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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 06/01/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. Making friends and learning about Edo Culture is their current aim! In other news it is also time for the school dance event! Please bring your characters along!

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 Ash of the Ainu
 Posted: Aug 5 2016, 09:13 PM

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Ash of the Ainu People of Hokkaido

• 17
• Male
• First
• Track Club
• Bugei Club

HAIR: Black, long hair. It is very thick and held in loose tendrils by golden clips.
EYES: Bright green
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 142 Pounds
BODY TYPE: Extraordinarily lean. The body of an athlete, a hunter, one who has always had to fight for food.
STYLE: Outfit Reference Ash wears a tribal outfit that consists of 5 parts. The first part is a vest made of fur and cloth, the fur being around the neck and shoulders. The cloth is yellow hand has swirling tribal patterns on it. He has two cloth sleeves as the second part of the outfit. They are secured to his arm using a string that is in an X pattern and it is tied around his wrist and elbow. The third part of his outfit is an upper body section that goes from his pecks to his waist, with part of it trailing down. It is primarily an off brown color, and is made from deer hide. There is a large cloth tie to show where the waist is. Below all of this is the 4th part of the outfit, a pair of black, semi-loose pants that end just below the knee. The final part of the outfit is his shoes, which go along with the sleeves that he wears, being that it is made of a cloth that is tied around his feet and shins, and this tie also secures a pair of sandals on his feet. He is also decorated with several tribal necklaces and other various trinkets.
OTHER: A scar on his left eye, starting above his brow line and ending on his cheekbone, and a genetic deformity causes his canine teeth to retain a pointed shape that gives an air of predatory instinct, as well as slightly pointed ears.

He speaks with a heavy accent that would label him as an Ainu. He is usually very kind to people, or as much as he can when he isn't bragging about winning a sport of some kind. He is a stranger to technology, not including basic electricity and things of that nature, so he tends to become overly curious about phones, music, trains, and other new technological advancements, and sometimes forgets the little thing called 'personal space'.
STRENGTHS: Overly nice and social, so he tends to go out and meet people, or bother them, depending on your perspective. Specializes in a custom form of the legendary Dim Mak fighting style, developing it himself from the basics he learned from his youth.
WEAKNESSES: His lack of knowledge of technology makes it easy for him to be fooled into thinking certain things that are obvious lies, such as 'phones are magic', or 'trains are big snakes'. This means he could be easily scared off by a piece of electronic equipment that is claimed to be poisonous or dangerous.
LIKES: Eats 'pure' food, preferring to eat his meat rare with little cooking, and likes his vegetables raw. If the vegetable has a little dirt on it, that's just proof that it's fresh, and a little bit of flavor. He also likes people. A lot.
DISLIKES: Food that is touched by processing. Prefers full cuts to ground meat, and vegetables bought from farming communities rather than canned food.
AMBITIONS: Wants to develop his own fighting technique based off the legendary and mysterious Dim Mak, after having seen, and felt, the effects of fighting someone who used it.
FEARS: Fears further discrimination from the rest of the Japanese community. His family, including himself, have led a life of poverty and discrimination since the 12th century. He is extraordinarily social, attempting to push past this fear, but when he is picked on, he tends to become very upset and clam up for a while.

    Hands (Dim Mak/Akido mixed martial arts.)

• Krimshaw (Father)
• Marsura (Mother)

BACKGROUND: Suka grew up on the Island province of Ezo in an area that is prodominately Ainu. The Ainu, who are nowconsidered indigenous Japanese, have a rich history spanning from the B.C's, all the way to modern day Japan, though now they are discriminated against as a lesser group. Over the course of history, the Ainus have been forced into poverty by the Japanese, including the Oda, Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa shogunates. They are characterized by their own language, darker skin, and absence of a substantial writing system.

After the death of Koshamain, According to 'Shinra-no-Koroku' (records of Shinra), The Koshamain's Revolt continued over approximately 70 years from 1456 to 1525, during which, major victories included the two forts of Mobetsu and Hanazawa. Many people living in the area between Mukawa and Yoishi were killed during these battles, but it secured Ezo Island as being primarily occupied by the Ainu people.

In 1603, Lord Kakazaki of Matsumae, used the "Iteki-no-Shosen-Orai-no-Hatto", The Act for the Traffic of Commercial Vessels of Aliens, the negotiate with the heads of the Aniu in southern Oshima, allowing the presence of a Wajin settlement in exchange for the distribution of a portion of taxes collected from commercial vessels traveling across the sea from Honshu to the island of Ezo. This began the integration of the Ainu into Japanese culture.

Cut to present day, where a select few groups of Ainu still live as hunters and gatherers, prefering that life to the life of technology. Suka was raised in one such group like this, in a reserved area on the South Eastern cost of the Ezo Province. He was the first born son of his parents, and was exceptionally good at hand to hand combat after 'practicing' when having scraps with the other boys of the small village.

One day when out hunting, he was separated from the rest of the group, and discovered a strangely dressed foreigner. It turned out to be a Chinese monk practicing a dangerous martial arts. Seeing that the young Ainu was lost, the foreigner allowed Ash to camp with him for a while. They spent around a month together, and Ash practiced the martial arts with the monk, learning the basics and some slightly more advanced techniques, until one day, the young Ainu woke up to people from his village, and the monk was nowhere to be found. To this day no one believes him about the monk.

He was struck by the whole encounter, and became determined to explore the world to find other hidden treasures. He left Hokkaido soon after, and traveled to Edo, thinking the capital of Japan a good place to start. His first while in Edo confused him greatly. He still wore the outdated garb that the Ainu people wore from days long forgotten by history, so he stuck out quite a bit. He eventually settled down in a small farming area of Edo, and got work helping out the farmhands there, in return he was able to stay and eat for free, though soon he discovered that there was a martial arts academy nearby.

He attempted to apply, but due to his almost non-existent notoriety, being from a simple native tribe, he was told he had to have a special talent. He was dismissed when he explained that he learned basic Dim Mak from a monk, and nearly laughed out of the building. As it stood, true Dim Mak was a legend now, used in street performances and overly fluffed up martial arts demonstrations. He was unable to produce the monk, and was not allowed to demonstrate, and was promptly shown the door.

Over the next year, he practiced his art in unofficial fighting tournaments, picking up other Akido along the way. They consisted of some ex-military, but mainly civilians, so he quickly became a top contender, though with quite a bit of hard work and practice. He returned to the academy, attempting to register once again. The panel was not impressed by his fighting in 'organized street brawls', and ignored him once again. Though everything would change in a single night a few weeks later.

One night, Ash was walking home from a particularly easy tournament, money in pocket, and planning out which farmers he was going to give it to. An elderly man was shuffling quickly from around a corner, followed by a few ill mannered looking thugs with heavy tattoos on their necks, and a few seen on their hands. They were following the old man, harassing him for 'protection money', when Ash walked in front of the group. Just as the 'leader' of the thug group was about to ask who dared walk in front of them, Ash simply jabbed a cupped hand at the thug's neck, causing him to begin to choke and breath hard. The other few were taken out just as quick using just as much precision.

As Ash was bowing to the elderly man and attempted to leave, he was approached by another person, who introduced themselves as Izuki, Kai. Ash was told that this was a group of Yakuza members who had been harassing business owners for protection money, and brutally beating them when they refused. When Kai inquired about how Ash learned how to fight, the Hokkaido native explained his superhero-y past, up to the minute they met. Kai would stay silent and ponder for a while before offering his help to enter the academy. The next attempt to register was met with smiles and acceptance as he was graciously accepted into the academy, a serious looking Kai standing behind the nervous looking panel. Quickly after they told Ash he was accepted, Kai would simply nod and turn, his arms crossed the entire time. Ash wasn't sure what Kai said, but the panel would sigh and wipe the sweat from their heads as he left. Thus begins Ash's time in the Academy.
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 Posted: Aug 6 2016, 12:30 AM

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