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Now For The Local News, 08/05/2018 The school dance is still ongoing as the seasonal news report reveals that a large ship has left England and is moving towards Edo!

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 [Solo] Edo Bugei Guard Report, Week 1, Viola's First Job
Shinku Tenshi
 Posted: Mar 31 2018, 11:22 PM

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Viola is requested to write a report on her weekly findings around Edo Bugei while on guard duty. She is only working a few hours after dark until more skilled students and adults are finished with their daily duties to relieve her and some of the other Guard track students to go to bed or do other activities until curfew. She is given a route to follow every night during her watch. Her findings are posted per day. Enjoy!

Kunishi, Viola: Week 1 Report

Day 1: My supervisor instructs me on how I should go about protecting the school, what path I need to follow, and the steps in which I should handle or report an invasion should one occur on my watch. I was intentionally given a time where an attack was least likely due to being new at the school. I felt kind of insulted by that, but understand if something happens to me, it'd be on their hands... If I survived... Ok, not gonna think about death, just protecting the school against one off attacks or perverts. Anyway, after instruction, I was left to my own devices. Maintained path time and had no difficulties. Was relieved an hour later. No incidents to report.

Day 2: Ugh, rain. Didn't prepare to have to deal with that. Managed to maintain path time while attempting to stop under overhangs to stay out of the rain and keep watch for movement or unusual sounds. A stray dog managed to find it's way into the school and was radioed to get it out. Did so successfully, named him Bandit, but didn't keep him because of dorm rules. Released him back into the rain. Finished my watch without further incidents. Soaking wet, but safe nonetheless. Guess I should count my blessings rather than curse my bad luck.

Day 3: Watched weather report for the day, ironically, no rain. Maintained slightly faster than average path time. I realized during my watch tonight that a lot of people who have this job get to stay in one spot while I run around like a mad woman. I suppose I get "special treatment" since I'm a young year one girl. Thanks guys, I appreciate the favor.... Maybe this will help me when the track team finally starts their season. Huh. Works for me then, I get Guard track credit and track team training. So thanks for real...? Nothing of incident to report tonight as of my release.

Day 4: Heard there was a small incident that happened in an earlier shift. A creep had attempted to enter the girl's dorm through the roof, but was found to be locked when the guards came to escort him away from the premises. Why would anyone want to mess with young girls like me anyway? Are my underwear or other belongings really any better than an adult woman's stuff? Where's the benefit? Anyway, I guess that tells me that any plans I have on secret rooftop consultations to myself or confessions of my undying love to the man of my dreams are shattered, haha. Back to business, path was executed on time, and no further incidents arose during my shift.

Day 5: Had my first encounter with an uninvited guest. Taking my path in front of the main building, a drunk man, probably in his early thirties and morbidly obese, had made his way here and demanded to speak to the headmaster of the school. I told him the headmaster had left for the day and he would have to leave because it was after hours and only students or staff could be on school premises at this time. He refused and reared back for a punch. Before he executed his attack, I managed to step in toward his body and finally Force Palm'd my first opponent. He flew back and fell onto his butt as I called for an escort team to take him off the premises. No sooner had the team arrived that the man got up and took off running away from the school. They decided to let him run off as he was no longer a threat. I received head pats and some 'atta girl remarks, though when my relief came shortly afterward, he instructed I show restraint next time unless the person is a real threat to the school and not a random drunk. I concurred and remarked I was just happy to know I could help out. No further incidents happened during my shift.

Day 6: More rain, but I'm prepared! Eat it, Mother Nature! Path was taken at a slightly slower pace, but ultimately completed on time. Umbrella and jacket were the reasons I ran a bit slower, not quite use to carrying something and wearing long sleeves during my runs or paths. Now, just need rain boots... this running in the mud from building to building is ruining my shoes. Makes me feel bad, this is part of my school uniform. Guess I get to take my classes in the morning looking like I played in the mud. Wonder if I need to get light colored or dark colored boots? Probably dark so in case something does happen, I'm not the first person spotted and attacked, though wouldn't that be a good thing? I'm standing in for a potentially defenseless person, right? So it's only natural to draw attention to myself and not someone else. I'll have to think about that and talk with my supervisor about that. No incidents to report tonight as of being relieved.

Day 7: Talked with my supervisor, said neon rain boots are definitely a no go. He chuckled at the idea and concept behind it, but requested I stick to uniform colors, which I agreed without hesitation. Was just a simple idea honestly, no hurt feelings for being rejected. Maintained path time tonight. Seems like this job is gonna be fairly easy considering the circumstances. Sure, rain sucks and some people are really crappy, but if the worst I have to deal with in a week is a drunk man, I should have no problems with whatever occurs. Of course, I say that now, and a member of the Ikko will come and I end up overwhelmed... that would be my luck. But I have God on my side and several battle hardened people on my side who I can rely on if I get a major issue. Though... I'd like to be able to take care of them than the other way around. Only one way to find out, I suppose... just don't happen anytime soon. I still need to figure out where everything is at before I get attacked and taken to an infirmary I've never seen. No incidents to report as of being relieved tonight.

End of Week 1 Report

"Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down her life for her friends."
Viola Konishi
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