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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 06/01/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. Making friends and learning about Edo Culture is their current aim! In other news it is also time for the school dance event! Please bring your characters along!

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 Momochi Kitsu
 Posted: Jan 17 2016, 04:08 AM

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Momochi Kitsu Of The Iga Clan

• 16
• Male
• First Year
• Artillery Track
• Artillery Club
• Culture Club
• History Club

HAIR: originally black, it is now dyed a deep red color. it is usually unkempt and messy, so somehow it still seems to fit a style of his own.
EYES: Light Hazel / Gold
HEIGHT: 5' 4"
WEIGHT: 120 Pounds
BODY TYPE: Thin but muscular, most notably in his arms, lower back, and legs.
STYLE:EXAMPLE From bottom to top, a traditional, yet highly informal outfit. He tends to avoid wearing the normal school uniform, preferring to wear a kimono. He has a black leather collar that runs from his chin to the tops of his shoulders. It has three large silver studs towards the bottom of the collar on the front, the center of which has the Iga Clan symbol stamped into it. He has a shoulder strap that holds both his pistol and sword. It is a red strap with three large silver studs on the shoulder. He is often seen resting his arm on this rather than using the kimono's sleeve. He wears a red Kimono with a flower pattern with white fade on his right sleeve and right leg. A tightly wound bandage is tied around his stomach underneath. It is held together with a tan belt with red rope tie. He has on forearms black sleeves that run from his elbows to the backs of his hands, each with three large silver studs on them towards the bottom near his hands. He has on black hakama as pants, and a pair of traditional sandals with off white socks.

Kitsu tends to be a little egocentric. He speaks sharply sometimes, and tends to pick on people around him. He is bisexual, and most of the time he will be making passes at the other students of his classes and clubs, becoming slightly spiteful when and if they reject him. He has a very strong sense of self, so he knows the limits of his own abilities. When he knows he can do something, no one in the world is going to stop and be doing it, but when he doesn't think something is a good idea for him, he will usually just flat out ignore orders, or just complain about how it's a worthless effort.
STRENGTHS: Well developed muscles that play to his strengths with his firearm, allowing him to reduce the recoil to a minimum. Strong sense of self, he can generally see his own strengths and weaknesses, thus giving him confidence and things he believes he can do. When he thinks he can do something, no one can stand in his way.
WEAKNESSES: his attitude tends to get in the way of normal social interactions making him a less desirable ally. His sense of self also saps his confidence when things are top hard or troublesome.
LIKES: Kitsu enjoys meat snacks such as pepperoni, jerky, and other meat products, and is at heart a sensitive and cultured boy. He enjoys traditional Japanese music and plays of an era gone by.
DISLIKES: Though conscious of his need for a balanced diet, he detest fruit and vegetables. The textures of them don't get along well with him, and rarely does a fruit's taste hit him in a palatable way. Also has a particular dislike of people with a particular ancestry. (Oda and Tsuke)
AMBITIONS: Desires to take a place as one of the leaders of the Iga clan, as was his ancester Momochi Sandayu. Also wants to reclaim land that was once owned by his family, and to rebuild the Momochi Fortress that was destroyed by Oda Nobunaga. Also is determined to eradicate the surviving family of Oda Nobunaga, Nobukaze, and Tsuke Saburōzaemon, for the destruction of his family's property during the Iga riots and the following sieges against Momochi Sandayu's troops.
FEARS: Bugs! Just...horrid bugs.

WEAPON: Traditional Katana and a 4.1 Monme (.54 Caliber) triple barreled Tanegashima Pistol
RELIC: A 4.1 monme (0.54 caliber / 13.72 mm / 15.3578 gram) triple barreled Tanegashima flintlock pistol. what is jet black with a reflective finishing coat, it looks brand new despite the age of it. It was crafted between 1512 and 1581. the barrel is made of high quality katana grade steel from the Sengoku era, giving it the ability to block Swords without taking damage that would knock a normal gun of the era out of commission. The only distinguishing markings is an Iga clan seal on the hilt of the firearm, as well as some other highlights. It easily loads using a tube that holds a bullet and black powder inside, reducing reload times to a minimum of half a second per barrel. the gun is designed to hold more black powder than normal and as a resultit has an incredibly strong kickback compared to a regular firearm, and the user must have a refined muscularstructure and an understanding of the weapons and know how to fire it without being taken completely off guard by it. Overall length of the pistol is around 18 inches, and a width of 2 inches. It weighs in around 4 pounds, and is most identifiable by the tripple 13 inch barrels with tapered octagon flares at the ends.
RELIC OWNER: Momochi Sandayu
OWNER HISTORY: Momochi Sandayu is best known for being one of the three leaders of the Iga Clan, heading his own small family branch known as the Momochi. Sandayu is a placeholder name, for no one knows his real name. He is also known for the defense of a mountain pass following his support of the Iga riots. He held 200 artillery barricades, and managed to fend off the 1,500 strong army of Nobukaze (Oda Nobunaga's son)and Tsuke Saburōzaemon (A retainer for the Oda clan). Shortly after this, Oda Nobunaga sent an army of 40,000 to crush the remainder of the Iga civilians and ninja. Sandayu's last recorded appearance was at the siege of Kashiwara Castle, which Nobunaga burned to the ground, and slaughtered all survivors, though Momochi Sandayu's death was never recorded from that battle. It is rumored he escaped and lived to old age peacefully, and died of natural causes.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: Auto Reload - The pistol he holds will reload itself automatically, allowing for another bullet to immediately fire after recoil. This may be done up to 3 times in a row before needing activation again.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Ogre's Powerstrike - Allows the user to increase their strength to inhuman levels for just one or two strikes.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: The user is able to fire a grenade type shot from the gun, exploding in a small radius.
PASSIVE 1: Powerhouse - This increases the firepower of the weapon, doubling the effective range, and doubling the recoil from six to twelve inches to twelve to twenty-four inches. The effective range becomes 100 instead of 50, and is powerful enough at point blank range (less than 1 foot) to blow an opponent backwards up to 10 feet.
LOCKED PASSIVE 2: Aim Assist - the user will feel the gun pull in the direction of an opponent when they aim. After firing a shot, the effect stops until the user reloads manually. Is not a guaranteed perfect aim.
LOCKED Awakened Mode Color: Silver
AWAKENED ATTACK: The user braces themselves and fires a .54 caliber beam out of the pistol that has a penetrating power up to 3 times the normal amount, allowing it to penetrate up to 1/2 an inch of steel, and catches fire to flammable things that are within a few inches of it.

• Momochi Yoshimitsu (Father)
• Momochi Akane (Mother)

BACKGROUND: Kitsu grew up in the Iga province of Japan, in the outskirts of a small city. his family wasn't well off, but wasn't starving, and the richest the family did have were destroyed along with most of the family back in 1581, when Oda Nobunaga slaughtered almost all of Iga and burned the Kashiwara Castle to the ground. The few who did escape ran to neighboring provinces, before returning to Iga after the Tokugawa shogunate was established.

Kitsu was born far after the fires faded, and grew up in a farming community that was mostly left alone by the rest of Japan. He and his father would go hunting with an old matchlock hunting rifle. The first time Kitsu fired the weapon, he was just 9 years old. It struck something in him; was it the smell of gunpowder, the feel of the recoil, the glow of the matchcord? It was a symphony to his senses.

Seeing that their child was more interested in firearms than his normal schooling, his mother and father decided out was time to send their first born soon to Edo, to learn things that the local school couldn't teach. They sat Kitsu siren one day and told him of the sad history of Momochi, Sandayu, and how he grouchy attempted to fend off the Oda clan. They told him of the slaughter that resulted, and how it trimmed the branches of their family tree. Finally, after all the sad story was over, they presented Kitsu with the Tanegashima pistol that fought so hard over the course of the Sengoku period.

The story lit a fire in the young boy. One that made him want to reclaim the lost land, if he could, and rebuild their fortress. He set out to Edo with this fire, and immediately found a library in the new school. He then began to study history, and swore to kill any Oda family he could find.
Kitsu• N/A• Yagyu Ukyo

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 Posted: Feb 4 2016, 11:19 PM


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Azai Nobuyori
The stuck up clan lord who defends the people.

Tagami Yumiko
The adorable poet girl who hates war.

Katayama, Masato
A strategist bent on changing the world.
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