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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 7/10/2017 A blood red summer has come. As the Edo Bugei students finish facing off with the ikko forces all across the nation a massive steel ship floats towards Edo Harbor. The final battle between the Ikko Ikki rebels and the Edo Bugei students is about to begin. The lingering question now, just how much of Edo will be left standing once the battle ends?

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Oct 10 2017, 05:15 PM
So I have exams in three weeks time... I am very stressed right now. My marks will be part of what determines if I get into the course I want so they're kind of important. It's the reason I haven't been around a lot lately and why I won't be around a lot again until mid november when my exams are finished.

On the plus side! Once my exams are done I will literally be doing nothing for three months over the (southern hemisphere) summer so you will see me around a LOT. I can't wait to be back <3
Apr 19 2017, 08:07 AM

((OOC: I think this is the right place to post this thread? lol. It’s late right now where I live so apologies if it sucks))

Bugei Club. She did like it here, honestly, and she certainly liked it better than many other things the school offered (like the library, or studying, or maths class), but it still felt like something was missing. Maybe she just wasn’t yet used to the difference between a fighting club in a school for elites and a some unimportant kendo dojo in Kyushu. There was just something about the atmosphere that wasn't quite the same.

The meeting was set to begin in more or less fifteen minutes; Mirai, along with a few other earlycomers, were exchanging greetings and beginning to stretch. It was fairly quiet in the room beyond some simple small talk between the members (which Mirai mostly ignored); the really loud members were yet to make an appearance.

Mirai broke off from her stretching to ready her bokuto. She had her own that she’d originally gotten quite a long time ago for practising kendo kata but now used more frequently for normal sparring in lieu of a real katana.

A couple of the other students had already started up a spar even though it technically wasn’t time for the meeting to begin but she supposed that there was no reason for them not to. Mirai glanced around at the few others in the room, and the those who had just started arriving, wondering if she should ask someone for a spar, but honestly she wasn’t in the mood for one. She couldn’t say why she particularly felt that way; maybe it was thinking about the dojo back home and the differences between it and the Bugei Club that had brought that whim upon her. She was content to sit at the side of the room for now, bokuto laying across her knees.
Mar 20 2017, 08:48 PM
Hey folks. I know my posting has been a bit spotty recently. Sorry about that. The last couple of weeks have not been particularly great for me IRL and I haven't been able to find much time (or focus) to be able write. Again, apologies and thank you for being patient with me. Things should be back to normal by the start of next week so I hope to get back to posting on a less sporadic basis then <3
Mar 5 2017, 08:49 PM
During a lull in the conversation, Fukumi sighed happily. “I can’t believe we never tried doing this before. It was a great idea, Mirai.”

“Hell yeah,” Yuki said, leaning back in his chair. “It feels good to talk to you again. Face to face. Real talk. Even with this bloody framerate and shitty robotified voices.”

Akane feigned shock; it was so over the top that it couldn’t possibly be real. “Yuki-chan! Language! I’m ashamed for you and anyone who’s ever met you.”

Yuki slowly turned to look at her. “You know you’ve met me, right, Akane-chan?”

“Well, then. I’m ashamed of myself.”

Mirai smiled wanly. Her three friends were crowded into Fukumi’s bedroom, cramped around her desktop computer to video call Mirai. The girl was sitting on her bed in her dorm room, hugging her knees (which were drawn up to her chest) and watching them on her phone, which was balanced in front of her on a stack of pillows. “Don’t fight,” she said.

Akane poked her tongue out at the camera. “Don’t you tell me what to do, Mirai.”

“Yeah,” Yuki chipped in, poking his tongue out too. “You ain’t the boss of me, Micchan.”

Fukumi only rolled her eyes. “Come on, you two. We get to talk to Mirai properly for the first time in ages and you fool around?”

“Hey, don’t judge me. It’s the only thing I’m good at.” Yuki placed a hand over his heart.

Fukumi rolled her eyes again and looked at the webcam with an expression that said, save me from these morons. Mirai only sighed and didn’t say anything.

The grin flickered off Yuki’s face. He leaned forward, propping his elbow up on the desk and resting his chin on his hand.

“Oi! Yuki-chan!” Akane complained. “You’re taking up too much space. I can’t see the screen properly now.”

Yuki ignored her; instead his eyes flicked across the screen, as if he was searching for something in Mirai’s face. “Say, Micchan,” he began mildly. “You’ve been full of sighs today and not saying much. Everything OK over there in Edo?”

Her other two friends fell silent immediately as it dawned on them that Yuki was kind of right. And it wasn’t a light, content kind of silence; it was heavy.

Mirai glanced down, away from the camera. She didn’t say anything, but perhaps that in itself said everything. It was enough to confirm the suspicion that something was most definitely not right.

Fukumi said. She didn’t finish; she didn’t know how to finish. The three on the other end of the line fell into silence once more.

Akane spoke up suddenly. “You know, she doesn’t have to say anything. You’re not obligated to tell us anything you don’t want to, Mirai, and if you haven’t said it already then I’d guess you don’t want to say it.”

“With the greatest respect, I completely disagree, Akane-chan.” Yuki lifted his elbow off the desk and turned to look at Akane. “You know what Micchan’s like. She doesn’t parade around what she feels even if she wants to. I don’t mean to say that’s a bad thing; it’s just the way she is.” He glanced between Akane and Fukumi. “I’m not wrong, am I?”

Fukumi slowly shook her head. Akane opened her mouth to protest but then shut it again and sighed. Taking this as a win, Yuki directed his next comment at Mirai. “In fact, I’m willing to bet part of the reason you suggested this call is because you wanted to talk to us about something, right, Micchan? But you’re just not saying it because you don't want to think about it. We’ve seen you do that sort of thing before.”

The whole time the others were talking about her, Mirai was looking down, the lump in her throat growing bigger with each word her friends spoke. She'd told herself that she was proposing the call because she just wanted to talk to her friends for a casual chat, but Yuki-chan was right that part of her was desperate to talk with them about the upcoming mission, and she wasn't going to deny it now that he'd said it. Mirai didn’t look up when Yuki asked the question but she did nod, a movement so small it was almost imperceptible through the blurry and slow video.

“See? We know you too well, Micchan. You can’t fool us.” His tone had gone a little quieter and a lot gentler. “And look, I don’t know what's going on, but it’s OK. I promise it’ll all be OK. And we’re here for you while it’s not, yeah?” Akane and Fukumi murmured their agreement. “So don’t worry. We’re not going to make fun of you for whatever it is that’s on your mind.”

Mirai still didn’t look up, but she did speak. “...they’re sending me to war.”

If the silence before was heavy, this silence was stunned.

Akane was the first to speak up. “You’re kidding.”

Mirai shook her head and finally faced the camera again. She sniffed; the beginnings of tears glinted in her eyes.

“But they - they can’t do that. You’re still a minor! They aren’t seriously sending children to war. That’s just plain wrong!”

“Akane,” Fukumi laid a hand on the other girl’s shoulder. There was a warning note in her tone.

“This is fucked up. I’m sorry, Fukumi, if I’m being unruly, but this is fucked up and it’s just not right. They shouldn't be sending schoolchildren into real battles.”

“You’re not helping, Akane-chan,” Yuki said, though his own voice had a quiver in it; he was distressed by this, too. He looked at Mirai’s face on the computer screen. “Just breathe, OK, Micchan? Calm down a little and tell us exactly what’s going on. If you’re allowed to, of course,” he added as a hasty afterthought.

Mirai hugged her knees to her chest even tighter and took a sharp breath. She didn’t really know if she was supposed to be talking about it either, but whatever. “There's a city under attack from some rebels, so some of the Edo Bugei students are going there to help defend it. I signed up to help them, and we’re leaving tomorrow.”

Fukumi spoke up. “Do you know how long you’ll be gone?”

Mirai shook her head, and sniffed again. “I don’t know. But civilians are in danger. I want to help. And I think I could make a real difference to the fight. I don’t regret signing up. But it's scary,” her voice broke then. “I don't know what could happen.”

For a moment, no-one said anything. All four of them wore downcast expressions.

When someone finally spoke, it was Yuki. “You know what, Micchan? I know you're going to try and deny this but you're brave. You're really, really brave. If someone told me I had to go to war I would find a box to hide in and never come out from it. I guess most people would. And you admitted that you’re scared. Maybe that's the bravest thing about this all.”

Mirai didn’t share in Yuki’s positivity. She didn’t feel brave; how could someone be if they were scared of what might happen to them and what they might have to do? She wished these doubts would just go away, that she could go into battle assured that she was going to be doing good and unafraid of death. But instead she was here, on the verge of crying, telling her friends she was scared she might get hurt but conveniently omitting the part she was most scared of, the part where she might have to end up killing other people. Even if she knew those other people would be trying to kill her and many others, she didn’t think they deserved to die in turn, and she was afraid that at the crucial moment that thought might stop her from carrying out her duties as a soldier, and leave her or others in a vulnerable position. But that was a thought she couldn’t bear muse over for long, yet alone bring it up, not even with Fukumi, Akane, and Yuki.

Fukumi nodded. “You’re right to be scared, too, Mirai. Anything could happen. That’s why you need to be careful, all right?”

“Look after yourself,” Akane chipped in. “Don’t try to be the best warrior out there. Don’t run headfirst into it. Do what you have to but don’t try to do more than you’re able. Don’t be afraid of running away if you have to.”

“Yeah. And if you do that, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Just remember it’s more important to keep yourself alive than to be a hero. OK?” Yuki sighed. “But you know, we’re gonna be worried sick about you, worrying if--” He stopped and gave her a smile. “No. I’m not gonna say 'if something might happen to you', because nothing is going to happen, right?”

Mirai wiped her eyes on her sleeve and nodded. Even though she still had her misgivings, it was reassuring to know that there would be people thinking about her and praying for her safety. “I guess it won’t.”

“Atta girl. If you ever have a spare moment and you need to talk to us don’t hesitate to give any of us a call. We’ll all make sure to keep our phones turned on as much as possible.”

“Thank you,” Mirai said. Yet again, the group fell into silence for a moment.

“In other news,” Akane said, perking up in an effort to direct the conversation somewhere more cheerful for Mirai’s sake. “Do you remember Yui and Akihiko from middle school? Did you hear they got together? Whadda you think about it? Personally, I didn’t think it was a great match at first, but after seeing them together…”

((OOC: their call didn't end there, but the rest is basically just random chit-chat about various gossip in Kitakyushu so I'm not going to write that bit. This is way too long already haha))
Mar 1 2017, 05:03 AM
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<br><br>Okada Mirai

<br><br>(Late) Autumn 2016
<br>A Quiet Prayer [completed]
<br><br>Winter 2016/2017
<br>Goodbye Masumi [one post]
<br>Rank 2 Mission: Broken Heart [ongoing]
<br>Secret Santa Pick-up [one post]
<br>Return of the Dorms! [ongoing]
<br>Special Class: Spear Combat 101 [completed]
<br>Special Class: Tracking 101 [completed]
<br>A New Path [ongoing]
<br><br>Spring 2017
<br>Sweet Messages [ongoing]
<br>Skills Exchange, you say? [ongoing]
<br>Event sign up! (prologue to war) [one post]
<br>To old friends [solo thread]
<br>EVENT MISSION 2: KANAZAWA'S DEFENSE! [event thread; completed]
~OOC Goals~
  • Make Mirai pick a track
  • OK but really someone needs to point out to this girl that there ARE ways to get out of the whole “you must be our successor” thing. For example, if she got married then her spouse could be the one running all the business stuff while she did whatever. Or if she distinguishes herself enough that the Shogunate wants to keep her in their service and not let her return to Buzen after she graduates from Edo Bugei. She's too resigned to her fate to figure those out on her own, though, so unless someone else pointed it out to her she probably wouldn't realise it
  • <br>
    ~IC Ambitions~
    • Learn to sew/cook/clean/laundry/etc. so she is able to “fend for herself” in a sense without needing to make other people do stuff for her
    • Practice kendo at least every second day
    • Take the kendo sandan exam in two years when she is allowed to and (ideally) pass it
    • Try things she's never done before
    • Enjoy life at Edo Bugei
    • Help others wherever she can
    • Make a bunch of friends
    • ~Relationships~

      • South Kitakyushu Dojo - was a member for nearly a decade when she still lived in Buzen Province
      • Fukumi + Akane + Yuki - Mirai’s closest friends whom she met through the kendo dojo. These three are almost like siblings to her; she certainly trusts them more than her own family
      • Her parents - she dislikes that they're trying to force her down a path she doesn't want to go and feels they don't properly connect with or understand her but she doesn't actively resent them
      • Bugei Club - member
      • Home Economics Club - member
      • ~Individuals~
        • Hanaki-sensei - Mirai's kendo teacher from South Kitakyushu Dojo. Respects and looks up to them a great deal
        • Yuubae Suishoku - sees her as a friend, also looks up to her quite a lot
        • Saito Takuma - enjoyed a game with him once in the newly rebuilt dorms
        • Todo Inori - has only met once but is happy that they seem to share a love of sports and would love to meet her again sometime
        • Todo Shinsuke - hasn't met him in person, but has heard about him from his sister. Thinks he sounds like a pretty cool guy.
        • Bou Kire - only met him once and didn't interact with him particularly much but knows of his skill as a smith and respects his creed (though in reality, she probably has a bit of misconception about what that actually is)
        • Bento Roshi - she knows him from a mission they undertook together. She's kind of weirded out by him. Though she doesn't necessarily dislike him she certainly wouldn't go out of her way to meet him again.
        • Tokugawa Jun - met him a couple of times but hasn't really engaged with him much. After seeing how he talked to Kire she thinks he's kind of rude.
        • Huzaki Kurome - went on a class with her once - no particular thoughts about her, she's just another student
        • Ash - went on a class with him - thinks he seems pretty simple, though she doesn't necessarily think that's a bad thing
        • Honda Mikazuki - played a card game with her in the dorms
        • Azai Nobuyori - he pretty much saved her life on the Kanazawa mission. She immensely thankful for that but also is kind of overwhelmed by the whole event and everything that happened there and doesn't really know what say/think about him or anything that happened that day.
        • Hattori Yuna - due to her immense size, Mirai supposes that she must be pretty strong and brave
        • Kadowaki Nao - remembers him most from the weird story he told on the train
        • Naya Rin - a bit disconcerted by her
        • <br><br>
          ~Notable Possessions~
          • Her weapons - a wakizashi and two katana. The wakizashi and one katana were bought for her by her parents and the other katana was a going away gift from South Kitakyushu Dojo. The latter katana is not of particularly high quality but she still uses it over the one from her parents.
          • A thermos decorated to look like it is made of bamboo. Mirai was given this a as secret santa present and does not know who gave it to her.
          • </div>
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