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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 06/01/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. Making friends and learning about Edo Culture is their current aim! In other news it is also time for the school dance event! Please bring your characters along!

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 Kuki, Jinn
jinn kuki
 Posted: Nov 2 2017, 07:55 PM

Bugei Adventurer

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Kuki, Jinn of the Kuki

• 17 AND Male
• Toba, Shima
• second
• track club
• swimming club

HAIR: thick black hair
EYES: blue
HEIGHT: 5'10"
BODY TYPE: athlethic muscle
STYLE: Jinn prefers to wear loose clothes where he can move around easily in.
OTHER: his left eye is always covered by his hair, small mole in the corner of his right eye

Sora would come over as a lazy ass most of the time. He has this tired look in his eyes when you look at him and mostly walking around with his hands in his pocket. It always feels like he isn't in the mood for anything. Sora prefers to stay quiet most of the time because he thinks actions speak louder than words.

On the other hand, Sora has passion burning in to conquer every fear he has. Because he likes a good adrenaline rush. He wouldn't be the one making the last move but sure as hell he tries to be the one who makes the last one. He is always ready for actions although not looking like it. He just wants to do things his own way without too many questions asked or too many people looking over his shoulder to see if he does it right.

STRENGTHS: adventurous, athletic, daring, honest, friendly, relaxed, confident, passionate, physical, tough, Jack of all trades
WEAKNESSES: blunt, loose-tongued, rebellious, carrying, careless, reckless, aggressive, destructive, disobedient, clownish
LIKES: sports, snow, parties, flirting, showing off, sunset/ rise, body shots, horror movies,
DISLIKES: hangovers, books, touching that piece of food while doing the dishes, hospitals, doctors, authority figures,
AMBITIONS: Jinn made a promise to his dad to become the best samurai in the world before he died. Jinn does everything to keep that promise


WEAPON: Wakizashi: Jinn prefers the Wakizashi sword. He prefers the shorter blade and single cutting side. Jinn is has a defensive style with lots of parries and dodges. He attempts to make his opponent tired before he really starts attacking. When Jinn attacks he is quick and direct. He tries to use as less energy as possible. Some people would call him lazy but he is actually just saving energy.

recurve bow: Jinn likes a bow for his long-range attacks.The recurve bow especially. Jinn like the quickfire he can do with it and the accuracy. He prefers shooting from high up points like trees and buildings

Purchase: DARK RONIN OUTFIT: An outfit colored dark black and made from multiple crushed beetles and dark dyes. The outfit itself seems to radiate a dark aura and make the owner seem more intimidating.
RELIC: Jinn's relic is a silver ring that he wears around his neck with a necklace. The ring has engravings on it dating back from its first owner.
RELIC OWNER: Kuki Yoshitaka ,
OWNER HISTORY: Yoshitaki was a naval commander during Japan's Sengoku Period, under Oda Nobunaga, and later, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He was also the ninth headmaster of the Kuki family's school of martial arts, Kukishin-ryū and thus a very skilled warrior.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: A bright light emerges from Jinn body together with a loud bang that could shut down his opponents sight and hearing for a couple of posts. The opponents have to look at him to make it work although the sound is effective until a 20 feet range. The blinding and deafening lasts for 2 rounds
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1:Spotty Finder Jinn would remove the hair in front of his left eye or wears his dark ronin outfit. His left eye would give out a turquoise looking smoke giving Jinn the ability to find weak spots in armor, Hidden secrets and track down enemies in no time. His eyes would focus on small details almost unnoticeable by the eye. His ability would enhance it making it more clear for Jinn to find the weak spots, Hidden secrets/ entrances or track down enemies.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Jinn's field of view gets widened to 350 degrees around him without turning his head. The only death spot he isn't able to see is when someone stands right behind him. He can keep this up for 4 rounds total
LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: Jinn become ability to get into the view a nearby bird. He would see through the bird's eyes to scout his full surrounding. Jinn is able to control the animals flying route to get a better look at his surroundings and get to know where his enemies are. The positions of his opponents would be mind tagged inside Jinn's head when he sees them through the bird eyes. The tags stay up for 5 round.
PASSIVE 1: Jinns agility improves a 50%. When Jinn activates his relic. Jinn's body control on the ground, in the air and in water becomes more smooth. He is able to move his body fluently without many restrictions anymore.
LOCKED PASSIVE 2: Jinns accuracy improves a 50% Jinn accuracy with weapons. Meaning his strowing and striking skills become more precise and are more on target almost able to hit pressure points of the body without much difficulty in close combat. With throwing/ archery weapons Jinn is more precise being able to hit targets from further away and targets that are faster more precise.
AWAKENED ATTACK: Jinn get a full 360-degree view around him and a Thermal vision. He is able to see his opponents through walls by seeing their body heat. His vision gets improved greatly. He is able to see every muscle movent. He combines this with his intellect being able to predict movements. Shoots multiple projectiles at ones being near perfect. This also effects him in close combat being able to predict enemies movements easier and having quick counters to every single enemy around him. Jinn is able to keep this up for 3 rounds and he will pass out after it is used.


• Father : Sora Kuki
• Mother: Sakrua Kuki
BACKGROUND: Jinn grew up as the only child from his parents in the Kuki clan. his mom being a ninja and his dad being the owner of a hot spring in shimi. Jinn grew up happily with the love of his parents like and the clan.

When Jinn got older his clan taught him the basic fighting skills with having him a master in each discipline. He went from strategy to full-on battle with every kind of weapon. It was part of his clan to be able to do anything necessary since his clan was clan to be diverse and adaptable in every situation.

Jinn grew up working hard while going to school. He worked out every day after school and full days during his time. When Jinn was a school though the story was completely different. At school Jinn was lazy. He was sleeping a lot and wasn't paying attention most of the time. He was known as the lazy one that couldn't be bothered to lift a single finger.

Over the years Jinn slowly became tired of the training he got from his clan. He wanted to train in a different way than most people. He wanted to train on himself. He wanted to create his own style. Jinn slowly stopped with the clan standard training at the age of 12 and was slowly going less and less to the training to train on himself. Jinn was training fully on his own at the age of 14

Jinn suddenly got a letter from a school called Edo Bugei Academy. His clan saw the potential in him and enrolled him towards the school. As a present of his hard work Jinn has been given a ring which appeared to be the clan's relic. It was passed on from warrior to warrior with his mother being the last one that wore it before him. He was the next chosen from his clan to become the greatest warrior of his generation.

Jinn Enrolled in the academy with the clan's pressure on his shoulder to represent his clan. It didn't turn out that great though. Jinn was lazy at school getting allot of bad grades at everything. It wasn't because he couldn't do it though. It was because he didn't see the challenges to do it. The teachers saw that Jinn was bored most of the time though and started to give him different kind of test his intellect and battle skills during missions. Jinn never really showed his full potential when it came to it though.

Then it happened. Jinn was sent out on a mission to save a city on March the 6th. Jinn appeared to be the only one of his squad that came out the city standing. The rest of his class was either death or heavily injured. Jinn came out injured though but still enough to stand. It was the only moment Jinn showed his full potential. Some of the people from his squad still couldn't believe what they saw and if it was truly Jinn.

Stoofy• tatsuya Kuroko, Kuroko no basketbal•

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 Posted: Jan 5 2018, 12:42 PM


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Azai Nobuyori
The stuck up clan lord who defends the people.

Tagami Yumiko
The adorable poet girl who hates war.

Katayama, Masato
A strategist bent on changing the world.
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