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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 08/05/2018 The school dance is still ongoing as the seasonal news report reveals that a large ship has left England and is moving towards Edo!

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 Nakamura, Kumori
 Posted: Jul 5 2016, 02:42 PM

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NAKAMURA KUMORI Scion of the Oda Clan

• 21, FEMALE

HAIR: Kumori's hair is naturally black, thus very typical of a Japanese woman. In terms of style she has recently cut it, and it now falls just past her chin. Try as she might to maintain them, her bangs are long enough to be unruly and at times have a mind of their own.
EYES: Hazel
HEIGHT: 5'5"
BODY TYPE: Kumori's build is fairly trim with suggestions of great agility in how she carries herself. Though she's more developed in womanly ways than some of her classmates, she is not overdeveloped in any sense of the word.
STYLE: Kumori really doesn't like to attract attention to herself, and this is reflected in her choices in clothing. Where other girls her age might opt for trendy looks Kumori opts for fairly conservative skirts, blouses, tops and occasionally trousers if an activity calls for it; she also is known to wear a light kimono with hakama rather than more foreign style garments. When she needs to be formal she will don traditional clothing - including a full furisode kimono in order to look properly formal.
OTHER: Kumori has a scar that runs down her inner left forearm; often she'll wrap this in a bandage to obscure it from view.

Kumori is largely seen by others as a distant, quiet young woman who may have lackluster social skills or is just shy. At times she prefers to simply observe quietly, and when she does speak her voice is typically quiet and soft spoken. She subscribes to the saying 'measure a thousand times, cut once', preferring in most areas to know her surroundings and those populating them before taking major actions. With how much of a whirlwind things have become for her in recent years, taking her time to judge a situation is one small bit of peace. As a result of a traumatic accident, Kumori has amnesia bad enough to block out a lot of her childhood. What things she does remember are incomplete or terrifying, which doesn't help matters any. Keeping quiet yet helpful has become a way of life, allowing her to serve others well while not dwelling on her past. It's simply too painful for her. Though she doesn't exactly embrace being held up as an Oda Scion, her inherent dedication to others makes her reliable and supportive. She maintains the Ise philosophy of helping those in need, even when this might conflict with her sponsoring clan's wishes. Though she is very focused on official duties and is actually kind of ruthless in her pursuit of duty, Kumori regrets these excesses. After any battle she seeks the solitude of a shrine to cleanse herself of them, lest they linger and contaminate her spirit.

STRENGTHS: If nothing else, Kumori is extremely reliable; if she says she's going to do something, you can be assured that she will do it. Additionally the girl is very capable and can be relied on to not only get the job done but to do it effectively. Another thing people notice regardless what they think of her is that Kumori is detail-oriented. She's apt to notice things about whatever she observes that others would miss.
WEAKNESSES: Kumori is also very quiet in her way of speaking to others, and takes her time to plan things well. Sometimes this is interpreted as her being noncommittal or off putting. On that note she is also excessive when on a mission and will do whatever is necessary to succeed, though she will attempt to atone for those actions in the aftermath. Additionally Kumori has a very low sense of self-preservation, apt to push herself far beyond her limits to achieve a goal.
LIKES: Quiet atmospheres, directness, long walks, training, listening, music of almost any kind, calligraphy
DISLIKES: Probing questions, being recognized for things she doesn't remember, roundabout methods, lacking information, parties.
AMBITIONS: Kumori's ambition is ostensibly to find her place in the world and generally figure out what it means to be herself. She interprets this as being useful as a servant of her sponsoring clan, while somehow also upholding her teachings at the Ise Shrine. An inner ambition she isn't fully aware of is to finally find others with whom she can be accepted and share her inner struggles with.

WEAPON: Kumori's weapons of choice are a daisho set which bear the Oda clan mon on the hilt. Though trained in their individual use she prefers to use them simultaneously.
RELIC: A somewhat simple purple and gold hair pin in the shape of a lotus flower; a gift to Oichi upon her first marriage, it symbolizes the woman's determination, drive and grace.
OWNER HISTORY: Oichi was the younger sister of the infamous Oda Nobunaga; in order to cement an alliance she was sent to marry Azai Nagamasa. Together they had one son and three daughters, with the girls all marrying very well. It's said that Oichi and Nagamasa truly loved each other even though the union was political. Eventually tensions between the Oda and Asakura forced her husband to make war on her brother. Though determined to stay with her husband, she sent a warning to her brother against a two-pronged attack.
After Nagamasa was defeated and committed seppuku, she remained in the care of the Oda for a decade along with her daughters. She remarried, becoming the wife of Shibata Katsuie. Here too she displayed supreme dedication to her spouse, refusing to leave his side when their castle even when it was under siege. She died with her second husband after sending her daughters away; today she's remembered as a dutiful and loving wife as well as an incredibly determined woman.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: Kumori touches her hair pin with two fingers, concentrating in order to tap into its power. This grants her a boost of speed which allows her to move 20% faster than normal (lasting for 3 turns).
ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Kumori taps deeper into the pin's reserves of power to heighten the effectiveness of her blades. After grasping her hair pin, she strikes with her katana three times in the air, creating three glowing slash marks. They hove momentarily before flying toward her target; though they can be blocked, they will cause a moderate shock. (Three turn cooldown.)
LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: Kumori closes her eyes and envisions Lady Oichi herself, focusing on the woman's determination to fuel her own. In this ability Kumori channels that drive into a single, devastating strike with both blades simultaneously. Before she attacks, they begin to glow with the same energy her lower powered slash marks bear. Blessed with this extra energy Kumori's blades are extra sharp, capable of cutting through stone, and they strike with extra speed as well. (Five turns cooldown.)
PASSIVE 1: A Lady's Drive - Determined to serve her clan whatever the cost, Kumori is able to ignore a few minor injuries or wounds while engaged in combat. These will need treatment later but they will not slow her down.
LOCKED PASSIVE 2: A Lady's Grace - With the grace and alacrity of an attentive clan princess, Kumori's normal speed is enhanced by 10%.
AWAKENED ATTACK: Kumori's weapons are surrounded by her awakened energy, humming with sheer power. Engaging in a series of kata, she fires this energy off within a twenty foot radius, searing through foes and solid objects like a razor through butter.

• Birth Family: Unknown
• Mentor: Ohno Himiko, a priestess in Ise
• Clan caretakers: Oda Kenta and Oda Anri

BACKGROUND: Kumori Nakamura's life story to this point has been long and winding as a mountain road. Something happened in her earliest years which she does not recall at all. Being around five or six at the time didn't help, neither did the fact that it was so traumatic that her mind has blocked it out. No memories of her original family remain; instead she was taken in by family friend of a distant cousin (that's the story anyway) who lived as a miko in Ise. For several years she trained to be one herself, learning deeply about shinto, traditional music and poetry in addition to regular schooling. This life was sheltered but peaceful and she came to believe she'd be happy remaining at the shrine her whole life.
Fate didn't have that sort of tranquility in mind for her forever. By the age of eight she was learning martial arts on top of her cultural learning. Though it wasn't explained at the time, her caretaker claimed to have had a vision of Kumori's future; she would need to know how to fight to be successful. Accepting this as another duty necessary to protect the neutrality and tranquility of Ise, Kumori put her all into it. Around this same time she was given the honor of helping to look after a shrine which held the relic of Lady Oichi.
It had been kept there since just after Oichi's death on account of her connection to one Oda Nobunaga. For centuries it had been kept without incident, until the Oda re-emerged in Owari. Though on guard, the shrine allowed a group of Oda youths to visit each year and attempt to activate the relic. Every year they came with high hopes and left empty handed. At the age of eleven Kumori was tasked with placing the relic back in storage after the most recent Oda group had failed. Bizarrely, the girl who had been raised by a priestess managed to do what no Oda had - the relic came to life. During an intense moment she regained a few flashes of memories which had been lost in early childhood. Traumatic flashes of an accident at sea and subsequent rescue.
Shocked by this, the Oda nonetheless capitalized on the relic's awakening. Within a month they had approached the priestess looking after Kumori with an offer an orphan could hardly refuse. As Kumori had managed to awaken the relic, they would sponsor her as their Scion. She would receive further training from the best teachers the clan could provide in Owari. Though reluctantly Kumori elected to accept and moved to Kiyosu, where she lived and trained to be what the Oda wished: a combat-capable infiltration specialist.
Once she was of age Kumori was sponsored by the Oda as an Edo Bugei student, and she's attended the prestigious school ever since. In her time at Bugei she's undergone solo missions mostly, keeping to herself in order to avoid anyone connecting the dots between her name and sponsoring clan. . While participating in important but secretive combat missions, Kumori has also taken up poetry and song writing as hobbies. As part of her effort to define herself, Kumori once uploaded videos with acapella renditions of her songs and was somewhat known as a net idol (if there is such a thing).
After many battles where other students and innocents died, she began to question her identity. Her artistic endeavors weren't keeping people alive, nor was her shrine maiden training. Only skill as a warrior - a weapon of the Shogunate - did she have power to protect people. So for a time she shut off all other sides of herself and dedicated herself to developing into a lethal weapon against the enemies of peace. This began to fall apart as she learned more about her sponsoring clan's history, particularly its most infamous leader. Combined with the difficulty of being a cold, unforgiving fighter she's again begun to doubt her identity. She still denies ties with the Oda, to the point that she tells people she's from Ise 'originally' and only uses her own name without reference to her sponsors.
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 Posted: Aug 16 2016, 02:59 PM

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