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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 08/05/2018 The school dance is still ongoing as the seasonal news report reveals that a large ship has left England and is moving towards Edo!

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 ANEGAKOJI MIKACHI, First Year | Privileged | Student
 Posted: Jan 16 2018, 12:39 PM


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Anegakoji, Mikachi of the Anegakoji Clan

• 17, Male
• Takayama, Hida Province
• First Year
• Medic Track
• Apothecary Club
• Gardening

HAIR: His hair is simply black. Surprisingly enough, when under any amount of light, it remains black, only giving off a faint outlining of blue due to having such a dark, natural hair color.
EYES: A rarity of gray eyes in which, under the correct light can be thought to be blue. However, this is usually only a rare occurrence.
HEIGHT: Standing at a whopping 5'9" tall.
BODY TYPE: Mikachi's body seems to be of mesomorphic build. Something he seems to enjoy keeping in shape.
STYLE: Mikachi's typical attire consists of a deep blue kimono, whose sleeves cover up a majority of his arms, typically only revealing his palms. Just under rests another set, however this time with a white base that travels further down, covering his legs, only revealing his feet. Just upon the center where his chest is lies the Hida province crest, however, the design only reveals two lines curved and pointing downward, as well as resting at the ends of his dark blue sleeves. Some might even say he accomplishes the entire attire for a samurai. He usually dons a few select armor pieces, specifically at his torso, waist, and collar-area. It is not unheard of seeing Mikachi wearing a small golden headband of sorts just along his head, as well as a cherry blossom fragrance that rests around him.
OTHER: None to note.

Being an entirely social being, Mikachi can be viewed as a very cultured individual. His fashion sense seems to be on point with the current date, along with a few other perks that come with being a privileged individual. Typically, Mikachi will at in a manner that is calculated, yet reserved due to his previous encounters with tradition. However, it does not go unnoted that he doesn't feel anything. He is as human as any human can possibly be, only that he tends to keep his emotions controlled unless there is an extreme amount of stress going into play. Mikachi smiles from time to time, as well as being one of the first to start up a conversation.

STRENGTHS: - Cultured - Workaholic - Witty - Improvisionist - Sympathetic
WEAKNESSES: - Lying - Reckless - Stubborn - Overthinker - Stoic
LIKES: - Smiling - Spring & Flora - Personal Hygiene - Needlework, Writing, Cooking & Gardening
DISLIKES: - Laziness - Arrogance - Petty Conflict - Arson
- Becoming an amazing gardener, as well as being able to work at a top of the line tea shop for at least a little while.
- Writing a book detailing key points within his life, defining everything he's learned.
- Being able to learn all that he needs to in Edo Bungei

WEAPON: A tachi sword with its edge having a smooth reveal of solid and tempered steel, along with a blade coating just behind it. At the hilt and shaft is a laced pattern seemingly set together by a fabric that matches along with the gold cap that rests just at the sword's hilt.
RELIC: An averagely sized gunsen whose trim is held together by an incredibly smooth birchwood base, with each section of the fan carved and fitted into a neat and slick fashion. The design that rests upon the fan is a mixture of deep blue with mists of black in the background. Just in front of the design rests a beautiful sight of blooming cherry blossoms, having a few select petals hovering about the blossoms.
RELIC OWNER:Lady Tsukiyama
OWNER HISTORY: The original holder and creator of the fan, Lady Tsukiyama of the Imagawa clan was said to be a woman of the arts, as well as having her craftsmanship aligned with objects she deemed valuable not only in currency but also in merit. Having created an interesting design upon a paper canvas in recollection of a peaceful night sitting under a cherry blossom tree. She used a fan to propel a small amount of air to ease her troubles as she drew. It was on this night that the sound of an assassin came to fruition.
Upon encountering the assassin, she used a fan as a swift mean to distract the assassin, only to be sliced at her arm by a sharp dagger. By closing and tossing the fan towards the direction of the assassin, she began calling out for help. And at that moment, it was as if the winds of the night allowed her voice to be heard. A nearby guardsman came to the aid of Lady Tsukiyama, injuring the assassin with the tip of his blade, rendering them unconscious. Fortunately for Lady Tsukiyama, she had only a bruise and a slight amount of blood loss. Soon after her recovery, however, she had finally completed her work of art, setting the design onto a gunsen fan in remembrance of the day and time she had been saved by both her fellow guardsmen, as well as the assistance of a simple fan.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1:Atatakai hōyō (A Warm Embrace) - This ability allows the user to summon a gust of wind that deflects any normal incoming projectiles within range.(One Turn Cooldown)
ACTIVATED ABILITY 2:Burīzudansu (Breeze Dance) - Similar to Atatakai hōyō, this ability allows the user to send out a concentrated arc of air forward to deliver severe knockback to opponents or projectiles with a forceful push. (Three turn cooldown.)
LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3:Attōtekina kaze (Overwhelming Wind) - The user is able to manipulate the air around them in such a way that it almost seems overwhelming. In similarity to the previous abilities, Attōtekina kaze allows the user to summon winds that are powerful enough to send foes flying back, or even send off any projectile back where it came from with precision. (Five turns cooldown.)
PASSIVE 1: Ganbō-tekina shikō (Wishful Thinking) - Upon a subtle opening and use of the fan, the user is able to feel themselves becoming overwhelmed by a plethora of thoughts. These thoughts can be quite easy to pinpoint, and effective given the specific situation. This will allow the user to think quicker and do things more effectively.
LOCKED PASSIVE 2: Gurēsufuru Suteppu (Graceful Step) - As the fan is kept closed, the user will be able to feel a sense of peace with themselves, as if they were in a higher place. They will be able to take faster steps whilst feeling the gentle grace of Lady Tsukiyama flow through them with each step. This allows for the user to run at ease with sprinting speed.
AWAKENED ATTACK: Mikadzuki no dansu (Crescent Dance) - It is said that Lady Tsukiyama was known for her grace, beauty, and creativity. Upon summoning such a remarkable persona, the user’s eyes begin to glow an ivory white, levitating upwards. The sounds of a gong ringing can be heard as an earth-shaking sound. Soon after the sound of bells begins to become evident as a large, humanoid figure is revealed from the waist up, just a few meters within the air upon a golden cloud. The figure is a woman wearing a fancy kimono, as well as a large crown on her head as she holds a bowl for the relic holder to rest within. Just to her sides rest an entourage of humanoid beings of average height in similar clothing and color, going about as if parading. Upon the sight of a target, the outlining humanoids reveal their bows and take aim before sending off a volley of arrows raining down. Once the attack is done, the user floats down onto the ground before being rendered unconscious.

• Anegakoji, Rikuto (Father, 45)
• Anegakoji, Hanami (Mother, 40)

Equanimity. Equipoise. Equity.
Within the Anegakoji clan, a lovely couple by the names of Rikuto and Hanami had recently married. The two had been a literal definition of what it had meant to be a power couple. The two had come from exceptionally wealthy families, however, upon the wedding decision, it was stated by the two that they would work their absolute hardest in order to live up to their clan name. Hanami, an experienced gardener whose skills were intertwined with the earth that she worked in. And Rikuto, a professional doctor who set the lives of others just before his own.
Within about a year's time, the couple purchased a small home just within the province's boundaries. The area had been blessed with beautiful cherry blossom trees that had followed along during the changing of seasons. As they purchased the household, Hanami had given birth to a young baby boy. Becoming overwhelmed with joy, Rikuto had pledged to his wife, along with his ancestors that he would raise this child to become something greater than he. This child from this time had been named Anegakoji, Mikachi.
Skipping through a few years, Mikachi began to take curiosity to the way his parents presented themselves within the Hida province. Of course, due to the traditional ways of the clan, Mikachi couldn't truly make out exactly what his position had been within the province. It wasn't until the child had become 12 years of age that he began to notice his privileges more and more. Eventually, he had been introduced to his grandparents for the first time, as well as being educated on his ancestry. It wasn't until this point in time that his grandparents had explained all that the clan stood for, along with the many Anegakoji who fought to protect the beautiful land of Takayama as the Bushi of Anegakoji.
A young Mikachi loved the stories that his grandparents had told him, along with favoring his father's side of the family. His mother's side was a bit more strict and disciplined when it came to him. They hadn't wished for Mikachi to bask in the privileges that his ancestors worked so hard to achieve without the proper knowledge of how they were able to do so in the first place. This led Mikachi to concern himself with proper etiquette, as well as quickly moving to aid both his mother and father on any chores whenever they were around. He began to stress over the tiniest of details when it came to things, panicked even until his mother stopped him.
As she stopped him, she spoke to him in a calm and gentle voice so that he may understand what she said. She asked him why he had acted in such a way, in which he responded with a simple reply of needing to become organized and proper so that his mother's side of the family would treat him better. Upon realization of this, his mother hugged him before gesturing for him to follow along to assist her with her chores. As the two did so, she explained that when he became older and had more knowledge, along with a steady mindset, she would reveal to him a secret. And so, Mikachi nodded to this, eventually taking up more of his time to become educated in the ways of the Anegakoji, taking up a few hobbies and habits along the way.
These hobbies would be simple, such as cooking and brewing for the family during meals to practice his cooking and brewing skills. Tending to the gardens when his mother and father had been too busy to do so. Gaining a bit of knowledge on how to work with a needle due to his charismatic grandmother, and writing. Though his writing seemed to come to him more naturally than everything else. It had been much easier to scribe onto a piece of paper rather than having to speak aloud.
After a few years of consistency within Mikachi's hobbies, Mikachi had finally asked his mother once more of the secret she kept about her side of the family. Confronting her of it, she took Mikachi to visit his grandparents once more, however, on different terms. Upon arrival, the two had entered the home of Mikachi's grandparents, respectfully greeting them and revealing Mikachi's growth. As they silently judged him, the two nodded, agreeing to speak to him of the thing they kept secret for so many years. They explained to him that many years ago there had been a woman from the Imagawa clan. She had been known as Lady Tsukiyama, an artisan of her crafts, along with being a lucky soul at the time.
They told of her legend to Mikachi, as to which he simply responded with a rousing curiosity as to why the entire legend had been kept secret. It had been because there had been no reason to tell. There might have been a fuss over exactly why such a legend would exist within the clan from another clan. It had been due to the family having gone generations of protecting and preserving Lady Tsukiyama's last piece of art that would be frowned upon by those within the Anegakoji clan. However, it was at this point in time that his grandmother had risen up, gesturing for him to follow before revealing to him a room filled with a number of artifacts.
Each artifact seemed to somehow symbolize the Anegakoji clan by being embedded with characters that told of stories in only a few letters. As Mikachi's eyes trailed around the room, he had wondered why his mother and grandfather decided to stay in the main room. However, this thought had been removed as soon as his grandmother revealed what seemed to be a closed casket that had been decorated over with cherry blossoms. Upon the box had been characters that equated to three simple words:
Equanimity. Equipoise. Equity.
His grandmother read the characters quietly to him before explaining what they had meant. In literal meaning, they were the practice of Lady Tsukiyama's ideals. Equanimity for remaining calm in any stressful situation. Equipoise to ensure that everything in the world is balanced out. And Equity, to be fair in any given situation. Upon finishing her reading of the scripture, she raised the casket allowing for him to open it. Upon interacting with the casket, he saw a fan of sorts resting inside of it. Looking to his grandmother, she nodded, gesturing for him to retrieve the item from the casket. As he reached within, he gently raised the fan within his grasp, looking to it before inspecting it.
A few moments later, the fan shook abruptly. Mikachi widened his eyes before taking a few steps back, being careful as to not trip or break any of the surround artifacts. The fan levitated above Mikachi's palms, rotating slowly before opening and revealing the design of its frame. His grandmother's look of shock surprised him. Her eyes trailed up before Mikachi saw they she had fallen unconscious. He then swiftly went to assist her in taking the fan and storing it in the casket. It took a few moments, but she came to her senses and look about the area. She wondered what had happened, and so he explained.
After a while, the two had returned to the main room, explaining what had happened, only to become just as surprised as his grandmother was. Upon realization, his grandfather noted that such an occurrence had been rumored upon the land and that Mikachi had been gifted with Lady Tsukiyama's blessing. It had only then taken a few days before sharing the knowledge with the rest of his family, along with the Anegakoji clan authorities. The authorities had then explained to Mikachi that he had been a scion and recommended that his parents send him off to Edo Bugei Academy. However, they allowed Mikachi a few days to think over the decision with his family in order to come with a solution that works with both sides.
Within three days time, Mikachi and his parents returned, agreeing with the decision for Mikachi to attend Edo Bugei Academy. Luckily for him, the authorities had already sent in a request for enrollment in the school for Mikachi. But before sending him off to Edo Bugei, the authorities granted him a special dark blue kimono with a resting crest of the Hida province, along with a tachi sword in sheath, as well as a few other essentials so that he would be able to reveal the pride of his province within the academy. Soon after, they gave him his enrollment scroll, sending him of in the direction off Edo Bugei Academy.

 Posted: Feb 13 2018, 06:32 AM


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