk styles but nothing felt all normal.

Only the taller woman and herself remained in the science room. Mika's eyes looked around and briefly she looked down the hallway as if hoping the third person of their group would be around but no one moved in or into the hallway. Not even a sign of those odd children were around either to explain matters to her if this as another unfamiliar game. A pensive sigh left her as she slid the classroom door closed and turned her attention to the large chest. "If this doesn't--," she muttered as though to threaten whoever ran this mysticism show.If the box did something else then it would leave the large lecture hall as the last resort.

There wasn't a need to look to Glasses-san, the person she continued to forget their names at this point, for approval of what to do next when the choice was obvious for Mika. Taking the last key on her, she went to the box and shoved the end into the lock hole and attempted to open it.

Posted by: Suzu Jan 20 2018, 06:43 AM

The smallest of the chests being 'opened' was another anticlimactic moment for Eriko. Her strength was still recovering from the battle with Mika's evil twin, so she wasn't about to launch into anything too strenuous. With that said she was getting ever more anxious each time that they attempted something to get her freed from this state, only to see it fail. If things continued this way too much longer she might have a genuinely big problem on her hands. As if being invisible to the naked eye and unable to verbally communicate with others wasn't a big problem in itself.

Whatever had been done to cause this situation she was impressed by its authenticity. And frustrated by the limitations it placed on her. So often she was used to simply doing things herself, taking the lead in difficult situations. Now she just had to wait for the others perform those actions for her since it was trying simply to interact with the real world. Luckily, Mika was going after the final chest with what she could only hope was the appropriate key to unlock it. While she waited to see if that was the case, she looked into her reflection with an apologetic look. She did feel bad about not being able to contribute that much to the overall effort.

Posted by: Moby Dick Jan 20 2018, 10:59 AM
The keys were brought, and the very small one was handed to her. Makoto was about to insert it into the chest when Tiny Box Tim reacted all on his own when it was merely brought near. And from there? Magic. Mystical firelight danced all around them suddenly, and it seemed to wash away all of the spooky elements of the area. It was as if it were some kind of hologram and Picard had said 'End Program'.

The whole spectacle had been an awesome thing to behold. Makoto wondered how it was that they managed to hem them in with this illusion, as well as weigh her down and create an evil fake Mika. Or maybe it wasn't just one feat that did it, but a number of them working alongside one another. Anything was possible, she supposed. However, there issue: A quick check revealed that Eriko had not yet been revealed.

Much like the weights, it seemed unfair that the other girl had been afflicted, thus. The fact that she could still only be seen in the reflection of every glass implement here in the science room bothered Makoto now. That stupid curse... Yeah, they were the ones who messed with it, but the evening might not have progressed, otherwise. You have to get your hands dirty, sometimes. Oh well.

So, after some looking around and indications from the others about the presence of the last chest, they found it, and Mika had the final key in her hands. She looked over at the nnearest Eriko reflection now.

"Well, if this doesn't bring you back, nothing will."

The only thing she couldn't be sure of was it contents...

Posted by: Nobuyumi Jan 25 2018, 07:32 PM
As the three students gathered in front of the chest Mika put in the final key into the large chest. As the chest opened, inside was a large, old mirror that looked as though it had fallen off of a pirate ship somewhere. In the mirror three students would be visible, and as Mika and Makoto looked around they would suddenly see Eriko standing next to them, as though she had been present the entire time. As the girl became visible both the key and chest faded away as the group would suddenly hear a pair of hands clapping in the doorway.

Standing in the doorway was the artillery teacher Nabeshima Hideki. The teacher had on a long trench coat and very realistic looking bullet wounds all over his body. Standing behind him the four students from earlier, two of them holding glowing relics, one of them a small hour glass and the other a beautiful piece of fabric. As both stopped glowing the five of them got out of the doorway.
"You three did very well. You have even completed the night." and with that he pulled out three charm bracelets and threw them to the students.
"Happy fright night kids." said Hideki with a large smile.
"You three are now free to go."

The entire school building seemed back to normal. Not only the floor but if the students went downstairs they would notice that the entire school and campus now seemed like the long night of fear and discord had never even took place. Even all of the fake blood and arrangement of things on the first floor for halloween was back to normal.


Posted by: Alida Jan 26 2018, 06:40 AM
Mika couldn’t believe that this brought the end. She looked a little dumbfounded and then a little perplexed on how a bit anticlimactic this was. The girl folded caught the bracelet tossed to her with both hands, fingers pressed the charms apart to view them individually on what sort of symbols decorated hers before her blonde head raised to the shot up teacher and the two students standing on both sides. Relics glowly faintly of their magic. “Thank you for this most intriguing event,” she bowed to these hosts of the trial then looked to the now visible senior and Glasses-san.

The two of them looked well for what happened but her less given signs of appreciation toward them ended up being delivered as a nod and slight bow for their time. When the chest opened up to reveal a mirror showing all three girls in it, each with a different degree of reactions to the object, Mika’s face showed disappointment that the mirror would have been another false item to continue this long night. If not for the serior girl feeling more tangible than before and that wounded teacher showing up declaring their haunted night finished, she would have groaned a tiny bit to search the last room.

“It appears you are well,” she spoke as though putting the hainting night behind her as quickly as letting Glasses-san hit the floor in the first class room.

Posted by: Suzu Jan 29 2018, 07:40 AM
Just like that Eriko could at last be seen again by the other girls. She didn't necessarily feel any different but at least there was no question that she was back. Extreme amounts of relief played out over her expression as the experience finally ended at long last. Taking action was sort of her thing, so to not be able to take any real action without taxing herself immensely had been very trying. The Yamana heiress took a deep breath or two while regaining her bearings in the physical realm too. It grounded her a little more and now she was feeling more motivated to try and get closer to the bottom of this all.

Luckily they had a couple of students and a teacher there to officially bring the experience to an end. Rather abrupt as an conclusion but at least they might be able to answer some questions. Relics might be to blame for the various effects they'd experienced but she was't sure if any could make you actually go through walls. Or through a cursed set of restraints on you out of nowhere. She felt compelled to at least try and figure out what had happened to her.

"That was certainly an experience I won't forget. But sensei, if you don't mind my asking... how was it even possible to make us able to do those things?" she asked, though she wasn't sure she'd be getting an answer. Only once this was settled (or the perpetrators left) would she begrudgingly take her charm bracelet and head downstairs. Which was bizarrely normal compared to the trappings of haunting it had borne upon their arrival.

Looking to the other two girls she smiled a little, "Well, regardless of how that all happened, thanks for your help. Are you both doing okay?"

Posted by: Moby Dick Jan 30 2018, 01:57 PM
And just like that, it was over. The chest opened, a mirror was shown, and Eriko was suddenly visible. The halls had already returned to normal, so there was nothing more to this than 'Pop!' and sudden third student. Still, that was something of a relief. Makoto doubted that the people running this would leave them - any of them - cursed forever, but it still must've been a pain, being invisible against your will.

Anyway, they soon found the artillery teacher and the first-years from before - sans horror show - greeting them, where it was explained that they had finished the night. They were all given special charms, which...Makoto did not exactly eagerly accept, but took anyway. It would be rude to do otherwise, even though it only reminded her of Mika's evil twin. Eriko - who had been impossible to hear for most of the time - now asked how any of this were possible. Makoto assumed Relic power as well, but they didn't know all the facts. Then, the now-visible girl asked if they were okay.

"Oh, I'm fine. I got bumped around, but it's nothing serious, really."

Besides, it kinda' gave her the inspiration to start running and join Track-And-Field.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Feb 3 2018, 08:59 PM
The teacher and his four companions smiled as the girls seemed to look over one another and make sure they had, in fact, made it out alive. It was refreshing to see students care about one another after being in such a strange event. Though one of the girls, Eriko, was rather quick to fire a question towards the quintet.
"That was certainly an experience I won't forget. But sensei, if you don't mind my asking... how was it even possible to make us able to do those things?" The artillery teacher looked at the four students behind him, then back at Eriko, and gave a slight shrug.

"I'm sorry, but that isn't up to me to explain. Not to be rude or keep you in the dark. Rules are rules, and scions can choose to explain their powers or not." his answer was blunt, but he wouldn't be the first or last teacher to answer in such a way. Most of the time Scions did keep their powers at least somewhat secret.
"Blame the clans. Future and current clan lords don't want everyone else knowing what their retainers can and can't do." and with that he rolled his eyes a bit. He clearly wasn't impressed with the status quo in that regard. However, it was also his job as a teacher to maintain it and follow certain rules. Though as he sighed a bit one of the four behind him stepped forward. The girl had short black hair and dead looking eyes. In a way she looked a lot like Tagami Yumiko but thinner and a bit shorter.
"My name is Kosaka. I'm a first year. Ummmm, I'm really good with paper shaping!" she said with a smile that clearly didn't match her outfit. Then remembering herself she opened her mouth wide and let out a few zombie noises.
"Brains.......and shikigami....AND BRAINS...." she said, clearly fooling no one. Even the other three looked at her like she was crazy as the artillery teacher shook his head a bit.

"You three should get going though. The evening is getting late." then he looked at the four behind him and back at the students.
"Also, how about I escort you kids to the dorms. All seven of you have had a long night, in different ways." he offered politely. He was a teacher that constantly looked either bored or annoyed, but he wasn't heartless, and did care for the students that occupied the school.


Posted by: Alida Feb 5 2018, 07:40 PM
Her eyes shifted awayas they were all addressed by the teacher and students. Something about the confidentiality of Scion abilities and then there is the girl who spoke up about shikigami and brains. Shikigami are spirits and usually in the form of paper dolls. Their skills seem elaborate to duplicate items down to their very weights. Mika pondered about this more than the state of the people around her. The evening happened, some charm bracelet was given in thanks that was largely unwanted.

The moment the teacher advised to leave while also suggesting some escort to provide, Mika placed her hands inside her kimono and dropping the bracelet into the holding area in her sleeves. “I’ll accept your escort,” she spoke with her regard of the two others near here going from appreciating their presence to zero. It was clear the night wasn’t in their favor that she regretted to have taken more of her time ti properly inspect all the rooms. If not for the required muscle then the other two were largely unnecessary in her mind.

She walked forward to join them without once making direct eye contact with Makoto nor Eriko.

Posted by: Moby Dick Feb 7 2018, 01:22 PM
Well, before they went, it seemed as though Eriko wanted to know the secret behind all the things that they had done during this Halloween experience. The artillery teacher, of course, said that it really wasn't up to him, since it was down to the Scions themselves to discuss or NOT discuss how their powers work. One of the first-years, though, obliged them with an answer, of sorts. Shikigami...and BRAINS!


Makoto couldn't help but reply to that with a smile. Even though that wasn't much of an answer, it WAS an actual answer. Re-read your Japanese folklore about spells annd such. In some cases, you have your sutras planted by priests, and you have your paper-made servants who are given life through the power granted by their master. That actually DID explain some things. With that said and done, it was time to go and the teacher was offering them some escort back to the dorms.

"Okay, sure. Speaking of Scion powers, though, I have a very combustive Relic. D'you think I could use something that goes 'Boom' with that?"

Uh oh. Was she asking the artilllery teacher for gunpowder?

Posted by: Suzu Feb 13 2018, 07:28 AM

No full explanation for what she'd experienced wasn't very satisfying, and it showed in Eriko's expression. For a few moments she was frowning and scouring her mind for potential explanations for what'd happened. Relics could be unfathomably powerful she supposed, but to bend reality like had seemed to happen to her was a bit beyond that. Not having one herself she wasn't really sure what the upper limits on their abilities might be. Possible for them to have caused all of her ghostly capabilities and limitations? Indeed. But not knowing was all the more frustrating. The girl named Kosaka seemed nice though, even if her zombie acting left much to be desired.

"Keep it up and you'll be the finest undead at the ball, Kosaka-chan," she remarked with her first smile in a while. After that she looked to the other girls and let out a sigh of relief again. Their ordeal was over for now, and it had all been without anyone being hurt or even a legitimate danger being posed to anyone.

"Okay, while I'm not totally satisfied not knowing.. it was a good show. So I suppose congratulations are in order for putting on a good performance," she remarked.. then let out a big yawn. This had been a longer night than she'd realized! "If it's okay with you all, I'd be happy to walk back together. Weird experience or not, it'd be nice to learn a little more about the people behind it all."

Posted by: Nobuyumi Feb 16 2018, 10:33 PM

(Second to last round of posting)

As the students all gathered up to go the artillery teacher looked carefully at Makoto who had apparently just asked for combustibles. With a bit of a long side eye the teacher gave Makoto a serious look.
"I'm not sure you need such things this evening. However, students are always free to come and ask after the holidays." he explained carefully. He certainly wasn't again letting Makoto have some of his gun powder stores, but, it certainly wouldn't be tonight. Not when it was already late and the teacher didn't wish to wake up the entire, likely dead tired, student body thinking the Ikko had come back for another round.

With that the four young students smiled and followed their senpais towards the dorms. The four talked and whispered and giggled. It was like the people who had been seen in the building earlier didn't really exist. All four students seemed to have acted very well in their roles as they laughed and talked about how one another looked in their makeup and how creepy they had managed to act. Outside of the creepy events in the school building they certainly seemed quite cute.

"Thank you for the escort Senpais!" one of them said cheerfully as another nodded and waved at the three students ahead of them. The cold air moved through the group, but it certainly wouldn't be as creepy as things had been inside the now black and quiet school building.


Posted by: Alida Feb 19 2018, 05:01 AM
Mika kept quiet without much interest in asking about how their relics worked. If one took into account of all the strange things that happened then it is possible that the relic ability made them felt real. The warping of the school floors, that curse that bound Glasses-san, and whatever made that other girl into a specter. That zombie type with the paper skills was the most interesting to her in how weight was even included in the illusion. That sort of creativity had her wonder if the person could make people, or clones for that matter, than objects of shapes and sizes.

But on that note, while observing how the four chatted with themselves, Mika continued to avoid eye contact with the other two whom she shared this experience with. That brief comrade of solving the solution only came about once Glasses-san realized that they were angry at the wrong person. Once the wonder and that strange game was over, Mika too felt that the comrade part of the game was over. She slowly tilted her hand so the palm faced upward were some dried blood and the cut began to feel slightly irritable. Blamed for a paper cut. Hope unamusing. The girl's mind brewed darkly before sliding her hand back into her kimono during the escort to the dorms. Once that four departed for their rooms, Mika bowed directly to the teacher, and only the teacher, before turning away to get some sleep. As for this charm bracelet, who knows, maybe she'll read up on how to put a real curse on it and give it to her brother.

Posted by: Moby Dick Feb 20 2018, 11:40 AM
So, the three of them would be walking out with the first-years, and Makoto felt that her mood was definitely uplifted, listening to them chat away. It felt like a good recapture of some of her own lost innocence, in a way. Maybe she'd feel better about her own life, later on, chatting with these two that were with her today.

Well...maybe Eriko more than Mika. Mika seemed to be in a sour mood.

Still, the teacher was certainly right that she didn't need anything right now... It was more along the lines of wondering if her fiery abilities could and should be enhanced by explosives. During the defense of the hospital when the monks were assaulting it, Makoto had noticed that some of them had...exploded. She didn't know why (because she won't realize that a bunch of them were rigged to detonate upon their deaths), but if it could confuse the hell out of her...then other people she fought could be thrust into the same situation.

"There's no rush. Just a little thought for the future."

The group soon reached the exit and the younger students waved them off. Makoto returned the gesture, and then gave the two girl a short bow before heading for the dorms. Still wasn't sure she wanted to keep the bracelet, though...

Posted by: Suzu Feb 21 2018, 07:54 AM

It was clear that there weren't going to be any further answers about the actual how of what they'd been through. That was fine, Eriko supposed, though she really wasn't satisfied with how much was being left in the dark. As they walked alongside the first years her concerns were slightly alleviated at the way they spoke to each other. Nothing terribly odd about them that would suggest any malice or hostile intent. Just a quartet of students who had enjoyed their roles in a performance, it seemed. The Yamana heiress still wasn't happy about being incapable of doing anything while in her ghostly form, though. Even now it was difficult to accept that she hadn't been able to do anything for herself.

When they arrived at the dorms she was really starting to feel the toll the evening's events had taken on her. For a lot of this evening she'd been left to her own devices, facing her ghostly predicament with no support from her compatriots. Makoto she couldn't blame as much because she at least had the excuse of being incapable of doing much. She'd also been the first to see Eriko and do something to try and help. Mika had had other things going on, so Eriko wasn't sure she could judge her that much without knowing more. Still, it'd been a frustrating and tiring experience that Eriko wasn't terribly keen to experience again. The first years headed off and it seemed their evening was at last at an end.

"Rest well, girls. Let's meet again under less stressful circumstances," she told the other two before all three went their separate ways. As she walked up the stairs toward her dorm, Eriko looked down at her charm bracelet and laughed a little. If nothing else she had to admit it'd been an interesting night.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Feb 24 2018, 09:11 AM
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With all of the students departing to their dorms the teacher Hideki-sensei watched from a distance as the group entered the large building and split up. Slowly he pulled out a rolled cigarette and a match, lighting it on the top of his boot he placed the match near his mouth and took a drag and he looked up at the sky and turned back towards Edo Bugei's main building. He still had a few things to do before he went home, including making sure the main building was secured, and then double checking the artillery range.

Something always made him uneasy being away from the school's supply of guns and black powder for too long. After the Ikko uprising he couldn't particularly say that he trusted the students not to steal his weaponry. Given how scary tonight had already been to most of the students he didn't think they needed an actual fright of violence.

Meanwhile the four students giggled and laughed as they went to their respective dorms, talking about their senpais and how fun it was to finally be able to use their relics in a fun way instead of just hanging around the Bugei taking classes all the time. It was clear that the four had all been fairly young and hadn't even gone on full missions for the Bugei as of yet.


Posted by: Alida Feb 27 2018, 02:47 AM
"Good night," the Honda girl spoke decidedly for once for her voice to echo a bit in the hallway after chatty group of four left ahead. They seemed like good friends to have an elaborated story of the event to work the way it did. May end up being a group of writers if ever desired but that would be the lightest remarks she had of them. As for the other two of company, Mika remained sour for what happened with Makoto mostly than with Eirko, who had difficulties beyond their control to really have helped or done more for. It was clear that none of them in their group gladly kept the bracelets as a 'fond' memory of the evening based on how muted the walk had been. If not for listening to the group of younger students before them, the trek from the school building to the dorms would have become a mourning death parade.

Next to her voice and the loud clack of closing and locking her door, Mika sighed and emptied out the sleeves of her kimono and began undressing for pjs in a more organized room than ink splattered room. By her bed stand was the Ikko book she purchased and slowly began to study and transcribe. She set the charm bracelet next to it and flopped on the futon covered in a hush of how annoying tonight had turned into over one silly paper cut. "Tearing a body is oddly crude," she murmured into the comforter. The whole thing started out so well before that oafish girl had o nearly fall on top of her. Mika shuddered at the thought of near dying from the weight of a person falling on them, let alone breaking her arms trying to support them from falling. In Mika's own defense, and mind, attempting to stop Makoto would only just be more harmful that a knock out would then leave the other two to go exploring the rooms in their painfully slow pace. Huffing at how unappreciative those two were, Mika crawled under the covers to try sleeping it off.

Posted by: Suzu Mar 5 2018, 06:46 AM
"Rest well!" Eriko said as she bid the other girls good night. It'd been quite a trying evening for everyone, but there was some silver lining to this all. Those girls who'd played a role in creating the illusions they'd experienced were close friends. Getting to work together to create something as unique as all this that they'd experienced had to have been pretty fun for them. The Yamana girl smirked wryly at that thought as she ascended the stairs to her dorm. Girls who hadn't experienced battle yet had an innocence about them that Eriko envied in a way. Thought she'd trained to be a warrior herself she had possessed a similar demeanor before the real tests had begun. Tests that no teacher, however skilled, could rightly prepare you for.

She sighed as she stepped through her room's door, thankful to at last be back safe and secure within its walls. Her mind had drifted to the battles she'd fought, and it wasn't a very comforting focus. Too many students had lost their lives in attacks and disasters the school hadn't been prepared for. Disasters weren't something that could be predicated as well as attacks.. how had something so massive occurred under their noses? Regardless it reinforced that any family - or even the whole country - was just a blade's stroke away from being thrown into chaos. Those girls should value the innocence they had now - they wouldn't be so excited to use their relics once they'd been in a fight.

"A warrior's work is never done," she sighed, crashing down onto her bed and trying to think of something that would take her mind off this depressing topic. Anything would do. That's when she was reminded of something - there was a festival in Inaba, or had been one recently, for the harvest. She pulled her phone out, searched and quickly found some images of it. Those peaceful images of smiling people celebrating what looked to be a bountiful harvest helped the future Yamana leader calm herself. Someday soon she'd have to go pay a visit, provided she could get away from Edo given her hefty responsibilities. Soon enough, though, she faded off to sleep after the exhaustion of the day caught up with her.

Posted by: Moby Dick Mar 11 2018, 07:40 AM
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After splitting off from the other students, Makoto returned to her dorm. She would put away the charm from the nnight aaand probably forget about it. Best not to associate Mika with it, since it was a made-up shikigami Mika, and nothing like the real thing. Besides, the whole supernatural weight thing is what really got her attention. She was doing well now, fully recovered, but it was clear that she had some real physical capability to work with. That didn't just have to go fighting. So, she made a list of the things she'd be focusing on that had to do with the fighting and not, just to see where it took her.

Things To Work On Next:

-Track suit
-Track Club?
-More training
-Do something about these scars

Seemed about right. Wasn't sure what to do about the last one, but maybe... Well, she'd feel better about herself, at least. She could go to hot springs and such again, if she did... Some of this stuff was immediately possible. The rest? Who knows? She went to sleep, dreaming of the possibilities.

Posted by: Nobuyumi Mar 14 2018, 08:11 PM
(Thank you all for taking part in this!)

Hideki sighed. His need for yet another cigarette was rapidly growing, but he had promised himself he wouldn't have another smoke while on campus tonight. He spent the night with a bunch of kids who didn't smoke, so he could just not smoke too right? Right?! Even thinking about it made him more frustrated which in turn just caused him to want to smoke even more. It was a vicious cycle that was easily his own halloween horror for the evening as he went to check the artillery range.

Outside the range he found the smithing teacher Oda-sensei waiting for him, already having a smoke. As he offered Hideki one the artillery teacher just raised his hand and shook his head a bit, much to Oda-sensei's clear surprise.
"Told myself I wouldn't tonight." he said simply as Oda-sensei smirked a bit. Taking his own out of his mouth he used his fingers to snuff out the light at the end and walking into the range with Hideki he tossed it away. This time it was Hideki's turn to look shocked as Oda-sensei laughed a bit.
"Smoking alone is just dull." and with that the two did a quick check of the ammunition stores and making sure all of the school's guns where still secure. Though as Hideki opened one of the gun lockers a giant ghost of Suzuki-sensei appeared before him, screaming and rushing right at him as even Hideki turned completely white, screamed and nearly passed out.

Oda-sensei, who had been waiting all night for that single moment, burst out laughing. Upon closer inspection it appeared to be some kind of construct shoved into the locker to expand when opened. Hideki shot Oda-sensei the nastiest look he could muster as the Oda clan member grabbed his sides laughing so hard.
"I should shoot you!" Hideki said, his voice extremely high due to being scared. Unfortunately his raised pitch only caused Oda-sensei to laugh more as Hideki quickly grabbed a rifle and pointed it at Oda-sensei.
"You are a dead man." he said, his voice finally breaking back to normal. The next hour would involve taunting on the part of the blacksmith and many vulgar words from Hideki-sensei as he chased Oda-sensei around the range.



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