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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 08/05/2018 The school dance is still ongoing as the seasonal news report reveals that a large ship has left England and is moving towards Edo!

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 Posted: Jan 20 2018, 09:10 PM

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SOMA, Jugemu Ishiwa Kiiarda Sukekiyo Unkai Yakumo Neyume Yabukōji Sumako-no Sueno of the Soma Clan

• Cooking Class
• Apothecary club

HAIR: Light brown, chest length hair that is usually loose unless she's cooking at which time she ties it into a ponytail to keep it out of the way.
EYES: A rather bright blue.
HEIGHT: 5'8"
BODY TYPE: Average
STYLE: Mu-chan likes to be comfortable but she accepts that she needs to look professional to some degree. Especially if she wants to be a teacher. That said, she teaches cooking so the clothes are bound to get dirty, stained, and who knows what else. To that end, she tends to wear cheap and comfortable clothing in muted colors cut in a professional style. And, of course, a great number of aprons
OTHER: No really identifying traits at all.

Please write a brief summary of your character's personality here.

STRENGTHS: A brilliant chef and a kindly smile.
WEAKNESSES: A sadistic streak, spicy food, and a love of love.
LIKES: Cake, pastries, pretty things, pretty people, virulent toxins, boys, girls, animals. But they must be cute.
DISLIKES: Heartbreak, people breaking up with her, spicy food, ugly things, and people who don't take her classes seriously.
AMBITIONS: Mu-chan wants to be a teacher, not really world famous, not even famous throughout Japan, she just wants to be a known and respected educator who helps lead young boys and girls into the world of culinary arts. And maybe show them how to elevate the art of poisoning a target beyond a casual bottle and cup of tea.

WEAPON: Knives, from bread knives to meat cleavers, she is a master with the kitchen blade. Not to mention a not inconsiderable skill with a hand held blow torch for creme brulee.

FAMILY: (If you have faceclaims in mind please note them.)
• Hiroki Soma
• Nanako Soma

BACKGROUND: One early april morning, the sun shone down on the town of Aizuwakamatsu and through the window of a large house to rest on the pudgy face of an unnamed baby. This was, perhaps, where the trouble started for that little girl. It had been several days after several tedious months and her parents had managed to agree on not a single name. They were not entirely young, the child had been considered a last hope amond the main branch of the family.

For here in this village, the Soma clan were in control, for what little that mattered as they were in the shadow of their neighbors, time and time again. There was a fear that the clan might die out with the young girl's parents. Not actually of course, there were cousins and other lines, but this was the most direct line of succession and the clan was already weakened enough as it was. No reason to take chances. Fortune finally smiled and the baby was born, a baby upon whom they could place their hopes and their dreams. The future of the clan could rest on her flabby baby shoulders.

Obviously, such an important child needed a name that would reflect her birth, reflect her status, reflect all that awaited her. But also, she would need a name that conveyed beauty, that represented her spirit, and would bring her happiness and luck as if it were a golden charm that none could steal from her. This was a tall order and none had managed to solve it. It was even considered that all the options might be put into a hat and drawn, but a baby such as this, with so much riding on her future, that could not be left up to chance. So the baby's parents took her and a select group of names to a soothsayer. Surely they would know the best option.

The soothsayer listened to the trouble of the parents and looked at the baby who was eagerly pawing at the dangling baubles of her earrings. The girl's actions made her laugh and, in laughing, she was reminded of a joke. An old folktale of sorts about a man with a name stuffed full of meaning, where the name itself required quick wit, a sharp tongue, and required a great deal of patience. A name that held meanings within meanings. So the soothsayer took the list of names and tore it apart. Then she rearranged it and added the name Jugemu as the topmost name. This and all of the rest would be her name.

Jugemu's parents were not entirely satisfied with this, but they had not made the effort simply to throw away the results. On their return, the baby was named, and named, and named again. Several times by the end of it, leading to a baby with a name far too big for it and a future too heavy.

Despite all that, Jugemu's child was normal, at least, she thought so. There was basic schooling, classes on etiquette and behaviour. She was taught the history of her clan, and how important it was that she do great things, attract attention, and impress the more powerful nobility once she'd left the Soma land. Her name was, after all, on the Bugei books from, well, the moment they'd managed to find a scroll long enough to send it in. Jugemu had other lessons too. Not content to simply be a diplomat, her parents feared that words would not be enough to elevate the clan up. It might take action, dark, cruel, unpleasant action. And so, she was also taught in the ways of murder. Her gender dictated that she would master poisons and she took to it with glee.

It was also at this time that she had her first crush. On her poison tutor in fact. Now this would end in tears, as most of her future relationships would. Though in this case it was because he never reciprocated her feelings. She even had taught herself the basics of baking to make treats to give him. But, he was suspicious, being so versed in poisons and not trusting this overly attentive student with a tendency to stare, he never ate any of them. It was a real blow to the young maiden's heart.

But time went on, she learned in private and public. Though her classes in public school remained small, the number of kids her age was low even in a town this size. She had several more instances of heartbreak and stirred up a ruckus after every one. But eventually she was old enough to be sent to Bugei, where she belonged. Bright eyed and firmly reminded of her duty to the clan, she set off for her new home.

It was a grand adventure to be sure. Jugemu met all kinds of new people, some were friendly, some were creepy, most were other students. It was an amazing place where she could fall in love all over again. However, there was one problem in the school. While there was a cooking club, actual lessons appeared to be completely glossed over. It was a travesty. No matter who she asked, it seemed that cooking was considered a soft science. Something that could safely be ignored in place of more fighting or track related pathways.

Jugemu found this repugnant and set about changing the sorry state. There was some level of chemistry being taught, and the apothecary classes certainly involved a lot of what was almost like cooking. But that wasn't the same as real cooking, making food you could eat or, more importantly, pass on to a lover. Still, despite the ups and downs of her romantic life and the rather annoying badgering of her quest for cake, her first year went well and she was found to have a natural aptitude for deadly consumables than even her tutor had realized.

It was in her second year that she had managed to draw a temporary teacher for cooking. It was more like another club meeting but he was a chef and he would occasionally have chefs from other restaurants come to teach a single lesson. Jugemu learned so much, she even started taking part time jobs in the local kitchens. Her talent with poisons seemed to be matched only by her talent at the stove. And her love of food never betrayed her like so many others she fell in love with.

This was, alas temporary. But a promise was made and Jugemu was able to take over the reigns in her third year. She discovered a new talent, and a new hobby. Education. Teaching the others how to make new foods filled her with joy, and if she was able to pass on advice about other things, even better. To some extent, it was also self taught, as she had to learn a lot of the things that she had missed out on learning. But that was fun too and she didn't mind the occasional failure as long as she made progress.

But the third year did not bring smiles alone. The earthquake came and threw it all into a jumble of chaos. Jugemu had been in the dorms trying to sleep off a stomach bug when it hit and found herself under an untold amount of rubble when it finally cleared. She was trapped and would stay there for awhile. She prayed and prayed for rescue without even a poison to ease her suffering or, at least, allow her to drift into unconsciousness for a time. But her prayers were answered and light of excavation crews found her eventually.

That light and luck did not extend to her family though. Well into their sixties, they had not been able to get out of their home when it collapsed. But they had gone together if any consolation could be found in such a situation. Jugume was not given any time to rest and recover. She had to return home. It took time, getting her affairs in order, seeing to what was left of her home and what was now her land. It took even more tricky work to set up trusted family friends and associates to take on the work while she finished school.

But she went back to finish, what choice did she have? But the taste of command was not to her liking. She preferred to work in the background, she was more comfortable there. Maybe it was her kitchen work, maybe it was her assassination training, but she did not dream of going back to lead her clan, more than that, she dreamed of staying at the school, teaching students year after year. There was a joy there like she only felt at the blossoming of new love.

But it was not long after she had returned to school and started to get back into the feel of teaching again that another disaster struck. While she had been away, the Ikko had made their first truly threatening attack on the Shogun and here they were starting a full out invasion. Unfortunately for everyone involved, this was right around the time that Jugume was dumped again.

She had been in the kitchen, cooking up a storm and debating if she wanted to make a few apology cookies, something to tell the guy that there were no hard feelings, with an added dose of something nasty to tell the guy that he was scum and deserved to suffer. Luckily for him, the Ikko attacked and distracted Jugume from her vengeance as well as gave her a new target to take out her frustrations on.

She stalked through the corridors nearly silently, in one hand was the ice knife, eighteen inches of nasty, in the other was a spritzing bottle. Normally for moistening dough and pastries, it was now filled with a mixture of cooking oil, sugar, and a nasty extract of a plant that caused numbness followed by rash. This was supplemented by the brulee torch on her belt and a foam gun charged with milk, egg whites, and capsaicin with several cO2 cartridges in reserve.

It deserves to be said that the Ikko who crossed her path deserved what she gave them. And she gave them a great deal. In the end, the burning foam was the most effective at neutralizing the threat but ran out quickly. The poison spritzer was quite ineffective until she supplemented it with the blowtorch. Then it was quite good. And, of course, the knife cut quite a bit more than ice that day as well.

It was a victory, but at great cost. Immense damage to the school, a great loss of life, so many students she had seen who would not be seen again. It hurt, much like when she'd said goodbye to her parents. It was a dark time but Jugemu had to be strong. That's what she had been raised to be, a clan leader. She may not have the strength or leadership capabilities of others in her year or the other clan kids, but she did have one thing. Cooking. And nothing helped people recover like a good meal. That was something she could manage.
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