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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 06/01/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. Making friends and learning about Edo Culture is their current aim! In other news it is also time for the school dance event! Please bring your characters along!

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 Matsudaira, Junko, Complete
 Posted: Oct 13 2016, 06:26 PM

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MATSUDAIRA, JUNKO of the Northern Matsudaira clan

• 15 and MALE

HAIR: Light brown hair dyed to dark violet and cut short in a more boyish style.
EYES: Blue
HEIGHT: 5’1”
BODY TYPE: Rail thin
STYLE: Ever since coming to Bugei, he has tried to adapt to his birth gender in both clothing and deed. When it comes to clothing, he still prefers furs and natural cloth for clothing. Expect to see him in animal skins and dark forestry clothes when he’s not in school uniform, that is, if you see him at all.
OTHER: He has several scars along his arm and side from an attack by a tiger that had been stalking the same brown bear he had been hunting.

Personality Junko is feminine and unless he’s paying attention, tends to refer to himself in the feminine pronoun. He is trying to find out who he is so he’s a bit malleable. When he’s around people, he tends to be more shy and overly polite. Out in the woods, he becomes more comfortable and sure of himself. He tends to be just quiet and still, and can be focused to the point ofwhere nothing matters but results. When he applies his hunting focus to normal tasks, he can be very intense.

STRENGTHS: He is very good at sensing the emotions of people around him as it was required to avoid the wrath of his mother. He has an abundance of patience.
WEAKNESSES: Junko is more likely than not to simply give up and cower in the face of chastisement or admonishment. He doesn’t understand how he can present himself as a man to people or what being a man even means.
LIKES: Despite the bad memories and what you might expect, he does love fashion and looking nice, he also likes going out and hunting and trapping for food and new clothes.
DISLIKES: Junko dislikes his mother, or at least resents her. He also doesn’t like people who keep secrets and he hates the Ikko-ikki.
AMBITIONS: Junko’s goal is to find out who or what he is, boy, girl, or something else.

If you'd like to be a traditional student you may delete everything in this section after "weapon"

WEAPON: Junko carries the blades of Hachi as a memoir to his mentor. He has very little experience with either blade. His main weapon is a bow. Generally he strings it for short range due to his woods hunting experience.
RELIC: A bow string
RELIC OWNER:. Asaoka Heibei
OWNER HISTORY: Asaoka Heibei was a member of the Oda clan if only because he was born there. He traveled to the temple for Toshiyo. It was the not the first competition exactly. The objective was to sit or stand and fire ten arrows. The masters would then examine and comment on the form rather than accuracy. Heibei was the first to be named as a master and is why the competition became what it was, a test of endurance as well as skill.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: Junko can fire three arrows at one to three targets in front of him with the accuracy as if he was only firing one.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Junko can fire an arrow with a charm tied to it. The charm is in the form of an eye. Kire can look out from the eye and use his Passive 1 as if he was standing where it landed. This lasts 3 rounds but can be ended at any time if the charm is destroyed or damaged.
LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: Junko can expand his sense of all living things to 100 meters.
PASSIVE 1: Junko can sense every living thing within 25 meters of where he stands as a basic outline.
LOCKED PASSIVE 2: Junko can fire or throw something with perfect accuracy if it’s being thrown or fired within six inches of where the first one hit.
AWAKENED ATTACK: Junko Starts glowing violet and is able to fire an arrow that can pierce through nearly any armor and he is teleported to where the arrow lands.

• Father - Kenji Matsudaira
• Mother - Sakura Matsudaira
• Sister - Junko Matsudaira (deceased)
• Hachi Oriosh

BACKGROUND: Junko was four years old when he discovered that boys and girls were different. When he was six, his mother told him that he was the wrong one. Perhaps it wasn’t fair, but there was nobody to interfere on his behalf.

The family was an offshoot of the Matsudaira family but mostly kept to themselves on their land in Tomamae. But when the Ikko-ikki were rising up, Junko’s father answered the call, leaving his pregnant wife and two year old Junko at home. Junko’s father died serving his lord. Then Junko herself caught pneumonia during the winter and was also lost, sending Junko’s mother into a depression.

Then his mother gave birth to a healthy baby boy. But she had not recovered, something had broken when she lost her husband and daughter. So the boy was named Junko, after his lost sister and so began his problems. His mother hoped to regain the life lost when her husband went to war. Nor did she refer to her husband as dead, instead acting as if he was still off fighting for his lord and Junko was punished when he referred to his father in any other way.

But he might be the wrong pronoun for Junko at this time. He was raised as if he was his sister. Dressed, taught to behave, and to speak as the daughter of a noble should. Much effort was put into teaching Junko how to act and be refined. They might not have been a part of the main line of Matsudaira, but as the first cousin, the possibility was not an impossibility.

Fortunately, it was not all refinement and obedience, one of his father’s friends from the war had taken Junko under his wing. Though Hachi did not know of how far Junko’s mother had gone, he still saw a part of the father in the daughter. Hachi would take Junko into the woods and teach him about tracking and hunting. Hachi also taught Junko how to use a bow.

Junko’s mother hadn’t approved at first, but Hachi had convinced her with tales of noble ladies and the refined art of archery. After all, it wasn’t about war and fighting anymore, it was about a skill that had become art. Of course it was less art and more utility the way Hachi and Junko practiced it out in the woods. Whenever he could make the excuses, Junko would escape the lace and silk of his mother’s lessons and don the furs of the forest where he felt like he belonged.

On his thirteenth birthday, Hachi convinced his mother to let him go to the Toshiya, an archery competition. Not to compete, his mother would not allow that, but he would be able to see others who practiced the art of archery. It was on this trip that Hachi discovered that the girl he’d been helping to raise was a boy. That wasn’t the only discovery during the trip though.

During a lull in the competition, Junko wandered further into the temple to look at the old trophies and awards. The names of the greatest archers in history were listed there, all the way back to the first winner, Asaoka Heibei. In the trophy room were old examples of the bows used at the time. Beneath Asaoka’s plaque was what was reported to be the bow he won the first competition with. There was a draw to it. Heedless of the rules, Junko held out his hand and the bowstring thrummed despite not being strung to the bow.

When his fingers touched the bow string, he felt a hot, searing lash that seemed to strike across his very soul. He felt different. He closed his eyes but felt he could still see everything that was going on around him. In a bit of a daze, he pulled the bow from his pack, and strung it with the ancient string.walked to the competition area and took a place amid the others. The next wave began and he fired off ten shots. Only ten.

Originally, the test had existed to show off the archer’s form, now it was about firing a huge number of arrows as fast and as accurately as possible. Junko’s first shot flew true. The second shot slid within an inch of the first. Somehow, every arrow Junko shot, he found he could fire even more accurately around them. The tenth arrow slotted into place with all ten shafts brushing feathers. Junko lowered the bow and fell to his knees.

He was pulled away and taken to a small medical tent. About this time, the theft was discovered. There were several hours of confusion going on before it was all sorted, but there was recognition in the skill Junko showed, especially when Hachi explained that he wasn't anywhere near good enough to do that yet. The discovery of a scion was a big event in itself, so even though there was no winning for Junko, he still came out on top. At that point, even the Toshiya priests wouldn’t take back the string, after all, this belonged to the ancestor.

The arrival home did not go well. Junko had expected his mother to be excited or proud of him. She was not. She saw this as the ultimate act of disobedience. Words were spoken, angry words but not by Junko, who simply accepted the vicious chastisement with demure acceptance, but by Hachi. He retorted with everything he’d known of Junko and Junko’s father. Scathing insults passed between them while Junko listened and suppressed tears. Hachi attacked her for how she had lied to the boy, raised him in a lie, and wouldn’t let go of the past. Junko’s mother retorted with words of betrayal, more directed at Junko than Hachi. In the end, Hachi was driven out of the house and would not return.

Junko spent the next year being the dutiful daughter. No archery, nor hunting happened and she did not see Hachi. But the call could not be forgotten, not with the string tightly tied to her soul and carefully stitched into a ribbon that was tied in his hair. Being the obedient child did pay off, and his mother finally let Junko have a bit of freedom again.

Hachi had left the province but Junko still took time to go out into the woods. There was freedom there, nobody telling him that he needed to be a proper young lady or a man, in the woods, there was just nature and the hunter. Junko's life became split this way, daughter at home, nobody in the woods. He preferred nobody but he would not go against his mother.

When he was thirteen, he went out into the woods to hunt. He had been stalking a path when he was set upon by a bear. He knew of the history of the town and was appropriately terrified of a confrontation with a bear. He ran away and into a tree and fired at the bear several times. The bear fled. He stayed in that tree all night, terrified of it coming back. But the bear did not come back.

In the morning, Junko left the tree and looked at where the bear had attacked him. There was blood there, not his. The bear had left a trail in the woods. He had wounded it, maybe even mortally. It was his duty to see it through. So he began to stalk the trail. It took the better part of the day to find the spot where the bear had fallen. It was dead, fortunately. Less fortunately, Junko was not the only one who had followed the blood trail. As he was examining the body of the bear, the tiger made itself known and attacked. It gave him a nasty wound that tore through his side and it's teeth gashed his arm. Junko did not stay, he did not fight. He just ran. The tiger must have been satisfied with the bear because it did not chase after him.

This misadventure led to even more house arrest by his mother which did not lift ever. Lessons in acting appropriately took an even higher importance and teachings of dance and tea we the closest he got to the outdoors. But Hachi had one last trick to play. Despite how much his mother wanted it hidden, Junko had been registered as a scion and had his name placed on the list for Edo Bugei.

His mother fought, and fought harder after the earthquake destroyed much of the land. But for once in his life, Junko stood up against his mother for the opportunity to go to school. When she gave her permission, it was the best day of Junko’s life, though life always rears its head and in the middle of his happiest day, his mother revealed that Hachi had died in the earthquake.

Junko went to Edo Bugei. He left his mother’s home and tried to leave her behind, but it was her who struck harder. She turned her back on him and abandoned him until he returned to her as a demure and obedient daughter again. On the train ride, Junko decided to burn a bridge. Or at least try to do so. He had been the daughter for his entire life, he would try to be the boy. He cut his hair short. It wouldn’t do much, he was still feminine in manner and speech but he could at least come closer to the look. The ribbon with the relic, he tied around his neck like a lace scarf. He had to try and start over, Hachi would have wanted to see him succeed.

Aideen Sudakov • Nagi Kyougoku, Mouryou no Nie • Kire Bou

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 Posted: Oct 14 2016, 09:37 AM


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Azai Nobuyori
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