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The Warring States Period: Fierce warlords fought for control of Japan, and many would perish. When a warrior falls, where does the passion they once held go? Possibly into something dear such as a favorite weapon or heirloom. These heirlooms have been labeled as “relics”, and those that carry them are labeled as “Scions." Recently more and more of these special relics have been activating, signaling the start of a great change as ancient power meets the modern world!

Now For The Local News, 02/17/2018 The Chinese delegation have now arrived at the city of Edo. They have come to learn more about the state of Japan, the Shogunate, and it's Scions. We will be having a Lunar New Year's celebration, a school dance, and a combat tournament with them!

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Jun 30 2017, 11:24 PM
Central Edo
5 days after the attack during the festival
Edo Central

It was raining hard, harder than Kai could remember. Kai sat silently in the hospital bed, beside him rested a purple stuffed bear Kurome had sent him. It remained untouched as Kai continued to stare gazing towards the mountains in the distance. He had barely spoken a word since the death of Masumi, he felt if he did he would breakdown. He couldn't bring himself to utter his fallen friend's name. The words felt like poison... was he even worthy of mention his name? His hands clenched the blankets of his bed so hard his nails cut into his palms causing the sheets to redden slightly with blood.

He was not alone in his room, with him sat three people, Aizen, Shingen, and Shinji, his fellow Hitokiri. This was indeed a odd sight to those not in on the group as the Hitokiri were always apart on mission rarely getting leave to gather. However, Kai had precious intel on the leader of the Ikko group that had attacked him and the Shogun, thus the Hitokiri had gathered. They sat in silence, Shinji looked at Kai with a worried look the usually upbeat attitude sucked out of the boy. Aizen stood by the windows staring outside. Shingen by the door to the hall way.

"Izuki.. I realize this is hard for you..." Aizen said the usual cold voice filled with subtle hints of concern. "But... we need to get back out there as soon as possible. The Ikko are moving quickly." He turned to Shingen. "Shingen's going to be dispatched in 4 days times to prepare forces in the north."

Shinji spoke next. "Shouldn't we.... give Kai a moment to rest and regain his strength I mean.. Mas-." He stopped talking turning to look towards Kai. "He..lost someone special..."

Shingen let out a sad sigh and shook his head. "Sadly we don't get the luxury, you know that Shinji. We need to push forward and so does Kai, if he doesn't then he'll never find peace or get the vengeance he craves."

Kai spoke softly. "I will kill him."

This had been the first time Kai spoke since they had arrived. "I will erase him and his damned rebels from the face of this Earth. I will take everything he holds dear, everything he believes in and I will crush it." His hands shook but his eye remained cold and dead as he watched the rain, the ghost of Masumi hanging out his window. "History will not remember him. He will be forgotten in the ashes of time. I swear it." His voice held deadly certainty.

Aizen looked towards Kai his eyes filled with sad disapproval. "We can't be acting rashly Izuki. We need to maintain a clear focus."

Kai turned to look at him. "Fine." He climbed out of the bed and stood looking out the window. Shinji made a motion to stop him but Shingen threw his arm out to stop him shaking his head. Shinji backed down his eyes narrowing at the feeling of uselessness.

Kai spoke again. "He was fast, silver hair, long smooth voice and soulless blue eyes. He was skilled on par with me, maybe even a little better. His style was quick and calculated, he was a scion as well his relic involved white light constructs. He is extremely dangerous."

Aizen nodded. "We have a name Shin Kazuma, directly from the Shogun himself in fact."

Kai turned to look at Aizen narrowing his eye. The eye-patch he now wore was his own relic, the eye-patch of Date Masamune. "Shin Kazuma... Tch..." He took a deep breath, he had his target's name now. "What do we know about him?"

Aizen shook his head. "We can't talk about it in public. It's best we all leave and give you your needed rest and we will discuss this as a whole once you've been released."

Kai turned away not making a sound as Shinj stood up opened his mouth then shut it turning and leaving. Shingen put a hand on Kai's shoulder and squeezed in a supportive way before leaving with Aizen follow suit.

A nurse entered not soon asfter. "Uh Izuki-Sama... you're assigned healer is arriving now a one Yuubae Suishoku."

"Send her in..." Kai said coldly.
Apr 21 2017, 11:45 AM
Like OMG,

Have you guys been reading the world news sites? Apparently in Paris, France there is a masked scion using Relics to steal stuff, important stuff from really powerful people!?

Idk if I'm on the thief's side tho. People say the people he targets are corrupt in some way, and that's why the cops are so hardcore in trying to capture him!

What do you guys think?

Aug 14 2016, 05:48 AM
5:40 PM
Thunder/heavy rain

Bugei Academy had restored much of its lost glory since the quake. A new gym/training area had been created and was now open to students who sought summer training. This included a fair bit of students still walking back and forth across the rebuilding schoolyard. Eager to learn and push their futures forward. The rain was coming down hard as kids ran back and forth between the building or the parking area. The crashing sounds of thunder boomed in the distance.

However, inside the building was dry and the pleasant sounds of rain slamming against the clear glass windows of the new training area gave off a zen like atmosphere.

In the center was a sparring area that students could use. It was currently in use. Four third years entered it dressed in combat uniforms. They were all members of the Kendo club. They were here to spar with a very well known instructor. All of them pulled practice swords from the wall and got into position waiting for their instructor to arrive.

Out of the entrance on the other side walked in Izuki Kai clad in his normal black attire tench coat still on, his hair slightly damp from the rain outside. His arrival had drawn the attention of students around the training area and they quickly moved to try to get a good view of the head Elite student. Rumors always surround those in the elite class and Kai was no exception. Girls muttered about how and if they could approach him and boys wondered if they could get him to take them as a pupil. Of course neither was an option. Kai gave off an involuntary vibe of uneasy and distance when approached. Most likely due to his attitude towards everyday life.

Kai began to speak to the four third years in front of him. "You asked me to assist in your training by sparring with you. Understand this means I won't be holding back at all. If you want to improve you must do so as if it were a real fight." He picked up a Training sword as well and motioned to the four students."Come at me. Do your best and don't hold back at all." He entered his stance crouched down a little his blade placed in an Iaido stance as the four students spread out to surround him.

Battle msuic

There was an odd moment of calm before the students rushed Kai. Their blade came at him however, Kai didn't move. He waited for the moment ... the best possible moment before moving. He drew his blade with a lighting fast motion sliding under the students guard that was standing in front of him. The blade slammed into the man's chest before Kai rolled way from the other three blades. He regained his footing and spun back to fast his opponent.

With the added momentum of the turn he aimed a strike at the opponents head. It connected and the student dropped his sword admitting defeat. Three left. They turned to face Kai and he stood up watching them as they tried to surround him. This time Kai took the offensive running at the student directly in front of him and swinging low sliding under the boys defense and connecting with his knee. The boys knee collapsed as Kai turned to face him after his dash had put him behind the boy allowing him to strike him square in the back.

Kai moved gracefully every movement planned out before hand. It was dance and he was the performer. With only two opponents left Kai took the offensive again rushing them down with relative ease. The first one he was able to disarm with a counter then trip up with a leg sweep. For the final opponent Kai blocked a strike and turned leading his opponent to slide past him. Taking the opening Kai slashed at the man's back. With that all opponents were down for the count.

All around him people stared at the Elite year who had just taken four third years down without breaking a sweat. There were some claps and cheers from the female student body. However, they died down as the handsome Elite spoke. "You all need to focus on deception. I could see through all of you. You rush in to quickly and expend far to much energy. Think on this, I can see that there is little more I can teach you today with the display you have given me. Perhaps at a later date then."

With that very blunt answer kai put his practice sword away and retreived his real weapon preparing to leave.
Aug 3 2016, 07:56 PM
Early Evening
Spring dream resort

The Spring Dream resort was a very well known attraction in Japan. It was easily a five-star resort and only the highest of Japan's society stayed there often. It was a lavish building, tall and large housing many rooms. The lights of the rooms illuminated the building against the ever darkening sky. In the distant the majesty that was Mount Fuji could be seen clearly. Its peak reached towards the heavens as if to shatter the sky itself. It was all together a breathtaking view.

The hotel bordered a large lake and a forest was close nearby. A black car pulled up in front of the hotel and then car parked itself outside. A well-dressed valet ran up to the door and opened it. Izuki Kai stepped out of the car in a black stripped suit and a tie. He straightened himself up and motioned to his driver to drive off. After all Kai had a room here. The reason Kai was dressed to impress (and judging by the females present he was indeed impressing) was due to the fact tonight he was having dinner with the Elite candidates. The candidates themselves would each be picked up by a similar car.

the car picking each of you up

Kai's Attire

They as well had a room. They would be sharing it as it came with three beds. Although they wouldn't have them for long. Kai approached the front desk. He got his room key as well as the three keys to his student's room. The dress code was very high class which is why Kai had sent a second email advising the candidates to bring their most formal dress wear after all Bugei had to keep up appearances. Kai unpacked in his room. He pulled out an outfit wrapped in a black bag. He tucked it away hidden in his closet. That was for much later.

The Students he was waiting for should be arriving soon. The sky hard gone mostly black now and the stars in the sky began to shine like diamonds. Kai talked to the waiter and he was escorted to a lavish table with a red drape set on the table. Expensive looking plates with ornate paintings lay on the table. The table was near a opening that led to the pool. Mount Fuji was visible from where they sat.

Kai ordered a thing of Sake and a meal. He sipped the sake waiting for his candidates to arrive. Little did they know the luxury they currently had would be gone very soon. And for quite sometime.

(OOC segement: Alrighty, Welcome to the Elite Year test thread! Congrats on being selected! Firstly, Kai will not be in this thread permanently. In a few posts I will be 'leaving' thread. You will understand story wise later. However, you three will be rping over about two weeks In character. Please make sure days pass fairly often. I don't mind three or four rounds being one day but as I said you won't pass until the thread is over. Lastly, I will be posting at random during those two weeks. It can be a violent post or a simple prank or a bothersome occurrence.)
Jun 27 2016, 09:05 PM
July 15-20th I'll be scares on the site as I am assisting my mother and her husband in moving to a different town. I will then be formally setting myself up in a apartment so yea.
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