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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 11/01/2017 The dust has cleared after a fierce clash against the rebel Ikko Ikki monks. Now, as a tense period of calm spread over the island nation of Japan the students of Edo Bugei must figure out how to proceed in life after experience such intense conflicts and such deep loss.

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Jan 9 2018, 01:40 PM
Wan, getting up in the early morning and dressing in her Miko uniform, set out into North Edo with a smile and a bounce to her step. Extensive walking in her weighted uniform was good training for her muscles. The uniform would probably cause strain and damage for people that were not used to it, but she had practised most of her life, cultivating a very fine set of muscles that could hold up such weight and not get damaged by it. Which was good because she tore a muscle once, and it was agony, so there was no chance of her ever wanting to do something like that again.

And yet, she wasn't just walking for the sake of walking. Instead, she had a destination, or indeed many destinations today. There had been a request for aid from the monks of Edo's many temples, and she felt it was her duty and honor to take up these requests and put her domestic skill to use. She had much experience cleaning temples, even if her temple was rather a small one compared to some of the larger edifices that Edo possessed. So to prevent herself from being overwhelmed, and to avoid her staring in wonder, she started with the smaller temples first.

A polite greeting with a monk was exchanged, and then she was led to where they needed her to be. Smart, these monks, they put her to work with the less-intensive but time consuming jobs, so that they could double-down on the monks that were present and make the intensive labour jobs easier. She didn't point out the fact that she was the strength of a dozen of these weeds, because that would have been both rude and counter-productive. So she simply thanked the Monk for his guidance and got down to work. A rag, some polish, and a whole lot of time.

The statue, about twice the height of her and three times the width, was an interesting one. There were smaller statue dotted about the place, but the big guy came first. It wasn't terribly in need of a polish, but it could always do with touching up, so that was what she got down to. Bigger statue than she had ever had in her temple, it took her longer than she expected, but eventually she got onto the smaller ones, which took less time than the big one. Which was kind of obvious, they weren't as big. Even so, she had set off at dawn, and by the time she was done, the sun was on it's way to it's apex.

The statue room was obviously the biggest thing to do in the temple, albeit not a daily thing, so by the time she exited the room, the temple was winding down, doing the minor, familiar jobs that would be blow away in a moment. So she was told that was her done. With a final farewell, she went off to the next temple. Here she was teamed with other acolytes to clean the floors. Broad and wide floors, she could probably fit her entire dormitory into one room of this temple. Edo really did make things big. She got to talk some small-talk with the acolytes, and that made the chores melt into the future, and she was done before she knew it. The Sun was at it's apex now, so many it wasn't quite as quick as she thought it was, but still felt less than the statues. That one dragged out. Might not have been difficult, but she would certainly have brushed it off on someone else to do basically anything else. How un Monk-like of her. It made her giggle softly, at the idea that she was anything Monk-like these days. She'd lost her sainty qualities a while ago.

The rest of the temples were sundry chores that she got through on herself or with other people, it all sort of blended into one. One small temple had nothing on several large temples, and so her feelings that she was good at this were put to the test. But, she had pride and dignity, so everything was done with as much perfection as she could muster. Eventually, there were no more temples except for the largest one. And it certainly deserved that title, it was huge. She could fit nearly a dozen of her home into this place.

Meeting the greeter, it seemed she was recognised. Well, she made no attempt to hide her doings around the country when she wandered for those few years. And those crimson eyes kind of gave her away when you put two and two together and didn't end up with sixteen. So, the Monk told her that the rafters of the Temple had not been dusted in a long time. They were far off the ground, and the access had broken. Never managed to get around to fixing it, plus monks like them were just monks, so being that far off the ground was intimidating. Which was where she came in. He hoped. Wan gave a grin, and nodded, letting him go off to do other things. She looked about the place, and the nodded, knowing exactly how she was getting up. But the first step as she took off didn't bring her high enough, and so she hit the ground rather hard. It was then she realized, her uniform was to heavy to pull off things like that right now. So she stripped down to her underwear, and repeated the process, springing much higher, and much lighter.

Lightfoot, basically parkour for martial artists, was a favoured aspect of hers, and so getting up to the rafters weren't difficult. Broad and long, and covered with quite the layer of dust and dirt. She'd have her work cut out for her, so she got down to it. Her balance, and confidence was on point, so it didn't worry her that she could have fallen off. And up here, she was sheltered enough that she didn't have to worry about someone coming in and seeing her scarred body. So she put in the effort.

But, someone did come in after she was a fair bit through the rafters. Some sort of maid? Female servant? Another volunteer? They moved towards her outfit, and then shook her head.
"Always leaving their costumes about the place. Can't they have the decency to put it away after they have finished playing?" She muttered, moving to pick it up. Wan cocked an eyebrow at that comment. Who would come into a temple to play in a Miko's uniform? City dwellers were so confusing. Give her the country peasants any day. Still, the woman failed in her attempts to pick up her uniform, and with an exclamation of surprise at it's weight, went off to go find someone who could move it. Probably Wan, before someone else tried to take it away. Slipping off the rafter, she utilized her Weightless Mountain Steps that she had picked up from a very interesting man after a discussion of Lightfoot. She landed hard, her body shuddering from the force and making her think it was a bit higher than she expected. Didn't pull or break anything, but it certainly didn't feel good.

Moving her Miko uniform to a more hidden enclosure, she got back up on the rafters, and cleaned the rest of it. Someone came back in at the woman's behest, and then left shaking their head when there was nothing to be seen. That bit made her smile a little, and pushed her to finish the rafters. And then get down the safe way this time, so she didn't actually break something this time. Getting changed, that was that, she thanked the Monk who gave her a task befitting of herself, and then returned to her room. Today had been a very exciting day, all told. She had met new people, seen new sights, and been amazed at the magjesty of some of the Edo temples. She was glad she had come here. It had given her insight on how Cities like this worked. She had avoided them on her travels, big cities generally had their own help, and didn't need a Miko like her. But maybe, that was about to change...
Jan 8 2018, 04:17 PM
Wan was up early, in the wanning light of dawn, so she could avoid the rest of the people, even the other early risers. Usually, after this she'd return to bed for a few hours, since the problems of lacking sleep were many and varied and taught at great length back in her temple. But she needed space and solitude to do this. She had been alone for three years before now, and so had just gotten too used to being alone as she went through her steps. It was not like Yi Jijing was a secret of her temple either, it was a well-known Shoalin thing, and her temple used mostly repurposed Shoalin stuff as their base. It was simply that she enjoyed the silence and solitude.

Also maybe it was also because she was kind of embarrassed to wear her Miko uniform in this school. She had gotten it refurbished when she went home, and it was a pristine silken garment now, but somehow she just felt strange wearing it in the school when she had another uniform to wear that was relevant to the school. She could have worn that one, but she wanted to ensure that she was always ready to move in this relatively restrictive uniform. Plus she also had some lead strings sowed into it so it was a very heavy uniform, and allowed her to train herself much better than anything normal. Maybe weights under the uniform and weights as the uniform itself was a bit of overkill, but she was a girl who was pretty overkill herself, as tall as muscular as she was.

Her Steps started slow and sombre, warming up her body to prevent anything from being damaged. Strong as she was, and as everyday as this occurrence was, overuse without first warming up could still cause injury. But after that she got faster, more direct and more forceful. Pushing her body to ensure that it remained strong, and also to ensure that it got stronger. The core of Yi Jinjing was to strength the body, and so one could not be half-hearted and expect results.
Jan 4 2018, 02:07 PM
[dohtml]<div class="profile">
<span class="name">Miko, Wan</span>
<span class="sub1">no clan</span>
<img src="" class="proficon" height="100" width="100"><img src="" class="proficon" height="100" width="100"><img src="" class="proficon" height="100" width="100">
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%"><tr><td vAlign="top" class="content1">
• 21, Female<br>
• Taizai, Shimotsuke Province<br>
• First Year<br>

<td vAlign="top" class="content2">
• Bushi [Infantry Specialisation]<br>
• Boxing<br>
• Bugei<br>

<div class="content3">
<br>HAIR: Auburn. Short and well maintained. Regardless of the situations, Wan's hair is pristine. Were she to lose both arms in a terrifying battle, the next day would be met with her combing it with her feet, and the hilarious sight of such an attempt.
<br>EYES: Red
<br>HEIGHT: 5'12
<br>BODY TYPE: Well-built, toned muscles.
<br>STYLE: Wan always wears the school uniform when around school, even on days off. Rather obsessively ensures she is covered up at all times, and so has several spare sets of the uniform. She is never seen in anything outside the uniform, something she goes to great pains to ensure. Much like her hair, although to a lesser degree, Wan's uniform is always neat and clean, as well as well presented and worn perfectly, without any deviation from what it is meant to be.
<br>OTHER: Possibly the reason beyond her obsessive covering, Wan has numerous scars from bladed weaponry about her body. They are mostly clustered about her chest, but she has a few on her thighs and arms as well. Difficult to see, as it is generally covered by her hair, there is another scar across the back of her head, but it is well healed and faded, so it isn't easy to see even if a person know what they are looking for.

<div class="content3">
Holding over from the lessons as a youth, Wan is always around to help a person out with whatever they need. While the weak and helpless are few and far between in Ego Bungei, she has adapted to those that need help regardless of personal proficently. This has led Wan to have a broad - albiet not exactly masterful - collection of skills. Since if there is a person who nees help with something she does not know, she learns about it so she can help.

She is not exactly selfless with this desire to help, however. With every person she helps, she gets to learn more about the person she is helping, and the act she is helping them in, and that is the biggest, most pressing desire for her. To Learn. Sure, it might be that she learns martial techniques with the most vigor, but everything is fair game to be interlectually devoured by Wan.

Having been a Miko for quite some time, she has a few remains of spiritual understanding, able to soothe a person's doubts and worries, perform exorcisms and write Sutras for those of a supernatural mind, and offer aid for a person's soul, as much as a person's body. She seems a very polite person most of the time, if rather enthusiastic. But she has a thing against Ikko Ikki, and grows irrate when they are mentioned, and is not above tricking a gullable or overly superstituious person for money to buy food with. She can also be a flirt with good looking girls and guys, although this never escalades beyond teasing for the sake of her own amusement or the occasional buttering up of a client.

<br>STRENGTHS: PHYSICAL MIGHT!: Wan, both from her early life and expliots later, has developed a body of great strength and resilience, a well-honed masterpiece of constant use and improvement. It looks good, but is practical and useful, unlike a body builder who is mostly just for show.

Quick to learn: Wan can learn things rather quickly. Sometimes, she needs to watch other people do it, and other times she just needs a lesson or two about it. Complex and complicated parts of whatever she is learning come slower, and with more difficulty, but anything that exists has it's basics grasped quickly and smoothly by Wan, allowing her to segway into many different things and help as many people as she can.


Hair trigger: Around the concept of Ikko Ikki, and any discussions related to it, Wan is quick to lose her temper and use sharp, loud words to voice her dissapproval of them and her thoughts on the whole movement, which are never civilized or polite. Any attempt to infilitrate or trick them or their followers is undermined very quickly by this, as Wan can not help but take the most direct approach whenever they are the subject matter.


The Immoral Monk: While touring the country to master her Jiko geijutsu and find news of her family, Wan was not always the most holy of figures. While she helped people and alayed their fears of the unknown, she was also known to trick those with no brains into buying her Sutras and Exorcisms. A few girls and a few guys were also left dissapointed and unfufilled when they met with her flirtaious side. The occasional bimbo was stripped of a fair bit of money and then left with naught but good memories and some trinkets, blessed by her.
<br>LIKES: Aiding the everyone, learning new things, tricking idiots. Nutritious, balanced meals, Oolong tea, Domestic Chores. "On hayabaishiramantaya sowaka." [Sutra of Prosperity]

<br>DISLIKES: Ikko Ikki! Unkempt appearances. Dirty plates/neglected chores. "useless" foods, Namu Amida Amituofo Herishna [Sutra of warding illness. In this day of medicine, she finds it far too lacking of purpose]
<br>AMBITIONS: Create the perfect Jiko geijutsu. Destroy the Ikko Ikki.

<div class="content3">
If you'd like to be a traditional student you may delete everything in this section after "weapon"
WEAPON: Tekken. A pair of metal armguards, segmented to reduce the concussive force of an attack, and metalic to turn aside blades. Wan uses these to fight against armed opponents and not lose her arms to the first strike. They can also enhance her blows due to the metal plating, giving her more force needed to punch out a particularly stubborn opponent.


Her style of combat has roots in Shorinji Kempo, but also has sprinklings from several other Martial Arts styles, as well as entirely original parts to bind it all together. This, is her Jiko geijutsu, and it has grown over several years of intense use. Due to the multi-facated nature of the style and the unique parts added in, Wan can deliver swift, precise strikes or powerful, concussive blows depending on what the situation needs. She emphasises footwork and mobility, as well as physical and spacial awareness after an event in her youth. She uses these to fakeout her opponent with a string of feints and swift attacks to open parts of the body, or repeated blows to their guard to lure them into a false sense of rythem, and then attacking from somewhere else out of surprise. For Wan, a fight is a chance to show one's true might and cunning, so she has no problem with nutshots if no other avenue presents itself.

<div class="content3">
<br>FAMILY: (If you have faceclaims in mind please note them.)
<br>• Futago Hanzai [Father. 40. Small, effeminate, long brown hair, dark brown eyes]
<br>• Futago Raimaa [mother, 39. Small, effeminate, long pink hair (dyed), pink eyes (mutation)]
<br>• <br>

Left as a nameless baby on the steps of the small temple in Taizai, a small village in the Shimotsuke Province, she was taken in by the monks there, as they felt it was their duty to assist all who were in need. And who was more in need than a young baby with soft pink eyes. A strange omen, but one that the Head Monk proclaimed would be good for the temple, were they able to weather the storm it would bring. When brought into the temple, a dog barked all day, and into the night as well, but it did not disturb the baby at all. And so she was named after such an event, becoming known as 'Wan' after the ceaseless barking of that day.

Wan grew with the monks of Taizai, and watched them intently from the day she was brought in. The young Acolytes practiced Shorinji Kempo, and a few other Chinese martial arts that had begun to influence them from the Chinese people coming to stay at the temple and become Monks themselves. However, the fully-fledged Monks practiced a similar but altogether different style. This was the Monks 'Jiko geijutsu' or Self Way. The Martial Art created by the user, and thus unique to them.
The Monks taught such things because with industry came pests. Bottom-feeders, bandits, and other members of unproductive society. Their doctrine to help all who needed help included the need to bring martial power down on those who would use force to see their own goals met. This was were Wan grew up. From her earliest days of crawling, she was a nightmare, although not one the Monks could come to critisize or attempt to prevent.

Anyone, anywhere in the temple, could at any time come to be stared at intensely by the pink-eyed baby. The stare was intense, and stopped only to blink. Were a person to move somewhere else, Wan would follow and continue to stare, watching them work until they were done. If she found it interesting, she would follow them. If not, she would crawl off to find someone else to watch. Domestic chores, watching clothes, cleaning the shrine and cooking dinner, were watched with the same intensity as the martial practice and training. Wan seemed to have good comprehension as well, since when she was old enough to help out with basic chores, she took to them with solid competence for a child so young.


As she grew, she gained great skill in both day-to-day workings of the temple, as well as becoming a learned Miko. Memorizing chants, drawing Sutras, and dancing a very fluid and beautiful Kagura Dance. Later on, some steps of the Kagura Dance were even intergrated into her Jiko geijutsu. Because much like the other - relatively few - women in the temple, she did not scorn the martial practice and nor was she barred from it.


Her first fight, when she was thirteen, was coming back to the temple after picking up some shopping. The temple has a small patch where they grew their own vegetables, but it was not enough for total self-sustiance, so they relied on the nearby town to supliment. She saw, and rushed into a mugging in progress, and brought low the mugger with her fists, and also took out his friend next to him. Feeling proud and exhilarated, she did not notice the third man of the group until he had cracked a wooden beam across the back of her head, and then kicked her a lot until she couldn't get back up, finished the mugging and ran off carrying his two friends. Wan was unsure how she got back to the temple, but she woke up in her bed later, with a garrish scar across the back of her head where the beam had split the skin, and a generally sore body. From that day on, she doubled down on practice involving the understanding of what was around you, and who was around you, even without eyes.


Aside from that incident, Wan grew up to be beautiful and strong in equal measure, the years of physical exercise and labour developing her body into a toned, muscular build that attracted men of a certain mindset. Her eyes, too, changed from a pink, to a red as she matured. As it was as this red-eyed woman that she fufilled the prophacy laid down by the Head Monk. For the monks of the temple bettered themselves with her boundless energy and constant seeking of perfection.


She mastered the art of swift and precise domestic chores, so there was more time for her to spar and train. And this she did, going through every Monk in the temple over the course of the week in an endless lust for progression and perfection. By the time she was eighteen, she penditioned the Head Monk to be let out of the temple to explore the land. To bring aid to all, and to perfect herself. There had long been the understanding that only those who could beat the Head Monk in combat could be granted leave from the Temple. So with her pendition, they engaged in the fight, with the rest of the temple looking on, and finding great interest in the result. For every Monk had fought with Wan on many occasions, and they knew of her skill. So she would grant them a great specticle, if only by drawing out the Head Monk's more serious side.


The fight was long and arduious. Wan had never felt anything as strenuious or exhausting as the fight, but finally, she laid on the ground. Spent, and defeated. Yet with the cheerful laughter of the Head Monk, she was proclaimed to be the victor. He wanted to see how the fight in her heart affected the world, and how the world affected the fire in her heart. Granted clothes, starting provisions, some arm-guards and an open-ended offer to return whenever she desired, Wan set off into the world. It was on the prospect of meeting new people that she thought she might need a family name. They were never discussed, never even mentioned. For a small time Wan thought she was born in the temple. So she took the name of her job, and decided that she would also look for anything about her family while she was traveling. And thus began the adventures of Wan Miko.


Along the way, she traded her Miko duties and general assistance for food and board, and also met some truly astounding idiots. She was unable to resist the temptation to take advantage of these idiots, and while she prayed for forgiveness every night, the next moron was still swindled. She felt she was doing them a favour. Better she take their money, than someone with darkness in her heart. She also developed a habit of flirting with the good looking, because she found it amusing to be the cause of their blush. With these actions, she became known in some circles as The Immoral Monk.


To criminals, pirates and other ner'do'wells, there was another rumor floating around. That of the Red-Eyed Demon. It would appear at night, fangs dripping with venom, and claws three inches long. It moved fast as the wind and struck with the force of mountians. Those emboldened by the fact that it would bleed, were soon brought low by this creature, who hunted the evil for sport. To hear such rumors made Wan giggle to herself. And yet, they were not lying about the fact that she would bleed. Neccecity taught her how to deal with open wounds, and how to sow her clothes, but without proper teaching and training, both were rough and raw. So she sported several scars as she fought evil, and her clothes became more and more patchwork. In one fight, she fought with another man who had come for revenge against those who stole is daughter's virtue. A Chinese imagrant from her home provience who had moved to another provience in search of a peaceful farm to retire to. After it was over, she was taught something she probably shouldn't have been, so that it could continue it's existance instead of doing with him. It was a Chinese Dim Muk called Yī wàn yīnglǐ Sǐwáng. Wan didn't cultivate it - despite it having her name in it, which she found amusing - because she was kind of scared of it, and what it could do. But kept it around anyway just in case there was no other option.


And yet, in all of this, Wan learned. Every fight was a lesson, every clash an experience. Her Self-Way grew and her skill with her Tekken was sharpened. A few villages would turn her away or even chase her out due to the raising rumors about the Ikki Ikko, which quickly bred anamosity towards them in the heart of Wan. It was their fault she got rocks thrown at her and had to sleep in the fields despite a village being so close to hand and in need of help. She found herself growing irrate and infuriated when she heard them in passing conversation, and if anyone made even the most subtle of allusions to her being related to them, they learned that a tender face could hide a firey tongue.


One nest of foul cretins, who had taken shelter from the same storm that had driven Wan into the near-by cave system, had kidnapped a woman and from their expressions and generally thuggish nature - and exceptionally unkempt clothes, even on the road Wan kept herself looking neat and presentable, but they were horribly mantained in every way - it was clear what they intended to do with the poor woman. When she proclaimed their doom was at hand, the kidnapped woman asked - amist the laughter - what she was doing. Wan replied "Learning".


Eventually, Wan found herself on the road back home. She wasn't sure when she had decided to go back, or if she ever had decided to go back. But back she was going, and eventually back she was. A twenty three year old woman, she entered her temple looking more like a disheveled begger with nice hair. One of the new Acolytes tried to offer her some rice before she was recognized by an older Monk. There she was welcomed back with a glorious feast. She had a very long bath - baths were very few and far between on the road - got her most recent wounds looked at properly by their doctor, lectured at length for the crass fashion in which her older wounds had been dealt with, and then reclothed in a fresh outfit. The feast was lavish for the temple, which made her feel flattered.


Eventually, the Moon hung high in the sky, and she returned to her bed, which the Acolyte sleeping there had readily given up in return for some tutoring come the morning. She was awash with nostalgia, and slept soundly. But, her stay was brief, as a few days later officals from the Utsunomiya Clan came. Hearing of her return, they wanted to sponsor her entrance into Ego Bugei, the country-famous school, in hopes of gaining her as a vassel for their house upon her graduation. Flattered and overwhelmed by such a declaration, she said goodbye - again - to her Monk brothers and sisters, apologised for how short her stay had been and the lack of chance to show anyone her Jiko geijutsu. There was promises to return when she could, and then she was off. To Edo! This, was going to be a joureny. She had never headed in Edo's direction, and so she was in for a surprise when she got there. And if there was one thing in the world Wan loved, it was to see a new city. Meet new people, and then beat them up.


<span class="ooc">Wan the Gangster• Yukina Koutetsujou • None</span>
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