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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 08/05/2018 The school dance is still ongoing as the seasonal news report reveals that a large ship has left England and is moving towards Edo!

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 Honda Mikazuki
 Posted: Feb 24 2016, 07:05 PM

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Honda Mikazuki of the Honda

• 17
• Female
• Second Year
• Infiltration
• Band Club
• Home Economics
• Tennis Club
• Photography

HAIR: Originally a dark brown, nearly black shade but dyed strawberry blonde.
EYES: Goldenrod.
HEIGHT: 5'2"
WEIGHT: 99 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Thin, pale complexion, and as nearly doll like as her brother with more of a distant day dreamy look about her eyes. There isn't much muscle in her thin and lite build which only makes her steps all the more fleeting for speed and the statue to readily be placed on a pedestal.
STYLE: Likes to mix things up with attire with much interest in the styles of flowing sleeves, dresses, silk scarves and the like to spice up the latest trends to give it a touch of airy flair to even the most modest of blouses and long skirts.
OTHER: While not anywhere near as celebrated as her brother, she does take modeling offers within the school to try on clothing or simply being part of a dress up game thanks to appearing like a toy doll. Birthday June 11th

The distant look in her eyes is just a glassy surface to currents of anger and displeasure her life has taken a turn to. No longer does she hold the high care toward her brother and the esteemed pride of the Honda Clan but a more cut and dry outlook of people being useful to her or not. Mika feels to have lost much purpose in life once her family shifted to pouring their efforts into quickly making her older twin brother, Matsushina, into a promising heir.

It's unclear if they had forgotten they had a daughter, find her a useless asset to the Honda clan or had become complacent in Mika's efforts in the school. Praise or disappointment aren't openly shared communication in favor for dry, brief reminders of what not to do and whenever Mika is summoned to give reports on Bugei and Edo status. Both sides read each other as political enemies than family when Mika found their attitudes of the lesser twin of the Honda clan surviving the earthquake to be mildly passing. Their last family talk was not reporting to them about participating in the Kyoto mission that got her banned from entry for disrupting their peace.

Thanks the changes to what was formerly a world that praised her brother and family, Mika views the people around her akin to animals and dirt when displaying attitudes and behaviors similar to what she witnessed from the Ikko attack upon the Bugei school. Their only good use is to complete requests her clan status lends itself onto others or being dumb muscle in the areas she lacks. The disappointment and anger has found company in the anger she habors against her neglectful family. The additional loss of purpose looms behind her.

Caring (less straight forward these days).
Adapts well to new technology.
Using her noble upbringing to be a political display doll to gain information.

Lacks competitive physical strength thanks to a mildly weaker body and underweight.
Irritable to incompetence and cocky attitudes, Views people around her to be lesser beings to be used or dismissed as useless.
Finds it difficult to take personal failures to the point of being self critical.
Has little artistic talent to speak of beyond doodles.

LIKES: Koto music, Ajibana, light scarves, people who don't use her purely for selfish motives (i.e. buying their drinks, a play thing, a emotion wall to talk at).
DISLIKES: Traitors, her brother Matsushina, Honda Clan and using their name to address herself beyond introductions, people taking advantage of her brother, having to sit through other people's life stories.
AMBITIONS: Finding new purpose for herself beyond the Honda Clan or reforming the Clan.
FEARS: Given the formal dismissal from the Honda Clan, losing purpose in this life.

If you'd like to be a traditional student you may delete everything in this section after "weapon"
WEAPON: Hanoen: An artfully crafted weapon fitting to be worn in the obi of a beautiful kimono. A green tinted knife blade by master craftsman Bou, Kire. The sheath is made of cherry wood, high quality, and decorated with flowering vines tangled around it and going all across it. With a secret button press, it houses a hidden compartment for a micro memory card.

A small single handed metal mace that can be used with relic powers to form a war hammer like weapon. When using this weapon she has moderate skill, but relies mostly on overwhelming force.
Special Item: IKKO SECT LITERATURE: A text of Ikko temples, phrases, and connections. Owning this text allows someone to communicate with Ikko sects through out Japan. Allowing them to blend in with the Ikko and even request Ikko aid in large scale battles.
RELIC: An artist's calligraphy brush
RELIC OWNER: Honami Koetsu
OWNER HISTORY: Honami Koetsu. A craftsman, potter, calligrapher, artist, Koetsu was a master of the arts.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: Half Step- Draws a simple low arc in the air, the brush's tip bleeding ink that flies off like staple gun to temporary hold a target in place. While the skill is weak and won't last long in general, it's purpose is really just to hold or interrupt movement. Can draw up to five binds in a single action but no more than that or after once the binds are in place. Post cool down after using skill is 3 post. Holding period is 2.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Scarecrow--Draws a childish drawing of a Henoheno-emoji, a face made out of letters with a funny emoticon thrown in, to act as a movement dummy. When struck, it bursts like a bubble to cover the enemy in sticky quick drying black ink for a moment to blind them and blind, or at least slow their movements even further. The most she can draw on short notice is two, given time up to four. The faces float and move in a single direction till meeting a force greater than a grown man's punch which will cause them to pop. Post cool down after skill, 4 posts. Ink hold/slow lasts 3 posts.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: Word Press--Applying the ink brush to a word source (her cell phone for the majority of the time) of any kind brings the text to life, sending bloated stone thick character of her size rushing toward the enemy to body press them. The rush works and moved like a water jet, a long flow of ink that shoots up to 7 meters forward.
PASSIVE 1: Physical ink-- the ink drawn isn't just a liquid, they can solidify to have a form when used, providing a foundation that can strand the weight of two grown men for a single swipe (300 lbs.)
PASSIVE 2: Long Distance Text--If she writes a special sign on someone with her brush, the ink left on that person can form into a temporary tattoo of small messages when they are out of cell range when needing to leave information when writing on her own skin.
Passive 3: Portable Stationary- Can conjure [1] scroll from their person that when rolled out, provides the needed ink blocks and red ink for official documentation seals as well when required to complete scripts. It is nothing more than a creative station for the artist. Once made into official documentation, it is no longer bound by the relic and can be used as normal allowing for a single new scroll to be conjured to take its place. Otherwise, all writing is stored as a single record unless the relic owner declares it official or erased, returning to a blank slate. Only [1] unbound scroll can be made a day.
LOCKED Awakened Mode Color: Burgundy
AWAKENED ATTACK: Heavenly Carp-- They say if a carp manages to swim up a waterfall, it becomes a dragon. She draws the kanji for carp and watches it come alive as if a real fish, swimming and growing in massive size. At first only just roughly her size but the further it swims and charges ahead and around her in a surge of dark ink, its size swells to that of a school building. It's form growing longer and serpent either swimming ahead as a guide or in an outward spiral in offensive protection. Once reaching it's full length, it roars loudly, diving into the large ink trail it leaves behind for a tidal wave after effect then swims upward into the sky; vanishing.

HONDA TETSUHIKO - Current Head of the Honda Clan. His father is a Chief of Staff to the Shogun: The Great Elder. He is recognized as the "No. 2" of the Shogunate, being directly under the Shogun himself in terms of command. His birth name is " Honda Tadamitsu ".
TOKUGAWA KAGURA-HIME - Mother and the Shogun's youngest sister and favorite sibling.
HONDA MATSUSHINA (Twin Older Brother)
• Tokugawa Hideyoshi (Maternal Cousin)
• Tokugawa Kenji (Maternal Cousin)
• Tokugawa Jun (Maternal Cousin)

Born about ten minutes after her elder twin brother into a world of affluence within the highly influential Honda Clan. Their good standings with the Tokugawa in both political and family has brought her an understanding of how powerful their clan can be, how high up in standings they are. In their early years, their mother did her best to shield away what truths really where out there. They would play under watchful care and sleep knowing five people are awake to ensure the Honda children will meet the morning.

As a princess, her role was not to lead the clan but to maintain it's upkeep. Her brother, Matsushina, would take part in many political meetings at his father's side when providing demonstrations of how to run the clan. Half the time, she would be involved as well and even required to when it is a summons gathering. At night though, the loud debates can be heard from their parents as she and Matsushina would take turns sneaking close to listen when asking attendants at night for water, a rolling up pillow lump would be the resting twin. He said he would aim to become the best clan head he could be. She only smiled at her elder brother and wished him the best each night.

Through over hearing the nightly conversations of their father, by day did the two go under strict training in all the arts and self defense. For Mikazuki though, her body could not bulk up in muscles to keep up with her brother's more stricter lessons. It wasn't so much that she was a sickly child but that her limbs remained as thin and lightly toned. This didn't bother the two of them. After all, she admired how well he met everyone's expectations whenever they meet up at the end of the day. He even surprised her on how easily he tamed the horses so well before she would get a chance to pet them as children and ride only when her brother and trainers were in company but her lack of physical strength was never ignored.

When it was taken notice, her lessons were reduced and exchanged for learning political behaviors and moods along with extending her music and arts lessons. To better provide insight to improve Matsushina's judgement. A wise family retainer of the house even suggested that a woman's role is to ensure success. The meaning went over her head but when looking from her studies to Matsushina, the meaning became clearer bit by bit. Her brother may have given her instructors the answers and earning their praise as they wanted to hear but often times, Mikazuki wondered why they would stop there? The moment she questioned this, the more did the signs show with each meeting that her brother was easily humbled but did not think of what would happen next. The talks began to feel more scripted and her brother easily following in suit. Feeling this controlled environment may be more harmful to her older brother, she began to outsource to reading what the online world of Japan thought under the guise of learning about other clans and their territory of control. Private life styles were thankfully respected within the Honda Clan so she dabbled away unhindered yet supported by her mother in getting a phone to send cute pictures to each other. Matsushina would also get one but he didn't exactly take a fast shining to it, leaving Mikazuki to be the one to send him an assortment of things and pictures from horses to sunsets.

Around the time her brother inherited a national treasure of the Honda Clan, one of her own tutors of the arts came to her with a relic of their own. They claimed that, as twins, there is residual power shared between them and an adviser from the Shogunate noticed and granted this opportunity. It was an odd blessing which added more to rejoice about the two Honda children enrolling into Bugei. It was originally planned Matsushina to be enrolled first but the presence of the relic increased her odds of joining with him. Their parents imparted their blessings to the children before they were escorted out to the school proper. Before leaving, Mikazuki left a letter to her parents with her mindset of looking around her brother. Neither she nor her parents have spoken of the decision since.

Their first year into the school had them in a whirl of finding clubs to fit in and where their rooms were at. For clubs, she felt more welcomed to be in the Band and Tennis clubs as they appeared more social and active with what training she did have before dragged into Home Economics with very little complaints. Originally she was taken into Home Economics during a sewing lesson as a human model before ending up being formally enrolled after designing her own scarf assemble by the first snowfall regardless if she remained as just a model. The winter break was spent plotting on how to keep Mitsushina more active with people based on how despite doing so well in his personal lessons at home, he barely drops formalities too much and takes flattery. Likely a byproduct of being groomed to the clan head she plans to work with him on.

The after affects of the earthquake left the girl bewildered and lost to be without her other half. It was the rarest time she has ever felt vulnerable and for the longest after it did the absence made her feel bitter. For her brother, his utter disappear when she needed him the most. For her family, the neglect of ever acknowledging her health. The feelings of trust came falling apart bit by bit for family and the classmates around her. From this did Mika feel no longer tied to her family as a bond but only through birth and blood that made the girl feel less so a member of the family. Her original protective desires toward her brother Matsushina gradually turned to wanting to see him hurt and grow through that pain.

Even as the seasons turned to fall and he did return from province affairs, attempts of reconciling were like trying to force jagged pieces of broken glass together. She saw his intents but couldn't see past the charade for what was still there, a boy bound to becoming the next lord and there was no real place for her within the Honda clan. It made her angry and reclusive to no longer see him as a brother but an object like other students. If Mika was to protect herself better in the absence of her brother then she'll use what students around her as her vanguards. Viewing this as potential strength to harness for her track selection as a spy, Mika began putting her newly acquired thoughts during the Ikko upraising.


Elite year, Yuubae Suishoku__Honda Mikazuki, 2nd year
 Posted: Feb 26 2016, 10:12 PM


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Azai Nobuyori
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Tagami Yumiko
The adorable poet girl who hates war.

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