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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 08/05/2018 The school dance is still ongoing as the seasonal news report reveals that a large ship has left England and is moving towards Edo!

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 Konishi Viola, Blossoming Lotus of the Old Faith
Shinku Tenshi
 Posted: Mar 25 2018, 02:03 AM

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KONISHI, VIOLA of the Konishi clan

• 16, Female
• Amakusa, Higo Province
• First Year
• Guard Track
• Track Club
• Loves quiet scenery

HAIR: Light brown, shoulder length in the back. The bangs are slightly longer on the sides of her face, flowing to her shoulders.
EYES: Light blue. Tend to be a more brilliant blue in sunlight and more of a grey hue in overcast conditions.
HEIGHT: 5'4"
BODY TYPE: Skinny, slightly toned due to previous training and work done at home.
STYLE: Viola prefers to be modest about anything she wears, rarely showing anything that could be appealing to any students. She tries to keep a professional appearance about her, only dressing down when she is at home or in the presence of friends. Her typical attire consists of a button up blouse with a shirt underneath for cover, and a knee length or longer skirt. As for being a certain style, unless a festival or other special occasion is occurring, she doesn't bother with fads, though she secretly likes purple and pink colors on clothes, usually opting to wear those colors as socks or the undershirt for her blouse. The uniform for the school is acceptable to her, although she dreads wearing the skirt due to its length.
OTHER: Her hands are calloused due to physical labor, and her arms have spotty, light scars from training. She wears her relic around her neck, and usually keeps her phone in a shirt pocket in case of emergencies, or to keep up with her friends at home.

Viola is hardened for a young girl beyond her years. Her religious devotion to Christianity has kept her sheltered and is somewhat unaware of the bigger world around her or how things actually work in the grander scheme. She will typically be the one in the group to listen and wait before she interjects or begins conversation. This shouldn't be confused with her being shy; in touchy subjects or topics of importance, she will speak up and make it known what she believes. In this manner, she becomes very stalwart, almost obnoxious. Her personality reflects that of her mother, protecting her "family" from harm and providing tough love when needed. She is fiercely loyal to friends and those she believes she owes a debt to, nearly to the point of obsession. Her teachings to this point have instilled in her the values of cooperation, dedication, and acceptance. She can dislike what you do with your life, but will not hate the person, regardless of the crimes. Unless that crime is against her.

STRENGTHS: She can pick up on most subjects relatively quickly in school and has a knack for on hands learning. It is unheard of for her not to get to know someone and immediately think of them as a friend, even acquaintances. Once she knows you, you are her "family".
WEAKNESSES: If she loses someone in her "family", she essentially shuts down. The bond she keeps with those she meets makes it hard to lose even someone she talked to for a short amount of time. Losing a close member of her "family" is nearly unbearable. As this will be the first time she has ever left her home province, she is hopelessly lost when it comes to street smarts and loses her way often.
LIKES: She enjoys the peace and quiet, be it in her room or a place with a view of the nearby environment. Long, meaningful talks and a small company of friends when she's feeling social. She's rather fond of image training with her mother when she's preparing for a fight or is frustrated.
DISLIKES: Being unprepared or caught off guard. The single worst thing you can do to her is putting on a facade. Being fake or lying about something and not owning up to it is a mortal sin against her. She gets overwhelmed in busy environments and can become overloaded.
AMBITIONS: Viola strives to be like her mother and father. They were both strict, but loved unconditionally. She wants her mother's personality and her father's charm and wits. She strives to do better in life than they did, and become more successful, though she won't admit that to them.

WEAPON: Viola wields a pair of metallic tonfa as her weapon of choice. She is also proficient with use of labor tools (hoe, scythe, pickaxe as examples) for defense should the need arise.
RELIC: A necklace fashioned with black prayer beads and a small silver cross pendant.
RELIC OWNER: Takayama Ukon
OWNER HISTORY: Takayama Ukon was born in the early 1550's where Christianity was taking stake in his clan. Because of their good nature, the neighboring Wada clan planned to kill their family, but was foiled by Ukon, earning the admiration and respect of Nobunaga. Afterward, the Araki clan, the direct overlords of Ukon, revolted against Nobunaga's prowess and essentially forced Ukon's involvement. Nobunaga sent a priest to them with a direct command: Turn to my side, or your churches and priests will be destroyed. With intense meditation over this, he relented and surrendered to Nobunaga, who again praised him and rewarded him for his decision. Ukon carried on Nobunaga's work after his passing with Toyotomi Hideyoshi for nearly the rest of their lives.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: Force Blast A white glow surrounds Viola's hand and, upon being unleashed, can emit a forceful blast from her hand to send opponents up to 5 meters from point of use with direct contact. This blast can also be aimed and released around Viola to propel her the same distance in a linear direction to cover ground quickly or avoid attacks. If used against an opponent, Viola will suffer knockback herself, pushing her back up to 3 meters opposite the direction of her opponent.(One turn cooldown.)
ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Holy Bullets The pointer fingers of both hands emit a strong white glow, essentially becoming one bullet guns. Bullets fired from the fingers retain the same shape and proportions of an actual bullet. Fired shots travel 5 meters before dissipating. If a target is struck, a small explosion is triggered, causing a burn to the contacted area. Area of effect for the explosion is about twice the size of the fired bullet, approximately 5 centimeters in diameter. Due to the explosive force needed to launch the bullets, Viola can only fire this attack 3 times from each finger before requiring medical attention due to burns. A shot can be fired from each finger before cooldown begins. The cooldown is not independent for each hand. If one has been fired, but the other has not, the first hand simply cannot fire until the second has been shot and cooldown has lapsed. (Three turn cooldown, beginning after both shots from each finger have been fired. Maximum of 3 volleys per fight unless fingers are treated.)
LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: God's Chosen Warrior Viola concentrates her focus and raises her hand to sky. Lightening strikes the ground in front of her, spawning a holy minion to fight for her. The minion is able to use abilities similar to Viola's other activated abilities one time. It is equipped with a bladed weapon and armor for protection. Minion may attack opponents or defend allies for up to four rounds before despawning. If an activated ability is used, the minion despawns one round sooner. Lightening effect for summoning can cause moderate burns if caught by it and pushes opponent back in order to spawn minion.(Five turns cooldown.)
PASSIVE 1: Subconscious Roar Each attack Viola successfully defend against has a chance, on contact with her or her weapon, to dissuade the opponent from attacking further, sensing and underlying power within her. Foes with low constitutions may become afraid to attack or even run away.
LOCKED PASSIVE 2: Guardian Angel Allies within a 10 meter range of Viola receive a small defensive buff, potentially negating small attacks and making larger attacks less effective. The more allies affected by this, the less effective it becomes. The maximum number of potential targets is four, and does not affect Viola.
LOCKED AWAKENED MODE COLOR: The prayer beads and cross glow white on her neck when first awakened and transfer the glow into a white aura around Viola.
AWAKENED ATTACK: Almighty Fury Viola grasps the relic and begins chanting the Lord's Prayer. A shield erects itself around her and using one hand, commands an array of blades originating from the shield. The array forms an approximately 45 degree fan and blades of light shoot out to a distance of 10 meters, where they dissipate. The fan can be narrowed for a concentrated fire, but will decrease the active attack time by 1 turn. The shield, when made contact with, sends opponents flying away like with Activated 1. When the attack is finished, the shield billows away from Viola to a maximum range of 7 meters, blowing any opponents still awake up to 10 meters away from point of impact, causing major burns. This final shield push can be countered on an individual basis by a strong attack, though a burn may still occur if direct contact is made. Viola collapses immediately after commanding the sword attack. The final shield push is the remnants of power left within her forcing its way out of her body.

Father: Konishi Ishuda, 42, is a priest at a local church in Amakusa. His day consists of visiting a number of elderly members to check on them, putting work in at the church, and keeping his family within the lines of their faith. He also runs a fruit and vegetable stand in town when there is crop to sell from his garden to help keep ends met.
Mother: Konishi Mayori, 38, is a former ashigari of the Konishi, acting as a guardswoman for higher ranking members of the clan. After being enlisted for the minimum 2 year period, she left the service and started work as a manager at a hotel in Amakusa, where she met and subsequently married Ishuda.

BACKGROUND: The true opposing ends of the personality spectrum, a young man who dedicated his life to God and helping those around him, and a young woman newly unbound from military work ready to get away from it all, met and immediately hit it off. His charisma and her stubbornness seemed to form into a bond of love and intimacy that came into human form; Viola. She was born shortly after their marriage in Amakusa and both parents were ecstatic, but far from prepared. Regardless, they worked together and made due with what they had. Both valued having a family that was happy over a family with lots of money.

School was typical of any child her age throughout the years. She made friends easily, and never seemed to meet a person she was at odds with beyond the occasional schoolyard bully. Her vindictiveness, however, hardly allowed for them to bully for long without finding some sort of justice. Viola made above average grades in most subjects, typically struggling with foreign languages or math. What she did shine in, however, she excelled in. English and Science were her go to subjects if they were ever made available as alternatives. Beyond that, most social outings with guys or to other areas with her girlfriends typically ended with her parents either going with her or tasked her to be back well before a typical curfew, then being asked what seemed like a million questions about what they did.

Viola never doubted that she was loved, however. She knew her parents would always be there for her and they did try as hard as they could to keep her happy and content. Underneath all of the good emotion, though, there were times that were troubling. Viola could sense the tension between her parents on occasion, as she had the same tension in herself from time to time; either stay loyal to her religion and follow her father, or take a larger stand in life and do more, with less compassion, like her mother.

Things seemed to settle a bit when Ishuda began farming and bringing in some money for the family. Mayori was relieved that he finally picked something up besides work at the church. She never wanted him to give that up, but was unsure of how else to strengthen the foundation of their family, since Ishuda had only previously made little working for the church.

From this point, Viola began taking lessons from her father about what it means to be a good farmer and faithful woman of God, and was taught by her mother military grade self defense, or Toshu Kakuto.

Viola's mother allowed for her to pick a weapon of choice after teaching her the basics. She went to town and picked out a pair of tonfa that caught her eyes as a weapon not necessarily meant for killing, but for defense. She claimed her choice was meant to keep her from hurting people seriously unless she absolutely had to do it. Her mother approved of this decision and began teaching her tactics more suited for them.

Lessons from her father centered around the Bible and what it includes for salvation for her and her future family. She accepted and was brought into the faith as depicted in most Christian churches. With this, she was taught to be good to those around her and to accept all people for who they are, regardless of their appearance, past, or problems. He told her that judging those who are in sin is no better than putting yourself on a pedestal, which itself is a sin.

When she reached the age of 16, Viola was thrown a party. Her close school friends were invited and she finally received a cell phone and laptop to do school work on. She was on cloud nine, absolutely thrilled about her new stuff and immediately joined all the normal social media. After the party, her father and mother called her into their room and brought out her final gift. A tradition for those in the priesthood at the church is to pass down a relic from the previous priest or priestess to the one whom they selected as an heir to the calling. This relic was a set of prayer beads made into a necklace worn by the great samurai Takayami Ukon. At some point during this tradition, the silver cross was added as a pendant to the front of the necklace, possibly by a priestess who thought the prayer beads by themselves were too close of a resemblance to Buddhism. Viola considered it an honor to be chosen for this, even though she knew this meant committing to the church. However, this changed shortly after putting the necklace on.

The necklace began to glow white around her neck. Viola was scared senseless of this new development, but felt something she knew was beneficial, and kept it on. The glowing finally faded and seemed to enter her body. Viola became completely aware of her new powers almost instantly, but before she could think to see what they were, Mayori began crying and panicking. Her time in the military gave her knowledge of what just happened and she knew she would have to report to her former superiors immediately about the relic for the safety of the family.

The following weeks were blurry. Mayori wept as she reported the finding to her garrison, who then passed the information to Edo Burgei. While waiting for the escort for her to arrive a few days later, Viola experimented with her powers, found her limits, and, most importantly, enjoyed her last few days in the care of her parents and the company of her friends. When the day arrived, the escort informed them that it was actually Spring Break for the school and that classes were out, but they would still take her if she was ready. Viola became hesitant, but her parents told her it would be good for her to go and become acquainted with the school and surrounding area before classes started again. She agreed and left with the escort.

She should be arriving at the school at any time to begin exploring her surroundings. She is scared and has never felt so alone in her life, but she is hopeful that this change is for the best. She has her family backing her. If they're there, she knows everything will be ok.
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Viola Konishi
 Posted: Mar 31 2018, 11:42 AM


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