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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 08/05/2018 The school dance is still ongoing as the seasonal news report reveals that a large ship has left England and is moving towards Edo!

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 Todo Shinsuke
 Posted: May 5 2016, 03:16 PM

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Todo Shinsuke of the Todo clan

• 16

HAIR: Shin's hair is, like many Japanese, naturally black in color. It was once long, but after a couple of haircuts it's down to just past chin length. He's still growing it back out, and if you stare close enough it'll be clear he has it styled in kind of a feminine manner.
EYES: Brown
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 130 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Very slender and slight build much more suited to a diplomat (in his own mind at least).
STYLE: Shin's taste in clothing is usually quite fashionable, including button up shirts with sweaters and slacks in cooler weather. For warmer climes he prefers short sleeved shirts and trousers; both often have ties with them, though the top button is often undone (about the most rebellious you'll see him get). For more solemn occasions he is very comfortable in traditional clothes or a suit, depending on the context of the situation.
OTHER: Shin has a somewhat feminine look to his facial features thanks to his mother, but he still manages to exude charm when he puts effort into it.

Please write a paragraph or two regarding your character's personality, as well as fill out the following:
There are really two ways to look at Shin - what you see in official/formal environments and what you see the rest of the time. He's fully capable of being a considerate, well-spoken and polite young man who strives to maintain an impartial bearing around others. Shin definitely has a passion for maintaining that impartiality since it's his clan's role to hear out both sides; he becomes frustrated when either refuses to compromise, as that compromise is usually necessary to reach a conclusion that doesn't create more trouble. Losing his cool is not something Shin does regularly, though, since a good mediator doesn't let their emotions get in the way.
Outside of official functions, Shin is a bit different. He's not afraid to voice his opinions, and sometimes lets disagreements and pride get to his head. Appearance is a high point of pride for Shin, and he doesn't mind flaunting it in everyday life. Not very good with rejection, he tends to revert to an introverted state when he perceives something hasn't gone right. Of recent times he's also become more confused about his own identity to a degree, and is struggling to figure out who he is and what he really wants out of life.
STRENGTHS: Shin is nothing if not optimistic - nothing is too big for him to handle, no task beyond his capabilities! Shin can also be pretty perceptive as well, with a talent for seeing beyond veneers to get at the heart of problems.
WEAKNESSES: Though humbler these days, Shin still has a pride that can get in the way of dealing with others, making the right decision in informal settings and generally getting his foot out of his mouth. He also has an impulsive nature that can border on hedonistic - if something seems like he'd enjoy it, or just if he wants to do it (especially if it pushes someone's buttons), Shin has a hard time not following through on it.
LIKES: Relaxing over freshly brewed tea, travel across the country, good company , ensuring he looks good himself, resolving disagreements to everyone's satisfaction, poetry.
DISLIKES: Stubbornness (even though he gets stubborn himself), rigid rules beyond official functions, bitter flavors, bland clothing.
AMBITIONS: Shin knows he's next in line to take over the Todo clan, and he looks forward to that day. His drive is to become a famous diplomat who negotiates the un-negotiable, resolves major issues and keeps peace in the land.
FEARS: That he'll fail to live up to the expectations of a future daimyo with his inner struggles. He also fears losing his remaining sister, Inori. Further he fears that his efforts as a diplomat will fail and Japan will fall into chaos or another Warring States period.

WEAPON: Shin's primary weaponry if things progress to combat is a yumi and a quiver of arrows. He prefers to keep his distance so that his looks aren't marred by scars or the like.
RELIC: A haori with the Todo clan mon on the back, used for formal diplomatic and social functions.
RELIC OWNER: Todo Takatora
OWNER HISTORY: Takatora is also known for deftly maneuvering through the changing political climate of the times. He changed lords seven times and became a powerful daimyo himself in the Edo Period. Takatora was born to a samurai family in present day Shiga Prefecture. After briefly serving under Nobunaga's nephew, Oda Nobusumi, he became a foot soldier under Hashiba Hidenaga (Toyotomi Hidenaga, the younger brother of Toyotomi Hideyoshi). Takatora quickly rose through the ranks for his skill on the battlefield, earning the trust of Hidenaga and becoming one of his highest ranking officers. He also participated in the Korean Invasions as a commander in Hideyoshi's fleet. At the Battle of Sekigahara, Takatora switched allegiances to Tokugawa and was rewarded with the province around Imabari. Despite having been one of the Tozama Daimyo (lords that were not hereditary family allies of the Tokugawa), Takatora was closer and trusted by Ieyasu more than many of the Fudai Daimyo (hereditary Tokugawa allies).
ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: Motivational speech: gives one person a large amount of motivation for two rounds. This can make them work or fight harder, and care less about being tired.
ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: Glare: three turn cooldown. A harsh look from him stops a person from doing a single, non-awakening action they had been about to perform.
LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: Lowers tempers and aggression in an area four three rounds. Even in the middle of a battlefield it can make people feel a lot more calm and consider talking things out.
PASSIVE 1: Compelling words: People feel a lot more compelled to listen when he talks, even if they don't like him. They aren't compelled to do what he says, but just to hear him out.
LOCKED PASSIVE 2: Through use of his words people naturally feel a lot more guilty and hurt when he insults them or accuses them of something.
LOCKED Awakened Mode Color: Slate blue
AWAKENED ATTACK: For two turns allies within a 20 foot radius are shielded from large amounts of damage. People also feel more lethargic and less motivated to attack.

• Father: Todo Hiroaki
• Mother: Todo Motoko
• Todo Yuki (sister, deceased), Todo Inori (sister, 15 years old)
• Todo Hiroshi (brother, 12 years old)
BACKGROUND: Shinsuke was born the eldest son of the renown Todo clan, who have the prided role of elite diplomats in the Tokugawa Shogunate. Any major issues or disputes will in some way involve them; being the heir to the clan is a great responsibility which Shinsuke's father drilled into him at an early age. Early life was comfortable for him as he was somewhat spoiled - being the eldest child of a couple that had tried several times to have one will do that for you. He was pretty impulsive early on, which his parents had to curb before it got him into trouble with peers. Once he'd had a long talk with them about being a responsible man and brother, Shinsuke began developing his more formal disposition.

Four siblings were born soon after Shin and this meant a lot of extra work for parents who were both additionally involved in managing diplomacy as well as the household. As eldest Shin took on the role of mediator and role model for his siblings, learning the nuances of each one's personality. It became an important foundation for his future role on a bigger scale. Eventually he began taking leadership roles at family gatherings where relatives his age were concerned. At school too he emerged as a leader who was willing to hear everyone out before making any judgment. Life was good.

Then came the news that he was to attend the prestigious Edo Bugei Academy, which was another reinforcement of his abilities and talent. Once he reached the age of 20, someone told him, he'd likely be married off to some girl he'd never met. Politically it made sense. Shin didn't care for it and so began to look at his time at Edo Bugei as the last gasp of freedom before reality and full responsibility set in. Even rumors that his fiancee would be attending Edo Bugei as well didn't deter him from becoming something of a ladies' man and following through on impulses more than usual when not doing official things.
That is, until the earthquake. When it struck he lost not only classmates, but also his little sister who had been sent to attend a middle school in Edo for a time. He blamed himself for not doing enough to save her and other people in the city. Unable to bear himself he slipped into an emotional funk that saw him adopt the persona of 'Mikoto', a nickname the sister had given him in their childhood games. Though he's recovered enough to attend school as himself again, he's not really sure what kind of person he is. That will bear further investigation.
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 Posted: May 6 2016, 06:02 PM

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