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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 08/05/2018 The school dance is still ongoing as the seasonal news report reveals that a large ship has left England and is moving towards Edo!

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 Yuubae Suishoku, Here we go again, from scratch.
 Posted: Dec 25 2015, 04:51 PM

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Yuubae Suishoku Maeda clan

• 20
• Female
• Elite Year
• Medic
• Archery Club
• Cultural Club
• Karaoke
• Tea Ceremony

HAIR: Sandal wood, a dark brown variant, reaching a little past the shoulder blades to mid back.
EYES: Dark brown, often staring in playful examination.
HEIGHT: 5'2"
WEIGHT: 125 lbs
BODY TYPE: A little muscle in arms but fairly normal build over all.
STYLE: Always wears uniform during school days but likes trading off between wearing a hakama skirt and a brown and mint green checkered kimono top and boots to some western fashions such as floral print loose tops and sweaters and leggings.
OTHER: Sometimes wear floral hairpins or none with her hair kept down or tied up simply. Have a minor scar on the right side of her head when hair is parted a certain way since the Edo Earthquake. Birthday is November 2nd.

Thanks to her family being generation brewers and merchants, Suishoku's mind is grounded in the here and now. The family trend of money is, spend little but good another mile if it's food and drink! What lies in the future is always left to be thought about later. A casual girl who would rather enjoy her school life in peace and her hobbies of archery and ikebana at her clubs due to the therapeutic nature of the actives. The political struggles between the other students are above her head on matters concerning their clan territories which makes it easy to over look the high class people around her. People that might give her trouble though, Suishoku will bow and show respect as an acting citizen would just to avoid making a scene. In times of trouble and weakness, now without the friends back at her home town, Suishoku will hold herself up in a corner and keep distance of others till coming to some kind of term to face the new lifestyle that surrounds her. Sharing her concerns with the friends she has made in Bugei has proven to be difficult when everyone else around her have goals to be future clan lords or famous warriors or painters that can't be bothered with a merchant's concerns. In the eyes of the more adjusted students in Bugei; this is Bugei and Scion life. "Deal with it and make yourself useful."
STRENGTHS: Suishoku often notes a lot of her surrounds since entering Bugei. The school and structure layout is nothing like she's ever experienced before and only seen on television and games of drama pieces. Besides it being real, there is the additional danger of this new world which her relic has brought her into. Who knows if there is more to this place than meets the eye but one can't be too careful since her shaky first year. To tie in with her heightened alertness is a worker's determination to get a task done. Her family has been the hard working types at birth and almost as though in their blood too. Not to the point of workaholics but if there is a six page report she skipped out on doing for history, it will certainly be done before morning period with spare time to grab a small breakfast!
WEAKNESSES: Suishoku is still, for better or worse, a normal student nor a trained warrior at birth that delivering a death blow requires a moment to steel herself before going through with it with natural instinct directing her attempts to cripple her enemy first by any means. Another set back is a lurking fear she harbored since entering Bugei. It is a school of supposed warriors and under watch of the Shogunate as Scions. Anything wrong as a public disturbance won't be treated as a normal police settlement, students of Bugei that are involved are placed into a more in depth investigation. Her fear of being placed in that sort of punishment or so much as getting close to someone around her putting her in jeopardy puts the girl in a panic to either flee the area or stop the distributor. It is from this fear does her general personality try to downplay much of the political hostage situation imparted on her classmates to ensure a normal student life.
LIKES: Sukiyaki, poking fun at friends, sharing food and drinks.
DISLIKES: Pickled plums, horror themes, and social danger.
AMBITIONS: Thanks for a scholarship backing by the Maeda Clan, who controls the area of her hometown, she wishes to return the favor to gain retainer ship in their clan. She hopes to cause less debts for mostly paying her time in Bugei and maybe provide some benefits to her family in doing so.
FEARS: Being singled out for anything by the Shogunate or running into any trouble with them due to the usual form of punishment is execution.

If you'd like to be a traditional student you may delete everything in this section after "weapon"
WEAPON: Reciprocating Whip: A strange fusion of technological genius and what is typically just plain, carefully braided leather straps. This weapon is modeled after her original long standard bullwhip that retracts by telescoping into itself through a tube and small motor device so it appears as short as roughly a foot long rat tail;a towel whip. It's holding strength comparable to championship ocean fishing with. An original work by the crafty artisan Roshi Bento.

Tanto Knife concealed in ornate orange scabbard that was purchased from the school store.
Purchased Armor: Onmyouji Outfit: White and black classical robes. Wearing this outfit increases the effectiveness of your activated abilities.
RELIC: A simple and unassuming sake cup that is small to fit a woman's hand or inside an charm pouch than a large rounded disk for a male. It's insides are camellia red and the outside is ivory white.
OWNER HISTORY: The wife of Okumura Nagatomi, a court woman who was elegant as well as reserved and some times shy. When Suemori Castle was sieged by Sasa Narimasa, she too took up arms with a naginata with her husband Okumura Nagatomi (in other matieral Okamura Sukei'mon). She, accompanied by two or three others, would do patrols and keep up troop moral till reinforcements from Maeda Toshiie arrived. Her efforts were recognized by Toshiie who rewarded her with two gold piece while Toyotomi Hideyoshi praised her for her example of martial and femininity.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: Blessed Aid- A single drink, heals on average with consumed or applied to a wound.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Support's Will- Throws forth an arch of the golden liquid before her causing the small area around her, roughly the size of 8 tatami mats, to have healing mushroom spores or dandelion puffs rapidly grow, burst, and wilt. Heals moderately to all those within the circle, patching most blade wounds and grants a buff 'Swift Action', vapors from the liquid cause temporary Dream Landscape around allies, allowing enemies around them to also have depth perception issues, allowing allies to have an easier time countering attacks. For critical wounds, at best, this skill will heal and act as a temp relief. Buff lasts the entierity of the next post. Skill itself is on cool down for three posts. Buff will be gone if another is casted.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: How Sakura Bloom- Pours the liquid on her whip, making it glow gold and lashes at the ground around her rapidly enough to sound like a machine gun. Meanwhile, the liquid that flecks off the whip is spread around, growing thick tree roots raising from the earth and mimicking the same lashings before at her enemies. With each strike from these roots, the roots grow to look more like thrashing sakura tree limbs from draining blood. Once done, the roots return into the ground, leaving scattered sakura petals of the cleared path. Five post cool down.
PASSIVE 1: Dream landscape, using large quantities of the liquid causes hallucinogenic vapors to hang as an additional fog layer in the area, reducing the odds of being discovered if being stealthy and disorientating an enemy's depth perception. Smaller amounts that are immediately consumed won't be present long enough for the passive to have a continuous effect.
PASSIVE 2: Generous Intentions; extends chalice a second free drink but effects of skill and reduced to half.
Passive 3: Heavy Medication; Healing liquid now packed with more concentrated amounts, generally improving healing performance to have lingering qualities. Higher concentration also means heavier vapors to be released, liquid in open air starts to expell vapors when not ingested. Regen- heals throughout the next round of small cuts, wounds, bruises after target is initially healed. Activates Dreamscape fog easier if roughly a cup of the relic's tonic has been poured.
Purchased Passive: Blood on Blood:The medic gains a passive sixth sense towards the wounded. They can almost feel the life draining from a creature and smell blood upon the air. The medic is able to quickly determine the location of an injured person and how badly injured they are without direct line of sight.
Awakened Mode Color: Pastel Orange
AWAKENED ATTACK: Feast of Life-the chalice overflows in golden liquid, hyper growing vines that within a 20 yard radius that seeks out life to drain and feed to her allies. Once finding prey, the vines become Venus fly trap creatures, clamping down on foes while for allies are spore station mushrooms that swell rapidly of the drained health then burst, releasing gold dust to heal allies in exchange.

• Yuubae Genji-Father
• Futa Yoshina-Mother
• Yuubae Masaru-Cousin
• Yuubae Tsung- Grandfather
BACKGROUND: Her life has been very normal in terms of leaving elementary school and waiting for her test scores to be announced of making it into the local middle school, spending nights with friends she's known since preschool hitting up karaoke machines and thinking about little else of the future. The Yuubae family is a third generation of sake brewers with her father manning the distribution side of things. The very idea of her being the heir was passed over to her cousin Masaru, who is being groomed by her Grandfather to be the heir. It was over the course of waiting for her testing results was a gift package presented to her instead from her Grandfather. The note read that it was to be a gift to wish luck and to relax about the testing results. What she got instead was a relic of a bygone age. Grasping the relic, a golden liquid began to pool from nowhere like a magic trick. She thought she could brush it off as some trick item from the west but once officials from the Shogunate arrived, she was dubbed a Scion.
This did not go unnoticed either from the Maeda clan, as they too were informed to have a Scion in their territory. Offerings of tuition were too good to be true for the Yuubae family to share the expenses to Bugei. Suishoku barely had a word in what she thought about it. Her friends were just as shocked as her. The short time left before school began again was long enough to share good-byes till her first enrollment.
A lengthy interview with more officials the following day deemed what her relic was and its capabilities which further solidified the move to Bugei. Suishoku found the setting to be jarring. It would be a lie to say that where wasn't some excitement at first. A new school, in trendy Edo, and some of the more noble students weren't so bad....when they aren't having mini political bouts of which clan was better. The school also seemed like normal until she was part of the many first year students till the branching of combat to non-combatant students. Being slotted with a healing relic, Suishoku was dubbed into the studying courses. The stiffening atmosphere was mostly made worse with each leering glare the rival clan lords gave each other made the effort too difficult to concentrate that she actually began to fail her classes. She even made efforts to avoid whoever the Maeda representative was during her first year. The Maeda are helping her with her schooling and thankfully little word on tail coating the person they sent. When the stress got too much, she fled to the school roof in an attempt to study there but ended up having her own distractions thank to an odd Azai clan lord. Unlike the other lords who went to carry on their rivalries with their futures, he did the opposite and put distance from it. It was from this and their odd encounter did the two became odd companions which grew to a friendship out of the serendipity times they would continue to encounter one another. Rumors spread of the two but, as of yet, has not caused any drama beyond hushed whispering and a few head turns. Neither of them were aware of doing anything that specifically seemed romantic, as far as she was concerned, so the confusion of the speculated rumors was soon lightly ignored.
By second year and several entry level missions, Suishoku found her role into the medical division in all thanks to her relic leading her this way. Being out in the field also required her to have some form of protection which she strangely adopted a whip of all things despite advisers offering more traditional tools. Regardless of any of this, it started to slowly become more apparent to her that school life in Bugei will end at some point. This brought her mind reeling back to her family and the Maeda funding. Big clans expect something in return for their given generosities. Life at Bugei resolved around this. Basic school work, ungodly studying conditions, and somehow student life fitting into it all; figuring out how to repay the Maeda Clan will have to be taken into account now.
After the Edo earthquake did she feel the morality of her life and the lives of her friends become threateningly clear and what their duties were as bugei students. She was pulled from the rubble and hardly spent long in the medical tent was her semi-conscious body put to work along with her relic. She supplied her healing tonic to aid in intensive care students in the early hour of the disaster zone. Once able to walk was she then 'advised' to put herself into work in relief efforts of another school evacuation. The looks earned from the people and adults around her and their high expectations to go into the relief aid was the main driving factor in departing the ruins of Edo Bugei and board the helicopter with other able bodied students.
In the mid-quarter of her section year was she then promoted into Elite year by recommendation from Izuki-senpai along with Kurome and Eriko. This promotion brought new expectations and duties, even a higher pay outcome when completing Bugei for a position higher than basic retainer-ship. Something like this would be most beneficial for Suishoku's goals but the shock of actually meeting the qualifications made her worry of meeting expectations. Due to other Elite year students being highly combat proficient under the assumption that the Elite are the best of the best, much of her time was spent pretending the status she wears isn't there out of self consciousness in her weaker physical attributes.
All this carried over into the first assault upon the Shogun during the autumn festival where the Ikko declared their intent of war and the subsequent unease that plagued the coming winter holiday. It may have been the last time she'd see anyone she knew so Suishoku attempted to be more out going than usual to avoiding huddling up in her room as her first year self.
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Elite year, Yuubae Suishoku__Honda Mikazuki, 2nd year
 Posted: Dec 26 2015, 01:17 PM

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