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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 08/05/2018 The school dance is still ongoing as the seasonal news report reveals that a large ship has left England and is moving towards Edo!

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 Roshi Bento, Something witty this way comes...
Moby Dick
 Posted: Jun 30 2016, 07:25 PM

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BENTO, ROSHI of no clan, but maybe Noh Drama


HAIR: Black hair, straight, relatively short.
EYES: Brown
HEIGHT: 5'8"
BODY TYPE: He LOOKS average. He's actually quite agile and swift when he wants to be.
STYLE: On the whole, he prefers fairly-ordinary clothes. As a junior craftsman and artist, his life can get potentially messy during his line of work, things that stain and do not come out. So, you'll see jeans and either t-shirts or collared shirts normally. At times where he's feeling zen, relaxed, or slacking off, you may find him donning a loose-fitting robe with symbols that he has stitched into the lapel. He wears his uniform when he remembers, at least, although it might happen that he forgot to clean it sometimes. He likes to wear a pair of designer gloves with the uniform, and rumor has it he has a nice white suit...somewhere.
OTHER: None at all! Not like HE needs any...

Personality: God, you asked for it.

The life of Roshi Bento is an intense study of great activity, followed by great slacking off, and only in a strange eye of the storm exists a well-rounded area where he may appear normal. His mind and actions are down to a whim and whatever chance provides. He has a charming wit, but also a tendancy to get on people's nerves. He is a prodigy at his expertise, but has moments of lethargy that can come with really bad timing. It's very hard, sometimes, to express the JOY of knowing him without mentioning the frustration of knowing him. What would a Psych Major call it? Bi-polar? Manic personality? ADHD? At this point, we don't bother to guess, since some of it is on purpose, and some of it is natural to his being, and we can't tell which is which.

STRENGTHS: Energetic (Ranging from long-lasting stamina to sudden bursts of hyperactivity.), Witty (Great with a word and quick to turn a phrase or able to go deeply zen as needed.), Talented (He's a young prodigy at his crafts and creation, with some ability to branch out into performance arts.)
WEAKNESSES: Lazy (Any time where he has no inspiration or no energy, he is near-impossible to budge.), Frustrating (When he stops using his wit and charm for good, he can get pranky and weird.), Mad As A Duck (As in, there are some who think he's legitimately crazy, and some of his random behavior may bear them out.)
LIKES: Hard to say who, but what would be a vision of artistic or natural beauty in appearance or performance, the kind of thing that just sings to you.
DISLIKES: People who are loud, pushy, and picking on people.
AMBITIONS: Money talks, but he is also fueled by his own need for expression to entertain, and so he likes to give people something to appreciate. Thus, he wants to train his talents to the fullest and give them that very thing...and of course, money talks.
FEARS: Poverty...and yet, also hates the idea of a boring job.

WEAPON: Anything, really. Roshi will improvise as necessary (pull out anything that's handy and use it as a weapon, even if it's ridiculous), but he actually DOES have a proper bo staff, which he claims to have carved from a larger down to the perfect stick. How accurate this statement is will be left to the gods above, but he tends to use it for tipping, rapid thrusts, blocking and smacking, and of course personal catapulting. (Tends to use a metal staff, tekko-kagi, and kunai when serious.)
Special Weapon: Dragon Mortar: A very heavy, gold and red, large tube with a dragon head at the end. Fires flaming mortars. Two round reload. If hit, will cause the victim to get caught in a large explosion.
Special Weapon: Turtle Shell Fists: Found off an Ikko General that assaulted the Maeda Clan. Possible Relic but unknown. These large knuckled gloves have a large turtle shell on the back of each hand. The shells are reinforced and polished to act like large metal sheets. A must have for defensive fighters!
SPECIAL SKILLS: Masterwork Craft

Tohru - Rigorous and somewhat ruthless champion of the food industry. He is Roshi's father. It is not known whether 'Bento' really is a family name or not. He runs his company 'Odachi Foods' a little too seriously, and prefers to be called 'Mr. Odachi' when at work. And yes, he DOES carry one around, mostly for the discipline of his staff. He IS kind of strict on Roshi.
Asuka - Calm and collected nurse and all-around healer. She is Roshi's mother. It is from her that the zen approach to life and artistic appreciation comes from, as she loves the abstract and beautiful over all. When asked how he could marry Tohru, the answer comes "In sublime symetry".
Agito - Elder brother, attempting to get in line with the business. More in line with common sensical ways of doing business, rather than his father's forceful ways. Thinks Roshi is acting out, rather than facing his responsibilities, but also uses him as a chaotic weapon against Tohru's own ways. It's a so-so relationship there.
'Hatto-san' - Mysterious young man in a hat and coat, like that of a classic Japanese investigator. He travels throughout the country because he can. Has numerous contacts and bits of juicey information, but maybe not what you're looking for...

BACKGROUND: Well, the first thing to explain is that the family of Bento - if that IS their real name - has been in Edo for generations. They didn't come here. They WERE here, and they were here before you, or so it is said. Ask Tohru Bento about any point in history and he will explain some obscure and supposedly-accurate fact in the lesser-known history of this town in which some member of his family had done something...comparatively unimportant...for someone of reasonable importance, and goes on from there. Because of this, Tohru Bento became a man of discipline, honor, and tradition...while running the Mr. Odachi Foods Company. During the earlier years of his business life where he would go out, get drunk, and begin a fight at a bar when somebody dissed his product, he met Asuka, who was a nurse that could easily set an arm with all the clinical detachment you could want. In Asuka's eyes, this sort of meeting created symbiosis. A forceful man with someone who can put him back together when he overdoes things? Perfect.
So, it came to pass. They were wed and their lives became more...interesting. The truth is that Tohru's nature actually brought a number of customers her way, not just himself, so it actually kind of worked out. Those who DID come in were soon given advice on how not to piss her husband off, which inevitably helped HIS business. You see? Symbiosis. It is, however, up in the air as to whether or not this follows for the two sons they gave birth to. Agito ended up with all the seriousness of his father, but was at odds with Tohru's methods, no matter how much zen wisdom Asuka delivered in reply. And Roshi? Well, she partially blamed himself, but he preferred art over either parents' actual pasttime. The good news is that he had such a dedication to it that it seemed he would try anything and spur some latent talent into motion in the creation of art and in performing. This wasn't what Tohru wanted and Agito even scoffed at it, but she herself liked this different calling in their lives and encouraged him to pursue it with all the wild frenzy of a cat on catnip...which he did.
Enter the current life and times of Roshi Bento. Not famous, not a Scion, but certainly known by people, generally in some obscure way...such as 'Roshi did this' and 'Roshi made off with that' and 'What in god's name was Roshi up to there?'. Being something of a prodigy in his work, he actually rose up a grade faster than was expected, but then he also had the problem of being lazy in some of his academics, which has also dragged him down. Essentially, this has left him with the appearance of being a young successful senior who is also a lazy slacker with a questionable attention span and no real indication of what motivates him beyond something immediate or random, or possibly just arts and entertainment.
What was it like that first year? Well actually, everything seemed relatively first. When he came in, he seemed energetic, attentive, learning...and then the high of being in high school wore off and he was sort of a zombie in class, his mind wanting to go out elsewhere. It escalatated to the point where, after one particular class was over, he shouted that he couldn't take anymore and jumped out a window, crying "FREEEE!!". And while this panicked a number of individuals for a moment...everyone quickly remembered that they were on the first floor. Other situations followed. One week, there was a life-sized statue of Roshi on a pedestal in the main hall. It took hours for anybody to realize it was Roshi himself. Fortunately, he did not do this naked. The reason he DID do all of these was to keep himself grounded enough to actually DO his work, and then he started doing alot of the work ahead of time so he could just sleep in class and have a whole bunch of answers in card-form sitting on his desk. The reason he was bumped up in grades had partially to do with the fact that he was actually quite smart, just finding shortcuts in the way a lazy person would, and then there was the Spring Festival...
On that day, or rather that night, before any fireworks were setup, Roshi had set up a...different kind of event. Suddenly, and without warning, music began to play, and a spotlight began to illuminate a to-scale Monolith from Stanley Kubrick's 2001 from behind, followed by arcing up to show off a large Star Child sculpture made out of glass. This was greatly-received by all. Well, until one of the teachers there happened to notice that the globe it was holding had been missing from his classroom for weeks!
MassTheStampede • Shinobu Morita - Honey and Clover • NONE?

 Posted: Jul 3 2016, 08:20 PM


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Azai Nobuyori
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Tagami Yumiko
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