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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 06/01/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. Making friends and learning about Edo Culture is their current aim! In other news it is also time for the school dance event! Please bring your characters along!

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 Hatakeyama, Yami
 Posted: Apr 8 2016, 08:14 PM

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Hatakeyama, Yami of the Hatakeyama Clan

• 15
• Male
• First Year
• Medical (Poison Artisan) Track
• Club Placeholder
• Club Placeholder
• Chemistry Studies

HAIR: Platnium Blond / White (Naturally Brown, hair is dyed)
EYES: Bright Green
HEIGHT: 4'10"
WEIGHT: 95 pounds
BODY TYPE: Though he is older, his body is around the size and characteristics of a child.
STYLE: Loves, loves, loves to wear uniforms, and to play dress up. If there is a costume he could wear for a location, he will. Otherwise, he will always be seen in the school uniform. He always has a backpack with him as well. It is a simple child's backpack with a popular cartoon character on it. It contains several things such as a full facial gas mask, chemistry books, and general hazmat gear such as gloves, boots and other top tier protective equipment for chemicals classified as bio-hazard Level 3. Also carries a rolled up, large satchel that contains a mobile chemical lab.

In missions, his bag contains less personal protective equipment, and more medical items such as masks, disposable gloves, and basic medicines such as adrenaline, blood clotting agent, needle and thread, and other basic emergency medical items

Personality: Oddly serious for his appearance. He is fairly dry and intelligent, using scientific method to guide most of his interactions, but has a particular weakness for childish things that seem to bring out a separate personality that is extraordinarily childish. This shift is temporary however, and he will inevitably regain his composure.
STRENGTHS: High intelligence for biology, chemistry, and other sciences. Calculating and exact, makes few mistakes and does not run in without a plan.
WEAKNESSES: Easily distracted by childish things such as crayons and stuffed animals, candy and other things. Has a particular dislike of doctors, medics, or medical professionals. (afraid of getting a shot.)
LIKES: Chemistry, poisons and dangerous material, and things that are considered 'childish'.
DISLIKES: Doctors / medics. More specifically the possibility of getting a shot. Also dislikes being rushed when he is creating a poison or chemical concoction.
AMBITIONS: Strives to continue the Poisons and Potions company that his parents own.
FEARS: Afraid of failure in his goal of running his parents' company. Also has a fear of contaminating himself with a poison.

• Blowgun - Ammunition is thin needles.
• Ninja Tool "Black Eggs" - Fragile, empty containers kept in a special container so they do not break. They can be filled with a variety of powders, and will break easily to disperse said powders.

• Hatakeyama, Mitsu (Father)
• Hatakeyama, Kaoru (Mother)

BACKGROUND: Yami was born in the Noto Province's tropical shoreline, to the owners of the Wicked Brews herbal remedy company. They have been in business for several generations now, primarily dealing in healing salves, energy drinks, and other types of herbal supplements. They are also involved in an underground organization known as 'The Court of Miracles'; essentially a black market for assassinations and other not so nice things. The Shogunate has known about their involvement in the underground group, but has not pinpointed any way to take the group down. So when you can't beat 'em, use them, so the Shogunate kept this knowledge as blackmail to keep the family in line, working for only people who are aligned with the Shogun.

Yami has always shown interest in the family business, even helping around with the shop by being the adorable cashier that kept people of the area coming back. When he began basic school, however, he became the target of jokes and bullying. While other children began to move forward and develop, he kept on clinging to his childhood with crayons, candy, cartoons and other childish things. He decided the best way to deal with not being an outcast was to put up a front of being cold and calculating, gaining more friends after this decision, but quickly became bullied again when it was discovered that he was just the same as always, a squishy, sweet, core inside of a hard crunchy exterior. (Yum, candy...) Yami has shown promise in being a highly skilled poison artisan, already creating dangerous mixes, as well as helpful ones for his family's business, and has stood out enough to be allowed to join the Edo Bugei. The opportunity for unrestricted access to the chemical lab was incentive enough to make him WANT to join. Though this keeps the family even more under the thumb of the Shogunate, as now they have the family's only son and heir to the company in the capital.
Kitsu• Hotarumaru, Touken Ranbu• See Signature

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 Posted: May 5 2016, 12:10 AM

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Kai Izuki: Head of the Elite Years, Bugei Staff ------- Kenji Tokugawa: Heir to the Shogunate 3rd Year
William Midoriya - Detective in Training
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