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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 06/01/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. Making friends and learning about Edo Culture is their current aim! In other news it is also time for the school dance event! Please bring your characters along!

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 Akagi Ripley
 Posted: Dec 9 2017, 07:15 PM

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Akagi, Kazuhiko Ripley no clan

• 17
• Genderfluid
• Osaka, Settsu
• First year
• Artisan track, writer/poet
• Drama club
• Literature club
• Hobbies: Writing (scripts/poetry), movies

HAIR: Ripley’s black hair is a shaggy mess, sticking out at all sorts of random odd angles. They rarely bother to comb or brush it properly, claiming that it looks more dashing if they leave it in a mess. Ripley is also rather fond of experimenting with temporary hair dye, so occasionally you might see them with parts (but never all) of their hair dyed in funky colours.
EYES: black
HEIGHT: 5’4”
BODY TYPE: slim, very small hips and shoulders
STYLE: Their clothing style varies greatly depending on how they feel gender-wise on any given day; most of the time they dress fairly gender-neutrally in jeans and a baggy jacket, and usually their clothing is mostly black or grey but with one or two splashes of brighter colour (such as a scarf or socks). However on days they feel particularly masculine or feminine they will often alter their clothing to match, for example wearing a skirt and a touch of lipstick or wearing clothes less bulky around their chest to emphasise its flatness. When in school uniform they will wear either the male or the female version depending on how they feel.
OTHER: Has a tiny tiny tiny scar on their left cheek (you can’t really see it unless you get real close, and indeed many people don’t notice it’s there until Ripley points it out). They like to invent grand stories about how they got the scar, such as they got it in a brawl, and generally tell a different story to each person they mention it to, but in reality they got the scar from tripping down a staircase and hitting their cheek on the railing.

They will often tease you and won’t pass up an opportunity to make a sarcastic joke at your expense, but this is never too mean-spirited. If they make fun of you it means they like you; if they don't like you they'll be very upfront about the fact. Though they act tough, they are willing to go back on a decision or admit they were wrong even if it means destroying their pride for a while; they aren’t going to ignore an issue like that, unless the issue causes you grief and you've done something to aggravate them. Ripley overflows with confidence and ever since they began to express their gender(s) properly they have become even more sure of themselves and assertive on the outside, though this confidence masks a deep-set fear that people will not accept them for who they are. Ripley tends to be quite melodramatic and enjoys exaggerating things and making them seem more serious than they are, especially when it comes their own achievements and things they've witnessed. Due largely to the way they have often been bullied or put down for not conforming to the standard, Ripley has an immense and often immediate respect and appreciation for things outside society's norms and for people considered the underdog, to the extent that they will often vouch for someone else based solely on this even without knowing all the details of the issue. But despite that they will often try to make themselves seem conventionally "cool", which largely stems from their desire to be accepted and liked.

• confident
• knows when it’s appropriate to make jokes and sarcastic remarks
• believes in their own abilities
• decisive & quick to come up with a solution
• honest when it really counts (eg. they would happily lie about and exaggerate how many fights they've been in but they would own up to it if they did something wrong.)
• protective
• assertive

• too confident
• abrasive
• insecure
• childish/petty
• arrogant
• hypocritical
• impatient

• American movies (in particular horror movies and romance movies)
• movies in general
• people who can take a joke
• sarcasm
• scriptwriting
• directing
• poetry
• gossip
• loyalty
• tolerance
• makeup

• When people pronounce their name wrong
• cowards
• ice cream
• being referred to by their birth name
• swimming/beaches/swimwear
• people who feel they have a right to lord over others (notably this is a bit hypocritical)
• hypocrites (this is, ironically, also hypocritical)
• indecisiveness

AMBITIONS: Though they are aware that is it a rather far-fetched dream, Ripley would love to move to America and direct Hollywood movies (Japanese movies aren’t world-famous enough for their tastes). They know it will most likely never happen, but as long as there’s a chance, no matter how slim, they don’t see why they shouldn’t at least give it a shot. Failing that, though, they would be perfectly happy to direct or write Japanese movies, or even just work on them in any fashion even if it’s simply holding a camera or even catering for the cast. As long as it has something to do with movies they don't particularly mind.

WEAPON: If you asked Ripley this question they would reply with “My charms and charisma” but the truth of that statement is questionable and even if it wasn’t that doesn’t count as a weapon. The real answer is none.
RELIC: A strip of blue cloth taken from one of the relic owner’s favourite outfits. Ripley usually wears it tied around their wrist, or occasionally as a headband if they’re feeling particularly adventurous.
RELIC OWNER: Nishiyama Sōin (1605 - 1682)
OWNER HISTORY: Nishiyama Sōin was an influential poet who founded the Danrin school of haikai poetry, a school of poetry that has a more down-to-earth, colloquial and less literary feel that the majority of other poetry at the time.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: Ripley can use this ability to sense an author's original intent - meaning that they can understand the meaning despite an ambiguity, they can more successfully understand literature, and they can tell a hidden meaning behind something. (Note that this only applies to written word, never spoken, and only ever to one sentence at a time). (Two turn cooldown.)
ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: This ability allows Ripley to tell if any single-sentence statement (spoken statements only) is truthful or a lie. (Three turn cooldown.)
LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: If Ripley describes something they can create an illusion of whatever they describe that will affect anyone within a five metre radius of Ripley. The illusion lasts for two posts, or one minute (whichever is first), or until the person seeing the illusion moves outside the five metre radius. This ability can create an illusion of sight, sound, smell or taste but not touch. For the illusion to take effect Ripley must describe it verbally. (Five turns cooldown.)
PASSIVE 1: Ripley immediately understands the meaning of individual words (not necessarily the connotations when strung together though) of any and all words, even from foreign languages. Though this ability grants a level of understanding, except for languages of which they also understand the grammar and pronunciation (i.e. any language except Japanese) this is fairly useless in a practical sense because they do not know how to string the individual words together to make a coherent sentence. Essentially it means that Ripley will never need a dictionary.
LOCKED PASSIVE 2: Ripley can talk to characters from fiction. Others will not be able to hear the characters talking back to Ripley (though they can hear Ripley's side of the conversation).
AWAKENED ATTACK: For three posts (or two minutes, whichever is shorter) Ripley can describe a person/character and literally bring that character to life. This character can interact with the world fully and Ripley controls this character's actions by describing them. For them to have abilities greater than those of an average human, they must compensate for each increased ability of the character (eg. speed) by decreasing the character's ability in another area (eg. strength) and once the character has been created with a certain set of strengths and weaknesses those strengths and weaknesses cannot be changed, and only one character may be summoned per use of this ability. Because Ripley will faint upon the end of this ability, even if they dismiss the character before the time limit is over, they only get one chance to get the character right for whatever they want to do.

• Akagi Kenji - father, 38
• Akagi Aiko - mother, 39
• Akagi Yuuta - brother, 15 years old
• Akagi Tatsu - brother, 14 years old
• Akagi Yumi - sister, 12 years old
• Akagi Ryuunosuke - brother, 7 years old
• Takahashi Daichi - uncle, 42 years old
• Takahashi Kayo - aunt (by marriage to Daichi), 44 years old

BACKGROUND: Ripley grew up in the city of Osaka in Settsu province in as ordinary a family as you could imagine. They belonged to a fairly average middle class family; their father Kenji had a job working as assistant retail manager at a locally owned fashion outlet, earning the family a modest income while their mother, Aiko, stayed at home to look after the children and the household. Ripley was the first of five children; Aiko and Kenji were proud and happy with their new baby boy and showered Ripley (and indeed all their subsequent children) with love and affection.

Ripley wasn’t always known as Ripley, though. Until they were fourteen (and to this day on all official paperwork) Ripley's name was Kazuhiko. Sometimes, Ripley didn't mind being called by this name and being referred to as a boy, sometimes they loved it, but other times they would watch their female friends and wonder what it would be like to wear a dress or make-up and play with dolls instead of play sport.

For the longest time Ripley didn't really understand why they felt this way, and just assumed that everyone else must feel the same because they didn't have anything different to go off. As they got older, though, they could see the way that other people seemed to revel in their masculinity and femininity, yet while sometimes they could see themselves being as masculine a man as they come, just like some of the popular boys at school, other times they detested that self-image and the way that their body began to change as puberty hit. Ripley felt like they were somehow broken for thinking like this, like there must be some sort of problem with them, but kept these feelings to themselves because they were afraid that other people might start to think them broken too.

When they were fourteen years old, on one of the days that Ripley wished that they could tear every masculine piece out of themselves, that they turned to an internet search, asking if it was normal to feel the way they did. And what they found was people sharing anecdotes of this exact same experience that Ripley had had all along as well as giving them a term - "genderfluid" - that could describe their entire experience in a single word. If Ripley was asked to name the happiest moment of their life, this would be the moment they would choose - the relief that came from reassurance that they are not somehow broken or wrong, and simply knowing that that means they don't have to live with hiding it or bending themselves to try to fit other's expectations, and above all that they were not alone in their experiences. That very day Ripley explained their feelings about gender, at first to their brother Tatsu, who they are closest to out of all their siblings, and then to their entire family, and though they didn't entirely relate to or understand what Ripley meant by all this, they were still incredibly supportive of Ripley.

Not long after that Ripley began to change the way they dressed, and began to ask that people call them Ripley, after a character from one of their favourite American movies. They chose this name because it is not strongly linked to either masculinity or femininity but also because it is an unusual name and they wanted to make a statement with it that they themselves are unusual. Not everyone at Ripley's school was supportive of this, and in fact many of them bullied them or stopped talking to them. Though Ripley put on a brave front and hurled insults and threats against anyone who treated them this way and pretended not to care about it, it did hurt them deeply, though with the support of their family and the few friends who did stick with them Ripley was able to overcome this hurt, and grow much closer to the people who actually respected them in the process.

Ripley loves movies. At first this obsession started solely with Japanese movies, but soon grew to include foreign movies and in particular movies from Hollywood. When they were in junior high Ripley would go to the video rental store every single week without fail and come home with a stack of movies in all kinds of genres. They even begun to write (terrible at first, and also quite short) screenplays, and though these screenplays never got turned into even amateur short films, it sparked a passion in Ripley for writing screenplays, scripts and poetry, though Ripley could not care less about prose and literature. They're far more interested in visual storytelling, and also in how stories can be used to portray and explore things outside the norms of what most members of society will ever be faced with.

Ripley found their relic shortly after their seventeenth birthday. They and their brothers Tatsu and Yuuta were at their uncle Daichi's house helping him clean up and pack up his things as he was going to be moving house soon. Ripley was tasked with carefully boxing up the various knick-knacks and decorations that Daichi and his wife Kayo had around their home. These knick-knacks and decorations included a few of Kayo's family heirlooms - and these heirlooms, due to the fact that Kayo is descended from Nishiyama Sōin, included a few of the man's person effects that had survived into the present such as an old ink pot and the tattered remains of one of his outfits, allegedly one of his favourite garments. Ripley was wrapping these particularly carefully so they wouldn't be damaged in transit but when they touched the remains of the outfit they felt a strange energy flow through them and an odd feeling of attachment and nostalgia for the clothing - they had awakened it as a relic. It wasn't too long after that that agents from the shogunate, having been informed that the energies of a relic awakening had been sensed in the area, came knocking to search for the new scion and bring them to Edo Bugei.

Ripley wasn't going to argue with them. Though the prospect of leaving their family and everyone else they knew in Osaka for a place where they couldn't be confident people would accept them for who they are was daunting, Ripley was also keenly aware that having a school as prestigious as Edo Bugei to list on their resume was hardly going to hurt their future, and that being able to network at the school might gain them some valuable connections that would help them achieve their lofty ambitions of making movies in Hollywood one day. And so Ripley came to Edo Bugei, joining as a first year, with trepidation but ultimately with hope that is might improve their chances of one-day breaking into big movie business.
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 Posted: Jan 5 2018, 12:41 PM


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