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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 06/01/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. Making friends and learning about Edo Culture is their current aim! In other news it is also time for the school dance event! Please bring your characters along!

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 Rakuyama, Buru, Complete
 Posted: May 21 2017, 04:59 PM

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HAIR: Blonde hair, occasionally bleached very blonde as is proper for a yanki of her standing. It is very long but she will tie it up or stuff it in her hat for riding.
EYES: Brown eyes
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
BODY TYPE: Muscular but thin
STYLE: Buru doesn't like uniforms, she doesn't like conforming. She likes wearing tight clothes under long flowing things that can be decorated with patches or pins. A lot of her clothes tend to have pictures or text on them, though very few actual brand names. She picks a lot of it up from used shops for cheap and then adds it to her style. She also has an assortment of leather gloves that she doesn't often take off. She does wear glasses for reading.
OTHER: Buru has a burn scar in her right hand as if she was carrying something that was very hot.

Buru is loud and aggressive most of the time. It doesn't take much to set her off and when she does get riled up, she'll go after her target without much thought. It takes a very special sort of person to get her mad enough to think because underneath her wild mood swings is a very calculating girl. That isn't to say she's all that smart, she can be pretty dumb by book standards, mostly due to her constant ditching of class before. But she has a knack for thuggery as well as command. She can give speeches at the drop of a hat to motivate her gang into action. Usually the action was just pointless vandalism but her inspirational words certainly had some affect on the men beneath her. Buru also has a code of honor that she instils in her gang. Protecting the downtrodden and righteous above all. That said, she's not above causing trouble for the common folk. She likes making it clear that she is her own person who doesn't need to follow society's rules, but that doesn't mean she ignores them completely. After all, disagreements are one thing but only psychopaths and the worst sort of evil people would betray the Emperor.

  • Fiercely Loyal
  • High Tolerance for pain
  • Very Noble secretly

  • Kind of dumb
  • Loud and headstrong
  • Easily enraged

  • Motorcycles
  • Her gang
  • Fighting

  • Compliments from men
  • Idol Singers
  • Large Animals

AMBITIONS: To be the Yanki Queen and leader of the greatest motorcycle gang in Japan

If you'd like to be a traditional student you may delete everything in this section after "weapon"

WEAPON: Thin metal chain and Razor Blades
RELIC: A simple jade comb with an elephant design that had been a gift to Ginchiyo from her husband.
RELIC OWNER: Ginchiyo Tachibana
OWNER HISTORY: One of the incredibly rare female clan leaders, Ginchiyo ruled the clan strictly and successfully, training even her servants into fighters and scary guardians at that. Nobody could stand up to her overwhelming force of personality.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: Welded - Drawing energy from the artifact, Buru's hands grow a stone coating around themselves and whatever she is holding on to, locking it in her grip until it wears off after a few minutes or she wills it away.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Immobile - Stone comes up around Buru's legs all the way to her hips. Buru cannot move or be moved or knocked down from the spot and even a small car would not be enough to pull her from there. This does not allow her to ignore the damage that might come from such a thing however. This lasts for three rounds or until dispelled.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: Colossus - The stone completely covers Buru and she looks like a statue of an ancient samurai. She has all the benefits of immobile but can move, albeit very slowly. This lasts 3 rounds.
PASSIVE 1: Resilient - Buru is very resistant to bludgeoning damage, it takes a lot of damage to leave a bruise and people are more likely to dislocate a bone than break it. However blades still cut her readily.
PASSIVE 2:Unyielding - Buru becomes even more resistant, able to ignore almost all bludgeoning type damage and her skin is harder to cut as if she was more rock than flesh.
LOCKED AWAKENED MODE COLOR: Yellowish white light.
With all powers on at once, Buru becomes a golem like being, covered in stone, immune to bashing and crushing, resistant to blades, and near impossible to shift. But more than that, she retains her speed and agility of her plain human form as if she wasn't encumbered at all. This lasts three minutes or three posts, whichever comes first.

FAMILY: (If you have faceclaims in mind please note them.)
• Unknown Father
• Mayami Rakuyama (Mother)
• Manabu Hozuku (Sponsor)

BACKGROUND: Buru grew up in the sticks, the outskirts of Tanagura. She lived alone with her mother who was almost never around. That didn't bother Buru as she tended to stay away from the house too. Of course while her mother stayed away working, Buru stayed out getting into trouble with the local kids and going to the only karaoke in the small town. For a joke, she was convinced by her friends to send in a tape and audition for a part in a newly formed idol group. The producers would be passing through the town. Buru acted like she didn't care but inside she was very excited and had high hopes. There was nothing she wanted more than to sing and perform for crowds making them happy.

Miracle of miracles, she was accepted. Her life changed. There was far less time for herself. She was always practicing, going out to performances, even school was different, most of it done online while she was on the road and she had to get help from her other band mates. And there were a lot of them. Sixty four girls made up the group but it felt like every one was managed and being groomed to be a solo artist should they break out in the public eye.

Perhaps it was this that made her so trusting. Perhaps she wanted to stand out from the massive crowd of other idols that she was in competition with. Whatever it was, Buru should have been a bit more careful. One manager in particular took a liking to Buru. He told her that she had the talent to become really poular, to make it on her own. He told her that by following his instructions, she would see a huge upswing in popularity within the group and possibly even become a solo artist or be part of an offshoot trio of some kind. For a period of time, this was true.

Over a year, she began to rise, soon she was out of the background and being seen more towards the front of the sixtyfour girls. She was getting more questions asked directly to her for her to respond with scripted answers. Life was good as long as she was a good girl. But it didn't last. Ateention from the producer moved on and she was cast aside. She stopped playing the good girl for him and he responded with far more cruelty than she'd ever expected. It was a long fall when you're near the top. And rumors abounded, rumors of cheating, lying, of having a boyfriend on the side, all until she finally fell out of the group, a pariah. She left with even less than she had when she began.

She returned home, now starting high school. Her old friends no longer standing by. She had been isolated from them for so long and now they knew the rumors. Buru was alone. But sometimes lonely people end up drawn to each other. She was skipping school after a bad day previous when she encountered her first bosozoku gang member and fell in love for the second time. Not with the guy, but with the bike. She begged to be taken on, to join this new gang. When he took liberties, she took his hand and broke a finger. A few days later, she was met on the street by six more gang members as she walked home from the train. Instead of retribution, they were doing recruitment. She was too young to be on a bike but she could be one of the bunnies. Part of the gang but more of a tool than a rider. She accepted and started her new life of delinquency.

Her schooling fell further by the wayside as she embraced the new bosozoku life and learned the grease monkey trade. But more than that, she enjoyed the fighting. It made her feel strong again, in control. She liked that feeling and she worked hard to become one of the nastier and dirtier fighters in the gang. As it approached her sixteenth birthday, she was one of the more popular members of the gang, both for her quick wits, nasty attitude, and for being a cute iol singer in the past. Though anyone who brought that up in the gang while she was around was going to be tasting her chain very shortly. It was at this point that Da Chief was stepping down. He was trading bars for stripes and joining the national army. But before he went, he handed leadership to Buru along with his special bike.

With her new bike, gang, and lease on life, she led a new wave of hanging out in parking lots and bike shows, staring at people threateningly, and minor crime for the history books. But she had her own scores to settle, issues from the past that would have to be resolved before she was truly free. One afternoon, she found herself pulled from the local hangout and taken to the police station. Here, she met special detective Manabu Hozoku and he was there to charge her with murder.

The producer from her idol days had been murdered. An unknown assailant had shot him twice as he was leaving the offices. They were checking out several leads and, with her possible motive and collection of minor violations, she was a very attractive suspect. Inspector Hozoku had his own special method of interrogation. It wasn't exactly admissible in court but it often helped him on his investigations, he told her. He could create an orb of energy that burned when people lied to him. Buru took it in her fist and told the inspector things, many things. And then she was released.

At least for a few days. Then Inspector Hozoku returned and took her in for a new conversation. This one was off the record. A discussion of where her future lay. She had impressed him in some ways. Not with her decisions, but as a useful tool. By the end of the discussion, she had followed in Da Chief's footsteps. Though rather than bars she had traded a far less appetizing future and instead of stripes, she was being sent to school.

She was to go and use her talents for infiltrating, getting into trouble, and all around being an ostracized delinquent to find out if or how the rebels were or would infiltrate the school. She was to be bait and it was her job to be the most alluring bait at the school. And then, once she was contacted or encountered any rebel cells, to sort them out. With her future decided for her, she passed on the gang to a promising boy with a few words of warning and that if they needed her, they could send her a message and she would return. Admittedly they all assumed she was going to be spending a stint in prison but oh well.

To assist with this, she was taken to a room in Edo Castle where they checked her linneage against any possible relics they had and brought them up to test her compatibility with. If none of them were compatible with her, then she would be stuck relying entirely on her own ability. Fortunately, she reacted positive with the comb of Ginchiyo. With a few last words of warning from the Inspector, Buru found herself in Edo with a relic, no motorcycle, and a nebulous set of goals.
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 Posted: Jul 13 2017, 10:51 PM


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