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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 08/05/2018 The school dance is still ongoing as the seasonal news report reveals that a large ship has left England and is moving towards Edo!

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Sep 29 2017, 09:14 PM
[dohtml]<div class="profile">
<span class=“name">SATO YUUKI</span>
<span class=“sub1">of no clan, sponsored by the niwa</span>
<img src="" class="proficon" height="100" width="100"><img src="" class="proficon" height="100" width="100"><img src="" class="proficon" height="100" width="100">
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%"><tr><td vAlign="top" class="content1">

<td vAlign="top" class="content2">

<div class="content3">
<br>HAIR: Yuuki’s hair is short and straight. It’s a somewhat dark brown, and tends to be a little unkempt. It’s honestly rather boyish, but Yuuki’s never understood the point of doing her hair up anyway? Also, gender roles? She… doesn’t really get those either. People… apparently care about that… but…
<br>EYES: Yuuki’s eyes are an almost reddish shade of brown- though, note, that they’re still definitely brown. No one’s going to look at her eyes and go “oh hey those are red”, and anyone who does Yuuki is probably going to decide is a bit daft. Red eyes? Don’t be ridiculous.
<br>HEIGHT: Yuuki’s about 5’1”, putting her on the slightly shorter end.
<br>BODY TYPE: Yuuki’s a little overweight. This is entirely the fault of her extremely picky eating and her tendency to forget to eat, actually. Turns out, failing to eat for long periods of time actually does just about the opposite of counteracting poor eating habits and a typical lack of exercise.
<br>STYLE: Yuuki likes clothes that are somewhat big on her and made of nice materials. On that note, she despises the school uniform. For one thing, she doesn’t like skirts very much, and for another, its made of scratchy material, so wearing it too long makes her feel like someone’s trying to trap her in a box filled with pins and needles that keep on stabbing her. Left to her own devices, she wears soft cotton t-shirts, big sweatshirts, and well-washed jeans. (New jeans are a no-go, she has to wash them several times before they’re remotely acceptable.) She often wears headphones, though they aren’t always actually on, they’re just good for blocking sound.
<br>OTHER: Yuuki’s body language is pretty recognizable, and is probably one of the fastest ways to pick her out. She rocks some, she’s completely and utterly uncoordinated, and she’s almost always looking down at her phone or at something on the wall or at anything but your eyes. She bites her nails a lot and picks at the skin on her arm when she’s worried. She taps her foot. She bites her lip. When she’s excited, she literally jumps around the room. She often moves her arms in half-gestures around the front of her body. This becomes more frantic when she’s upset or annoyed.

<div class="content3">
At first glance, Yuuki might be unconventionally intimidating. She has somewhat closed-off to outright wrong body language on a good day, doesn't talk, and tends to have a rather intense expression on her resting face. Get to know her, though, and you'll realize that the only thing remotely intimidating about her is her intelligence. She puts her math and puzzle skills to good use as a tactician, after all.<br><br>

Instead of someone intimidating, Yuuki, to people who know her, is a somewhat shy and self-conscious girl who is deeply enthusiastic about the things she likes and has an overall hope for humanity in her heart. She's bad at making friends due to being blunt, bad at reading facial expressions, and bad at talking. She speaks with a stutter on a good day, a speech impediment on most days, short, often strange phrases and echolalia on bad days, and outright cannot talk when she's upset, after all. She's kind of unfriendly, though this is mostly unintentional. People are intimidating, just a little, and she's bad at small talk. Once she makes a friend, though, she's loyal and happy to be around them for manageable amounts of time (though she can't do social interaction infinitely).<br><br>

In a more professional setting, and especially when focussed in on a project, Yuuki seems cold and distant, and can sometimes handle a lot more people, mostly because when she's focussed, Yuuki is out. She's in another little world when she's working on some complicated equation of game theory- or, for that matter, while playing chess or strategizing. It's at times like this when Yuuki's bluntness and lack of filter comes out the most, since she has no filter when she does notice the other people around her, let alone when she doesn't.<br><br>

Yuuki's biggest flaw is probably that she's massively self-deprecating and sometimes kind of self-defeating. She wants to be better. She gets very annoyed when people treat her like she's incapable of handling herself. The problem is that, then, she'll go back to her dorm, forget to do like five homework assignments, and then realize that shit she can't take care of herself she's a mess of a person. And that's not very healthy at all. (This, incidentally, is where her shyness comes from; when she was younger, she was less shy, but nowadays she can notice when people react oddly to her. It's just painful to even try to shut off some of her more disconcerting quirks, so she doesn't, but then she starts feeling like everyone's staring at her and it spirals from there.)<br><br>

Left to her own devices, she could be fine, too- but despite being someone who naturally shuts herself away from people for the reason of "she doesn't get it" and "dealing with people for too long is exhausting", having other people around is actually a bit healthier and, at the end of the day? She doesn't need to talk to people often, but she'll be her best self when someone else who is properly supportive and can also make her remember to eat grabs onto her friendship and doesn't let go, even when she shuts off in the middle of a conversation or forgets to hold that conversation for weeks. They'll need to know when to back off, sure, but... Yeah. Yuuki is still a little lonely, even if she wouldn't admit it.
<br>STRENGTHS: blisteringly intelligent, good at puzzles, soft-spoken, good-hearted, highly focussed when given something she deems interesting, and kind of easy to please. She’s super picky about stuff like food and clothes, sure, and she gets overwhelmed if you force her to interact with other people for too long, but honestly, all you have to do is agree to play shogi with her and you’ve made a friend for life. She’s very enthusiastic, beneath her problems expressing that enthusiasm, and it makes her a joy to be around if you manage to hit on one of her special interests (game theory, trading card games, chess, and sometimes tactics depending on her mood). She’s pretty creative and modern-thinking, too, mostly because she doesn’t actually think about stuff like “honor” or “the way things are normally done” when solving problems.

<br>WEAKNESSES: autism and all the problems that come with it- but most notably, she’s not completely nonverbal, but she’s frequently nonverbal and/or only really talking in short phrases and echolalia. Also, specifically for her, she hates crowds and tends towards the “hypersensitive” side on everything except movement, to which she’s hyposensitive and therefore really, REALLY uncoordinated. Her auditory processing is also a mess. Also: kind of curt, often gets confused by the way people talk, and, unfortunately, really self-conscious. She knows she doesn’t interact right, she just… can’t fix it. She doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut, either (ironically enough for a strategist that rarely talks). Ask her an opinion, and she will say it before she realizes it’s unwise. She sometimes fundamentally doesn’t get things- for example, the gender binary. She… she’s supposed to care…? She’s also rather easily frustrated.

<br>LIKES: games (especially chess-like games and puzzle games), trading card games (her card collection is… impressive), differential equations, game theory, interesting political problems, calm music, soft clothes, grilled cheese, oranges, quiet places, being treated like a reasonable adult (or at least, a reasonable teenager), making friends (for short, handle-able periods of time, at least)

<br>DISLIKES: being treated like an idiot, loud noises, crowds, social norms, scratchy clothes, spicy things, things that taste “too much”, being touched (especially without warning), being surrounded, being asked too many questions at once, being expected to say things, eye contact, time limits, people disliking her (or, god forbid, hating her, she might just start crying)

<br>AMBITIONS: Prove that she’s capable of at least mostly functioning independently. More importantly: she's... not that ambitious, but she'd like to think that someday, she does something that will help other people in the future. Even if it's just invent a new, fun board game as opposed to solving some important mathematical proof or solving some important battle, she wants to think that, somehow, her actions have made someone else happy.

<div class="content3">
WEAPON: She’ll stab you with a pen? Throw a deck of cards at you? Throw shogi and/or chess pieces at you? But no real weapons here. She’s in enough danger just trying to cook for herself, don’t make her actually… hold a sharp object… listen “lack of coordination” can be putting it nicely here… And combat? She can analyze from the sidelines, and in an emergency, she can probably strategize her way out using the environment around her. Get in close range and don’t let her get creative, and she’ll kind of just… fold. Combat’s terrifying. And loud. And she’s not good at actually fighting herself, okay?
<br>RELIC: A shogi piece that must have belonged to Nagahide. It's a rook, with the kanji for "flying chariot" on one side- the unpromoted side- and the kanji for "dragon king" on the other side- the promoted side. (For context: shogi is a well-known Japanese chess variant, sometimes called the Generals' Game. Like chess, the goal is to capture the opponent's king. The biggest difference is the ability to drop captured enemy pieces back on the board as your own pieces. In addition, most pieces can promote when they reach the end of the board, not just the pawn, and a few pieces exist with different movement rules. It has the highest game tree complexity of all standard chess variants. The rook moves exactly like a rook in chess- which is to say, along any straight line. When promoted, it gains the ability to move like a king or like a rook- which is to say, either along any straight line or to any of the directly adjacent squares.)
<br>RELIC OWNER: Niwa Nagahide
<br>OWNER HISTORY: An extremely well-trusted strategist for Oda Nobunga. He was well-known as a strategist and planner. Stories say that he was level-headed and very loyal. He's romanticized as likeable and level-headed due to having very few ambitions of own and mostly achieving things for other people. Some stories even say he killed himself out of regret for the fall of the Oda clan- though in reality, it was stomach cancer that felled him.
<br>ACTIVATED ABILITY 1: command: Establishes a mental link between Yuuki and one person she already knows the location of. There's technically no range, but, for obvious reasons, it's harder to use on someone who is both far away and not already in communication with Yuuki somehow, since it breaks as soon as Yuuki's idea of where that person is turns out to be incorrect. Beyond that, this ability works literally exactly how a mental link sounds like it should work. Can only be used on one person at a time. Lasts two rounds. One post cooldown.
<br>ACTIVATED ABILITY 2: a1 to i9: Allows Yuuki to view a battlefield as though it's a projection she can view from above. If the battlefield is within a building, the roof of the building won't block her view. Any people she knows the location of already will be visible no matter what obstacles are in the way, but any people she does not know the location of will be hidden if there are obstacles blocking their location. Anyone and anything not blocked by an obstacle is visible regardless. "Battlefield" is a somewhat nebulous term, so for the sake of this ability, it is technically a battlefield of a variable area, but no larger than one square mile. If the area is larger, the cooldown and energy cost is higher. She can keep this ability activated for anywhere from 1-3 posts. 3-5 post cooldown.
<br>LOCKED ACTIVATED ABILITY 3: promote: Allows Yuuki to "promote" the ability a person she can see considers their most important ability at that moment. This promotion roughly doubles that ability for three minutes or five posts, whichever comes first. This is the same ability that "relative value" would divine to Yuuki- she does not get to choose which ability gets promoted. Five post cooldown.
<br>PASSIVE 1: relative value: Allows Yuuki to know, at a glance, what someone considers their most valuable ability. Interestingly, this ability doesn't tell Yuuki someone's actual most important ability, just the one that person considers most important at that moment. To Yuuki, this ability registers as symbols around a person that she can inherently interpret- though she has to pause to process and interpret them herself if she wants to determine their meaning. Interestingly, if she were to write down the symbols, while she could continue to interpret them, someone else could not.
<br>LOCKED PASSIVE 2: target: Allows Yuuki to know when an enemy is targeting an ally and the type of attack being aimed towards them, in the same symbols as 'relative value'.

<br> AWAKENED ATTACK: the generals' game: Basically, a combination of all of Yuuki's abilities at once. Opens up the entire battlefield to Yuuki as though it is a shogi board, with every "piece" on the field assigned values based on what Yuuki's passives would show them as. Every piece within the field will become visible- both enemy and ally- and their "legal moves" will be known as well (as in, how they would potentially move and act in the future). From there, Yuuki can move the pieces, and those orders will be projected to the pieces she moves. When a piece enters a promotion zone- for the purpose of this ability, at or behind enemy lines- she may promote it. However, no one is obligated to move how she commands (though when a voice and images in your head tell you to do something...). In addition, while she is using this ability, her perception of reality kind of breaks off, and everyone will appear more like a game piece to a real person to her- except, perhaps, for the shadow of the enemy commander, the one she's playing the game against. This ability lasts until someone snaps her focus or until the game "ends", at which point she will end the game traditionally (resigning if she's "lost" before thanking the opponent) before completely passing out. She will remain unconscious to a time proportional to the amount of "moves" the game took. Often for days afterwards she'll have more trouble than usual talking or even feeling appropriate empathy for those around her, which is... scary. It's a little dangerous, to view life as a game...</div>

<div class="content3">
<br>• Sato Haruki: A somewhat stern man. He's rather traditional and protective of his family. The head of a manufacturing company. He acts stern, but he's honestly a kind soul, if a little finicky and never actually properly at home.
<br>• Sato Mayu: A similarly traditional woman to Haruki, which is part of why she stays home to take care of the family. There's some kind of resentment in her, though, and she's honestly a bit emotionally abusive, though no one in the family will directly acknowledge this.
<br>• Sato Kouta: Yuuki's younger brother. He's going to take over the manufacturing company when Haruki steps down. He's not terribly enthusiastic about the prospect, though. He's generally a very gentle person who doesn't like leading- but neither parent will allow for that. Despite his gentle nature, he's also learned to be deeply, deeply manipulative... but it's all for the sake of his sister's and his own happiness, so that's alright, isn't it?
<br>• Niwa Keisuke: Current head of the Niwa clan, and, resultingly, Yuuki's sponsor. He has three children of his own and, as a result, isn't but so close to Yuuki, though he'll smile at her frequently and tell her about how much she reminds him of his children. He's... nice.<br>

Yuuki was the first child of her family. She was born to a relatively middle-class family, which owned a small manufacturing company in Fukui. It wasn't really a family that stood out from any other family, except that it was just high-class enough to own the manufacturing company, instead of just work there. Hell, even her family name was the most common name in Japan. However, beneath the veneer of commonality, their family was starting to fall apart from before Yuuki was born. Her parents were married more out of obligation to each other than love at this point, out of a desire to keep the traditional married house together. And while Yuuki wouldn't know this until she was much, much older, Yuuki's birth only sealed the deal- because by the time she was three, it was plainly obvious that she was autistic.<br><br>

And honestly, in another family environment, maybe things would have gone better, but in this one, her mother immediately started trying to hide everything unusual about her from guests and started sheltering her far, far more than Yuuki wanted or needed. Her father was better, and, bless him, even encouraged some of Yuuki's interests, even when they were objectively useless interests, like her large trading card collection. However, he was constantly busy, so Yuuki spent a lot of time being smothered and sheltered by her mother.<br><br>

Then her brother was born. Immediately, both parents latched onto him as the heir to their manufacturing company. After all, it wasn't like Yuuki could do it, right? Yuuki was put down a little by this, but she was finally given a little bit more space, though her mother still kept on tring to change Yuuki in ways that were genuinely painful to the girl. Over time, the family fell into an uneasy equilibrium, at least in part due to the fact that Kouta was a good younger brother and friend to Yuuki. The two of them got on well, even when younger Yuuki was having one of her horrible meltdowns or when Kouta was hiding in his closet, trying not to be forced back into a role he didn't want to take, either.<br><br>

They both agreed that, when they were older, they were going to do better. Yuuki- who at this point was half-convinced she was incapable of behaving "correctly"- didn't know how, and Kouta- who was trying very hard not to get very resentful- was a little fixated on getting some kind of revenge, but the point still stood.<br><br>

And one day, when the Niwa family sponsored a museum event in town, Kouta and Yuuki came up with a little plan. Yuuki mostly wanted to go because of an exhibit on ancient games, but as kind and gentle as Kouta was, he was also cunning, and knew that if they were lucky, something there could be a relic, and could, just maybe, get one of them out of the house. So they went, and there, Yuuki accidentally connected to a shogi piece. It took several hours for anyone to figure out who the relic belonged to- after all, many people had played with that board. It was determined after a time that it belonged to Niwa Nagahide, though, and the Niwa family agreed to sponsor Yuuki into Edo Bugei because of that.<br><br>

For the few months before the new semester, Yuuki was suddenly thrust into a new environment, and at first, she didn't adjust well at all. As a result, some of the Niwa looked down on her- but thankfully, it was a family of educators, and they knew much, much better than her own family on how to transition her kindly to a new environment. Together with both the Niwa and her brother, she determined that she'd be a strategist track student. Her brother insisted: it will be like the games you like. You're good at these things.<br><br>

And so she would be. And she'd make people happy with that, right? And she'd prove her independence with that, right? And maybe she'd figure out how to behave correctly, and her mother would stop trying to hide her?<br><br>


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