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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 08/05/2018 The school dance is still ongoing as the seasonal news report reveals that a large ship has left England and is moving towards Edo!

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 Shiyo, Makoto, Maeda Clan
Moby Dick
 Posted: Sep 17 2017, 01:04 PM

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SHIYO, MAKOTO of the Maeda Clan

• 17, Female
• Western Edo, Suginami Ward
• Second Year
• Bushi Track

HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue
HEIGHT: 5'9"
BODY TYPE: This one. But if it's not working, the answer is that she is athletically trim, well-fit and looking good.
STYLE: Makoto does wear glasses, which are oval-shaped. She is commonly seen with a blue long-sleeved blazer over a white shirt, sometimes a tie if feeling formal enough. She wears a skirt and has black knee-high boots, suitable for hiking and riding. Also, black leather fingerless gloves.
OTHER: 'Fraid so. On her back, the outside of her arms, her legs, and her stomach, there is a series of small scars consistant with having been injured by rubble in a building collapse. Also, below her left shoulder-blade, very small, is a birthmark in the shape of the Maeda Clan symbol.

She use to be such a nice girl. And deep inside of her, perhaps some of that still exists, but after the recent earthquake, it would be fair to say that Makoto Shiyo has undergone a transformation of personality. Where there was a calmer and more carefree student, there is now fire, pain, and loss. She has less patience people, especially if she's sure they're full of crap or not in touch with reality. Life got extremely real for her, and she sees herself as no longer having the luxury of letting the pieces fall where they may. In her experience, she already knows that things will fall to ruin if they are not addressed, preferrably in a most expedient manner. This has thus put a new intensity that the old Makoto is at odds with, to the point where she could even be frustrated with herself. It's left her a little obsessive for details, yet sometimes overlooking something obvious because she believes she has to do something with her life now...or lose the chance to forever.

STRENGTHS: Perceptive (Not easily taken by surprise and often noting subtle details), Fierce (Willful and dangerously driven in combat situations), Enduring (No stranger to pain and thus it is less distracting).
WEAKNESSES: Impatient (In a stressful situation, she'd rather take the direct approach), Blood Knight (She will go brutal on people and nevermind the consequences, sometimes), Crushed Innocence (Mentally and physically, she's been harmed in a way you can't take back).
LIKES: There could be a number of things, including a certain love of both art and cats. As of now, though, she likes people who can hold themselves together in the face of adversity.
DISLIKES: Anyone who would take lightly the tragic hardships of others, and of herself. Also, critics and people who are cruel to animals.
AMBITIONS: Her only ambition is to make as much as humanly possible of herself...because there is barely anything else left.
FEARS: She's become somewhat Claustrophobic and Seismophobic.
Shop Purchase: Takeda Red: A demon of a horse. This red colored horse is heavily armored with the highest maneuverability. Not only can it run into battle unshaken but can easily trample lesser enemies under foot. If you are a weak fighter why not have your horse beat the enemy for you? If you are a strong warrior why not have a horse as equally strong?

WEAPON: A pair of tonfas, meant to help in her defense and in her dual-wielding technique. However, after her change, she has become more ruthless in attack, finding and tearing through weaknesses in an effort to bring ruin to her opponents. She is a pole-arm expert, but the reason she is so-training with two similar weapons in hand is due to the following...
Weapon Upgrades: Riding Weapon, Howling weapon.
RELIC: Bunkatsu Kami Yari (Dividing God Spear) - It is a Bishamon Yari (a long-bladed spear with two crescent blades on either side) which may be pulled apart into a pair of equal halves of the same whole. During such a time, each half is a lighter weapon of equal weight. Thus, she can attack twice as many times as when they are one, though those strikes will be half as strong. The versatility of her attack and defense on either side, or front and back, is therefore increased. (Similar rules apply in the use of special moves. The number of attacks involved within a special power's description can be doubled, but slightly weakened, per hit.) When the two halves are joined, it appears seamless and without any sign of a break. Curious...
RELIC OWNER: Maeda Toshiie
OWNER HISTORY: He was OF the Maeda Clan, of course - the fourth son in his generation - but he was not merely known for that. He was friends with none other than Oda Nobunaga, starting when he was a mere page and throughout his life as he rose through the ranks. As a fierce and brutal warrior, many found his harsh actions and impetuous nature to be too much, asking for his exile or execution. However, though he did in fact displease Nobunaga enough to be dismissed from his service, his expertise and loyalty brought him back into good standing later. Toshiie had been named head of the Maeda Clan by Oda himself, passing over his elder brothers, and was given fiefs in provinces for his work. He was famously known as 'Yari no Mataza' or 'Matazaemon' for his preference for the yari spear, and was secretly deified upon his death.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: Akuma Kaen Sutoraiku (Demon Flame Strike) - The head of Makoto's weapon is cast in flame, alight and conducting heat. The attack grants her a greater chance of burning through armor and igniting flammables on the target. Naturally, a strike on a person's body would have the effect of having been stabbed or slashed and burned at the same time by a freshly-forged blade. The actual flame does not extend far from the blade, but you can still feel the heat at a near-miss. (One turn cooldown.)
ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Kaen Funshutsu Nensho Sutoraiku (Flame-Spewing Combustion Strike) - This is characterized by the head of her yari suddenly giving off a stream of fire that extends about a meter from the blade in the direction of its point. It is a fire hazard, just to activate, and the effect it has on targets itself is a yikes. This attack focuses an explosive blast that moves with the flow of the stab or slash. Recipients of a stab would feel the force of a shaped incendiary charge going off against their body, which could rupture things and set them on fire. The target of a slash could take a more brief explosive burst along with the burning cut, but it is possible to give secondary blast damage to nearby targets capable of being hit by that slash. Thus, it is useful when fighting a group, as well. (Three turn cooldown.)
LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: Jinsoku Bakuhatsu Kaen Uzu (Swift Bursting Flame Vortex) - Makoto's weapon is now charged with progressively-stronger attacks. Eight of them, to be precise. They start out at the level of her second active ability, but ramps up in force until the final strike is an actual fiery blast wave. Anybody nearby the target risks getting caught in the wake of their attack or set on fire just by being nearby. It is called a vortex because she prefers to move in a spiral against multiple opponents, but spins rapidly when using it all against a singular foe, creating a fiery tornado of DOOM! (Five turn cooldown.)
PASSIVE 1: Nensho Jonetsu (Burning Passion) - Harming Makoto may cause injury, but the more damage you do, the more damage she will INFLICT.
PASSIVE 2: Ikari no Ba (Field of Fury) - You will actually feel Makoto's anger in the form of an oppressive, draining heat wave that reduces battle effectiveness in opponents. It's like you're in the middle of summer in the middle of the day in the middle of a parking Arizona!
AWAKENED ATTACK: Senso Kami Kohai Burasuto (War God Devastation Blast) - It IS an explosion, either a 20-meter blast in all directions or a 50-meter (city block length) corridor of destruction. It really all depends on where she strikes her yari. If she plunges it into the ground, it's going all over the place. If she strikes or slashes at someone or something specifically, it's traveling through that spot and beyond. This is for when something, or ALOT of somethings, really needs to be demolished completely. A building WILL be blasted away from her if she's on the inside, due to the sheer force. Makoto remains safe IN the blast, of course. The issue lies with everything AROUND her...

Shiyo, Ryoga - Strong and pragmatic father, tradesman and retainer to the Maeda Clan, Deceased
Shiyo, Haruna - Well-educated and doting mother, home tutor, Deceased
Shiyo, Kenji - Quiet and study-prone kid brother, also wears glasses, highly-driven to become Bugei teacher, highly-affected by the death of his parents, and a worrier in regards to his older sister...who seems like 'a scary broken demon child' to him. It's a case of caring about her, but also being kind of afraid of her, and it bothers him that he can't resolve this in his head.
Shorty -The family cat, a grey tabby with a compact build to his body.


This was never the way it was suppose to happen. What we have is what you could call a rude awakening. The Shiyos were not originally important in any way, not before, but things changed at the birth of their first child. The two of them had been born in different cities, both accustomed to travel in their respective careers. However, they eventually decided to settle down in Edo, the happening place to be in Japan. It was there that Makoto was born...and then looked upon in shock. She had a surprising birthmark, which was important when you consider the possibility of being born a Scion, because it appeared to be...of the Maeda Clan. It may have been nothing. It may have been everything. You don't ignore such things. Ryoga sent word to the clan in Kaga, requesting that an examiner come in to meet with them and a similar expert from Edo Bugei. If this meant something, it was important for it to be recognized and treated accordingly. It was indeed a Maeda symbol and there was every possibility that she was a Scion. For the time being, the family was placed in retainer so that the child may be raised to serve the Maeda Clan, until such time as she awakened. With or without it, though, this moved the family up in life, and to Suginami. Makoto's future was ensured...for a time.

Even if she hadn't awakened yet, Makoto was destined for the Bugei thanks to the retainer. Because she was an understanding child, she followed with her parents' wishes for their sake, and that of her new baby brother, Kenji. With her dedication, he would have a greater chance at success in life, as well. Thus, while in her youth she had all of the passions of a girl who enjoyed life, she always set time aside for her practices. By the time she hit the proper age to attend the Bugei, she could be considered decent. Now, every year since her brother was born, they had taken her to the Relic chamber to see if she resonated with any of the weapons, especially those said to belong to famous Maeda clan members. No apparent results, as of that time, so she continued her training in infantry and cavelry, and getting interested in a little creative outlet via the Art Club. She made good friends there, taking away all the seriousness for a while. It was where she even befriended a curious boy really into art and performance, Roshi Bento. He was surprisingly entertaining and really, really good at creative works. It seemed like that was all he DID do. When she asked things about him, though, he clammed up. He didn't want to talk about home or family or whatnot, so she let their common ground be the art.

Everything changed when the Great Kanto Earthquake struck. They were in the Art Club room when it happened. Makoto led people out and towards the school entrance, but...they didn't make it. Everything collapsed upon them - One of her friends might've saved her with his own body - and they were being compressed by the floors above. All Makoto remembered after that was pain and blood and bodies and screaming. The last one was from her, of course, and then she blacked out. Clean-up took days in order to sort anything out. However, among other bodies... At first, she was thought to be dead. She was badly injured and unresponsive, it seemed. But then, a more careful examination had revealed that Makoto was alive. No official report had been made as she was put into the hospital, in a coma, because unfortunately...her family HAD died, save for Kenji, who was now ten years old and in a state of shock. He recovered from that before Makoto died, though her own injuries had come to heal. He visited often, trying to coax her out of her coma, but what they didn't know was that her near-death experience had awakened her to the blood fury of a battleborn warrior, Maeda Toshiie! She was reliving old battles and the trauma of the earthquake in her head!

Her still being alive had been tragically overlooked, though Kenji had the good sense to inform the Maeda Clan that there was at least a chance she would awaken. Boy were THEY in for a surprise. One night, during a thunderstorm, the building shook...and Makoto was hella-triggered. She awoke screaming, from equal amounts of fear, rage, and pain. Fear, because she'd been nearly crushed to death. Rage, because Maeda Toshiie had actively ridden around in her head, in her dreams. And pain, because...yeah, she was in a hospital, remember? She got out of bed, actually knocked out the nurse that came in, stumbled out of the room, found a phone, and began furiously dialing home to try and reach her parents. She didn't know that home was gone, her parents had died, and that Kenji had been moved during the rebuild. She had to be forcibly restrained until they could calm her down and explain things...which all but killed her in spirit. They let her grieve for a while in her room, where she was quiet for a long time. Finally, Makoto told the doctors what she had seen in her dreams. A representative from the Bugei came, bearing a weapon that Toshiie may have once handled. She felt it, clear as day. She was a Scion. And now, she had to somehow clean up her life.
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 Posted: Oct 21 2017, 08:31 PM


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